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Mission: Here Comes The Bride [Part I]

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PostSubject: Mission: Here Comes The Bride [Part I] Thu 14 Mar 2013, 4:28 am

Mission Title: Here Comes The Bride [Part I]
Mission Type: Custom [Solo]
Mission Location: Hi no Kuni
Shinobi Requirement: C-Rank Nukenin
Mission Rank: C
Mission Objective: Two of Hi no Kuni’s most illustrious clans, the Heiwajima and the Kurosawa, have decided to unite their clans through marriage. Both clans’ successors are to be wed in a few days time, but firstly: the heiress of the Heiwajima clan must be brought to the Kurosawa’s residential complex, which will be the venue for the wedding. The head of the Heiwajima clan has sent out a request, stating that he is looking for shinobi to protect his daughter during her trip. Oddly enough, this request was not petitioned to Konohagakure or any other Shinobi Village, but instead sent out to the criminal underworld. In other words, the Heiwajima leader is asking for the assistance of rogue ninja, and not “legal” ninja. What’s more, the reward is a surprisingly hefty sum for a task so simple. As stated earlier, you will be required to act as a bodyguard while you accompany the Heiwajima heiress to her wedding’s venue. While there does not seem to be any danger that could befall the bride during the trip, proceed with caution anyway. Remember: the Heiwajima would not have sought the aid of shinobi if there was no actual threat to the bride’s safety.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Here Comes The Bride [Part I] Thu 14 Mar 2013, 8:58 am

Approved for missioning.
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