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Shouyuuki, Adair [Suna Genin]

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PostSubject: Shouyuuki, Adair [Suna Genin] Tue 13 Apr 2010, 6:15 am

Basic Information:

    Name: Adair Shouyuuki
    Secondary Title: called Adair or Shou
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance:

    Body looks:
    Adair is five foot nine inches tall(~1.76m) and is pretty lean at a hundred and fifteen pounds. He has a raven black hair that is spiked so that all the hair goes to the back of his head. Adair has ears that are very small, but aren’t a hindrance in any way to his hearing. Adair’s nose is long vertical, but has a narrow width. Adair has “Deep Hazel” eyes that look like they’re piercing right threw the thing that they are looking at.

    Casual look:
    Adair normally wears a head protector with the Suna symbol on it, this one is peculiar in that it is red as most symbols of Suna are either blue or green(not shown in picture, but . He wears a black shirt with the symbol of the Ukiteiku on it. Adair also wears shorts created from a fine weave of silk and hemp, that just barely goes past his knees. He wears sandals with socks, the socks are black silk(black dye on silk socks).

    Adair has a photographic memory, that he developed as a child. The first time he actually showed that he had photographic memory was when his mother forgot her grocery list and Adair was able to read off every item from the list in order, at the age of 6. Adair didn’t notice this as being useful in his earlier years until he went to the academy where it came in handy a lot. Born left-handed and being raised right-handed led Adair to be ambidextrous. While his left arm is still weaker than his right it still has the same capabilities and is even better in some aspects. While growing up Adair liked to watch when people had conversations and because of his photographic memory he remember what people looked like when they lied, while he liked to be the person who would rat on the people lying this earned him the reputation of being a “tattle-tale”. Adair didn’t have many friends during his younger years, but he didn’t mind so much he liked to watch people talk and do things rather than to actually do them. Studying was a strong suit for Adair, but when it came down to training jutsu or how to throw kunai he felt like he was being laughed at and could see the contempt faces of his classmates and would normally try to act like he was bigger than them, but when he tried to do the action he always flopped and ended up in tears in front of the whole class. Adair eventually stopped telling on his fellow classmates and tried to actually talk to them(because of his mother’s advice) and he found that he could be friends with many of them. While making friends he found what he liked the most, to see people genuinely smile. During and after the academy that’s what Adair strived for people’s smiles, and he tested to see what each person smiled at and would try to get them to smile as much as possible. Every smile Adair made him feel like he wouldn’t be happy until he got a million more smiles. One day he found that training made his mom and dad smile, so he decided to train really hard just for them. Adair had a realization one day that while some things made people smile, they made others sad so his goal for life was to ultimately bring upon world peace to everyone. He would not rest until he made every single person to be happy, he made his goal to first become hokage, then to make world peace with the powers he obtained from becoming hokage. Starting the next day Adair went around and talked to everyone and became happy with talking to everybody and making them smile at least once.

    Catch Phrase: “Life is short, so live it up to its full potential”

Clan Information:

    Clan Name: Shouyuuki

    Clan Location: Suna only

    Clan Traits: Natural affinity to Raiton. Black hair is a must for people in this clan. Must be Medical Ninja.

    Kekkei Genkai: Eye of Body
    The Eye of Body is capable of seeing all of the human systems, while the eye of body is activated the user can’t use chakra anywhere else. Also due to the many different systems inside of the human body only one can be seen at a time. Genin are the first rank capable of using the Eye of Body, but can only see the Muscular system.

    Genin (C rank): C-rank ninja can use this KKG to see only the muscular system and they can't use any jutsu while using this Doujutsu. Also because of the amount of chakra the eye takes C-rank ninja can only use Eye of Body for 3 posts, but they do not have to use it all at once. So as a Genin the eye takes 1 D rank chakra each post up to 3 D rank chakras. C-rank ninja are not capable of using any jutsu while using the Eye of Body.

    Chuunin(B rank): As a B-rank ninja can see three systems of the human body(you pick two more besides Muscular), The ones that are picked must also be included in their A rank doujutsu. B-rank ninja are capable of having their Body of Eyes open for 5 posts, and can activate de-activate them at any time. Each post that the Eye of Body is used is a C rank chakra but if the B rank ninja can't use more than 5 C-rank chakra on Eye of Body. C-rank ninja cannot use jutsu while the Eye of Body is active

    Jounin(A rank): A-rank ninja are capable of seeing five systems of the human body(the three from B-rank plus two more of the user's choice). The A-rank ninja can use the Eye of body for 7 posts, which they can activate/de-activate the Eye of Body at any time. The Eye of Body takes a C-rank jutsu each post and can take up to 7 C-rank chakras. B-rank ninja cannot use jutsu while the Eye of Body is active.

    Kage(S rank): Kage's can see all systems of the human body, and can see them layer by layer all at the same time. The Kage can have the Eye of Body activate always, but while they have the Eye of Body active the jutsu that they use take double the chakra usage.


    Secret Clan Jutsu: None.

    The Shouyuuki clan roots its self back to the first great ninja war, where they were hired as assassins. Many times the clan was called upon to do acts of assassinations and many a time they succeeded with great triumph and glory. This lead to them becoming boastful and began to rise in power amongst the other clans. The other clans became spiteful and began to eliminate the people from the Shouyuuki clan one by one, until it was a minuscule sized clan. This forced the Shouyuuki clan into a state of hiding with missions only done out of necessity and successfully removed themselves as members on the hit lists of other clans. Although this happened the Shouyuuki decided to become a clan that wouldn't intend to harm others but instead save many lives and so the leader of the Shouyuuki clan sealed all abilities of the members of his clan. When Suna was formed the people of the Shouyuuki clan took up residence and began to merge into the society.

    When Suna was officially a built village, the Shouyuuki ninja were used to help develop the skills of medical-ninja. With this new form of ninja appearing Suna was revolutionizing the way teams were formed, by enforcing a 1 med-nin to every squad rule. The Shouyuuki found out that their skills were perfect for being Med-nin so they created a house law that every person in the house with the Eye of Body had to become a Med-nin and had to help support Suna's rise to power. With the Med-nin rank firmly made in the house the Shouyuuki began to teach their children the techniques created by the ninja of Suna. This regularity with Medical jutsu and the medical field opened a position for the Shouyuuki house to deem themselves self-proclaimed "Support" ninjas.

    Clan Details: Open

Rank Information:

    Rank: Genin
    Village Affiliation:Sunagure no Sato

Special Information:

    Character Speciality:
    Main: Medical (can’t use yet but required by clan)

    Elemental Affinity:
    Main: Raiton
    Special Characteristics:Adair is ambidextrous(can use both hands equally) from being born left handed but being raised right handed. Has photographic memory that he developed as a kid. Adair uses his photographic memory to tell when people are lying, but this takes some time with the person to find out.

Skill Information:
Note: You can find the other templates in the other Creation Areas if your character needs them.

[list]Jutsu Template:
Commonly known Jutsu

Raiton Jutsu

Weapon Template:

Item Template:

Adair has three pouches attached to the belt of his pants
The pouch on the far left Adair carries 10 Kunai.
The pouch in the middle carries 20 senbon.
The pouch on the far right carries 10 shuriken.

Background Information

    Really Early Years Ages [1-4]:
    • Adair’s first memory came when he was a child, it was of him in his crib looking up at the sky when his father picked him up to show his (what he assumes what was)grandmother how big he was. From that memory it skips to when he was 2 years old, he was out playing outside chasing a butterfly when a child bumped heads with him and instead of crying Adair and the other child just stared at each other for a while. Eventually the other kid laughed and this caused Adair to laugh. This child and Adair would play together a lot chasing after butterflies and other such insects only to end the day with the other kid laughing and Adair following suit. At the age of 2 the use of words was limited, but Adair understood fully when the other kid told him “My mommy doesn’t like me pwaying wif you anymore”. Confused and feeling defense-less Adair stopped interacting with other kids, instead replacing it with watching them and laughing when they laughed. Adair’s new favorite activity was no longer insect chasing, but instead watching the fun that others had and while he longed to do the same things he never attempted them. At the age of 3 instead of having a birthday party he decided to go to his favorite spot with his family and listen to his dad’s ramblings of “the good times” he used to have (which at the time Adair didn’t really understand but liked watching his father’s facial expressions). That day a kid walked up to him and asked if Adair would like to play with him, and shocked Adair hide behind his father, until his father explained that Adair didn’t want to play then he sat back next to his father and simply said “tell me more stories daddy!”. By 4 Adair was almost a complete recluse and only took pleasure in watching other people and listening to his mother and father.

    Academy years[4-11]:
    • At the age of 4 his father told Adair that he needed to start practicing for the academy. Teaching him the basics from kicking and punching, to the essentials of dodging blows. While the training seemed hard to Adair at first he did it because his dad liked to do it with him. Enrolled for the next year of academy Adair was nervous about going to a place with a lot of people and so he confined this information to his mother. She smiled big and said “you are going to get lots of friends honey and even if you don’t you’ll grow up to be a strong ninja one day”. Encouraged Adair trained with his father whenever he could, and he told himself that the first day was going to be a piece of cake. As soon as Adair walked through the doors to the academy he got lost and ended up being tardy to class, which the teacher smiled off because it was the first day and they were only children. Adair couldn’t find a seat anywhere and ended up sitting next to some snot-covered kid who kept sniffling and wiping her nose on her sleeves. By the end of the day Adair was absolutely tired of the sniffling and wanted to complain to the teacher, but the bell rang and Adair ran out of the room to go meet his dad. But Adair’s dad wasn’t there, nor was his mother, confused Adair waited and waited, but nothing. Tired and sad about his parents not being there he wandered into a man on accident. Apologizing frantically he noticed that it was the teacher and was shocked, and clearly so was the teacher. The teacher regained his senses and said “I dismissed you 3 hours ago why are you just now going home?” Adair not used to talking was so quiet with his first reply that the teacher had to bend down to hear him. Adair said “Well my mom and dad didn’t show up to pick me up…” the teacher said seriously “well then I’ll take you home, but first are you hungry I know a good place around here.” Adair happy to have someone talking to him again exclaimed “WOW you’re going to walk me HOME?! And I’m starving!” the teacher laughed and led the boy into a ramen shop. After a meal the teacher lead the Adair to his house, and the teacher said “well if your mommy and daddy don’t show up again then just tell me and I’ll walk you home” Adair nodded and gleefully hurried into his house. The next day Adair showed up early to academy and got a seat in the front row so that he could be closer to his teacher. Once school started Adair paid extra close attention to the lessons that the teacher taught. During the school year Adair would tattle-tale to the teacher so that he would always be in good standings with him. When he was 6 this “tattling” finally caught up with him and all the students ignored him and the teacher was a different one from last year so in Adair’s eyes he was completely left out of everything and the only studying that Adair did was from a book so he didn’t have any actual training only knowledge. When it came time for his first academy exam to see if he was capable of becoming a genin, he flunked it so badly that they held him back and sent him to remedial lessons. Adair excluded from most of the groups of kids, he decided that life was almost not even worth living and didn’t even study for his exams anymore. Adair started to skip academy and do nothing at all. For 4 years Adair lost all hope at becoming a ninja and was ridiculously old for a academy student. Finally at 9 his mother convinced him to open up to other kids. Adair started to get friends and while getting friends he finally realized his ambition, Hokage and then world peace. After 2 years of hard studying under his dad he was finally capable of graduating from the academy and became a genin.

    • As soon as Adair became a genin, he started to work on his weaponry and jutsu skills even more. Adair took on a quest, alone, a few days after and the mission was to catch some cat that a rich lady lost. Upon finding the cat he tried several tactics to catch it, the first being POUNCE!, second being calling for it and finally he caught it by setting up an elaborate trap using his photographic memory to remember where the trap would be most useful and how to catch the cat. After Adair caught the cat he returned to the hokage's office and gave the old woman her cat back. After many big hugs and a small amount of money exchanging hands Adair left only to hear the woman that just left had lost her cat and that a 3-man squad was going to be deployed to find it. After a bunch of pointless missions around the village Adair decided he would train really hard and be assigned to a squad one day, that's how he would become hokage. After a month or two Adair had all that he could alone and decided to ask the best ninja he knew, his dad. One night Adair came home from a mission and saw his dad sitting at the table still eating dinner. Adair walked up to the table, bowed and sat down. After a few awkward moments Adair built up the courage to ask "Dad I need your help with my training". Adair's dad's eyes sparkled and immediately he shouted "Of course son!" The first thing his father taught him was how to use Endan(fireball). Adair was determined to learn something like this from his father and surprisingly he was capable of learning it faster than his father had expected him to. With Endan out of the way his father taught Adair how to use Goukakyuu no jutsu and how to use genjutsu. After learning Genjutsu Kai Adair worked on becoming very physically fit. Today he feels he is finally ready…

    Role-Play Sample:
    (This RP sample is of a random person in Konoha that’s 23 years old and is named Kyuuki. I wanted to do an RP sample of someone getting drunk so this is what I did)

Kyuuki finally had a day off from work that he hadn't had in a while, not really sure of what do though since he didn't really have any friends or people that he hung out with. Kyuuki decided to sleep in for a little while longer, but found this to be a difficult task when the sun shone in through his window and onto Kyuuki's face. At first Kyuuki resisted the light with one of his pillows over his head, but the little light that seeped in was enough to annoy Kyuuki enough that he got up. Groggily Kyuuki sat up in his bed and scratched his back with a big yawn. Kyuuki's eyes lazily drifted over his bedroom looking for his shirt, then his eyes started to focus on one spot and he began to daze out staring at a button on a shirt for five or six minutes. Finally coming back to reality Kyuuki tossed some of his clothes around and found his casual shirt all wrinkled and he put it on anyways.

Kyuuki grabbed some ramen cups and heated up his stove and filled up a tea pot with water, once the tea pot was full Kyuuki put the pot on the fire. Kyuuki counted the amount of ramen cups he had on the table and how many he had left in his pantry. 'ok there's three on the table and there's 497 cups left' This saddened Kyuuki that he was already half out of Ramen cups, but his sadness was quickly over when he heard the tea pot begin to whistle loudly. Happily Kyuuki poured the water into the three ramen cups and the remainder into a cup with chai leaves in it. Kyuuki went down to the apartment mailboxes and checked his mail, finding four pieces of mail inside. Quietly Kyuuki went back up and entered his apartment again, sitting down at the table Kyuuki looked over his the mail: Bill, Bill, Rent, and orders. Kyuuki sighed as he once again realized how lonely his life was, maybe he should get some friends it would never hurt him. Kyuuki remembered his friends burning body on the ground calling for his help, after the memory faded away tears were hitting the table. Kyuuki re-composed himself and began to eat his ramen, today was a day of happiness not sadness. Once Kyuuki finished his meal he threw away the trash and cleaned out his cup he decided to go to Hokage mountain.

Grabbing two bottles of sake Kyuuki headed out of his door, locking it behind him with a click. Kyuuki walked as happily as he could up the side of Hokage mountain, even though to others it looked as if he was about ready to kill someone. Reaching the summit of the mountain Kyuuki looked for a good spot for him to start drinking at, picking a place where it was semi-grassy Kyuuki lazily sat down and placed his two sake bottles beside him. Taking off the top of one of the sake bottles he used it as a cup to drink the sake from. With the first sip of sake Kyuuki was prepared for his version of a fun day, when a person absent-minded walked right in front of Kyuuki's view and began to talk to himself. Kyuuki wasn't listening to the person talk, but instead just took another sip of sake. Eventually the man sat down and Kyuuki saw that he looked worried. Deciding that drinking with another person was better than drinking alone Kyuuki walked over with his two sake bottles and said in a gruff voice " you look like you need some alcohol, want one?"

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Photographic Memory and Lie detection are two seperate traits. Fix that and your good.
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PostSubject: Re: Shouyuuki, Adair [Suna Genin] Tue 13 Apr 2010, 6:47 am

Edit: ok seperated Photographic memory and Lie detector
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PostSubject: Re: Shouyuuki, Adair [Suna Genin]

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