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Technology on US

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Technology on US Vide
PostSubject: Technology on US Technology on US EmptySun 02 Jun 2013, 2:00 pm


Here on Ultimate Shinobi, the technologies present are different from those in the canon. Some elements match up, but for the most part we are behind in terms of the technology available to us in-character.


While stone is used in construction, such as for building walls and even bridges, most homes are built using wood. Glass is rare, so most houses have wooden shutters on the windows or no built-in covering at all. Home-made covering, such as curtains, are common even in the absence of shutters. Metals are rarely, if ever used in construction as they aren’t in large supply and reserved for weaponry and armor-type uses (such as thin metal plating on the backside of a glove).


There is no official form of motorized transportation. This would include steam-powered motors. There is, however, always the possibility of characters with the right mindset to invent chakra-powered modes of transportation. If this appeals to you, keep in mind that using this form of transportation ICly would require an upkeep cost. Standard modes of transportation, such as boats and animal-drawn carts, are fairly common and are generally accepted in most locations in the shinobi world. Wheels are obviously in use by carts/wagons, but bicycles aren't considered a believable form of transportation. Summons, when large enough, can obviously be ridden. This is currently the only way to travel via flight (large avian summons).


Basic electronic devices exist mainly for medical use, such as minimal-functionality health monitors (mostly heart rate monitors). These are rare, however, and as such are reserved for patients whose lives are in danger. Other than that, things are generally left to the med-nin, as they are expected to be able to handle most cases. There are no x-rays, blood-pressure measuring devices, or other such things that are plentiful in the modern age.


The most commonly known devices that fall under this category are the ear-piece mic radios, which are utilized by shinobi teams (not by civilians unless provided by shinobi). Still-image cameras also exist, but they are much less common and not produced for individual use. They are usually found in the possession of government officials and the occasional journalist, but that’s it. The photos must be developed before they can be properly viewed (not quite polaroid yet). Video cameras don’t exist at all, which also rules out television sets (and consequently VCRs and video tapes). Movie theaters are out of the question; entertainment of this type is in the form of plays/live performances. Batteries exist in the form of electrochemical cells that convert chemical energy into electrical energy, which are usually stored in larger containers rather than small-scale. They are used to power cameras and the radio towers that allow the use of the ear-piece mic sets. The smaller variations used to power the sets themselves have a considerably shorter lifespan.

Computers do not exist outside of the devices used in the medical field. Guns, gunpowder (bar explosive pouches) and other forms mechanical weaponry of this nature are not permitted. Satellite dishes, radars, and such things are included under the computer ban.

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