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Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin]

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PostSubject: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Mon 12 Apr 2010, 5:56 am

Basic Information:

Name: Sado Wanizame
Secondary Title: None
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Physical Appearance:
Lithe is the best word to describe Wanizame, lithe and tall for his age. Silver hair matched his pale skin, with a single scar down his left cheek from what looks like a sword of some sort. Soft blue eyes hidden a veil of drooping hair were set in an angular face with thin lips and perfect teeth. Beneath his clothes, his body is a mess of scars caused by his own intense training and self experimentation with medical jutsu. It is not uncommon for there to be a fresh wound or cut on his person at all times.

Clothing choices for Wanizame include lots of greys and patchy blacks to provide a camouflage in night timed settings or in shadows of trees. Commonly he carries a black satchel that hugs his body and provides storage space for his medical supplies. Metal pads cover elbows and knees while fingerless leather gloves kept his hands nice and safe, save for the fingers, with only black, grey, and light blue colored cloth keeping him from harm.

In short, Wanizame is a sadist. Trained as a medicalnin, it is not uncommon that he perverts his teachings into lessons of suffering for others. Though he dislikes open combat he does have quite a savage happiness come over him as he causes pain to his opponents. He does try to keep this rather quiet, careful not to harm anyone who doesn’t deserve it and keep such habits nicely tucked away in the back of his mind when he feels its expression may disturb those around him.

To his friends, allies, companions, and squad members he is very easy going and more than willing to help out in whatever way possible. He smiles, laughs, cries, or screams as the situation would desire it from him just to fit in amongst those around him. Though some ninja far higher in rank than him can see through this false persona, many of his compatriots have yet to see the side of him that demands the suffering of those who have wronged him or his village greatly.

Quote: “The most unique bond I can create is the one between pain giver, and pain receiver.”
Rank Information:
Rank: Genin
Village Affiliation: Kumo

Special Information:

Character Specialities
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Medical Jutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Suiton
Sub: Raiton
Special Characteristics:
Sadist- Wanizame is far more likely to make you suffer than actually kill you. Debilitating blows are always more desirable to him than outright killing his target.

Skill Information



Special Weapons/Items



Name: Nigai Adauchi (Bitter Vengeance)
Rank: C
Nigai Adauchi is as many crows are, a gathering of pitch black feathers on a bird body with red eyes. Though the feathers usually have an oily sheen, upon touching one a person would notice they lack the feeling to back up the sight. Razor talons are attached to black feet, a gracefully curved beak stands ready to peck and pick at people and items as necessity requires. Nigai stands eight feet tall with a wing span of ten feet. Though She does have the ability to speak, she does so rarely and only then out of the presence of all but the contract owner.

Nigai’s eyes remain horribly red, her voice sounding strained and almost screechy when she does choose to speak to those who pique her interest. As most crows are, she is known for a charming intellect, a desire for personal gain at the loss of others and a dislike of anything disrespectful. Though she does often have a weakness for her fascination of shiny objects, she rarely lets that get in the way of what she has set out to do. Neither high ranking among her kind, nor a common footsoldier, she comes to the call of any she has deemed worthy.

Contract Type: Blood Sacrafice
Species: A Crow
Elemental Affinity: Wind
Special Abilities/Characteristics:
Speech: Nigai is a female crow blessed with the ability to speak.
Nigai and Wanizame met on a fateful day in the spring while Wanizame was stuck in Kumogakure as a corrective action for his lack of judgement and inability to follow orders from a superior. Left with only time to spend and energy to burn, Wanizame quickly made it a priority to begin training nearly every moment of the day. It wasn’t long until his interests turned from simple ninjutsu and medical training into the world of promise that was Summonings.

Nigai and Wanizame met in the flesh for the first time on a rainy day, with the sky full of thunder and Wanizame himself full of curiosity to put to use the lessons he had been picking up from the occasional Jounin with down time between missions. A bit of blood, a long conversation and a shared thought process left the two agreeing with certainty that would end with Nigai returning to her world to speak to the others who agreed with her. Not long after, a document was signed and sealed and an agreement with the crows was signed in blood for Wanizame’s future and their delight.

Summons Jutsu:


Background Information

Pre-Academy Arc

Growing up, Wanizame was nobody of importance and certainly didn’t seem destined for the life of violence or combat that came with being a shinobi. The son of a shopkeeper and his wife, Wanizame the boy was originally pulled into the shinobi academy after being caught by a local guard pickpocketing for the fun of it rather than the need for money.

Academy Arc

Once in the academy, the true challenge came when the instructors found Wanizame entirely unwanting of the lessons presented before him. He found book learning horribly monotonous and didn’t have the attention span for chakra theory or herbalism until shown its efficiency much later in life.
His epiphany came in the form of a wake-up call, an instructor providing an in classroom example a few years before he was set to graduate from the academy. Watching that bolt of lightning erupt from the fingertip of his sensei brought a fire to the training regimen of the whole class, but especially to Wanizame. Such an example of fury and deadly accuracy set his blood boiling and his hands eager to see the same effects leap from them.
His last years in the academy were spent learning specifically two things. Anatomy and Ninjutsu. He devoured the information presented to him, wanting to find out everything and pick it apart until he understood even the most basic components of everything he touched. Anatomy led his instructors to teach him basic battlefield medicine to support his squad while his training in Ninjutsu left him still able to seek the combat he thirsted for.

Graduating in the middle of his class, instructors were happy to see him
actually aspire to move into the ranks of Genin for the village despite his disappointments that spawned from the knowledge his time spent strictly learning would be gone as he was expected to perform for the best of the village. He was quickly assigned a squad and sent to work with basic scouting missions and few contact scenarios with bordering countries and roaming shinobi. It was his fifth mission as a Genin that would define him for the rest of his life.

Genin Arc

As a Genin, Wanizame can still be considered somewhat new. To date he has completed five missions, four of which were successfully completed. He had become used to scouting, spying, and supporting his squad. But it was something darker awakened within him that left him thirsting for more in everything they did.

The first mission in which there was enemy contact, the true nature of
Wanizame quickly became apparent to his Jounin sensei. While the rest of his team struggled with those attempting to cease their retreat, he had quickly trapped an opposing genin in a Water Prison jutsu and sat quietly as he struggled to breathe and finally died. This was the beginning of a lust for pain, a lust which inspired him to change weaponry from shuriken to senbon.

Redevoting himself to his own shinobi style, the time spent between his fourth and fifth assignment was spent gathering a wider collection of Ninjutsu while he began to customize his preferred weapons into what he would come to think of as his trademark. He was coming out of his shell, becoming an individual shinobi rather than one of the herd that had recently graduated the academy. As he was finding himself, he also found that too much individuality would cause great loss to the village that had raised him.

While out on a scouting mission, he and his squad were almost entirely eliminated by a band of rogue shinobi moving through the area. What should have been a simplistic clean up and recon mission where they retreated and sent for help to counter the invading forces became a conflict started by Wanizame. It was a mistake paid for in blood, with his team coming back missing a member and variously wounded.

Were it not for his medical prowess and the fact that he was responsible for bringing his sensei back to the village alive, he might have been stripped of his shinobi privilages and be sent back to his father to manage the shop. As he stands now, Wanizame is waiting for the chance to unleash his darker side and prove himself to his village simultaneously. Assigned to a new squad, he is ready to further his knowledge and move forward in the ranks of Kumo.

Role-Play Sample:

Moving through the mountains of Kumo undetected wasn’t exactly something overly difficult when you had lived there your whole life, but tracking someone else down did prove a bit unpredictable in the land of Lightning. Wanizame scoffed at the thought, Lightning being the element he had hoped he would find running through his veins instead of the liquid element that he had discovered his affinity for.

What was that? A shifting of rocks echoing across the canyon brought Wanizame to a screeching halt on the side of the nearly sheer cliff face. Eyes sought out the target, looking around frantically as more rocks tumbled into the ravine. Tiny pebbles, clacking down the ravine was the only signal that Wanizame had before the target was on the move towards him. A cloaked figure with kunai drawn and ready to meet the boy metal first and questions second as Wanizame bit his lip to stifle the groan of pain that threatened to spew from his lips. Hot blood running down his left arm, he turned to watch the descending figure head towards the bottom of the ravine at a breakneck pace.

Hand signs flew, clapping together briefly before palms break contact with each other and begin a fast flowing but shallow river down the steep incline towards the escaping target, rushing his feet from under him and sending him on a waterslide towards the ravine bottom at a speed far from controllable. A series of Shuriken were flung upwards, but Wanizame was already on the move downwards with his feet gliding across the water’s surface as he picked up speed.

Another set of hand signs, a quick muttered breath, and he pushed off of the canyon wall and into the air, spinning quite gracefully as his sought to find dry and unmoving footing on the opposite side as a spinning form of water leapt from the fast fading watersource and spun itself into a drill to hammer home his opponent, turning his already great speed into a far worse plummet as he hits the ground spinning with his body probably broken.

“I finally hit it Sensei” are the words spoken softly from Wan’s lips. A voice in the background quickly replying “Yes, but did you really have to drill him into the bottom?”


All Jutsus from others given with Permission from the mentioned Parties.

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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Mon 12 Apr 2010, 10:58 pm

Genin can have two elements

You have some bolding problems around shushin

Water Snake: More detail

Water Fang Projectile: More detail

Syringe,Stitching,Rabid Bandaging,Splint and Sling,Scalpel: These aren't really jutsu, these are just simple medical skills. The speed at which a ninja can apply bandages and do stitches is completely dependent on the ninjas skill level, not the jutsu used.

Chakra Scalpel: The staff has decided that chakra scalpel is indeed C-rank, but requires the user to have a B-rank understanding of medical jutsu. Meaning only B+-Rank ninja can have it. Remove please.

Healing Touch: Fix the bolding.

Diagnosis Pulse: How would checking the chakra network alert the medic of physical injuries?

You forgot a pre-academy arc.
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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Mon 12 Apr 2010, 11:24 pm

changed, though I don't really see why Chakra scalpal has a special set of rules.
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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Mon 12 Apr 2010, 11:39 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Mon 19 Apr 2010, 4:05 am

Summoning Technique and Crow Summoning Added.
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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Mon 19 Apr 2010, 5:51 am

Spitting Senbon technique added
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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin] Sun 25 Apr 2010, 8:04 am

Clone Crow added
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PostSubject: Re: Wanizame, Sado [Kumo Genin]

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