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Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin]

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PostSubject: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 7:01 am

Aburame, Mithrandir


Name: Mithrandir Majin 'Jinkaku' Aburame
Nickname: Panda 'Jinkaku'
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: For the most part, Majin Jinkaku as he calls himself is a slender male of slightly above average height. While his muscles are strong they do not often show unless he exerts himself in which case they pop out from under his tight skin with veins bulging and running like rivers under his pale almost dusty skin.

His hair is golden and stands up like a flame reaching towards the heaven he also has sharp and pointed blonde eyebrows which give him an even more condescending look.

He has also been known to wear make up in differing designs upon his face, black and white which showcase his white teeth and red eyes. His lips when he smiles curl back appearing to become non existent.

His favored form of makeup is a black base covering from above his mouth to either temple and covering his eyebrows. The rest of the face surrounding that is white including around his eyes and on his nose. The black claws up on either side of the nose in a sharp triangle just above each nostril.

His body is thin, slim and well muscled while it looks like he would be on the slight side his muscles are very compact which makes him far heavier than he appears. Each part of his body is lithe however and he is more of a finesse type than just straight up brute strength.

The Panda, Majin Jinkaku enjoys to paint his nails, namely purple however he has been known to make them black or blue. Sometimes he grows out his right middle finger's nail to ridiculous lengths for a multitude of reasons though none of them are to store cocaine while he snorts it.

Clothing: While around his clan he is shackled to wear their clothing, something which has caused him to look at his clan with pure and utter hatred. He has since dyed the cloak jet black, and refuses to wear the round tiny sunglasses, preferring ones with much larger and rounded square lenses. Mithrandir is an individual, and has always hated the hive aspect of his clan. He has even forced his hair to grow differently with his chakra and hair dye to further spit in the face of his clan who would shackle individuality so. From brown to blonde, from average to exotic, this is the individuality of Mithrandir Majin Jinkaku the odd aburame. Along with this he wears contacts that paint his eyes crimson instead of a dull brown which he finds utterly boring.

On most days he would wear a black pair of dress slacks, and a purple shirt picturing a panda in some form of action on it. On colder days he wears a long and thick black overcoat with buttons along the middle and on the cuffs which are also black. The sleeves are especially wide and long on this and the padding offers more protection than one would expect.

Whatever he is wearing however it must be of the color golden, maroon, purple, blue, or black no other color will be seen in his wardrobe even the pandas on his shirt are black and another color not black and white. This is due to the fact that he prefers regal colors and would not be caught dead without them.

While he enjoys wearing a hat, Majin would prefer something low key over something gaudy like a top hat. His hat of choice of course is a purple flat billed hat with a maroon letter M on the front worn slightly cocked to the right.
Forehead Protector: Majin wears his forehead protector at varied places and is usually mentioned in a post.
Personality: The Panda, or Majin Jinkaku as his birth name is is quite the odd fellow. Majin has earned his nickname the Panda, in that he is a stealthy, yet playful son of a bitch. As opposed to what most think which is the dark circles which can be found around his eyes due to lack of sleep.

In combat he prefers to play with his opponents, or finish them off quickly depending on the situation. He is cunning, and a constant thinker often accused of setting up his opponents and goading them into moves allowing for a quick finish or a playful jab depending on his mood.

Around his peers, The Panda Majin Jinkaku, is respectful yet sarcastic and always eager to put in his two cents. However he is rarely long winded and prefers not to get involved in pointless squabbles. Helpful rather than hindering Majin Jinkaku prefers to make inroads but he is always progressing towards his goals.

Alone The Panda is constantly plotting, though usually not against his own people rather towards his enemies and he prefers to train and keep his mind and body in peak form. While he enjoys fighting, he would rather talk with an enemy first and would rather abstain from a battle altogether unless he is irked which can happen quite easily and at the drop of a hat.

He is extremely curious and enjoys to learn about new things, on the flip side of that he enjoys to test the water before jumping in that is to say that he rarely finds himself in a situation that he is not prepared for. Of course Majin Jinkaku enjoys to observe others and plays an internal game of guessing what a person will do before they do it, and later a game of why they did it.

Mithrandir's only fear however is the naked female form, not due to some homosexual urge, in fact quite the opposite. When a female is dressed inappropriately he will become quite embarrassed and the only time his speech falters is in the extremely close presence of an attractive lady. While he does not think hitting a woman is honorable, he is not above killing them if need be.

While he loves his ideals and holds them close to his heart, Mithrandir is a practical pragmatic person and can easily shift depending on the situation. A true mix of rationalist and idealist, he does not fit in with his clan and has subsequently abandoned the name for numerous reasons.
Clan: Aburame
Nindō: 'Protect the weak, defeat the strong, strive for peace everlasting'


Origin: Konoha
Affiliation: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Weaponry(Main:Long/Sub:Short)
Elemental Affinities: Wind, Lightning
Combat Style:
Majin prefers to have little combat, and is more of a supporting type. However this may change as Mithrandir assesses each opponent differently. Simply put he is a liquid combatant, however there is one thing he will not do and that is get in a fist fight with a taijutsuist, it is not something he ever wishes to do.

Other than that however as I said he changes and shifts to match his opponent, or match what his allies need him to be. All that being said he is much better at a long range battle, especially in a place where eye sight is not needed, than he is at close quarters.

Special Characteristics:



* There is not much to say about the Panda, he grew up being quite the odd aburame outgoing and made friends quickly in the academy where he was a rather average student.

* Up until the final exam which he aced with ease, doing so got him into a higher standing with his clan and made them proud.

*Although he lost both parents at a young age he does not hold a grudge, nor does he let it keep him down. It simply means that he has come to rely only on himself and nobody else.

*Both his parents it is noted died on the same mission against a nation known as Kirikagure. Again this does not cause him to bear a grudge against the village, as he sees everything in the big picture and tries to not allow emotions cloud judgement.

*However before graduating from the academy he was took in by a couple with the last name of Jinkaku, whilst he could defend himself and felt a bit off put he could not dishonor their request to have him live with them and joined their household taking their name for his own. This is why whenever he introduces himself he will call himself Jinkaku instead of Aburame.

*He also dislikes how the clan keeps themselves as if they were a hive, stifling individuality and does acts of rebellion such as shifting his hair and clothes whenever he can.

*He has no siblings save one brother, who died due to a deathly fear of bugs. Once the bugs crawled within and began to eat on his chakra the boy's heart simply raced too fast and exploded. Yet another reason why Mithrandir hates his clan.

*Currently he resides in Konoha and is looking forward to his first mission and getting to know his fellow ninja better.

Roleplay Sample: It began with a bang, well not really a bang as more of a banging. B had two parents and by their getting it on he was born. A star shone in the sky that day as B Snowfell as he was later called came into the world. It was heralded by volcanoes exploding, the earth quaking, and Jesus shitting into a toliet. All in all quite an excellent day, as B burst forth from the womb he came fully formed with a beard and absolutely wrecked the flaps that used to be his mother's pleasure hole. He kicked the doctor delivering him and smacked his father in the face.
RP Sample: Selling off children, and raping villagers is such a piratey thing but not something Saracen could ever get the hang of in his travels. For no matter how long the man had voyaged these things just didn't appeal to him, instead he was one who fought for justice. Stealing from thieves, torturing murderers and the like. However that is enough about Saracen's character for now we must focus on what he did on this day on an island in the south blue.

It was known to most as Karate island a place with many masters of the said art, and a place were Saracen would begin his earthy dig. The sun shone brightly as the greyblue hull of his ship rose above the waves. The seas parted from the rounded top of the hull falling off it like a rainy downpour in some long lost jungle. Seagulls quacked their protest as the ship rose above from the azure depths and disturbed their flying patterns. It wasn't a large ship but neither was it small, and soon scurrying could be heard from below and the faux-boat on top would shutter with a creaking from the door that rested on the bottom of the planks. The door was a bright cherry red and was a sharp contrast with the rest of the ship but fit in well with the rest of the faux-boat that was the crow's nest. The inside of the boat was the same cherry red and hid the door quite well, the outside of the faux-boat or the hull was just a simple woody-brown. All in all the crows nest looked like some life boat for a bigger ship. Which was what Saracen wanted.

Speaking of Saracen he emerged from the door and shook his medium length black hair out of his eyes. He was dressed in just black suit pants and had a shovel hung over his left shoulder. Inside his mouth was a cigarette that had just recently been lit giving off its putrid smell, and the cherry matching the color of the door as the ash flew in the wind. The flaky particles would flutter past and move towards his destination a sandy beach filled with white-gold sand that reminded him of his homeland.

Alabasta was something that Saracen rarely brought up, it was a sore subject for him after all. One of the only times he allowed the demon that was rage to control his body was from that time. As such he didn't talk much, and thought less of the place, but the view now brought back only pleasant memories and soon a smile crossed across the pirate captain's face. It was a smirk that was stopped only for a puff from the cancer stick stuck in the man's mouth as he finally ascended the last stairs of the ladder and poked his whole body out into the sun.

Not expecting violence the man hadn't brought his giant cleaver along with him, perhaps that had been a mistake, perhaps not. Only time would tell Saracen told himself as he flexed his back and cracked his neck to relieve the tension built up there by his muscles from awkward sleep. With a yawn he dropped the shovel into a sword position on his left hip and sprung upwards into the air. With a slight twist he landed bare footed in the sand where it was wet from the waves. It seemed like a short leap but the sub was moored more than hundreds of feet off the coast, and the one fisherman who saw him do this stared shocked at Saracen who gave him a little wave.

"Hello sir, would you happen to know the laws about digging on this island here?" Saracen asked his voice with a thick accent of the desert upon it. The voice was like a hot desert wind and sounded slightly raspy yet as smooth as honey.

"Digging? Whatever for?" croaked the man, he was old and his voice revealed that more than his appearance. The fisherman was balding with a long flowing mane of white hair that dropped over his back and fell onto the dock he sat upon like a coiled snake. The dock he sat upon looked as ancient as the man himself and the water lapped up against it making soft noises which played as background music for the rest of their conversation. The pole the man held in his right hand was made of bamboo, yet Saracen guessed the man had caught some big game before. The twinkly in his eyes betrayed his calmer, old man demeanor. The old man was dressed in hip waders and flannel, but beneath the spindly looking arms Saracen sensed power. However again, only time would tell, perhaps he had some interesting stories Saracen thought to himself as he figured around for his reply.

"A certain fruit" replied Saracen after a brief moment, it was said slowly as the man had paused only to inhale his cigarette or that would be how it seemed to the other contestant in the conversation. He had to be careful with his words from here on as suddenly Saracen got the feeling they were not alone. Perhaps leaving the cleaver was an awful idea.

"Well we have to test those who wish to taste the horrid fruit, you understand don't you?" the old man said his voice turning sharp half way through as he quickly stood up his hair still being coiled on the deck due to its enormous length. As he said this four others seemingly materialized out of nowhere to surround Saracen who now grasped the shovel in both hands and spit out his cigarette.

"Come at me then, if you dare" Saracen hissed as he spread his feet and slightly hunched his back, the cigarette had been spit towards the second man who was now jumping out of it's way. Which was exactly what the Alabastian pirate wanted, and he moved quicker than a bullet shot from a gun swinging the shovel from a lower left position up towards the right in a move that would have clove the man in half from mid thigh to upper ribs had he carried his weapon. As it was now he simply sent the man leftwards towards the other two who were rushing towards him. Stealing a quick glance, Saracen noticed the old man still stood in the same spot, eyes closed as if he were preparing something. That was bad, but for now Saracen knew with a backwards jump that he needed to focus on these three for he doubted the one he hit was out of this battle yet.

Ducking his head Saracen dodged the first quick jab and he brought his skull upwards while the man's arm was still extended with a powerful jump from his legs connecting his skull to the man's elbow in a move that gave off a sickening snap that could be heard across the beach. He hadn't meant to hurt the man that bad and Saracen recoiled in horror before the third man punched him square in the chest sending him flying into the ocean and skipping across the waves like a rock. These guys may have been slower than him but their strength was definitely on his level. With a growl at himself for daring to even let his guard down for once second the man quickly maneuvered around the waves in the shallow part. Luckily he hadn't been thrown too far and his pride hurt more than the strike. Now however he was without his shovel, but all remorse was gone as the sand pirate known as Saracen passed judgement on the "fisherman". They were all guilty in his mind and now he could fight without worry, and he did so now as he sent the shovel flying towards the man he had first hit who was just getting up. It truly was just a distraction to the third man, the one who had hit him. The second was still standing although his arm slumped and it was bleeding through the sleeve. One more hit to the arm and that man wouldn't dare fight again.

The shovel clanged off the man's forehead with a dull thud and he slumped into the sands. Luckily he had been hit with the handle and not the spade, the third followed the shovel's movements and shouted a late wording and Saracen used this distraction to pay the man back with the same attack he had given to the earlier distracted pirate. Saracen's punch however sent the man even farther and may have broken his sternum.

"Stop this now, you're no match for me and you're only hurting yourselves" Saracen said his voice smooth and without any labored breathing. He said this to the still standing men, the one with the broken arm and the one he had talked to earlier. Now all he had to do was wait for a reply.

"Grab your blade, I will not stop this fight before I get my chance" the man roared as suddenly the man he injured before handed a sheathed blade to Saracen. The man looked at him in shock before taking the weapon and unsheathing it. Just in time it would seem as he brought it up to block the old man's downward chop. Saracen looked up with shock as he felt his knees grind against each other. The man was wielding an axe thrice his size. How that was possible Saracen didn't know but he suddenly gave way and rolled off to the left with a quick slash that drew first blood along the old man's left side of his torso. It was merely a flesh wound and something Saracen doubted would stop or even slow down the man at all in fact if he had to guess he would guess the man wouldn't even feel the blood that trickled down his flank spilling it's dark crimson color from a pore just below his armpit.

The scent of iron was thick in the air not only from the blood and weapons but something else Saracen gathered. It was so thick the desert pirate could taste it upon his lips and tongue it permeated his senses and irked him to no end. Not because of the mystery but because it distracted him as his opponent unloaded with slashes quicker than should have been impossible they came from awkward angles that no man holding that long a weapon could have done. Quickly blocking them and giving up land, Saracen soon once again felt the water wash away the sand that had grown along his feet. The water washed along his feet and cooled down the blood that had become heated during this battle. But that wasn't what Saracen noticed, he noticed that the weapon wasn't truly as large as it seemed it wasn't an axe either. Nay the whole thing was naught but an illusion designed for some reason that Saracen was yet to discern. What he could tell from the attacks however was that it was an odd pole armed that was bladed. Only the lower one eight of the weapon was wooden and non-bladed thus only allowing a hand hold there. Which was why the elder man hadnt slid his hands up to gain more of an advantage when the blades clashed. Someone else may not have noticed this but for Saracen who prided himself with attention to detail it was obvious as a sore thumb or a red flag waving in purgatory the red blossoming from the white nothingness. This was how out of place the style was and as such this gave Saracen a slight advantage for he could play a trick on the man, once perhaps just once but knowing the desert rogue it would be enough.

Now the only decision left for Saracen was to kill the man or not, surely he deserved it for attacking Saracen for this pathetic reason, yet Saracen was sure he killed one if not two of his companions for surely that explained the blood red sand near the man who lay perfectly still away from the battle, shovel still covering him like some make shift gravestone. The man whom he punched was still missing and judging by the time he would have had stumbled back by now but Saracen always assumed people endured like himself. This was rarely if ever the case, however Saracen was only focused on the battle as the waves crashed around them the sound of metal clanging on metal had long since blured into one continuous hum as their blades moved faster than most could watch. Quite frankly Saracen was extremely surprised that he hadn't broke the cheap katana loaned to him by the broken armed man. It would happen soon if Saracen would guess right and as such he needed his opening. Knowing that blades moved slower in water as was true with most surface things Saracen had lured the fisherman deeper into the water and they were at about hip level when he struck under cover of the water. His right foot moved forward then backward in the blink of an eye and tore the water apart exposing the sand beneath for a moment which was when the old man looked down. Using this opportunity Saracen stepped right into where the axe blade would have been and brought the pommel of the bent and battered sword upward in a violent strike that hit the man under the chin and knocked him upward violently into the air as if he were a duck taking flight off a pond. The blow was so powerful in fact that it hit the man back into the shallows, barely any water was there to break his fall.

"Are we done now? Are we finally done?" Saracen yelled at the top of his lungs, through it all that was the most energy he had expelled this whole time. He huffed afterwards and climbed out of the sea, his cigarettes were ruined and that realization just reached him. Much like a fuse running up to a bomb, he no longer cared about these men and their fighting. He should not have been attacked in the first place, it was not his fault for his actions now he told himself. His eyes burst like a solar flare their color switched over from blue to a black with crimson flecks. They widened from their usual lazy half slitted appearance to a now wide eyed look. It was crazy along with the full teethed smile that now shown on his face. Letting loose a maniacal laugh he quickly rushed forward with his blade pointed downward before flicking it upward and throwing part of the sea towards the man who was now holding his elbow and trying to brace it. It was like a lion eyeing up his prey who was this time a mouse. There was nowhere for this mouse to run however no holes for it to crawl in and the lion knew exactly where it was, it would crush it now and here. Saracen's patience had run dry and the pirate had snapped his mental state was now something else, it was not his and the eyes like some bloody sky seemed to devour everything they saw. Like a lion with two snakes for eyes in fact would be a better analogy for this demon who now used the man's body. The wave crashed into the man and hurled him over his companion's body. With a flash that body was now a corpse as Saracen did a downward stab severing the man's spine in a crimson flush springing from the earthy body below. There was no cry of pain for the man had already been killed as obvious from the dent in his forehead where the skull caved in from the earlier attack. Saracen would have pitied this but the demon which held his body cared not, as he brought the blade up and flung the corpse at the man who had been flung by the wave. They both went flying until they hit a tree with a snap. Turning with the speed of a bolt of lighting arcing across the sky Saracen gave a laugh as the old man with the long pole arm struggled to get up. Before he could however in one slash the pirate buried his blade in both legs of the man. Mid thigh down into the bones and with a hard wrench he tore the handle loose from the blade which stuck in the legs and forced the man to flip over himself many times before landing back with a dull thud. The once pristine beach was now filled with the dark red blood from the men who had tested the pirate's strength. Whether or not they intended to kill him was irrelevant, and the demon waited a while before leaving the body of Saracen as he waded back out in the water to get more smokes from his ship.

The swim wasn't too long, and now Saracen began to ponder the iron smell which had interrupted him earlier. It was odd nothing like that had happened to him before a scent and taste of iron so strong, perhaps it was simply a premonition of the slaughter to come. A warning of the demon to come? In any case it was gone now and Saracen had only to get back to his digging. Soon he would have this devil fruit and he would not care at all about this island which so far had upset him greatly. Pondering for a bit, Saracen discussed with himself about destroying the whole place. While it would stamp out the source of his anger there were far too many innocents here, and too many downfalls as well for him to ever put such a plan into action. Perhaps he would just finish this up as quickly as he could and get out of this cursed island. Yes he decided that would be for the best as he finally climbed his ship. Luckily there was a spare pack in the faux-boat. It was under the brim of the side of the boat and he quickly grabbed that and the lighter he had left behind before giving out a laugh. He had decided to bury the bodies where he found the fruit. It was a twisted bit of dark humor but it was good enough for the pirate captain who quickly lit the cigarette and went back towards the dreaded island.

The shovel was in a pool of blood soaked sand and Saracen quickly picked it up before deciding that would be the first place he would dig. He supposed the men would have told him where the fruit was located but one could never unpick an apple from the tree. Once the cherry red thing had fallen there was no way to reverse it and killing was much like that. The analogy made Saracen laugh again as he continued to dig sending shovelful of now brown dirt flying over his right shoulder. Before long if one looked all they would see is a white column of smoke rise from the hole along with the occasional rain of dirt that seemed to fling itself up almost rhythmically to get away from the man.

Digging, digging, digging that was all the man seemed to be doing for the past two hours, the whole was now so wide he was certain he could have fit a house inside of it. Yet he only felt a bit hungry, the pack of cigarettes he had brought from the ship had long run out but he was determined to find this damn fruit. Who the fuck even knew if there was one here this was all a wild fruit chase a crap shoot, he would have invested his time for nothing. Oh well the bounty from the men he killed would surely earn him a small reputation. Perhaps afterwards he would rob from the corrupt marines, maybe if he was lucky he would be sent against by a couple of their cruisers. That would be the day when the already stretch thin marines would come after the man beneath the sea. Like they would even find him, for now nobody knew who he was. Although he had left his name in blood on the sands, all someone would have to do is cross reference with Alabasta and they would get a picture of him from seven years ago. Of course right behind the name was four of the masters of the island, at least that is what Saracen guessed they were. Regardless of rank each of their heads were propped on their own weapons and their bodies were crumpled lying against the weapons that jutted like crosses in the sky marking the place where they would first rest. If they could, having died such cheap deaths. It could have been avoided had they just let the man do his thing and be on his way but they had to fight him. It was their decision not his, although it is true that the thing that set him off the most had stemmed from a plan of his. Oh well that did not matter what mattered now was the digging of this hole and from deep below Saracen could no longer see the sun. It had passed over the sandy walls of his pit which was now cast into shadow, it had cooled things down but he supposed that it did darken his hunt a bit and if this went on for much longer he would need to get lanterns.

It was curious that nobody showed up so far to see what was happening beyond the palms that blocked this rare part of the island, but Saracen cast this oddity off as reliance on the men who had fell before him. How sad that there was no double checking system, he could have gotten a better bounty. He supposed it was alright however as he did not want to harm any more families with his senseless destruction and slaughter of people. Four was enough it would show that he was not one to be messed with. Oh well bibs and bobs and shiscobobs this is really getting boring just detailing out this shit like this I mean really I'm probably not even going to get the fruit, my that would be sad would it not. Oh well I guess I could try it again eh? Well regardless back to the boring story that nobody will read because it does not pertain to anything except my own character's backstory. Which really who wants to read that, shits boring yo. Anywhom, I don't know how else to put it I am the bad guy kyrptonite the green chronic, demonic yupp yupp don't worry I'm on it. I got it, high fived nick lache, stuck a pin in jessica's head and walked away. And while she floats around the rooma like a balloona I'll grab the last can of chicken tuna out the trash can and zooma. Saracen sighed with a smile as he set back to work shoveling the crypt as he had called it to himself for the past couple hours.

Of course soon he found the thing that he was looking for, but that was not for another hour. Another boring hour that passed uneventfully as he expanded the whole in the ground that would be his undoing he thought to himself. All this greed for one thing was unhealthy but it was a disease he shared with much of the world and if that was the case he guessed it must have been okay although it was a sin he guessed he could pardon himself from it for now. Sighing he got back to work when he found it and a feeling of relief and euphoria washed over him like a wave rolling in from the sea. An actually wave from the sea as high tide had came and was now slowly invading his domain. With a shriek Saracen quickly jumped out of his pit as it soon became an inlit a part of the sea instead of the island. Saracen wondered to himself if that was considered partial destruction of an island with a laugh. Baby steps was the name of the game and with this baby step perhaps he could get some of that fabled power he had heard so much about. The devil fruit held within some special power, he had no way of knowing what this one had inside but that was the gamble with the fruit. It could be a zoan, parmecium, or even a rare logia hah like he could be lucky enough for a logia and if he did it would probably turn his body into some form of
. That was another gamble, some powers of the fabled fruit were useless and would actually hinder him. However Saracen had put too much work in it to back out now.

Open the mouth and shove her down, try your best not to frown. It was an old rhyme stated by his elders when he was younger but Saracen found it true now as he shoveled the awful tasting fruit into his mouth. In a flash his life replayed before him and he watched the events unfold, he cherished this moment for the rest of his life as it was another chance to see his family albeit in a memory but he cared not as the tears welled up. All of this happened in mere seconds but to describe it will take far longer...

The young boy sat on a dune with a rusty sword over his left shoulder and a smile upon his face. The sun was setting and he knew that soon it would be time for dinner with his family, his brother probably went all out again like every sunday. With a laugh he turned around and thats when he bumped into someone from town. It was a kid his brother's age, at this time Saracen was naught but twelve and his brother was sixteen and as such the size difference between the two was apparent. To make matters worse this was a bully, and the boy sneered at him before pushing Saracen to the ground.

"So lady-man's brother is going to become a guard huh? Yeah right, and camels will fly too" the boy had an upturned noise that affected his voice and made it nasily like most bully's Saracen guessed he picked on people to hide his own insecurities. That was irrelevant however he had upset Saracen, by calling his brother the person Saracen so looked up to a lady man. He wasn't sure at first whether it was a compliment or an insult, but from the look on the kid's face that is was meant to be an insult. That sealed the deal.

Picking himself up, and dropping the sword he brought his fists up to cover his face and spat at the other boy before screaming out in a small voice "My brother is more of a man than you'll ever be" and at the end of his sentence he punctuated his claim with a quick right hook to the jaw and a left knee to the groin. The bigger boy had not expected the boy to attack and as such he did not raise his defenses in time and felt the sharp sting that jerked his head to the right before crumpling to the ground from the second blow. The next move was only brought down due to the insult thrown to Saracen's family and he brought the right heel of his shoe down on the other boy's genitalia causing him to cough off blood before he picked up his sword and left back towards home the other boy's wailing following on his trip back.

The memory brought a smile before the second one raised another smile to the lips of the now hardened warrior. It was a sort of continuation of the first he saw his family around the table and they were all laughing, but then suddenly they all turned into corpses. The same way that Saracen had left them on that fateful night when he scorned Alabasta forever. The place was no longer his homeland in his eyes, any place that could allow such an act to happen would not be acceptable to be called the homeland of anyone. For that reason the royal family would be taught a lesson soon enough, once Saracen got back to the grand line he would make sure that they payed for what happened to him.

He cared not for a single patriot of that particular country in his bent view he judged them all as guilty , while his point was to torture the royal family he did not care if he had to raize the entire country to do so he would stop at nothing let nobody get in the way of his revenge. However that was later, and this was now.

Saracen looked down at the peel of the fruit he had consumed and glowed with excitement hopefully the transformations would come soon and give him a useful power for his goal. In any case he hoped only that the fruit would help him defend his crew, the friends that chose to sail the seas with him. If that could happen then he would be happy. Yes that would be perfect for him he decided some sort of defensive fruit that would save him friends in their time of need, after all life without friends is not life at all.


Jutsu, Weaponry, Items etc.

Name: Spring Umbrella
Rank: E
Quantity: 1
Contents: A spring loaded umbrella to be used in correspondence with a jutsu.

Name: Ninjato
Rank: D
Type: Close Range - Short Blade
Quantity: 1
Description: Short and straight, this blade takes a similar form of a katana, but without the curvature in the blade. With the blade measuring no more than one and a half feet, and a square guard on top, this weapon has been popularized by many ninja, especially the ANBU, hence the name.

Name: Senbon Launcher
Rank: C
Type: Long Range - Launcher
Quantity: 10 (50)
Description: Usually hidden on either of the user's forearm under loose cloth, this launcher can be used to send needles at their opponents at higher speeds with better accuracy. Up to five needles can be launched at once, resulting in deadly surprise.

Name: Short bow
Rank: D
Type: Long Range - Bow
Quantity: 1
Description: A shortbow has a stave portion of about five feet in length and was the first of such launchers to be developed. Its lightweight frame relatively small size makes it a compact and agile weapon to use. It has the ability to fire approximately 120m with effective accuracy.

Name: Simple Quiver with Arrows
Rank: E
Type: Long Range
    1x Quiver
    25x Arrows
Description: The Simple Quiver and Arrows comes with a bland, brown leather Quiver which stretches to a length of thirty three inches. With a cylinder shape, it's able to comfortably fit the twenty five iron - tipped arrows inside. Each arrow reaches thirty inches in length, with these types of arrows being the common arrow of choice for almost any archer.

Name: Hand Crossbow
Rank: C
Type: Long
Quantity: 1
Description: The crossbows are designed to be fired accurately from one hand for up to 70 meters, beyond that point the bolts will not sink in deeper than a few inches and they cannot travel more than 200 meters. Their flight path also begins to spiral downward at 70 meters so a longer aiming period would be needed to even attempt the shot. It is small enough to conceal beneath a flowing robe and still be fired accurately. It is about four inches in total so most of it lies beyond the hand and up the forearm. The bow part starts just past the knuckle and it retracts to the sides when not in use.

Name: Crossbow Bolts
Rank: E
Type: Long
Quantity: 15
Description: The bolts are about two inches in length and made from wood up until the tip, which is iron and barbed. As such it will remove a rather large portion of flesh if just pulled out.

Name: Senbon Kit
Rank: C
Quantity: 1
Contents: 72 Senbon [24], 8 Exploding Notes [8]



Character Claim: Gilgamesh
Source: Fate/Zero
Image URL: http://mangadrawing.net/users/imagecache/image_display/admin/image/admin.image.fate-stay_night_-_gilgamesh.edf9c2eae51f81aacb2618a09ee0a248-11619.jpg

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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 5:26 pm

Is this application still WIP? If so, please put that on your tag. If not, then you are missing all your jutsu.

Also Aburame clan take a look at the physical appearance of the Aburame clan. Because this is what your character will need to look like if you want that clan Smile

Also note that I will require a longer personality (and please separate the paragraphs so it's not just a block of text, and your combat style needs to be at least a single paragraph.

You also require some actual history, you can have it in bulletins if you so require.

(also since I am already here, remember to link whatever clan you pick into your application, just like how I did here earlier.)

If this application is still in WIP then my apologies for the modding post, but you should really then remember to put a WIP tag Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 5:46 pm

Bullets? An Odd request but okay, and alright Ill break the personality up. The jutsu however are in the spoiler tag below the equipment like everyone elses. However on the appearance, pray tell why does Naruto not have red hair then? Is he not an uzumaki? Should he not have it? I only ask this as it would cripple my looks and shackle them to something else thus making me choose a new face claim. If you were willing to do the graphics and change the face claim to a more aburame-ish style, then I would have no complaints left.

Quote :

You also require some actual history, you can have it in bulletins if you so require.

Yadi yadi, again I have not been obvious enough with my placement. It is before the role play sample, which if left to my own devices would be the length of my average post. That being said its small and not in bullet form so I can see youre not used to that.

I shall also link the clan in, but again as I have brought up characters do not always look exactly like their clan.
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 6:27 pm

  • First of all, it was not a request or something you -had- to do. I was simply suggesting you could put your history into bulletins if you did not feel like writing it all out.

  • You need to specify the ranges (and main sub) for your weaponry. Example: Weaponry: (Main:Long/Sub:Close)

  • Still need to add to your combat style. Expand on his strong sides and weak sides.

  • Add a bit more to your history. How and why did he lose his parents. Add more about his current days.

  • Just a note, what we see in the rp sample (quantity and quality), that is what we shall be expecting of you to write in your posts.

  • You need to put the items / equipment he holds in the needed templates.

  • Bold the template for your kit.

  • You are missing the Academy Jutsu list, and note that the Act of Tree climbing is within that list as is Body Replacement technique and Water walking technique etc. The Academy jutsu do not count towards your jutsu limits, so this will only benefit yourself.

  • And then, it's for my favorite (and probably most frequent) question on this forum.
    Quote :
    However on the appearance, pray tell why does Naruto not have red hair then?

    This can be explained in a very few words. Naruto does not possess any skills from the Uzumaki clan, thus he does not look like them. He can't do Fuuinjutsu, and he certainly does not possess the skill of Chakra Chains or anything the Uzumaki can do. A character who shares the appearance of his clan = he has enough of it's genes to be able to use their skills. So if you want to keep your current FC, then please take out his Aburame skills. If you want to stay an Aburame, then please change the FC or simply edit his looks.

    And it is not my job to do it for you Smile Have a nice day, and hope I was clear enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 6:32 pm

My mistake

How'd you guess mine right off the bat?

Can do.

Can do.

I would hope so, as I said in the cb if left to my own devices this is my average, but I match my partners or the requirements of the mission.



Odd I have some of those but not all

Ah interesting, well then I'm guessing my current suggestion of having it due to hair dye and chakra will not fly? If not I suppose thats okay, I just dont see why it is not feasible.
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 7:43 pm

(1/2) approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Fri 08 Feb 2013, 8:33 pm

Approved 2/2

Don't forget to make an account HERE.
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin] Sun 14 Apr 2013, 4:44 pm

Due to inactivity.


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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Mithrandir [Konoha Genin]

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