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Guide: Second Characters

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Guide: Second Characters Vide
PostSubject: Guide: Second Characters Guide: Second Characters EmptyWed 22 Jan 2014, 2:36 pm

Second Characters

Here on Ultimate Shinobi it is our belief that if a member dedicates themselves to a character for a significant amount of time and shows the progression of said character then they should be eligible to pick up a secondary character. Once you fit the criteria listed below you get to take advantage of the diversity that can come with two characters as well as opening yourself up to a number of roleplaying partners that would have taken a lot more effort to roleplay with when you were restricted to a single character. The rules and criteria for Second Characters have been thoroughly planned out to ensure a balance is maintained in Ultimate Shinobi's world and provide the dedicated users of the forum to write to the best of their ability as much as possible. If you have questions regarding the guide please be sure to contact an administrator.

    Eligibility: First and foremost, to even be considered for a second character a user must first rank up one entire rank with their original character. Meaning if the user is a Genin they must reach Chuunin before they can apply. If the user was a Chuunin they must reach Jounin before they can apply and so on.

    Separate Accounts: To ensure there is no confusion with which character you're posting with or what jutsu or equipment is being added to which character as well as making it easy to tell who is in which village we will require all second Characters to be created on a second user account. This account must be applied for HERE prior to being created. Once you register your second username you will be required to acknowledge your original account in your signature. You will also be required to make a separate Character Point Account for your new character. Failure to follow these procedures could result in your second character eligibility being invalidated.

    Separate Affiliations: A users second character must not be from the same nation as the first character. One of the biggest benefits of allowing second characters to exist on the forum is spreading out the activity among the villages and Nukenin. Because of this we enforce all second characters to be a part of a different affiliation than their first. Transferring to the same village as your first shinobi after character creation is considered a breach of this rule. Though it is permitted to state your second character was born in the same village as your first, so long as they aren't active ninja who live in the same nation/group.

    Character Ranks: Any second character a user creates will be C-rank (Genin) unless otherwise granted by an administrator. These opportunities at higher ranks are not to be given out at the request of the user but rather as a hand-out by an administrator if they seek out the member for the rank in question. Please do not request a privileged rank for your second character.

    Limited Slots: If a users first character has a limited slot whether it be possession of a Bijuu, in a limited clan such as the Uchiha or anything of the sort then your second character cannot have a limited slot. If your first character does not take any exclusive privileges then your second character may, provided you receive administrator permission.

    Interaction Between Characters: Under no circumstances should you assume it's okay to roleplay with your characters in the same thread or have them interact with one another. Whether it's direct contact or not, anything considered to be a loophole to this rule will be in violation of the Second Character agreement. This may include using a third party to give a weapon or equipment that previously belonged to one character to your other, exploiting one characters death to perhaps loot a Doujutsu for your other, exchanging information with the intention to get it back to your other character as a form of metagaming. Anything of the sort that could be considered a way to get your characters to interact will result in the voiding of your topics, the deduction of character points and in severe cases possibly the removal of your second character permission. There may be extremely select cases where it makes sense for your characters to be in the same thread as one another or it may be impossible to avoid, if these situations occur you must lodge a request with an administrator.

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