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Meeting with a Monster (summon Training)

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PostSubject: Meeting with a Monster (summon Training) Sat 23 Mar 2013, 4:18 am

Raizen was out of his comfort zone. He was currently around the base of the Kyousei Mountain. He had decided to take some time and check out the surrounding land of Lightning Country, as he moved around he wiped the sweat off of his forehead and looked up at the great peak. From the spot he was at it was easy to see from the tree line that despite it being an active volcano it wasn’t ready to erupt yet. ‘ thank god for that’ he thought as he moved thru the trees and then jumped to the forest floor. It had been nice of the guards to allow him to go thru the forest near the base, they only told him that as long as he stays there and goes up no farther then the edge he was ok to go where he pleased. As he stretched suddenly he heard a twig snap and it put the dark haired genin on edge and he grabbed his O katana from his waist and got in a ready position. He tuned his ears in and looked around very warily . As he heard another limb snap and movement headed in his direction Raizen turned to face what was coming at him. As he turned he saw what the sound was from.

It was a giant komodo dragon and it was staring at him very intently. As Raizen continued his stare off with the great beast he wondered why he had never seen a creature so large before Then he remembered that people could summon creatures to aid themselves in battle and they could range all different sizes. Raizen decided to try and communicate with the reptile. “are you a summon?” he asked cautiously. The lizard flicked out its long forked tongue and paused before responding. “ I am and what of it boy?” it rasped rudely at him. Raizen felt a flicker of fear go thru him and yet he had an amazing opportunity in front of him. “ If you are a summon then I want to challenge you for the right to be your summoner” the brave boy declared looking at the summons eyes with determination. The summon cocked its head to the side and then flicked its tongue out again before it responded.” Fine I’ll take your challenge brat but if you fail then consider yourself dinner!” it roared as it suddenly charged at him with suppressing speed.

Raizen could only throw himself out of the way as the ancient dinosaur tried to flatten him and he got clipped by the creatures saber like claws.’those are nasty I gotta keep out of range of them ’ he thought as he looked at his wound for a second and while the wounds were shallow it was a clean cut and was bleeding pretty badly. Raizen growled a bit and he watched as the summon turned again and charged with its mouth agape ready to take a bite out of him. The genin sprang into action and charged forward as well. Just as soon as they were about to make contact Raizen lunged to the side and then leapt at the lizards back. As he did he extended one of his hidden blades and stabbed into the summons side. Though he only was able to penetrate about an inch into the beast it still had the desired effect. The Summon thrashed about and belted Raizen with his Tail.” you little insect I’ll feast on your fleash” it snarled as it stalked around the boy. Raizen got to his feet slowly and he held his ribs. He was sure on of them was cracked from the blow from the tail. and he managed to stand and it was at that time that the komodo dragon decided to deal the final blow. It lunged forward and tensed its neck and jaw to strike out fast and hard. As it rushed at him Raizen got his O katana ready and settled into a stance. “ okay this is it if I can do this I can win just stay calm and breath” he said softly as he gripped his swords handle.

In the blink of an eye the two stuck and hit each other. Raizen had his blade embedded deeply into the Reptiles flesh it wouldn’t kill the creature but it was still a nasty hit. The summon had managed to bite Raizen deeply in the left shoulder. Though it looked like a stalemate Raizen had the advantage. If he moved his blade only a little bit it would stab deeper into the creature and kill it. “Give up I win” Raizen hissed as he glared at the creature. Feeling the creature loosen and let go Raizen removed his blade and flicked it to remove the blood before he sheathed it.” not bad I have never met a human who could match me, very well from this day henceforth you may summon me” it said as it coughed up a scroll and unrolled it for Raizen. Seeing the empty spaces raizen dipped his finger into his wound and signed his name. with the deed done the summon rolled the scroll up and ate it. “” it said before it stalked off. Raizen grabbed his shoulder and he hissed in pain.” I better get back to the village and get to a hospital before I lose to much blood” he muttered before he took off towards the village gates to get some treatment.

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