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Ultimate Shinobi - A Naruto RPG
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Bug Hunting [WIP]

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Bug Hunting [WIP] Vide
PostSubject: Bug Hunting [WIP] Bug Hunting [WIP] EmptyMon 09 Sep 2013, 8:55 am

Travel Thread:

Erufuun yawned and stretched her arms breaking her free of the cocoon she had made out of her sleeping bag the night before. Having arrived at the village so late in the day she set up camp and decided that she would begin what she came here for the next and it had finally come. She stumbled outside of her small tent to see that it was very early in the morning which was a perfect time for her to get started. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched once more before she reached for her backpack to find something in there to eat for breakfast. Only digging for a moment she stopped and made her way to where her fire for the camp used to be. She examined the area finding that the only thing left behind appeared to be ashes and soot, unable to find any salvageable materials to craft herself another campfire she left out a sigh of disappointment and made her way back to her backpack throwing her body down with a thud when she reached it. She was hoping she would be able to cook a bowl of ramen but it seemed she was going to have to settle for dried food until she had more wood for a fire. She pulled out three brown pouches that were sealed at the top with string to prevent the contents inside from escaping.
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