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Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK]

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PostSubject: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK] Wed 23 Jan 2013, 3:42 pm

Kazan Isamu

The Info

Name: Kazan Isamu
Nickname: The Burning Flame of The Bloody Mist
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Isamu was a tall boy, reaching a height of six feet and two inches. He was not so heavy, but he was not so light either. He weighed sixty-three kilograms, most of the weight due to his height and rather muscular figure. He had a four-pack on his stomach, his chest was buff too. His arms did not naturally pop with muscles, but when he applied pressure, muscles did come out. His muscular figure did not involve any intentional workout. He was an active boy who grew up with a single parent and a younger sibling, he had to do lots of work. He served his family like a man despite being a boy, from when he was only five years old. The ten years of activity naturally built his muscles.

He was born with black, spiky hair. However, he died red a strip of his hair on the right side to pay homage to his late father, who had died a strip of his hair red. His hair was long. They reached his eyes. A part of them even touched his nose. They were not straight at the tips, so he could see despite the hair reaching his eyes. His hair was even longer near the back, touching the back of his shoulders. He had sharp brown eyes. Sometimes they seemed red, despite being brown. His father once told him that he physically looked like a mirror image of his grandfather. He told him that he had the same eyes, same nose and same ears. However, his hair was rather different, and so were his lips.

Isamu wore a V-necked black shirt. The shirt covered his chest, his shoulders and his abdomen. It was sleeveless. Over the shirt he wore a very long red coat. The coat had long sleeves that almost covered his wrists, so he had to fold the sleeves near his wrists. The coat itself was long enough to reach his knees. It had straps instead of buttons or zips. He refused to use the straps, and left it open instead. He wore loose black jeans that were very long. He had to fold the jeans near his black shoes. He even wore a brown belt to keep the loose jeans on his waist.

Isamu had the Kazan clan's symbol tattooed on his back to honor the clan he belonged to. The tattoo was big, anybody could notice it from far, far away. He got it tattooed when he was rather young. His father had explained to him how it was a Kazan clan tradition to tattoo the clan symbol. His father had the tattoo on his back, Isamu printed it in the exact same place. He looked up to his father and made him his idol. He even used the same red color that his father used.

Forehead Protector: Usually armband, sometimes forehead protector.

As mentioned both in the original profile and the Chuunin update, Kazan Isamu had an idol, his father, Kazan Shozo. He was very similar to his father in numerous ways. They had the same troubles, solutions, problems, experiences, perspectives and heart. They were both led by their curiosity and nothing else. Isamu, just like his father, just wanted to do anything and everything unless it was logically a bad idea. Sometimes, even though its logically a bad idea, Isamu would do it as long as he has a reasonable reason to do so. For instance, it being a once in a lifetime opportunity or to save one of his comrades or students or teachers or basically any other Kirigakure ninja as he honored being from Kirigakure.

Kazan Shozo, his father, was not his only idol. He had a second idol who he pretended to hate but deep inside regarded as an idol. His name was Yamanaka Inoshi. The Yamanaka clansman had been the leader of all three of his teams (the ones he had been a student of). Isamu began to use Inoshi's mindset but was incapable of doing so. Instead, he tried to think like him and failed at that too. He often just kept trying to think like Inoshi even though he couldn't. These numerous efforts led him out of a big part of his reputed dumbness and even though he was still hyperactive and extremely adventurous, he was now much less dumber in combat than he was before, when he had knocked himself out with his own Jutsu.

Kazan Shozo and Yamanaka Inoshi, his idols, were on two parallel paths. Isamu managed to find a path between the two parallel ones of his idols as he continued his quest to do everything while he maintained sanity and maturity at times unlike his father in his childhood. While doing this, he acted on personal interest rather than the interests of others while still remaining in the path between these two paths while still looking as these two individuals as his role models. This made Isamu rather complicated as he had a hard to understand personality. People usually called Isamu just impossible as he was very hard to understand to the average person. Then again, anybody who knew him good would immediately understand him as being a one dimensional maniac while at the same time others would find him complicated. This only made him more complicated.

He did exactly what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it. He did not wait for others to do things for him. He preferred to do his own things and let others mind their own business while Isamu minds theirs. Well, he liked bugging people and often stuck along with amusing people to keep bugging them and finding out more about them. He did not even leave them unless he was threatened professionally.

He did what he was told to do as long as it was reasonable or was ordered by someone he truly respected. For instance, if his father had been alive, he would listen to him. He would listen to Inoshi as well. However, he wouldn't listen to some random person ordering him around. For instance, Hisoka Ryu, the man he had met earlier in the Second Chuunin Exam opening, he would not listen to as the man had been sort of rude to him in the encounter and as he was not Isamu's leader but again, if he was assigned as Isamu's leader for a mission, Isamu would listen after some tough talk.

Clan: Kazan Clan
Nindō: "I want to do everything there is to do! We don't live forever, we gotta make use of the time we have and experience all the ups and downs of life!" -(Although he doesn't usually accept the downs)-

The Ninja

Origin: Kirigakure
Affiliation: Kirigakure
Specialties: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Katon (Fire), Doton (Earth), Yoton (Lava)(KKG)
Combat Style:
Special Characteristics:

The Background

Isamu's mother Aoi was a medical ninja who served for Kirigakure no Sato. She served the other ninja in the village who went out for missions. She was an expert. There was no wound she did not know how to cure. But a doctor needs her medicine to cure the patient, she was no magician. She was a great medic nevertheless. Isamu's father Shozo, was one of Aoi's patients. He was a ninjutsu expert. He fell for Aoi and after a long time they married and had two children. The elder one was named Isamu and the younger one was named Jirou. Isamu was named after Shozo's father, they had very similar physical traits. Jirou was named after Aoi's father asthey had similar physical traits as well.

Isamu lived a happy childhood for a while. He learned a lot from Shozo. He taught him lots of valuable lessons on how to use Kazan jutsu. He told Isamu to teach Jirou when he grows older. Isamu promised to do so. In fact, Isamu learned more and put more effort into it so tat he can teach Jirou. Sadly, Shozo passed away in battle before Isamu finished his training. He lived everyday from that time, in his father's name. He took Shozo's responsibility and took care of his mother and his younger brother. He developed to be a courageous child, much like his father.

After some training in the academy, Isamu graduated. He was then a Genin. He was a little old too be a Genin. That was only because he trained under his father when he was younger. He did not go to the academy back in the day. He went to the academy only after Shozo passed away. Despite that, or more because of that, he was slightly better than the others at the academy. Now that he was a Genin, there were people better than him at his rank, he had some catching up to do. He went through loads of adventures as a Genin. He met many influencing people, namely Yuki Kuroichi, Awa Sanji, Yamanaka Ino Yagura, Awa Kaoru and most importantly, Yamanaka Inoshi. He met Kuroichi, better known as Crona, along with Sanji in the Training Fields where he fought them on a two-one-one battle. After their battle, they met Inoshi in tehir second encounter (among the group, Inoshi not included), who said he took them into his team because they were "weak" and "pathetic". Crona's appearances were decreased after that. Sanji and Isamu met a third time in a two-on-one testing match-up where Sanji and Isamu had to take out a tag attached on Inoshi without letting him take their own tags off of them. Isamu also met Yagura and Akimori in another two-on-one match where both Yamanaka clansmen took him on. However, he did not know much about Akimori. The boy seemed like a child when he met him and now, when he asks for "Akimori", people describe him as a teenager. In the figt, Isamu sent a Goukakyuu at Yagura but the target dodged it and it hit a building, knocking it down, causing both the Yamanaka clansmen to retreat as he was hit by a flying building part and knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he found that he had no memory of the fight whatsoever. He only remembered Yagura's name and he did not remember what he was fighting for or how he was knocked unconscious. Isamu looked for and met Yagura a second time and challenged him for a singles rematch while asking about their previous encounter as soon as he found him.

Isamu reached the Chuunin rank by winning the First Kirigakure Chuunin Exams. The battle was held in Kame Island. Most Genin of the village were sent to the Island to solve a certain "mystery". Isamu was one of them. He volunteered due to the fact that being on the Kame Island was like a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Island disappeared often and it was hard to reach the Island before it goes back in. Since the Council offered this "deal", Isamu decided to take part, just to set his foot on Kame Island. He did just that. After he arrived at the shore, he began wandering around, avoiding letters as he had trouble with English reading, and collecting precious items as decorations and collectibles. He ended up in a swamp in front of a treasure chest where he suddenly remembered why he was originally sent to the Island. He opened the chest to find a letter telling him that he was in the Chuunin Exams and that he was to face someone by the name Kaoru. Right in front of him was another boy, wearing sunglasses, a skirt, a bandana covering the bottom half of his face while wearing a sailor shirt. The outfit was hilarious. Isamu thought so. He kept chuckling until he got a taste of the boy's fury. From there, everything seemingly went downhill. He overestimated his opponent and fought cautiously for the first time in his life. In the end, he was able to beat his opponent using Katon Jutsu taught to him by his father long ago. After the battle, Isamu went to check on his opponent to see if he was alive but he did not know how to check. Seeing that he was too weak to walk, he leaned on a tree, near unconsciousness. The next day, he woke up to find himself in his house. He was somehow delivered home. His eyes then shined in happiness. He ran downstairs yelling, "Mom! Jirou! Guess who's a Chuunin n-" He fell down the stairs, his feet still injured from the fight. While Isamu was still a Chuunin, the Second Chuunin Exams of Kirigakure took place. Isamu volunteered to proctor in it and as there was a shortage of sorts, he was allowed to proctor the exams, which he did. Also, he was assigned four Genin students namely Kazan Shieki, Tsumi Buredo, Yuki Kazuya and Nakamura Ichirou in a team named The Shaded Effort.

Isamu got promoted to the Jounin level after showing loads of progress from his previous state. He continued to lead team Shaded Effort.

Roleplay Sample:
[Zon]=iSaMu wrote:
Isamu was a potential rival for anyone who fights him. So far, all of Isamu's battles ended with no victor. Therefore, people very often listed Isamu in their hit list. List of people who had problems with him so far consisted of Yamanaka Inoshi, Awa Sanji, Yuki Kuroichi and now Yamanaka Yagura. Ironically, with Inoshi as the exception, they were all shinobi who he had fought. He was the ideal choice for a rival. He was cocky, arrogant, competitive, annoying, and dumb. He was the definition of an idiot, an impatient brat. He had a childish anger and loads of curiosity that often led him to trouble. As seen on his previous encounter with Yagura, he was slightly more mature when he was angry. This was because he was so angry that he did not bother to try and release his anger.

In his previous encounter with Yagura in the Joten Residentials, he had used Goukakyuu no Jutsu on him. The Jutsu missed and hit a building in construction, sending its parts flying all over the place. Isamu was hit by one of the parts and he fell unconscious. When he woke up hours later, he found that he had trouble remembering what had happened. He was still in the Joten Residentials and no one had arrived at the scene. He found his coat with senbon stuck on them and the destroyed building which led to him assuming that he was in a fight in which he fired Goukakyuu to destroy the building. Akimori did not tell him his name. However, Yagura did. Isamu did not remember Yagura's full name, he only remembered "Yagura". He found a pathway on the other side of the destroyed building and he walked away hoping to find Yagura soon. And so he did.

As soon as he found enough time some other day, he went around looking for Yagura. He clearly remembered Yagura's eyes, one green and one blue. Surely, there couldn't be more people with the same eye condition around here. And so, early morning that day, he embarked on a quest to find Yagura. He had searched everywhere in the Village Docks. He looked around both inhabited districts of Kirigakure; Chiku Ichi and Chiku San. In Chiku Nii, he looked around his house in Midori no Machi and then he looked in the Mizumi no Ao. The one that his friend Saikoro (npc) told him about earlier. He remembered how he ended up in the lake in the middle of the Training Grounds whilst looking for this lake. He remembered how he irritated Sanji into a fight in the Training Fields. The lake looked quite relaxing but he could not waste any time, he proceeded to look for the boy. He avoided the Kiri no Mori and headed straight into Chiku Ichi where he checked the Kirigakure Training Grounds, the Ichiba Markets, and even the Joten Residentials where he found the destroyed building with a crowd of citizens and builders around it. He quickly, but quietly, ran away from the area without knowing where he was going. He ended up in the Outskirts where he found lots of trees.

He looked up in the sky to see it was night already. He decided to take a break in the Outskirts before he headed back home. He had no idea where he was, he had to find a way home. He always did. Already mentioned, he was lost in the Joten Residentials when he first met Yagura but his Goukakyuu shattered a building and there was a way out on its other side.

Isamu was very energetic, he had to look for Yagura but there was no way he could find him, he looked everywhere! Besides, Yagura could be moving around as Isamu looked and there were loads of citizens in Kirigakure. Finding this specific boy could be a very hard task. Realizing this, he sat down leaning on a tree in the middle of the Outskirts in a small clear area. The area had only one tree in the middle of it. It was a clear area, rather circular in shape. After leaning on the tree for quite a while, sighing deeply, Isamu though he heard a boy breathing behind him. He slowly turned around to see the other side of the tree. There sat a young boy with strange eyes. One blue and one green. The boy had yellow hair. He seemed familiar. After a while, Isamu got up from the tree in shock and took a step back, pointing at the boy with one finger, constantly moving it up and down slightly to show signs of annoyance, astonishment, and once again, childish anger. He yelled, "Y-Y-Yagura?!" He stopped pointing and switched to point his head towards the boy with his teeth clenched, "I've been looking for you all day! What the heck are you doing in the Outskirts?!"

The Arsenal

Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.

Face Claim

Character Claim: Rook, UTAU
Source: ZeroChan
Image URL: http://i.imgur.com/PlZNG.jpg
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PostSubject: Re: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK] Wed 23 Jan 2013, 3:54 pm

Please remember to put WIP in the title. Also keep in mind that the Laval element is a bi-product to the four tails Bijuu thus you will not be able to have it.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK] Thu 24 Jan 2013, 12:59 pm

Dammit >.>! Isamu was my main character in Zack's former site with lava release KKG xD
Its alright though, I'll work on a new character soon, thanks for letting me know before I got too deep into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK] Fri 25 Jan 2013, 2:35 am

Do you want this app archived, or plan on simply remaking it?
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PostSubject: Re: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK] Sat 26 Jan 2013, 9:33 am

I'd like it archived, I'm making a new character as Zack offered me a Chuunin spot Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK] Sat 26 Jan 2013, 9:48 am

Archived due to user request
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PostSubject: Re: Kazan Isamu [Kirigakure Jounin/Chuunin/Genin][THE LOCAL DUMBASS IS BACK]

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