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Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P]

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Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P] Vide
PostSubject: Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P] Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P] EmptySun 13 Apr 2014, 4:48 pm

Approved Summon. - Training needed: 500 words.

Dusk was slowly settling over the land, yet there was a gentle breeze in the air and even those who didn't have the ability of the Kirigakure Jounin to rather ignore 'chilly' weather, would have felt warm and comfortable in this calm weather.  The fiery red headed female stopped at a rather big lake, looked over it and sighed with content.  She could hear the faint sound of water splashing around, and the air was particularly clear and nice at this location. This was enough walking for one day, and she thought that this was the perfect place to stop and enjoy the view.  Just as long as she'd stay at a safe distance from that lake.  In order to better train and mature her understanding of the land surrounding her new village, Kirima had taken upon herself to go on a little travelling and exploring.  It was not an easy task, as most of the surrounding land was in fact islands.  Which meant a lot of ocean/lakes/water in general, and that was the main cause of the female' biggest nightmares.  She had decided that it'd be best to go alone, since even if some people were fun to be around it still didn't mean that she wouldn't like her 'alone' times every now and then.  Not that she was ever completely alone ..  There was always the -voice in her head- to account for....  

But anyway!  

Kirima had taken a simple 'camping' set with her, a tent and some needed things to make simple meals.  So far she had usually slept underneath the starry night sky, and that suited her perfectly.  Nothing quite beat that kind of view.  But this evening she was pretty sure that the heavy clouds that were gathering quickly were the sign of rain coming, and as she didn't really see herself falling asleep while being rained on; the female pulled up the tent and crawled into it.  Upon laying down, she crossed her arms underneath the back of her head and stared up at the low ceiling of the tent.  The rain had yet to come, but she only lay there and listened, wondering when she would hear the first drops fall down onto her shelter.  Not many minutes had passed when she heard a strange sound... it was a sound like that of a low mumbling.  I thought I was alone here.  Kirima strained her ears to listen better, and slowly moved towards the side of the tent where the sound had come from.  For a few seconds she heard nothing, but then!  There it was again!  Such soft mumbling of a voice that she couldn't even make out the words, and that was something unusual for the female whom had such a good sense of hearing.  

Curiosity was rapidly spreading through her mind, and she sat still while wondering why it was that the voice could be so silent yet seem so close by?  She opened up the tent flap and inhaled the fresh air deeply, and felt rather surprised as she could detect no hint of human smell.  Yet she had been positive it had been a voice grumbling out!  Am I going crazy?  She crawled out of the tent and onto the ground, staying there on four legs as her sharp eyes scanned the surroundings.  Even when dusk was quickly settling, she could see perfectly, almost like it was still daytime and sunny.  A faint rustling caused her head to whip to the side, and the female stared hard in that direction.  Not far from where her tent stood, there was a big old oak tree standing proudly, and was surrounded by other trees that were just a bit shorter.  Had the sound come from there?  The female stood slowly and elegantly, her sapphire eyes locked onto the tree as she moved her lithe body with almost no sound at all.  She was moving like a panther on the stalk.  

The whispering and mumbling had stopped, yet Kirima only took that as a hint that whatever it was that was making these sounds knew that she was on the search and it obviously didn't want to be found.  Which of course only made the female more determined to find the source.  She was standing next to the tree now, her sharp eyes scanning the thick trunk as she placed her flat palm against it.  When she looked straight up, she saw a very beautiful and complicated spider web which was spread across a few of the mid-section branches.  Now some who were possessed with the terrible trait of arachnophobia might have screamed at that moment and either ran for their lives or blew up the tree.  But the female was not scared of spiders.  She was in fact not possessed by a particular fear towards any animal, even when she did of course know whom to be careful around.  She wondered if the maker of that masterpiece was around, yet decided not to check it out further as she didn't want to accidentally ruin any of that web.  Plus, the spider was probably watching her closely and might be wary or scared, and Kirima did not enjoy causing any living creature fright.  


There!  There it was again!  Kirima's body stood completely still and stiff as she listened as intently as she possibly could.  She had only managed to capture the last word and a mumble before that, but she was certain now that she was not imagining this and that she was not crazy.  She was also fairly certain that the source of this voice was a female, and the voice also held a rather interesting quality that made it sound like it was ...well, it was strange, but it sounded like it was made to be whisperer.  I don't even know why I am thinking that.  

"Hello?  Is there someone out here?"

It was getting a bit bothersome to simply stand there and wonder, so while she slowly pushed her hand into her ninja pouch to retrieve a kunai (for one could never be too prepared in weird situations like this), Kirima softly called out the question before waiting on what would happen.
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Age : 33
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Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P] Gaining a peculiar new ally. [Summon training - P] EmptySun 13 Apr 2014, 6:11 pm

The female was probably done standing there for good 15 minutes, looking like a complete idiot, before she sighed and relaxed her stance.  Maybe she really was crazy and had imagined hearing something.  As if out of instinct, as soon as there was the almost inaudible sound of a leaf rustling; Kirima had moved.  Using the lowest of branches to lift herself up, she was swiftly done jumping up onto the middle-section branches, pulled out her kunai and stared at the cause of the small sound.  Sapphire orbs stared into tiny, eight, black ones.  Neither moved for so much as a twitch.  Oh.  It seemed like she had found the owner of that web, a rather tiny spider with a brown body and long really thin legs.  The two front legs were raised a bit in the air in a defensive mode, and the sight almost caused the female to break out laughing.  That poor little thing probably didn't know what to do with such a huge 'prey' that close to its web.

"Well then.  This is the first time I've stalked a spider."

"This is the first time I've been stalked by a human."

Kirima's eyes turned into huge dinner plates on her face.  Did....did that....DID THAT SPIDER JUST TALK?  Oh now she just knew that she was insane.  Completely gone cuckoo.  There was no hope left for her, she would have to be admitted to a mental hospital and tell a shrink about the talking spider.  There was the small possibility that someone was messing with her.  Some ninja were experts at hiding and making it seem like their voices came from another source than where they were staying.  But, the female really did feel like that small creature in front of her had talked.  No matter what her brain tried to reason with her.  Random spiders did not talk.  Bugs did not talk.  It was rare that animals would talk at all, except... maybe this was all thanks to her trained ability to be able to understand to a certain extent when animals could speak?  Or make sounds that would fall under the category of speaking.

"I...what?  Did you just talk?  I don't think I've ever met a spider or any insect for that matter that could actually ... talk."

There was silence, Kirima stayed absolutely still and stared at the small spider.  Why am I still talking to it?  For some reason, the female felt like she sensed a great deal of amusement from Matatabi.  Hm...  Slowly she moved from her somewhat crouched position and raised up to her full height on the sturdy branch.  Something caught on her hair and made a small tugging, making her twist her head around and notice that she was stuck in a small amount of the spider web.  Oh damn I didn't want to-  Suddenly Kirima was in the air.  Some great force had knocked into her, and the female flew down like a sack of potatoes.  At the last moment, she flipped a bit and landed in a crouching position, before rubbing her very sore stomach and staring with disbelief at the tree.  Had that just been a wind jutsu?  

"Who's there?  I'm getting real tired of this game."

As she stood there on the ground, the spider suddenly hung right in front of her eyes; having used its handy ability of making sturdy web that supported its own weight whilst it lowered itself down.

"You had that coming!  Don't you dare ruin my web!"

"So you are talking!  Like really talking and not making animal sounds that I'd understand!"

"Of course I'm talking!  Do you think you stupid humans are the only creatures that can speak?"

They stared at each other, or glared was more like it, as Kirima mulled over in her head just what was going on.  

I believe you have found yourself a creature of a summoning family.  

Of course!

"Say, how would you feel over joining me on some adventures?"

Her tone was sly, as after the information from Matatabi then Kirima felt like she had hit jackpot.  It wasn't every day that you would stumble upon a creature that you could make a contract with.  Lately she had actually been thinking about trying to find one, yet had never had the time to nor any idea how to actually do it.  The spider obviously wasn't feeling too keen of being captured, as just as quickly as it had lowered itself down, it started to pull itself back up.  I don't think so!  Kirima jumped up and made a sweeping motion with her hand, swiftly capturing the spider within her palm before she closed her hand into a fist.  Not tightly enough to actually hurt the spider, but firm enough to make sure it wouldn't be able to escape.

What was the best way to talk to a creature that obviously didn't like you, yet you needed its help? What should I say? Or do at this point? This was not something she had experienced before, but Kirima knew also that she should be able to come up with a solution. She had come a long way, had attained the rank of a Jounin, and she was a Jinchuuriki after all. Obviously Matatabi didn't say anything because she also agreed that the female would need to learn how to use her own mind in order to solve problems. It had never been one of Kirima's strong sides to solve puzzles or have to confront any type of problems, but she welcomed this chance of trying out her wits to see just how much she had matured. In becoming a high ranked Shinobi, you had to make sure that you could use your mind and words just as well as your fists and weapons. Nobody would respect a brainless brute that was too dumb to be able to utter the right words at the right moment.

Finally after mulling it over a bit, and also because she was starting to fear that the spider had more nasty techniques up its sleeve, Kirima decided on the course of action.

"Now you can make another wind attack at me, but I can assure you that I will retaliate and I am a Jounin of the Kirigakure village as well as being the Jinchuuriki of the proud Two Tailed creature known as the Nibi."  There was no response, but at the same time there was no attack either, so Kirima kept talking while trying to keep the creature interested.  "My name is Kirima and I am very interested in what you are capable of.  I know already that you use wind based elements and that's good because I also use wind.  My other element, and more used and important one to me, is fire. I strive to become strong and I strive towards survival, I am not a person who enjoys getting caught up in fights but I wont hesitate either to fight back. My main goal right now is to become strong enough so that I wont need anyone's protection, and in order to be able to do that I will need some more personal allies that can follow me on my life journey."  Still there was no response, so slowly she opened up her fist.  The spider turned towards the female and stared at her for a few seconds.

"That was an interesting speech. A Jinchuuriki you say?"   One of its legs tapped lightly against the female's palm as the spider was thinking things over. Obviously the female had done right by stating who she was, and therefore giving the creature some curiosity as well as further push it to saying yes to making a contract.  If she had said the wrong thing, she was positive that the spider would have been done escaping right now. "Yes I am a wind user, and I have the ability to become much stronger than what you just saw.  I have the potential of gaining venom as well, but in order for that to happen I need someone strong and capable around me.  Hm...a contract... I never thought I'd actually entertain that thought. I don't like you humans at all, as all you can do is strut around and ruin the nature around you!  But you aren't just any human though..."  Kirima waited and held her breath.  She knew she could force that spider to make a contract with her, but she would rather have the creature decided something like that on its own.  

"Alright Kirima.  Let's do this."  The spider heaved itself up into the tree, and soon a scroll fell down into Kirima's hand.  The spider lowered down once more, landing on the female's shoulder this time. "The name is Zurui."  The Jounin smiled widely, hardly believing that it would have been this easy.  Obviously it was a bit more of a deal than she often thought that she was a Jinchuuriki.  

"Nice to meet you, Zurui."  The female bit down into her thumb, and signed the contract with her own blood.  The deed was done, and there was a new ally made.

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