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Speed Training for Joki, Senshi

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Speed Training for Joki, Senshi  Vide
PostSubject: Speed Training for Joki, Senshi Speed Training for Joki, Senshi  EmptySat 27 Jul 2013, 2:13 am

”Is that everything you’ve got? I thought you were here to train! I thought you wanted to survive in this world!” Senshi’s sensei yelled at him the harshest words he could in order to keep his pupil motivated. Senshi repeated the combination over and over. His first punch hit the wood block, making his right hand hurt. As he pulled it back to simulate protecting his face from a counter strike, his left hand flew out, striking the block in the same place. As he pulled the left hand back to guard, his feet exploded off the ground, his right shin coming up and around in a roundhouse kick, striking the block at head level. As he came back down to earth, his hands flew out in a 2-1 combination, his left hand striking the target first. He would then take a second to get breath into his system and analyze the last combination. The goal wasn’t to strike the target incredibly hard. It was to strike it faster and faster each time for today he was training his speed. Sweat rolled off his body because of his effort. His breathing was heavy as he moved his body as quickly as he could. His shin and his knuckles became busted in his hard work, despite not trying to blast through the wood.

”Enough!” Senshi knew what “enough” in this situation meant, and in some crazy way, he loved it. Instantly, he adjusted his stance so that he was facing his sensei. With his left foot forward instead of his right, he began looking for ways to counter the onslaught that came next. Two straight shots came towards his face. With his left hand, Senshi parried the first, redirecting the movement so that the attack would narrowly miss his face. With the second punch, he utilized the same parry, but grabbed on this time and pulled so that his groin kick off of his left foot would be more likely to hit. With his speed, he managed to hit the target. It had little effect on the sensei, who was wearing a full body suit of protective gear. His sensei’s right hand immediately began traveling towards his face before his foot could get back into position. As quickly as he could, the shinobi’s right hand came up in a crane block, directing the shot upward. Seeing a target that would soon vanish, Senshi capitalized, using his blocking hand to chop the protected neck of his trainer. It having little effect, he quickly had to bob and weave, bending at the knees to lower his head, avoiding the left hook that came at him. The left hand circled around in a palm strike, hitting the liver area. As he stood again, he delivered a right straight of his own, turning his sensei’s head. Sticking to his strategy of speed for the day, the left foot exploded off the ground, smashing into the diaphragm. He landed again, seeing his sensei’s foot swinging up for a groin kick of his own. With fast reaction, Senshi’s left palm shot down, blocking the impact directly. It required him to bend down with his upper body slightly, so going with the movement, Senshi charged forward, driving his shoulder into his opponent’s hips. He got his feet underneath him and lifted straight up. The weight of his sensei now rested on his shoulders as he stood straight up. That weight came crashing down and to the left as Senshi slammed him to the ground.

The ground was another opportunity to show his superior speed. He exploded off of his knees, placing one knee on the man’s chest. The other arm swung around to the other side of his face. Before doing so, Senshi grabbed onto his sensei’s arm. Knowing what was coming, the sensei grabbed his own hand and twisted towards Senshi, trying to prevent the submission. He pressed hard on his face with his left leg, keeping him from turning. While doing this, he sat back, taking his knee off of the chest and kicking the bicep that grabbed onto the man’s fist, preventing the submission. It took several swift kicks, but as soon as the hand let go, Senshi exploded backwards and planted his feet on the ground. He only went far enough to let his sensei know that, if he had wanted to, he could have sent him to the hospital.

Senshi let go of the hold and kicked off with one foot, rolling backward and to his feet. His breathing was hard from the repetitive explosive movements, but those explosive movements would make him faster. The two warriors took a moment to breath. Slowly, the sensei stood up. He laughed as soon as he had enough breath to do so. ”Did I say you were done? Hit that wood block!” Senshi smiled and gladly complied.

Needed word count: 600
Word Count: 811
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