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Study Abroad [Travel]

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PostSubject: Study Abroad [Travel] Study Abroad [Travel] EmptyThu 04 Jul 2013, 5:55 am

A young man in a shinobi outfit could be seen on a boat though the hidden mist. He was on the tip of the ship as if it was his. He stood as if he owned the entire water and everything that it touched, almost as if he was planning to devour anyone to come his way.

Shikari had one plan and that was to learn genjutsu, he wanted to learn from the best and he had some strong ties in Kirigakure, even if the person didn't know. His relationship has gotten sketchy with Konohagkure ever since the Hokage died and he never thought he was going to be able to salvage much from it, maybe one day but not anytime soon. It also appeared strange to him that he preferred the Hokage over his Raikage, maybe because the Hokage was much more personal and even rewarded him with several of the best honors any shinobi was capable of achieving. Now it was time for him to move out to another place wether it be better or worse, for certain was unknown.

He did however feel that he was going to be able to be more happy within this village. Following a strong set of training along with the ocean blue. The ability to go fishing whenever he wanted to or to go swimming whenever he wanted to. He wasn't able to do that within Kumogakure but it was still his home. Also to be able to train his suiton ninjutsu much more and possibly get some taijutsu and weaponry in there. Shikari also would make the promise that he wasn't allowed to return home until he has passed the senior academy of Kirigakure and earned the top rank of his sensei. Kumogakure has not been able to give everything that Shikari needed. The Nara branch in Kirigakure is also much stronger and more allied than any other village. Konohagakure was a great place but he was there at genin and he left chunin and now he must leave that place behind.

The journey was somewhat fun and the seafood was great. The soup from the port was amazing and watching the fisherman chop up the biggest fish was also fun. Just imagine how much fun he would have when he gets there. Also, he might die so hopefully it won't turn out so bad.

Of course this is all bad if his chosen sensei won't agree to train then but Shikari has a confidence and determination to be accepted, by even the very best. One might say his goals to not realistic and brash but he would say that there is nothing more than failing. He will get this and he knows he will, he would be willing to be able to do anything. Even travel from his won country to another one, and brought only hope with him.
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