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Ritorusupai [Kirigakure Genin] [W.I.P]

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PostSubject: Ritorusupai [Kirigakure Genin] [W.I.P] Mon 04 Feb 2013, 9:33 am



Quote :
Ritorusupai (Little Spy)
Quote :
Quote :
Fourteen (14)
Quote :
Quote :
Quote :
The Actions of but One can Differ the World.


Quote :
The Land of Tea
Quote :
Kirigakure no Sato

Quote :

Elemental Affinities:
Quote :
Quote :
Combat Style: Ritorusupai
Quote :

Is a unique type of Shinobi; as such is known as a non-combative opponent. Often never throwing; striking or wanting to attack a target through any direct means. This making her rather different when in the face of danger. Ritorusupai is known to rely on various tactics, combinations, and rather unique types of techniques to evade;force, and trap her opponent(s) in various ambushes, traps, and other such situations. Making her extremely difficult to work with without some minor experience with her style. While she is capable of fighting; she rather not do such a thing, and sticks to commonly-seen scouting; and recon missions to best utilize her techniques, and talents.

Ritorusupai is known as a personal scout or recon unit; capable of traveling for long distances without much supplies, and able to use the land around her as a disguise. While very few have seen her work; her talents are rumored to be on par with special-jounin but yet that is just a rumor.

Ritorusupai utilizes various types of animals, and items within her unique styling. Various creatures of different sizes but more commonly; animals capable of unique and valuable recon services. Birds; ants, and other insects are commonly seen, and at times small felines, and even canines. While Ritorusupai has a rather deep-relationship with her art; she is not above mockery, and insults for some of her more....undetailed projects.

Special Characteristics:
Quote :

Name: Advanced Stealth
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Physical Requirements: N/A
Training Requirements: A 600 word training post is required to gain this special characteristic.
Description: A skill gained by ninja who have begun to specialize in the art of stealth. The ninja becomes very light and quick on their feet. Their movements no longer create sound and they now gain a natural skill for hiding and camouflage.


Forehead Protector:
Quote :

Ritorusupai's headband isn't exactly a headband but more a homage to her Village. Instead of having an actual headband; she instead carries a large marking on the back of her jacket in pure jet-black coloring her as a Shinobi of Kirigakure. Around the entire length of her jacket in size; (3 feet down) and about two feet in width although slagging back a bit. Around the black ink; is a single two inch trace of light blue to pop it out.
Quote :

Strange is the truest world to describe this young Genin; cocky, headstrong, and focused is the opposite. She is known to wander off; dwelling in her own mind as she she seemingly walks about her home. Unsure of what she is even doing; and often finds herself in trouble due to this minor factor. Ritorusupai or Supai is what you could call extremely intelligent but at the same time, dimwitted, and odd. She is known as a capable tracker, and recon-specialist but other then that lacks most if not any real combat-experience; making her useless on the field when it comes to a fight.

While she isn't the most combat-gifted; she is rather book-smart; known as an avid reader of the finer arts, she can actually call back most, if not all artistic name brands from nearly one hundred years. Making her snooty at times, and cocky about her potential art types. Ritorusupai is known to be extremely fascinated with blueprints of any kind; drawings, poetry, books of any nature, and sculptures for the fact it brings about artistic vision, and aids her in the every day usage of her rather unique talents.

Ritorusupai is also a young woman who enjoys information; holding onto it and using it to her advantage. Often "black mailing" other Shinobi with information she may or may not have caught wind on for personal gains; items, weapons, servitude. Shes a bit crazy isn't she? She is also known to carry a sweet-tooth; enjoying most if not all types of sweets but hard-candy due to her sensitive teeth, and strange dislike of anything not chew able. She does have a very unique taste for Rice, Rice balls, and well anything featuring unsalted plain white rice.


Roleplay Sample:


Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.


Character Claim: Custom Character; OC
Source: Devinart
Image URL: http://chloeeh.deviantart.com/favourites/38072004?offset=24#/d2r2udp
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Gummy Ninja

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PostSubject: Re: Ritorusupai [Kirigakure Genin] [W.I.P] Tue 05 Feb 2013, 4:09 pm

I understand a few things are out of place; mixed around and I was just informed not to do that by a some random dude with an @. I will fix as per-his request before seeking approval. It just helps me more clearly see everything this way.
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PostSubject: Re: Ritorusupai [Kirigakure Genin] [W.I.P] Wed 24 Apr 2013, 10:29 am

Due to inactivity.


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PostSubject: Re: Ritorusupai [Kirigakure Genin] [W.I.P]

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