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Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika]

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Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Vide
PostSubject: Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] EmptyThu 17 Apr 2014, 10:21 pm


Link to approved missions.

FLYING BLIND: The Jounin pinched the top of her nose between her fingers and closed her eyes in irritation whilst working on calming her nerves.  Islands.  Islands everywhere.  Ocean everywhere.  -Water- everywhere.  If there was one thing Kirima would have to point out that she absolutely hated about the Water Country; it'd most definitely be the fact that this damn place was made out of nothing but islands which were surrounded by a shit ton of water.  And what did that mean?  It meant that she was forced to sail if she needed to travel for a mission that lay outside of the Kirigakure village.  And sailing was the one thing Kirima would love to NEVER do ever ever ever in her life again.  -Ever.-  But it wasn't likely that lady luck would be on her side, since for the mission to come, she would have to sail (albeit a short distance) to a tiny island that was almost invisible on the map which the female held in her hands.

She wasn't going to be sailing alone though.  (Thankfully.)  The female had already gotten a boat ready and a guy that would be sailing it and guarding it, whilst Kirima and the person whom was joining her for this mission would do their jobs.  Thinking back on the mission details, the young woman ran the name of her mission partner through her head once more.  Mushiki Seika.  Her mind took her back to a particular day a while back where Kirima had been training her endurance, and a young girl had come to offer her help.  A very sweet girl that made the slightly older female smile softly to herself at the memory of.  Truly they were probably but three or four years apart, yet Kirima was starting to feel that with each higher rank she got, the older and more mature she also got.  It was a bit weird to be honest, when you would look at some of the people who were your own age and you felt like there was a millennium between you in a matter of age and experience.  But that sweet girl whom she had met had had a rather frightening ability that really intrigued the red headed Jounin.  Kirima was curious to see where this girl was standing now with her abilities, and especially -that- ability, and if she had gained a few ranks and improved herself or if she had found herself at a bit of a stand-still in her life.  

I hope she has been doing well.  I look forward to seeing what she is capable of.  And from the looks of the mission details, I am going to be needing help with that old geezer.  The old records stated that he had been around S rank the last time he had been seen around Kirigakure.

The map got folded together and shoved into the pouch at her hip, before Kirima made sure once again that she had all her things ready. The scrolls were also fastened against her hip, so were her kits and pouch. She was wearing her standard boots, a thick material gray tank top and black sturdy shorts. Ever since she had mastered her command over Ninjutsu, and then especially the fire, the female had become very tolerant towards any sort of cold that came from the nature's hand. Even as the breeze picked up and carried fresh and slightly colder air from the ocean, she didn't even feel goosebumps appear on her smooth skin. If anyone were to touch her and expect to find her bluffing about this ability of hers; they'd be surprised with very warm skin underneath their palm. Just a bit warmer than that of a normal human being. The female rested her hand against her kit, and thought to herself if she would be forced to use any of the weapons within.

This was the first high rank mission the female had been entrusted with since the fateful mission where she had gotten herself kidnapped to Kirigakure.  She sighed softly to herself, as it felt like just yesterday that she had been eating ramen with her friends.  Laughing and training with Kaze, having a playful bickering with Gouka. I'm sorry you guys.  I miss you both.  She could only hope that Kaze had found peace in his death, and that Gouka would find happiness as he got older.  Many shadows loomed over that boy's past, and often it made Kirima worry and feel guilty that she had left him to fend for himself.  Yet, she also knew that there was the small chance she would look at him with accusation edged into her expression.  It wasn't that she truly blamed him for Kaze's death... but things could have just really gone better and differently.  Nothing had had to happen like that.  

Being a ninja is a cruel life.

The young red head had a heavy burden weighing on her shoulders, and often she found herself wishing she had someone to confide in.  But whom was there to trust?  Naturally, Atsu was on her side (or so it would seem) and she had already blurted a few important things out to the boy.  But Kirima still felt so distant from everyone and everything in Kirigakure.  Her heart was still weeping after the deaths of her loved ones and her betrayal of her own village.  Truly at times like these, the female was reminded of the harsh truth:  Her only true comrade and the one that was most likely to understand her, was the Tailed Beast within her.  Matatabi.  After Kirima had left Kumogakure, she had acquired a deep understanding with the Cat, and that both thrilled and frightened the female.  They had agreed on becoming as strong as they could, and they would stay in this village while they'd be safe.  If things would start turning ugly, neither one of them would feel particularly guilty over leaving.  And that truly stung.  To know that you were very capable of turning colours whenever it suited you and your will to keep yourself living.  

I feel despicable.  Do I even belong in a village?  Do I have the right to call myself a ninja?  I have no loyalty to anyone except us.

And exactly that is what will keep you alive.

Kirima grimaced but didn't comment any further on the matter.  She knew that Matatabi was right, no matter how much it bothered the young female.  For now at least, she could help protect this village and those whom lived within it.  For a little longer she could pretend to belong and try to stop being constantly afraid.



The Jounin blinked before turning her radiant sapphire orbs towards the man whom she had hired to take them to the island.  It was a young looking male, probably still in his mid-twenties, whom looked very fit for a non-ninja.  His lean body that reached the height of around 6 feet was obviously muscular, yet without being bulky.  Apparently the life of a sailor was a difficult and tasking one.  He had a messy nest of sand coloured hair and bright blue eyes which gave him a boy-ish and cute look.  His mouth seemed to look like it never stopped smiling, and his overall tanned and outdoors kind of appearance made the male rather attractive looking.  All this Kirima had noticed before, yet it did little to stir her.  Outer appearances after all never meant much to the female.  Yet now as those bright eyes were rested on her, she did offer him a smile whilst wondering what he wanted.

"Do you know when your friend is coming?  We should really start heading out soon if we want to be back before nightfall."

Nightfall....  Her eyes drifted towards the ocean, the deep blue colour seemed to be darkening with the hours that went past.  A small twinge of uneasiness made her swallow and tear her gaze away from the waves, before she glanced again at the man named Tora.  

"She should be here any minute now.  I had to come earlier than her to get a boat ready, she can still manage to be on time if she hurries. It's not even lunchtime yet."

The reasoning was accepted, yet he kept standing there whilst glancing at Kirima with a rather fidgety body-language.  The ninja looked with curiosity at the male, before she almost gulped down air from sudden stress.  Don't tell me that -he- feels uncomfortable about sailing?  Oh God I knew I should have gotten an older and more experienced sailor.  We are going to drown... I just know it.  This is so not a good -  

"Uh, so I was wondering."

Her rapidly built up panic came to a halt as Kirima once again was interrupted by him speaking.  

"A-are you seeing someone?  Would you mind grabbing a bite with me after your mission?"

Hah?!  Her bewildered expression was most probably very comical.  He...what?  A date?  Already she felt a bit more calm, as it seemed like his uneasiness had only derived from that offer of his.  Yet at the same time the female felt a bit uncomfortable and awkward.  It wasn't often that people would actually invite her on a date.  Mostly people would look at her and attempt some flirting, and she would either threaten them or beat them up.  But this young man looked so sincere and he was actually looking at her with admiration instead of drooling into her boobs, that she couldn't help but smile gently at him.

"I'm sorry but we have to return straight away to the village after leaving the island again.  And I really don't have any interest in anyone at the moment."

"Ah I see, well alright!  My father told me to seize every good opportunity that came my way!  And you really are so pretty that I thought I should at least try my luck."

Her face turned about as red as her own hair at the random comment.  The female had -never- been good with taking compliments.  

"Ah yes well... ehm thanks.  Now, I wonder when she will be here!  As you said it is important to get going!"

Kirima turned on her heel while trying to let the wind cool her face.  God damnit it.  When will I stop blushing at the smallest of comments?
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Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] EmptyMon 21 Apr 2014, 10:04 pm

Spring was finally blossoming in the water country and along with it came the warm winds of the south. Kirigakure was naturally hot and humid due to the surrounding ocean, but when Old Man Winter lingered the chilly winds from the north came with him. It was enough cool air to give the villagers chills but honestly it was rather rare for the winds to make them freeze. Freak snow storms bombarded the village this last winter but hopefully the days ahead would only consist of rain or, better yet, thunderstorms. The villagers would go nuts if at least one single flurry trespassed and touched even the smallest grain of sand near their island. Lucky for them, the prayers of rain were answered and another thunderstorm was anticipated later in the day. The oceans waves fed this claim due to their choppy nature today and the wind only made it seem more true due the fact it was thick with the smell of precipitation. There is a lingering hope that it would pass over the island and continue to move west but only time could tell.

Who could not love thunderstorms? The soft smell of rain that rejuvenated the lands, the clap of thunder that shook the walls and trees nearby, and the crackle of lightening as it reached down from the skies above in an attempt to see which bolt could touch the ground first. Storms were always a blessing to Seika more than a curse. However today may be an opposite day for her, seeing as how she was about to leave the village by ship and was expected to travel across the great waters for the sake of a mission in a distant area. This weather may make the mission more of an adventure then what the more enthused wanderers ever desired.


Today was already not starting the way Seika wanted. She normally was up and moving before the dawn's rays licked the auburn sky. However, it was nearly two hours before lunch time and the girl was still face planted in her soft white pillow. Oversleeping was not a normal occurrence for her and neither was snoring; which she was doing very loudly today. It was obvious she was tired from training like a mad man the last few weeks but training was not a viable excuse for missing one of the most important days in her life. Since she was a young girl, Seika dreamed of traveling outside the village without her family. If she continued to sleep though, she was about to miss her first chance and perhaps ruin her only opportunity.

Thankfully, there was a knock at the door that was loud enough to cause her to stir. This knocking started off with a few taps but soon enough the person on the other side started to practically knock so loud that it sounded like a heard of buffalo was slamming one-by-one against her house.

This loud noise made Seika's head burst up from her pillow. She instantly felt rather groggy, which showed up on her face, and all she could mumble was, "Who...What?"

There was another knock on the door, which did not seem as loud as before, and Seika could not help but blink a few times while her focus and attention awakened from their deep slumber. Perhaps the buffalo noises were only imagined. Not only were the knocks quieter than before but they were also spaced out more.

A stream of drool had crept down from the corner of her right lip and pooled on her pillow while she was sleeping. Her hair was a matted mess and would need a good brushing for the sake of her dignity. None of this dawned on her though and tiredly she walked towards the front door, unlocked it, and opened it with a squint. The light was very bright in her eyes.

"Package for a Mr. Mushiki." a delivery man said with a smile. The moment he noticed Seika's appearance though his smile slightly faded. He was obviously not sure of what to say and it almost looked like he had just seen a monster.

"He's at work but I will take it," Seika said with an agitated expression. This man woke her up and now was making faces at her, how rude. She wanted to yell at him to take his facial expressions and shove it but she did not wish to lose composure like she had the other day at the restaurant with Makaru and Tsumi. If she shouted at anymore people, everyone would start to think she was always angry or bi-polar.

The man handed her the package before wishing her a good day while trying to fake a smile. Seika closed the door, set the package to the side, and began to walk back to her bed before she stopped dead in her tracks. Her hazel hues lit up and widened before she gasped loudly. Her tiredness was gone in a heartbeat and she was 100% awake.

"The Mission! How could I forget about the mission!?"

The girl was so shocked that she practically levitated to not only her room but also to the bathroom. She had thrown off her tiger onesie pajamas and grabbed her Chunin outfit in a matter of a few milliseconds. Very shortly after she was in the shower scrubbing at a dirt mark on her leg that lingered since yesterdays training. A few minutes were spent in the shower to freshen up and a few more minutes were spent throwing on her uniform and brushing her long red locks.

Her legs were covered in black stockings that rose from her feet to the upper portions of her thigh while her feet were covered in open toed black boots. She also wore a black skort (not skirt) around her waist, a long sleeve black shirt, a typical Chunin flak jacket with Kiri's symbol etched into the upper right corner by her sleeve, and an iridescent light blue wrap around her abdomen. Her ninja headband was tied around her left upper arm where it has always been, except the headband cloth is black instead of red like it was in the past, and her various supplies were scattered in her different pockets of the flak jacket or hooked to a belt wrapped around her waist; which helped keep her skort up.

When she was finally dressed and loaded with her weapons and miscellaneous other gear, she quickly grabbed a banana and a blueberry muffin before heading out the door. The girl did her best not to waste more time by running as fast as she could to Kiri's docks. She felt like she was running so fast that it wouldn't be surprising if the bottoms of her boots lit on fire. Thankfully, she did not run into anything when she was fumbling with the wrapper of her muffin, peel of her banana, and a sheet of paper with the mission details written on it. Seika had went to the distributor yesterday but before she could request a new mission; the people handed her the paper and told her that Kirima had requested her presence for an A-rank mission. Of course she accepted.

'I can't believe Kirima asked me, of all people, to attend her mission. Perhaps I have been grabbing more attention in this village then what I thought. I mean I know it's not very often that an Academy Student ranks up to a Chunin in the same year but I figured people wouldn't want to invite a 15 year old  anywhere. Especially on such a high ranked mission. This is truly wonderful!'

The girl's excitement slowly built up until it eventually exploded into a smile. An expression that did not cross her face until both of her feet were planted where the wooden boards of a dock met up with the cement concrete of the street. She looked at all the boats in the harbor until she saw the trademark hair of Kirima in the distance. The smile died the moment that she noticed her. Not because she had any sort of disliking towards Kirima but because she did not want to appear like a child. She quickly raised both hands, brushed off her jacket, and began to stand straighter.

'You're not a Genin anymore, you're a professional in the making. Act your rank, not your age.'

She continued to give herself a mental pep talk as she walked a good ten meters down the side of the street to the specific dock where her boat was tied and waiting for departure. Seika continued to stand tall with a serious look on her face. This articulation of emotion with her face honestly maybe lasted for a good minute before her excitement tried to break through; giving her a rather awkward half smile. Overall, she looked like she was not sure of how to feel as she walked across the dock and leaped up into the boat above.

This all changed when her feet finally hit the floor boards of the boat. She turned her attention immediately to Kirima, who was standing roughly seven feet to her left, and the awkward look turned into a kind smile. It was too hard for her to contain the excitement anymore. She may have only met Kirima once but since then she both looked up to her and admired her. This was all thanks to her abilities and kindness towards Seika despite the fact Seika practically 'burned' her flesh off. Despite the girl's desire to jump off the walls at this point in time, she continued to maintain composure by acting confident, relaxed, and professional to the best of her ability. Would she still look like a flustered hamster to the woman or would she actually see Seika as an adult rather than the young innocent child she once was?

"Kirima it has been a while. I hope life has been treating you well. Forgive me for being late but...well...I will just be honest with you... I accidentally over slept due to all the training I have put myself through over the last few weeks. Please forgive me for my tardiness. I am ready to leave whenever you are."

This was one of those moments where an imaginary tear drop would fall from the girl's head like someone would see in the cartoons. She felt really embarrassed, which showed up by making her cheeks slightly red, but she rather tell the truth then make up some elaborate story that could be exploited later. She just hoped Kirima would not be angry towards her. If she were, this would make the air between them rather uncomfortable in Seika's mind and she would hate to deal with an edgy atmosphere for the entire mission. It's like a buzz kill.

"Oh and also, I am not sure if you or the crew of this ship are aware of this, but while I was on my way here I overheard a couple talking about a thunderstorm lurking in the east. I'm not entirely sure of which direction we will be heading or how badly the storm will affect the sea but I figured I would alert everyone in case they had not received the memo."

While speaking, Seika continued to stand up tall with confidence while a soft smile crossed her lips. A warm rain-scented breeze from the east played lightly with the hair of both ninja as though it were cued by Seika to defend her claim. She just hoped this said storm was nothing terrible. Although Seika was not too worried, sine she knew how to swim, Kirima kind of looked sickly and uncomfortable while being on this ship. There was the possibility that Seika was misreading her expressions though. To find out just what Kirima was feeling, Seika calmed her nerves and excitement and began to tune into her inherent chakra sensor skills. She was not only focused on Kirima's emotions but also on the emotions of the sailors. Normally everyone in a crowd could be easily grouped together by happiness, sorrow, anger, or other commonly related emotions but for the first time ever she felt out a different emotion in every single person on the boat. The one human that stood out the most was Kirima herself. Actually, the two different emotions that radiated from the woman. One felt very uneasy and the other felt sad; both being two separate entities.

'Wait...does this woman have separate personalities like Tsumi? It can't be. This feels different then him. Although Tsumi's personas were separated, they had the same matching baseline. Hers are completely different. Why?'

Maybe she should not have tuned into her ability. She was all confused now and wanted to focus only on Kirima's emotions while blacking out everything else. This was not feasible though for she knew Kirima would probably want to strike up some sort of conversation about the mission. For now the girl would set her distraction aside and would pick it up later. For now the two kunoichi needed to discuss details and approach regarding this old man ninja.
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PostSubject: Re: Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] EmptyTue 22 Apr 2014, 7:42 pm

FLYING BLIND: Her gaze was distant as the young woman looked towards the horizon.  The clock kept ticking and there was no sign of Seika.  Perhaps I should go ahead and do the mission alone, maybe she didn't get the memo.  Kirima knew that the men at the small boat were waiting impatiently, the young captain who just recently asked her out on a date was watching her intently while waiting on the female to get on board.  Why were they so eager to go?  It wasn't lunch yet, although the time was nearing it, and the weather seemed fine.  With a scrutinizing gaze she looked back towards the horizon.  It was fine right?  Even if she was no weather expert, she could have sworn that the clouds had been lighter ten minutes ago.  The thick and previously white wads that crowded together on the sky had turned to a dark grey colour and it was getting difficult seeing any blueness between them.  I don't like this.

If indeed the weather was starting to turn to the worse, they really needed to go.  Right about now.  With a great deal of dislike the female made her way onto the boat, her feet were planted firmly on the hard wooden surface and her face had a grim expression on it.  Just the tiniest of movements from the boat sent her stomach and mind reeling, making Kirima have to fight the urge to cling to -anything- that was within reach.  I must keep calm and keep my dignity.  The earlier healthy tanned complexion of the Jounin was rapidly turning very white with a tint of green.  

"Are we ready to go now?"

Tora had tentatively approached the female, wanting to hear her command so that they could get going.  "Yeah I guess so-"  She stopped and listened, sniffed the air slightly.  If Kirima wasn't mistaken, there was someone in a bit of a hurry aiming straight towards them.  The hurried tip-tap of shoes hitting the ground slowed, and as the red headed Jounin turned her head to look in the direction of the sound she could make out the familiar girl with the very familiar red hair.  Ah good, she made it.  The young woman waited patiently until Seika was done jumping on-board, before she faced the younger female with a single eyebrow cocked up on her forehead.  The obvious expression of one whom had been left waiting and wanted a decent excuse or explanation to be made.

"Kirima it has been a while. I hope life has been treating you well. Forgive me for being late but...well...I will just be honest with you... I accidentally over slept due to all the training I have put myself through over the last few weeks. Please forgive me for my tardiness. I am ready to leave whenever you are."

If anyone else had made that same excuse, Kirima might have been tempted to throw them into the ocean.  Yet, she understood.  It happened.  People overslept.  Seika looked honest enough, and Kirima didn't get any 'vibe' from the girl that she might be dishonest, so the Jounin simply nodded with a small smile.  "It's good to see you Seika."  Her head was turned towards the young captain, and Kirima could now finally speak loudly the command the crew had been waiting for.  "Let's get going."  There was a bustle of activity instantly, but that activity had little to do with the two Shinobi who had not been trained to sail.  Once again Kirima's clear eyes looked towards the horizon, the radiant blue colour of them almost turning darker from worry as she noticed that the clouds kept gathering into heavy and dark groups.  

"Oh and also, I am not sure if you or the crew of this ship are aware of this, but while I was on my way here I overheard a couple talking about a thunderstorm lurking in the east. I'm not entirely sure of which direction we will be heading or how badly the storm will affect the sea but I figured I would alert everyone in case they had not received the memo."

Kirima stared with wide eyes at Seika as the younger female only confirmed the Jounin's fears.  Oh God why me.  Why do I always have to have bad luck with weather every damn time I step onto a damn boat.  Honestly for a second, she thought about leaping off the boat and just getting the heck away from there.  Her gaze rested with longing on the docks that were starting to move away from the boat.  The uneasiness caused her to swallow a few times, yet her mouth was as dry as a sandy desert.  

Don't panic.

The strong, rumbling voice enveloped the female in an attempt to calm her.  Kirima's eyes fluttered closed as she took a few calming breaths, before she opened them again and looked at Seika.  "I'm sorry, I'm very bad with sailing.  I absolutely hate it."  A nervous laughter followed the words before she waved her hand at Tora whom happened to walk by.  "Were you aware of the weather having the possibility of turning to the worse today?"  The young captain nodded, earning himself a scalding glare from the female before she waved him off.  If he had told me I would have postponed this damn mission.  A groan started deep within her throat as she looked with dismay over the ocean that surrounded the vulnerable boat.  Even if she knew how to swim, the mere thought of having to tread deep water/ocean caused her to almost blank out from fright.

Don't forget your purpose here.  And don't forget that the girl is also still here.

You are right.  It's just a bit difficult thinking clearly.

She could feel that Matatabi was also uneasy, as was to be expected of a cat.  No matter the size or abilities, a cat was always a cat.  This deep feeling of uneasiness however was muddled over with annoyance as well, causing a whirlpool of negative emotions to swirl around in the female's mind.  She knew that if anyone were to piss her off now, the Two Tailed Cat would gladly take that as an opportunity to let its frustration out.  Kirima forced out a smile, wondering if a light conversation might ease her taut nerves and therefore also work as a means of calming Matatabi.  "So Seika, what have you been up to lately?  It's been a while since I last saw you.  Have you trained that ability of yours more?"  

The boat was gaining quick speed, as the strong wind was at their back now.  They'd maybe take about 20 - 30 minutes to get there as the island really wasn't far off. If one would peer hard enough in the righ direction they might make out the outlines of the destination. As Kirima would be chatting and listening to Seika talk, she would work hard on ignoring the taunting waves that kept crashing against the boat. Honestly she felt like moving up to where the mast stood, wrap her arms around it and hiss at anyone whom would approach her. But instead she braved it out, trying not to look like too much of a wimp even when she knew that her expression and complexion kept changing with each new wave and movement of the boat.

Why couldn't you be a two tailed seal or something...

A deep growl was the only answer, almost causing a small smile to break loose on the female's face.
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PostSubject: Re: Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] EmptyTue 13 May 2014, 7:23 am

[OOC: Sorry this post is horrible and that this took so long!]

"It's good to see you Seika," Kirmia replied after Seika spout off her legitimate reason for being late. Kirima shouted off to the crew that they were ready to leave and suddenly the quiet ship was hustling and bustling with bodies in every direction. This sudden movement put Seika a little bit on edge and made her anxiety slightly rise due to her nerves about what was heading towards them. This thought suddenly reminded her of what precisely was brewing out in the ocean and Seika spoke up and told Kirima about the storm she had overheard a couple discussing. She had noticed that Kirima looked sick before she spoke of the storm but afterwards she could have sworn the woman had seen a ghost. Kirima's eyes widened with fear before she turned her attention towards the docks that were now distancing themselves from the two ninja. Seika simply stood in silence as she watched the Jounin; unsure of what to say. Had she not noticed the dark clouds gathering together in the distance? Not wishing to worry the woman more, Seika calmed her nerves and took on a more confident appearance. Shortly after this was when she began to attempt to read Kirima with her chakra sensor abilities.

"I'm sorry, I'm very bad with sailing.  I absolutely hate it," the woman then said before laughing nervously. She then proceeded to wave a hand at a man who Seika assumed was the captain. The man raised his eyebrows and peered over at Kirima before shortly walking over.

"Were you aware of the weather having the possibility of turning to the worse today?"

The man simply nodded and thus made Kirima rather angry, causing Seika to hold back a chuckle.

It was actually rather nice to see Kirima expressing emotions. For the longest time Seika had been taught that high ranked ninja did not show any sort of emotion as though they were programmed robots. Seika, despite being young, made it her goal to act like a robot as well but no matter how hard she tried to not express emotions, she felt as though she was a failure because she had. Once she hit Chunin, she sort of gave up on this goal. No matter who she met, or what their rank was, every single shinobi expressed emotions fluently as though they were just like any other human. After all, at the end of the day everyone was simply a human after all. Not a robot.

Seika continued to watch Kirima as she fluttered her eyes, groaned, and overall appeared very uncomfortable about the the ship. Since she did not know the woman fully it was hard for her to find a way to comfort Kirima. When she finally stopped making noises and sharp movements due to her elevated anxiety, Kirima turned her attention to Seika and spoke.

"So Seika, what have you been up to lately?  It's been a while since I last saw you.  Have you trained that ability of yours more?"

A smile crossed Seika's face. She was not a narcissist but could not help but smile when someone wanted to ask her a question about herself. It was simply a good feeling for someone to be interested in you when you were also interested in learning about them

"Well I guess the biggest news is I have been promoted to Chunin. Since then I have been training quite a bit which is why I overslept today, as I mentioned before. I actually learned a new jutsu involving my clan techniques. I can cover a vast area now rather than just a focused blast. Good for crowd control," Seika said with an ear to ear smile. She almost looked a little sinister because of how much she wanted to use the jutsu on a group of enemies.

"I have learned a few other techniques as well and upon returning from this mission I plan on picking up a profession in the medical field but that is kind of up in the air still. How about you? I see you haven't lost your arm since I hit it with my jutsu, that's a good thing. Anything else you have been training?"

At first Seika felt as though she knew exactly what to ask Kirima, as though the woman were a close friend of hers, but once she finished talking about her own self she stumbled a bit when it came to asking Kirima questions. Truth is, she really did not know anything about Kirima besides how strong she was. In fact, she could have been as assassin or someone sent out to exploit her clan secrets. Kirima could have been named something else and the mission could have been faked so that she could steal Seika back to her homeland. Yikes. Maybe Seika made a grave error when she decided to say yes to this mission. Hopefully this was not the case. Kirima seemed as though she could be trusted but Seika had to remind herself not to trust every shinobi she came across due to not understanding everyone's hearts. Even the best sensor ninja probably could not detect the deepest, darkest emotions that dwell within someone's heart. Seika needed to be more careful!

"Also, I wanted to say this sooner," Seika suddenly said, "If it helps, I have sailed a few times before with my parents to Konoha or on a fishing boat with my uncle and I still get kind of nervous. I do have water jutsu though so perhaps that could help us if we were to sink. I highly doubt we will though. I actually think the likely hood of us getting ambushed in the middle of the ocean is greater than a ship sinking but that's just me."

She did not mean to bring up the whole sailing and swimming factor, since Kirima probably wanted to get her mind off the ordeal, but she still wanted to get all of that out sooner than later. After all, despite the fact Seika was trying to carry out a conversation the woman still looked rather nervous and uncomfortable. Maybe talking about it could trigger the subconscious thought of "facing your fears head on" and therefore help the woman relax. On the flip side, maybe it would make Kirima freak out and find a place to hide away from everything. Seika was somewhat testing Kirima to figure her out more while also reassuring the woman that she truly did care about other people; because she truly did.

A faint smile crossed the woman's face and Seika slightly tilted her head with curiosity as she kept trying to use her sensor skills on the woman's emotions.
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FLYING BLIND: While trying to comfort and calm herself, Kirima crossed her arms casually while listening to the response from Seika.  It was true that she might have asked the questions simply to have her mind taken off things, but she did feel interested and glad to hear more about this mysterious girl.  Upon hearing that Seika had reached the prestigious rank of Chuunin, Kirima smiled and ushered out a 'congratulation' in between the talking.  The red headed Jounin could only imagine that it was quite the ego boost to not only be able to reach a higher rank and therefore gaining the respect of the fellow Shinobi of Kirigakure, but to also have the opportunity to learn a new and powerful Jutsu of the clan.  Even if Kirima herself was not a member of any clan, she could still manage to put herself in Seika's shoes.  It was probably that same feeling of excitement and joy as when she herself managed to attain a new ability with her Jinchuuriki powers.  

"It's good to hear you've been doing good.  You never did contact me again and I had a moment the other day where I wondered if you were doing well.  I don't know that many people within Kirigakure as I'm not really that good of a 'people person', but I do feel interested in those few whom give me the opportunity to befriend them."

She turned her face up into the wind, while half closing her eyes and inhaling the rich fresh ocean breeze.  Already there was salt lingering against her lips and skin, making the teen poke out the tip of her tongue as she appreciated at least this one side of the ocean.  It wasn't all that bad after all, so long as she wasn't forced to actually sail on it.  There was not much she could say to Seika at this point in order to answer the polite question.  After all, Kirima didn't know this young Chuunin well enough to start chattering about her Jinchuuriki training.  I wish I had more freedom to speak out and talk without having to mind my tongue.  Her subconsciousness reached out for comfort towards the huge Beast which resided within her.  Calm and reassurance flooded through her thoughts and body, yet again making the small trembling stop and making her feel more at ease.  

"I don't have any big news really.  I've been mostly doing some mental training and sharpening my already existing abilities.  There's always some extra work needed, I don't think I will ever be able to really perfect any of my techniques."

She smiled once again gently at Seika, her voice taking on a lower and more calm tone than before.  Speaking about training and improving yourself was really working in taking her mind of the matter at hand.

"Also, I wanted to say this sooner." Kirima raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner.  "If it helps, I have sailed a few times before with my parents to Konoha or on a fishing boat with my uncle and I still get kind of nervous. I do have water jutsu though so perhaps that could help us if we were to sink. I highly doubt we will though. I actually think the likely hood of us getting ambushed in the middle of the ocean is greater than a ship sinking but that's just me."  

The older female chuckled.  It was a bit reassuring to know, and also sort of sweet of Seika to be trying to make Kirima feel better.  "Thank you, it's good to know that.  I'm sure this ship can manage to stay floating, even if my stomach and a small primal part of my brain tend to disagree with the logic."  Upon having finished saying that, she walked a bit closer to the edge of the ship and willed herself to peer down into the dark blue depths of the swirling waves.  It was a bit foolish to be scared of these kind of small things, when she was basically trained to be a killing machine.  She could look sharp objects and crazy Jutsu in the eyes and laugh, but stepping onto a boat seemed to scare the shit out of her?  The female rolled her eyes at her own irrational weakness before she turned on her heel and observed the busy work of the sailors.  They were being very successful with steering the ship to the right course, even as the rapidly growing wind was starting to pull at it.  

"I'm sure they know what they are doing anyway."

The words were mumbled out, mostly to herself, but a also for Seika to perhaps hear if she could make out the soft tone, and also for Matatabi to make a rumbling sound of agreement to.  This fear of water was a thing they were going to have to work on together, since if the two of them were going to be surviving in this world of war and death, they needed to make sure there was no weakness that could ever drag them down.  Even when it was in the nature of a feline creature to fear or loathe water, the ninja was sure that a being such as Matatabi and a determined Shinobi as herself would be able to defeat that feeling.  

The trip was about as quick to take end as it started, land was already in sight and Kirima was beaming a smile as she stared hard at it.  She was trying her best to will that island closer to the ship, since the sooner she'd feel dry land underneath the soles of her boots the sooner she'd start feeling better and be able to be more of a fun company for Seika to be around.  Honestly, Kirima could not imagine that traveling with a fidgety and nervous person could ever be nice.  With excitement and sparkling eyes she pointed Seika in the direction of the island, her young age showing through this moment of playfulness, as the female was basically jumping around on the deck as she waited for the permission to step on land.  It was a wonder she hadn't started helping the sailors out (or tried to) as they were doing their own thing with steering and commanding the ship closer to the safest part of the island.  There was a small dock quickly noticeable, and it seemed like they were heading swiftly that way.  

Even as the wind was picking up and the coldness of the open ocean bit at the exposed skin of the people on the ship, then Kirima was completely unaffected.  She did not bother for a second to even think about zipping up her jacket as she paced around while waiting for the ship to come to a halt.  As soon as they were up against the dock, and the first few men jumped ashore with the ropes to tie the ship up; so did Kirima literally fly off the ship and land graciously in a somewhat crouched position before she had sprung up on her feet and started walking a bit away from the docks.  When she was sure she was at a safe distance from the ocean, she waved towards the captain and yelled out that they wouldn't be taking too long.  After that, she would wait for Seika to join her before they'd start the trek.  After about twenty minutes of walking, Kirima decided to break the silence and share some more information.

"According to the map I looked over earlier, the guy's house shouldn't be too far away from here.  That hill over there could actually be a land mark I remember from the map."  Her hand pointed in the direction of a small hill that seemed to have been placed completely on a random whim in the middle of nowhere on that small island.  The two females would soon be making their way there, until they'd notice a small and cute looking house.  Both of the Shinobi would at that point start being more focused on the task at hand, looking around for possible traps and perhaps in hopes of seeing the man they were here to get.  There was no suck luck however, so they were forced to walk up to the house and stop in front of the door.  

"From what I heard, he is a very crafty old guy and I am pretty sure he will be anything but happy to see us.  So keep a close watch out for anything surprising."

Her words of warning were whispered out, yet she felt like the only right thing to do in this situation was to simply knock on the door.  After all, what was the worst thing that could happen?  This was just an old guy right?  Kirima raised her hand, slowly closed it in a fist, and her knuckles had barely started brushing against the wood of the door when an explosion burst forth.  A yell of surprise was torn from Kirima's lips as she found herself flung backwards from the force of the explosion, large and small chips of the wood brushing against her face and arms.  A larger piece of wood, around 15 cm long and 1 cm thick, was quickly lodged deep within her right thigh as she sailed through the air before landing with a heavy thud on the ground.  

"Seika!"  Her voice was a hoarse croaking as she coughed and wiped blood off her face.  It appeared that there were multiple cuts in her soft skin from the splinters which had so aggressively been flung towards her in the explosion.  Her ears were ringing as Kirima desperately tried to locate the young Chuunin with all of her senses.  She could only hope that Seika had been far enough away from the door to escape the worst of the blast.  Perhaps Kirima's body had been able to be a bit of a cover, or so she could only hope.

"God damn it."

She stood shakily up and swiftly brushed dirt and wood off her clothes and out of her hair.  Despite the fact that she was half deaf, her ears were still sensitive enough to pick up the sound of something flying through the air, going straight towards the young woman.  Instantly she flew to the side, appearing to be but a blur as she moved so swiftly, and heard a loud clang as metal hit the ground where she had just stood.  Her right leg felt weird and numb, making it a bit difficult for the female to find her footing as she turned on her heel in order to view the rather brutish looking axe that had probably been meant to take off her head.  

"Damn you people, just go away and leave me alone!  I wont go easy on you if you wont leave now!"

An elderly yet very strong voice somewhere within the rubble of the house, or perhaps at the side of it, assaulted her still hurting ears.  Is that old geezer crazy?!  He could have easily killed us with this blast.  Man I don't even know if I am okay.  Blood slowly seeped out of her thigh around the wood that was lodged into the flesh.  Kirima was hesitant to pull it out just yet, deciding that she'd be fucked if she would bleed too heavily this early on in this rather risky encounter.  Where is Seika?  Her biggest fear right now was that her comrade had taken on damage as well, as Kirima knew that the other was not as tough as she herself was.  It was simply a matter of training that had been done, training which followed each new rank you gained.  


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A clap of thunder sounded off in the distance as a warm breeze made it's presence known with a sudden rush of air. Seika's eyes immediately darted to the loomintg dark clouds as Kirima spoke. She continued to listen to Kirima but could not stop staring at the clouds; their dark forms periodically flashing from blue bolts of lightning. It was surely a beautiful sight in Seika's eyes for she honestly enjoyed storms. It would have been better if such weather had hit Kirigakure when they were not on a boat and floating about in the middle of open water. Perhaps she would only build her love for storms by experiencing them in a new way? This was an optimist thought for sure.

Kirima chuckled after Seika mentioned sailing before and her slight anxiety despite doing so dozens of time. "Thank you, it's good to know that.  I'm sure this ship can manage to stay floating, even if my stomach and a small primal part of my brain tend to disagree with the logic."

A warm smiled crossed Seika's face and her eyes seemed to light up as though she were slightly laughing on the inside. It was in her nature to warm up to people quickly despite barely knowing them but this was all because she was genuinely interested in befriending people. Hearing Kirima mention earlier that she too was interested in making friends as well. Friends have been said to get people hurt later but not making friends would spell out a lonely life for any person too; even ninja.

"I too believe the ship will be alright. I've been in a scary situation before where my grandfather's john boat was carried out to open sea during a fishing trip. We had no idea where we were and we also managed to get hit by a storm. I could have sworn that thing was going to sink but that little john held on with all it's little might. Needless to say we turned out okay since I am still here and speaking with you."

She shook her head and smiled at that memory before continuing.

"Besides, it's just a little water and some fish. Nothing too scary down there."

Or at least...I think....' she thought to herself afterwards.

Speaking of fish, if only she had her fishing pole now, she would cast the line over the side with some worm bait in an attempt to snag a few fish before the mission started. Her brain may as well have tiny fish swimming inside, she thought about it way too much because of her grandpa. A little secret she never told anyone. Not even her best friend Haru! It was just something that never got brought up before.

"I do apologize for not meeting back up with you after that day and before this mission. Between training, a friend of mine dying, and my parents being MIA on their mission for a longer duration of time than usual... my brain was a bit caught up in a lot of matters. Too many irons in the fire your could say. Still, it all sounds like excuses now that I look back so sorry about that too. Maybe when we return back to the village, we could have a girl's night out. I'm not sure what that entails because I have never had one before but hey, we can make things up as we go right?"

After throwing out an offer, Seika would listen to the words of Kirima before taking advantage of their free time by exploring the ship. She truly enjoyed Kirima's company but her curiosity would always get the best of her in nearly every, nearly but not all, situation when in a new environment. From the looks of it, they were on a fishing ship rather than a simple shipping boat. The more she looked around the more she noticed a few dead fish lying around; their bodies half-decomposed and sun baked to the wooden floorboards of the ship. Seika could slightly smell fish but then again the wind was blowing such a strong salt filled ocean smell of the ocean that all other possible scents were masked. Her brain could have created the fish scent too because there were maybe five or six lying around, nothing serious like ten or twenty. The gulls knew what this ship was all about though. Up in the gray overcast sky, they cried down below and to the others around them "fish!" "fish!" "hey man there's fish!". Seika smiled and slightly laughed before a shiver ran down her spine and her hazel hues turned towards the storm again. It was much closer now but so was land in the direction they were heading. The young kunoichi turned her head to Kirima but the woman was already pointing out the land with sparkles in her eyes; making Seika's smile widen more.

'Land will definitely be a blessing for her stomach, I hope she doesn't get sea sick between now and then,' she thought to herself before turning her attention to the storm again.

Seika predicted that they would maybe possibly get rained on some but for the most part they would bypass the storm altogether. Not even the gulls seemed to show signs of fear for they continued to cry out until a Double-crested Cormorant flew in from above and landed on the ships mast. It spread out its wings and stretched before settling down on its perch, looking down at everyone below. The gulls shortly came back after this bird blew past them but their cries were quieted down now that the Cormorant was around. The birds knew the other guy was tired so they gave the squawks a rest for a while. They shortly dispersed when the boat entered the docks to land. The cormorant never moved from its spot.

Seika returned to Kirima's side as the ropes were being prepared to throw down below to the docks. The ship mostly stopped by now but was still nearing the docks. This caused Seika to shake off her curiosity and put on her game face. She thought about the details of the mission once more and began to plot her actions if the man did not cooperate. Hopefully this mission would go well, she would hate to return back empty handed or injured. Seeing Kirima injured would be even worse but at least she was more capable of healing now that she had ranked up and trained more.

The moment the men jumped down from the ship and began to tie the ropes to the docks, and thus tie the ship, Kirima suddenly launched off the floor boards like a spring and landed gracefully in a crouched position below. Seika's eyes went wide with shock as she watched the woman do this. She had always admired Kirima's cat-like reflexes and wanted to mock it but the more Kirima acted out, the more she felt it was nearly impossible to match. 'How in the world does she do that, she barely even crouched to jump,' Seika thought to herself. Kirima turned around and yelled back at the captain about how they would not be gone for long; indirectly Seika to get a move on it, or so she thought. Seika quickly leaped down over the edge of the ship and landed in a crouch as well but with more rigid moves compared to Kirima's flow. At least she did not tumble over like she had in the past and had some sort of grace with her motions. Still, it was nothing out of the ordinary for a Chunin. The two then started walking, but this time silence fell over them and lasted for a good long time. This was the curse of not knowing someone, you had no idea what to talk about.

Thankfully, Kirima broke the ice.

"According to the map I looked over earlier, the guy's house shouldn't be too far away from here. That hill over there could actually be a land mark I remember from the map."

Kirima pointed in the direction of a small hill and Seika's mind focused entirely on the area. Originally her mind wandered in various depths of her brain as she listened to birds, looked at various sights, and overall seemed to memorize every angle of the island. Her eyes were darting around like an animal trying to get out of a cage.

"That's an odd house for an older man, I was expecting some sort of shack or something...I guess that's why they say not to judge a book by it's cover," Seika replied.

Shortly after they located the house, the two dived right on it and began to keep their eyes peeled for both the man and any sort of traps that lurked in the area. Due the fact this man was an ex-ninja who wields an spear, it was safe to assume he had to be some sort of weaponry specialist. These types of ninja were perfect for traps. Seika's eyes peered around for an item she could possibly substitute with last minute. She observed a nice statue of a cupid with an arrow and slightly lifted it off its base as she examined it. Perfect weight and thankfully not loaded with a booby trap. She fished around in the garden surrounding the statue but one again, nothing. Maybe this man was an innocent old fellow after all.

The two ninja finally gave up on scanning the area and approached the front door. Seika had an unsettled feeling and began to feel out the area for the man. They looked physically and now she hoped to find him mentally. Usually one would jump the gun and begin to utilize their sensor skills but Seika felt it was best to utilize it later for the other ninja could also have the same skill and sense that someone is looking for them. That would immediately blow their cover and perhaps initiate a worse situation. Thankfully, Seika noticed the man's presence but it appeared he lacked sensor skills of his own or they were not turned on. Good.

"From what I heard, he is a very crafty old guy and I am pretty sure he will be anything but happy to see us. So keep a close watch out for anything surprising."

"I sense his prescence in the house," Seika whispered, "it looks like he does not notice us yet but I can tell already that he's rather uncomfortable."

Kirima raised up a hand and slowly closed it into a first before motioning to knock on the door. Seika's senses were alive and alert with this motion; her focus remaining on the man as she felt out his chakra signature.

'Weaponry for sure and also-'

Seika's thoughts were suddenly interrupted when an explosion burst from the door. As though it were instinct, due to the shock of the explosion, Seika raised her hand up and substituted with the white cupid statue and reappeared in the garden. She quickly dashed to the nearest tall square hedge and dove behind it; feeling winded. Frantically she tried to locate Kirima and heard her shout for her name, her focus honing in on her voice. Kirima was definitely just as shocked or surprised as Seika was but she seemed to be okay. Hopefully she was not hit with anything serious. Seika felt out her emotions, no strong feeling of pain emitted from her body so surely she was okay? Seika suddenly turned her attention back to the strong flash of orange chakra that sprang forth from the house. It was then that she began to feel the tinge of pain in her arms and legs from the small shards of wooden shrapnel. It was like she was struck with a dozen tiny splinters; enough to cause annoyance but nothing to seriously injure. Just now, as her adrenaline started to slowly settle, Seika began to notice her ears were ringing. This man truly was clever. So clever that it annoyed the hell out of Seika.

'How about a piece of your own medicine you dirt bag. Maybe a good knock out would do you good.'

Seika formed hand seals behind the bush while these thoughts ran through her mind. She had no intention of murdering the man but simply wanted to craft something that was possibly capable of bringing him down if he refused to cooperate. Now all she had to do was be careful so she wouldn't be noticed. With the man's attention turned towards Kirima, she had a good feeling that staying hidden would not be too hard. A second Seika burst out from behind a bush to her right once the man's chakra signature showed up outside and closer towards Seika. The fact the man yelled only made it more obvious that he was no longer in the house. Boy did he feel agitated.

The clone darted from behind the bush and ran up to the stairs of the house. It looked over at Kirima and saw that she had been hit, since blood was slowly pouring from her thigh, and a look of anger crossed her face. Someone may hurt Seika and possibly get away with it but no one never ever hurts her friends and walks away with ease.

"Obviously we aren't leaving you selfish bastard! Why can't you just face your problems rather than continue to run away like a crying baby!"

For once, she actually hoped he would get pissed and attack her.

From behind the bush, the other held her hands at the ready to form hand seals. The sooner this man was brought down the sooner Seika could tend to Kirima's wounds and the two could go home.

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FLYING BLIND: You know, if you had been a bit more careful you could have avoided this injury.  I would have suggested sending that Chuunin first to knock on that door, as she seems of lesser value than we are.

You know very well that I would never do such a thing, and don't say egoistic things like that you damn cat.  Now stop yapping about useless things and let me concentrate.

Suit yourself.

The young woman could just imagine the feline creature as She would curl up inside of Her massive cave and wait patiently with a huff of smoke leaving Her nostrils.  As Kirima dug her hand into her explosive kit to get a smoke bomb ready for the use, she knew she was at a bit of a disadvantage.  She was out in the open, and from the looks of it the old man knew right where she was.  I am really not a person of strategy.  That was the cold hard truth.  Like a slap in the face with a wet rag.  Kirima was a person who charged ahead like a tank, or backed others up and -then- charged on like a tank.  She never faltered or turned back, and it was rare that she managed to think up some intelligent and complicated strategy in order to save her own ass.  Truthfully she had not been in that many situations which required much of strategy.  Perhaps it was a bit of a weakness along with a mixture of strength.  Right now however, it seemed more like a weakness as she was pretty much a sitting duck.  The old guy, Tetsuo was his name if she remembered correctly, had already lived at this island for a long time and for all she knew he could have rigged it with traps all over the place.  

"Obviously we aren't leaving you selfish bastard! Why can't you just face your problems rather than continue to run away like a crying baby!"

Her hand had grasped the smoke bomb inside of the kit, yet the female couldn't help but pause and look with wide eyes towards the location of Seika's voice.  Was that girl out of her mind?  I truly, really, reaaallyy hope she has some plan to go along with this taunt of hers.  Kirima felt a bit thankful though, as this was a good chance for her to start acting.  From the looks of it, this old guy was very temperamental, even more so than Kirima herself (and that was a tough challenge to overcome).  Surely enough, right after Seika's voice had spat out the insult, Kirima could spot with her sensitive hearing, footsteps travelling away from her own location and towards the other.  

That was the chance she had been needing and wanting, and thus the smoke bomb was pulled out and dropped to the ground.  Immediately after she was done dropping the smoke bomb and became impossible to spot with the naked eyes for a few seconds, she swiftly used the summoning Jutsu in order to bring her new partner into the fight.  A single hand was enough for using the hand signs, as she kept the other hand loose and ready for anything that might come her way.  The tiny spider appeared on Kirima's shoulder, and with ushered words and a low tone, the Jounin told the spider to hide underneath her clothing and wait for the opportune moment to back up her own techniques.  Not wanting to stay at the same spot for too long, the female started to move to the side as she started the signs for the second jutsu and at the same time pulled out a kunai with her right hand.  A replica of herself appeared at her side just as they were about to leave the cloud of smoke, and each one of the Kirima's jumped in separate ways.

She glanced to the side towards Seika's location, surprised to see that there had nothing happened yet.  Everything around them was eerily silent.  Kirima and her clone stopped, and listened.  What is he up to?Where is he?  Just as quickly as she had thought that, Kirima heard a rumbling underneath her feet.  It was very feint, yet she had detected it clearly enough to be sure of what it was.  

"Seika, he uses earth jutsu and is down below right now!"

She shouted out the warning just as she sprang forward, and barely managed to avoid having her foot impaled by a kunai that burst forth through the soil.  From the corner of her eyes, the Jounin saw movement heading towards Seika.  Her heart dropped a bit in her chest as she used all of her speed to advance towards them.  Even if Seika was strong and could handle herself well, their opponent still was a possible S rank Shinobi.  Retired or not, he still knew everything he had learned and seemed determined to get rid of these pests that had stepped onto his island.  Quickly hand signs were made with a single hand once again, as Kirima threw her kunai with the other hand.  The elderly man who had been approaching Seika stopped and turned towards Kirima with a sneer on his face.  His blue eyes were sharp as he looked at the female, before he lifted one hand with a release sign ready.  What?

She didn't notice if Seika had noticed him also, but just as quickly as she had thrown her kunai, so did that elderly man explode with the force of five explosive tags.  Rubble and dirt flew through the air, assaulting Kirima's senses as she stared ahead.  An explosive clone?  A whoosh through the air made her jump backwards, before she was forced to pull out a new kunai and use it to defend against the flying projectiles.

"Damn it, just come out here!"  

This hide and seek was getting really damn tiresome, and she noticed that her clone was under the same sort of assault.  With a grumble Kirima finished up a few hand signs.  In that instance she blew out multiple small tornadoes that quickly ate up and blew away any projectiles that had kept coming her way.  With a glance towards her clone, she gave it the silent command to go search for Seika, as she herself dashed towards the source of the thrown projectiles.  Kirima truly hoped that Seika was alright and wanted to go look for her instead of sending the clone, but she had to do something in order to stop this fight before it'd go too far.

Just as she had suspected, there was nothing to be seen anywhere, yet as she kept up the brisk pace, the ground suddenly caved in underneath her feet.  It was only be sheer luck and really fast reflexes that she managed to roll forward and land on her back just a few centimeters away from the hole instead of having been sucked down there.  As she lay still, she saw that same elderly man form out of the hole, with a double edged axe in each hand.  Clone or not a clone?  She didn't exactly wait around and ask, but instead rolled up onto her feet and muttered underneath her breath just as she swiftly did hand signs behind her back.  Immediately she spat out a fireball which swiftly burst forth into two jets.  From underneath her jacket, the spider summon used a Gale Wind Palm jutsu which sped up the technique as it surrounded the opponent.  Her beautiful blue flames lit up the area as they crashed around the opponent, and into that fray Kirima threw an explosive tag which swiftly enhanced the damage.  

If this guy was as good as he had seemed on the documents, he would survive that attack easily even if it might be good enough to bring him down.  Not that the female was especially worried about his life, because she knew that the man fought with a huge iron spear.  So far, she had yet to see that weapon, and had thus far decided to treat anyone else as a clone.

- - - - -

Meanwhile as Seika would be hiding behind the bush, she would quickly be able to realize that there was an enemy heading straight in her direction.  Whether it was underground or above the ground would be up to her to find out.  

(OOC:  Feel free to NPC the enemy as well.)

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After Seika's clone spouted off insults to the man, he turned towards her as though we were going to strike her but his actions changed the moment an explosion of smoke erupted from Kirima's previous position. This distracted the man ever so slightly but it did not give Seika's clone enough time to spring forth and attack. The clone removed a kunai from its pouch as it began to run forward towards the man but before she could actually strike, the man formed seals and disappeared beneath the earth's crust. The clone stopped with an uncomfortable expression on her face as she looked around confused.

The legitimate Seika never allowed her attention to fade as she remained focused on the man's chakra signature. She knew the clone was a goner because as soon as the man went below the earth, the clone would hesitantly attempt to run to a high perch but would fail in doing so due to a kunai piercing the bottom of her foot. The clone shouted out in pain before it erupted into a flash of fire. The pillar of flames rose up to two meters in height before completely disappearing. Seika feared that Kirima would think she were dead due to the clone crying out until it was gone completely. Seika noticed Kirima's chakra signature split into two forms; she had also formed her own clone. The air fell silent. Not a single bird sang, the wind was dormant, everything. Seika's attention remained on the man as she utilized her chakra sensor abilities. Kirima and her clone stopped moving in the distance as the man's chakra signature suddenly split into two.

'He's creating a clone,' Seika thought as she opened her once closed eyes, 'I don't think Kirima has chakra sensor. She won't know! How can I tell her without telling her directly? Oh....another clone....so it doesn't matter what I say, he knows where I am already.'

As one of his clone's made way towards Kirima, Seika opened her mouth to shout but was only capable of letting out a minor squeak because Kirima was already on top of the situation. Somewhat.

"Seika, he uses earth jutsu and is down below right now!"

"Kirima, it's a clone!" she shouted back before forming a seal and performing the same trick she had before. The moment the clone man attempted to grab up at her, Seika switched out with the same cupid statue and tried to think fast on her feet. Immediately after switching out with the cupid statue, which had landed on the cement sidewalk in front of the house after being knocked off the porch from the explosion earlier, she quickly ran forth and leaped up into the air. It was a risk to jump into the air but at this moment in time the man was distracted with where Seika used to be and Kirima.

A third clone had made its way over to Seika's new location which meant the man predicted Seika's movements based on prior actions, but it was useless. Seika sensed it coming and while running she removed an explosive senbon from her pouch. Just after leaping off the ground she threw the tool towards the direction of the man and as he rose up out of the ground to grab her, Seika detonated the tool with one seal.

The blast burned exposed areas of skin all down her back, legs, and arms but at least it gave her a sort of propulsion to launch her onto the house. Seika landed, pivoted her feet, and removed two senbon laced with explosives and three regular senbon from her pouch.

"No earth up here you geezer," she mumbled to herself.

Seika's mental map of where everyone lurked in the area was somewhat giving her a headache but she tried her best to maintain strong. She was actually focusing less on Kirima than the man and his actions. It was not because she did not care about Kirima, because she did, but deep down she knew the woman could handle herself and would not need any sort of babysitting. She kept enough focus on her to know if something would happen to her from her far. For example, if she were thrown so many feet or meters away from an explosion or if her chakra signature suddenly weakened for some reason. As of right now, the secondary chakra seemed to be mixing with her own chakra so surely with two sources she was okay. Right?

A regular senbon whizzed through the air and struck a clone from the man. The clone had attempted to climb up the back of the house and attack her from behind but was easily disposed of. Something that caught Seika off guard though was when the clone erupted into a flurry of senbon that launched in all directions as soon as the clone was destroyed. Some of the senbon landed into the rooftop but others managed to pierce Seika's skin. The kunoichi had raised up both arms and turned her body as the senbon launched towards her; protecting her face and abdomen but leaving the rest of her bare. She bit down in pain as the tools pierced her arms and legs. Thankfully the flak jacket absorbed most of the damage from the tools but some of the senbon still slightly slid through and tapped her skin. These did not injure her as much as the other tools had but all of the tools still annoyed the living hell out of her.

Seika whimpered in pain at these tools as she slightly lowered her arms. She tried her best not to move too fast but an outside force decided this would not do. Suddenly she took a swift and harsh punch to the chest, knocking the wind right out of her while sending her flying. She slammed against the roof of the house and emitted a sharp cry of pain between the senbon piercing her skin more and the sheer force of the hit. There was no way she could have kept that scream from leaving her mouth. Due to the distraction of pain and Kirima being busy elsewhere, no one noticed the man suddenly pop up from underground and attack the girl. Of course she looked weaker compared to Kirima so he would target her first. Go figure.

"I told you to go away and I meant it," the man said with his spear raised up. Seika's stared at the man with a deer in head lights look that quickly changed to fearful eyes. He slammed the spear down with a force but thankfully he only hit shingles. Seika was able to roll to left to dodge and rose to her feet as the man pulled his spear of the roof. Frantically she looked around for her senbon she had but noticed she dropped them when he first punched her; too far away to truly do any good.

"Get lost!" the man shouted as he charged towards her.

Seika gasped in shock as she attempted to move away from the man. He was way too close though and moved too fast for her to even truly think; his knee slammed straight into her forehead and knocking her back against the roof again. Although she once thought she had this battle in the bag, she realized she had completely misread the situation and now laid knocked out against the roof. The man raised his spear up once more to attack her and shouted, "THIS WILL TEACH ALL OF YOU STUPID NINJA TO STOP MESSING WITH ME!"

He began to move, attempting to stab the knocked out ninja straight through her ribcage.

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FLYING BLIND: Her defensive stance was nowhere in the lacking as Kirima waited for the action to come.  She knew things would not be going any easier from here on, and therefore she had all of her senses at their highest alert.  She wished, really really wished, at this moment that she possessed the ability to sense other peoples Chakra so she would know where Seika was and if she was okay.  Already the Jounin had seen the fire pillar from where Seika's clone had exploded, but where was the real girl?  The worst possible thing to happen was for us to get separate.  She's my responsibility.  I wont forgive myself if she gets hurt.  The fear of that girl getting killed was starting to give Kirima a bit more of a frantic look as she turned her head from side to side and scanned the area.  Her feelings were at a turmoil inside of her, a hard knot of nervousness was torturing her stomach.  I can't stand losing anyone else.  I can't.  I can't see anyone else die.

She glanced in the direction of her clone which was also scanning the area.  Even if just a couple of seconds had passed since she had taken down that clone earlier in the explosion of flames, then Kirima felt like it was hours.  Suddenly a hand reached up from the ground and got a hold of her clone's feet.  The replica of herself was harshly pulled down into the ground, but at the last second she watched the mirrored image of herself use a fire jutsu to escape that potentially dangerous situation.  Just as Kirima was about to go and check out if the clone had managed to disperse of the opponent, she heard some ruckus at the other end of the house.  She was already on the move, running as fast as she could in order to find out what was going on.  A wire trap was activated as she ran, causing multiple kunai to fly her way.  I hate weaponry users.  A pair of kunai were pulled out of her kit and she used those to deflect the kunai that were charging her way.  A few of them barely scraped her skin whilst the rest was successfully neutralized.  

At that moment, she heard the piercing yell of Seika.  The fear sent icy needles down her spine.  No.  As she rounded the corner of the house, she saw the horrible scenery before her.  There Seika was laying down, helpless and from the looks of it knocked out and injured.  Above her stood the elderly male they had come here to capture.  This was the real guy, as the iron spear was held up in the air with every intention of piercing the young female and killing her.


The scream echoed through the air.  The elderly man hesitated at the sound and looked in the direction of the screaming, while wondering why that female was not still busy with his clones.  According to his calculations she should have had more troubles, unless she was higher ranked than he had guessed. As Kirima screamed again, now with a bit more of a rage in the screaming, it looked like a gust of wind flattened grass around her.  However, upon closer inspection; it was her immense Chakra level that was rising and starting to crush the grass and flatten it against the ground.  For Kirima it was as if time stood still as she ventured inside of herself.  She floated around in darkness within her own mind until she saw the faint blue glow, and headed in that direction.  She knew where she was and she knew what was about to happen.  She feared it, yet felt excited.  Her petite but strong form stood now before the huge iron bars of the prison which held Two Tails.  The two mismatched eyes of the feline beast looked down upon the human which was the host.  

Is this what you want?  Do you want to expose yourself for a person like her?

"I can't let her die.  I will never let anyone die again.  I am asking you nicely now, but if you refuse me then I will take this power against your will."

They stared at each other.  Weighed each other up.  Sapphire orbs met the mismatched green and white ones.  This was a small and short moment of a fierce battle between the two, before Matatabi decided that it might be best to let this silly little human do as she wanted to do.  It wasn't that big of a risk after all.  In best case scenario both the girl and the man would die.  In a little worse scenario the girl would remain knocked out and the guy was to either die now or be executed back at the village before he could say anything.  Matatabi closed her eyes, and the glorious beast started almost glowing with the power that started streaming out from her body.  And then Kirima felt that power again inside of her, filling her up and boosting her entire being.  This was the same power she had felt when she was training for the tails.  This strength and this frightful thirst for battle.  

Yes.  This is the feeling I love.  It scares me... yet.. this is what I live for.  

The real Kirima opened her eyes, not a single second had been wasted on the outside.  Suddenly, like an explosion, she was enveloped with dark blue Chakra that licked at the air and ground.  Her clone was immediately dispersed and so was the summon underneath her clothing.  The elderly man gaped as he stared at her, he had almost forgotten about the unconscious girl before him as he wondered just what was going on in front of him.  A single, proud, big tail sprouted from behind Kirima.  The sight of her engulfed within the Chakra, like she was engulfed by wild flames, was extraordinary.  And frightful.  The female looked with dangerous eyes towards the male, before she pushed herself off the ground.  This time, she completely disappeared from sight before she reappeared right in front of the man.  With a roar, she kicked.  A loud grunt escaped the male as he raised up the iron spear and defended against the kick, but got flung upwards into the air and crashed into the ground below.  

"Don't you dare touch her."

Her lengthened fangs flashed as she spoke.  The voice of the female was like a low growl as she sprung into action once again.  The roof crackled underneath her feet as she pushed off it and blasted towards the man like a rocket.  He raised up his spear, pushing against her kicks and punches as Kirima went at him like a wild alley cat.  With a powerful thrust, he knocked the female backwards, only to have to jump away himself when a very sudden and surprising arm of Chakra raised up into the air and smashed the ground where the man had just been standing.  They traveled over the ground at such fierce speed that only the well trained eye could follow close behind.  Kirima's Chakra arm grabbed onto boulders and ground and threw at the man, whilst she attacked him with her kicking and punching.  It showed quickly that even if he was still skilled, then he was getting older and was out of shape.  His chest was working rapidly up and down as he danced backwards, trying to stay out of range as he jabbed at the ferocious beast/human in front of him.

"Just what the heck are you?!"

The rage was pulsing within her chest, the power was seeping into her flesh and bones.  The Chakra was overcoming her own, and Kirima knew that soon the second tail would sprout if she would not calm down.  However, this was a very good practice run.  She hadn't even known that she could use a Chakra arm like that, and the more she attacked and defended; the more she got used to her new speed and agility.  It was also to Kirima's disadvantage however how little she knew her own power and how little she knew about controlling it.  Her thigh, even with her endurance, was starting to throb and she knew that the wood had long been lost.  Blood was streaming down her thigh, and just as she sidestepped a kunai thrown her way, her leg also gave a bit in and caused the female to loose her balance for just a second.  

That second gave the man the opportunity to jab his iron spear into her right side, scraping the tip against her ribs as he ripped open the flesh.  The female howled out in rage as she grabbed onto the spear and held tightly to it.  As the elderly ninja started pulling again, her mouth suddenly fell open and a large sphere of Fire started spiraling within her maw.  Her anger and hurt was making the power start spilling out of control, and that also made her unable to control the size of her techniques.  Honestly she was only going by her guts right now, and just as the elderly man decided that he was not going to be getting that spear of his back and let go, intending to flee, so did Kirima release the huge sphere of blue fire.  The fireball was 30 meters in diameter, giving little to no chance for anyone to flee.  The destruction of the land was absolute.  A large canyon formed where once had been grass and trees, and in the midst of that lay the man she had been sent there to capture.  

He was still alive.  Barely, but he was breathing.  Somehow he had managed to use up his last strength in order to avoid being killed, yet there were bad burns here and there and he had no way of moving nor even speaking.  The young woman who was covered in wild blue flames stepped slowly and gracefully closer to him.  Her slightly slanted eyes stared at him with fire burning within her gaze.  He had hurt her, he had tried to erase her existence from this world.  He had stood in her way.  He had tried to kill her new friend.  She was upon him now, her expression frozen as she reached down and grabbed the limp man by the throat.  Kirima was unaware that her side was gaping open with an ugly wound, her ribs almost in plain view as she lifted the man up by his throat and stared at him with murder in her eyes.  

No...I have to stop... I have to.... stop..

A low groan was ripped from her lips as she started trembling.  Her own mind was battling with the power that wanted to take over.  Her wounded body was protesting every single second she stood there half choking the man.  

"I ... will not.. become... a killer."  

Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper as Kirima let the man drop down onto the ground.  She turned on her heel and grabbed her face, the trembling only getting greater as her eyes filled with tears. I almost killed him.  And he almost killed Seika.  Why am I so weak?

You are young.  Inexperienced.  It's to be expected.  You are also missing the point here.  Neither of them died.  You haven't killed anyone.

The rumbling voice of Matatabi was like a soothing salve on the wounds of Kirima's soul and mind.  She let out a soft breath, and instantly the Chakra coating started to fade away into nothingness.  Her canines returned back to normal teeth and the tail disappeared along with the coat.  I must go check.. how Seika is doing..  The young female walked like a drunk person, one foot barely managed to go before the other as she slowly stepped closer to the house.  Her entire body was trembling violently from the earlier strain and blood loss.  Her face was as pale as snow, yet she was walking and she was alive.  The pain didn't bother her much, the endurance training took care of that; but there was still some discomfort to be had.  And the dizziness was not something the endurance could take away.  She glanced up to see if Seika was still there, a bit scared that maybe the other female had seen everything and would now look with fright and hatred at Kirima.  The Jounin was pretty sure the other would not want to have a monster for a friend.  But that didn't matter, so long as Seika would live.  

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A breath of air released itself between Seika's lips before she felt a complete loss in sensation of her own body. Darkness devoured her mind as though Skoll's journey had ended with the consumption of the sun. Not a single beacon of light could be seen in this darkness and yet somehow Seika could hear her own heartbeat chiming away.

"Where am I?"

Her voice echoed against some distance walls in her mind as though she were stuck in the center of a cave. She heard this same question bounce of at least four times, each time making her voice sound weaker but still understandable. Her hazel hues wondered all around in the darkness and with sluggish movement, her feet attempted to carry her through the void. They refused however and after only three steps she felt stuck in glue. All of a sudden it felt as though someone or something was pressing against her body. It were as though a large weight were dropped onto her and she struggled to breath. With the same sluggish movement, she grabbed her chest and gasped for air. Her legs then collapsed beneath her feet and she tried to scream out for help but not a single word or sound was uttered. Painfully she sought for a single person in the dark void but nothing could be seen beyond her own hands; which now glowed with a faint light. Thankfully someone sensed she needed help for a form rose form the darkness and walked towards her.

"Seika, what are you doing on the ground?"

A flash of colors erupted in her mind and the entire sensation of not being able to breath faded. Rather than being on her hands and knees, she was now crouched over a grassy field with a wildflower before her. She turned around and looked at the form with a smile and spoke as though she had no control over her own mouth, words, or anything.

"Oh, I was looking at this Lobelia cardinalis....er um, Red Cardinal Flower. Isn't it lovely?"

Before the girl could blink she was thrown from her own body and watching herself and the form, who she then recognized as Haru, move before her like puppets in a play. Haru walked over and looked down at the flower before Seika, "oh my, it's very pretty. Have you been learning about wildflowers or something?"

"Oh I picked up a few books just the other day when you weren't working. I figured I would learn something about the land here. This is one of my favorites."

"I can see why you red fanatic" he joked.

She smiled at him and laughed before the scene vanished into darkness again. Once more she was on her knees, one hand on the ground and one gripping her chest.

'What the hell is happening to me? Where's Kirima? The man? Where am I?'

"Seika, wake up" she heard the familiar voice speak, "Kirima needs you."


"Wake up...."

She felt the pressure release itself from her body and her head then lifted to look at the boy standing before her. He reached out with one hand to help her up, a warm smile on his face. In a heartbeat the girl leaped up and tackled the boy into a hug.

"I thought you were dead, I thought I lost you."

"Forget me Seika, for now, Kirima needs you....wake up..."

A flash of light consumed the area and devoured Haru just as the darkness once consumed the area and herself.


"She needs you...."

It was rather odd to suddenly be able to hear, see, and feel her own body again. But once she was capable of doing so she immediately opened her eyes and let them adjust to the light, blinking a few times while as well. Her ears tuned into her surroundings and then her adrenaline kicked in. Quickly she sat up and looked around frantically for the man and Kirima. She turned on her chakra sensor skill and suddenly a large flash of light, as well as an enormous amount of chakra, cast both her physical and mental vision towards what appeared to be Kirima and the man. A gasp left her mouth as she stared at Kirima; the woman's body completely consumed in chakra with a tail sprouting out from her body. Although Seika had never actually seen a tailed beast or it's human counterpart before, she knew exactly what she was looking at based on the description in books and explanation from her parents.

"Jinchūriki..." she whispered under her breath with mixed emotions.

The books always said to fear the beast and their hosts for they were unpredictable. That anyone who came near them would suffer an unimaginable and painful death before the beast consumed its enemy or target. Parents, friends, and other people have died from the uncontrollable powers of these beasts and it was wise to flee on sight unless working in a team dedicated to killing the host and beast. Seika could not imagine doing either though for she did not want to run away nor kill Kirima. She was mostly shocked but also in awe at the beasts power. While watching from the sidelines, Kirima's fire created a large canyon and the target was thrown meters away from the blast. In fact he looked dead but Seika knew he was alive due to his chakra signature still being present. Kirima walked over to them an in silence, the chakra radiating from her body with power and ferocity. It was as though she were surrounded by pure blue fire. Soon enough she was upon the man and this was when Seika feared what Kirima would do next.

"No...stop," Seika muttered while standing up. The senbon lodged in her arms and legs caused her to clench her teeth in pain but the wound in Kirima's side and thigh, which was now visible to Seika, made her neglect such simple wounds with near ease. She may have not had the endurance like Kirima did but she would not let herself to continue to cry over these little wounds when Kirima was losing a lot of blood.

Slowly Seika moved towards the two and just after she leaped down from the house, landing on her knees and one hand due to the pain, Kirima lifted the man up by the neck. Seika could hear him choking from where she stood but Kirima continued to hold him up.

"Kirima stop," Seika said but not truly loud enough for the normal ear to hear, "We need to take him back alive. Don't kill him."

She was not sure if she lost all common sense or if her instinct and feelings were true about the beast before her. Seika felt that Kirima would not hurt her and truly felt safe rather than afraid like the books and stories always said. She continued to walk towards Kirima, slowly becoming numb to the pain and while fully waking up and discontinuing her sluggish movements. Just as the girl prepared to let out another loud shout "Kirima!" the woman said something that she could not hear and let the man drop to the ground. He let out and "oof!" as he hit the ground with a thud. Seika could tell her was thankfully not dead yet.

From afar, Seika noticed Kirima tremble and tears begin to fall from her eyes. Seika now drew near to her body as the chakra surrounding her body slowly began to fade. Once again Seika was in disbelief of what she was seeing but pressed forward without hesitation. Apparently the woman had near complete control of the beast from what Seika could see...or at least this is what she assumed. Never encountering such a thing before, she wasn't sure what to feel now and hoped that the Kirima she somewhat knew was now before her. Nothing like approaching someone and possibly getting your head chewed off. Surely the Jinchūriki were not that bad?

"Kirima, you can sit back down I am right here," Seika said to the woman after she had stood up and began to walk like a drunken fiend towards the house. Hopefully she would sit down afterwards but if she did not then Seika would approach the woman with her arms raised and attempted to pull her back to the ground without injury. She was not sure how the woman would react but then again she was not even sure how exactly she was even still moving herself. For all she knew, she too walked around like a drunk just like Kirima was. This was due to the adrenaline still coursing through her body after what occurred earlier.

"Are you okay? May I please look at your wounds?" Seika asked. Her attention turned away from Kirima's wounds and moved to the old man on the ground. He was still alive but barely breathing and Seika knew for sure that he would return to the main land quietly. If it wasn't for Kirima, thanks to Seika's actions, this mission may have failed otherwise. The thought of what exactly just happened suddenly flashed like a memory before her eyes and she suddenly was 100% awake. With wide eyes she stared at Kirima, her memories returning like a flash of lightening and the entire situation that just occurred before her finally soaked in. She almost could not believe what she just saw and what happened to her. How could she allow herself to so easily be knocked out? How foolish she was!

"You....you saved my life," Seika said to Kirima as though star struck, "I cannot believe I allowed myself to be so easily subdued but....thank god you were came. You saved my life. Thank you so much Kirima."

Had the woman complied with Seika healing her wounds, she would try to get to work right away with her Mystical Hand Technique and a few other things. The sooner Seika started to heal Kirima's wounds, if she let her, the quicker they could take the man and return to the docks. Considering the degree of her wounds compared to her own rank, it would take a good long while to fix her up fully with the jutsu. Had the man attempted to wake up during the process then she would truthfully turn around and punch him right in the face to make him pass out again without killing him. She could think of worse things to do to him after he attempted to kill her but due to the mission, knocking him out would have to do for she. She truly hoped that his punishment was something terrible. If the two of them were taking him back because he forgot to pay his bills or some other ridiculous reason, Seika might just burn down half the village out of fury.

"Here, please take these," Seika said before removing a nutrition pill and a blood pill from her pouch and handing them to Kirima. "One is a blood pill and the other is a nutrition pill. They will both help you regain strength from the loss of blood. Please let me heal you before we go anywhere. I'm not sure if you like shots or not but you truly should consider allowing me to inject an antiobiotic into you due to possible dirt and metal contamination. It will kill the contaminants and will help make the healing process smoother. I would hate for you to get sick or infected under the skin because of not accepting a shot. If it helps, I will be injecting myself with another needle after wards....and once I remove all these damn senbon from my skin."

Seika mentioned the senbon as though she did not even care anymore. They pricked and hurt but at the same time she had grown used to it now and therefore did not let the little shits bother her. She really hoped Kirima would agreed to allowing her to help her with everything. After all, the short and small girl probably couldn't drag the man back to the ship and Kirima by herself. Had Kirima allowed her to do all that she requested, Seika would then proceed with her medical abilities while asking her about her beast.

"So...before I ask...would you care to explain what just happened. You're a Jinchūriki aren't you?"
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FLYING BLIND: "Kirima, you can sit back down I am right here,"

Kirima's head turned to the side and she found herself staring at Seika as if the presence of the Chuunin was something completely surprising to her.  Obviously she had been expecting and somewhat hoping that the other was still knocked out at the roof top, for various reasons.  Oh well, there she is.  The rather dumbfound thought burst through her mind before the female promptly sat/fell down onto the ground and blinked slowly as she tried to get out of the stupor that the blood loss and tiredness brought on.  Wait if she was standing over there right now, then just when did she wake up?  The Jounin kept blinking slowly as she shook her head, trying to get rid of this drowsy feeling so that she might be able to make at least one coherent thought appear.  Her tongue felt stuck to her gum, and there was a persistent headache starting to pound on her head, which was quite the feat for a headache considering her training.  Seika was apparently asking her something, forcing Kirima to pay close attention in order to hear just what she was asking.  Heal me?  Oh yeah that guy stabbed me or something.  Maybe that's why I'm so strange in the head.  Blood loss could explain everything at this moment, so yes healing would be a good idea.  It was always nice to go on missions with a medic at your side.

"Yeah of course, go ahead."

There had still not been any mentioning towards what had happened earlier with the whole tail and Chakra bomb made out of fire, making Kirima wonder if Seika had seen anything at all.  Because she was pretty sure that if Seika had seen the Jounin in her Tailed Form, then she would have for sure rather ran away screaming for help than offering to heal Kirima's wounds.  Hosts for the tailed beasts weren‘t exactly the most popular people ever.  So am I safe?  Is my secret safe?  Did she really not notice anything?  I‘m really lucky if that‘s the case.  

"You....you saved my life, I cannot believe I allowed myself to be so easily subdued but....thank god you were came. You saved my life. Thank you so much Kirima."  Alright it's for sure, she absolutely did not see anything.  I mean, who would be thanking me if they saw just what I was capable of doing.  Who'd want to thank someone ... someone like me.  I almost killed that guy for Heaven‘s sake.  A small sigh of relief escaped her lips, but she felt a little bit awkward when Seika was thanking her.  Of course she had saved her, it wasn't really like she had had any second thoughts about it.  It wasn‘t like she had had any other option in that situation.  

"Don't worry about it.  I would never let you die."  Her gaze was lowered in awkwardness as Kirima tried to get a bit more comfortable on the ground.  Everything seemed to be throbbing and stinging, making her regret not having trained the endurance even more.  However, some pain was necessary to remind you that you were alive.  And to also remind you when there was something seriously wrong.  Seika had apparently taken charge of the situation, and like an obedient and good patient, Kirima took the pills offered to her and didn't have any protests against having a shot.  As she quickly pointed out to Seika, then the small stabbing of a needle wasn't exactly something she would fear as she couldn't even feel it.  And besides, she trusted the young medic not to give her anything poisonous.  

However as Seika continued talking, so did Kirima notice the Senbon that were sticking out of the younger female.  "You're hurt."  It was quite the obvious statement.  "You should probably heal yourself first, rather than wasting energy on me.  I'll be fine.  I already feel much better."  She felt guilty over letting Seika get hurt, but tried to mask that feeling and hide it from plain view.  At least Seika wasn't angry or anything.  Slowly, Kirima closed her eyes and leaned her head a bit back.  Seika's healing had really done wonders, and so had the pills.  A lot of energy had been renewed, and by now there was hardly any discomfort left to really complain about.  The Chuunin's next question however caused Kirima to stiffen up and open her eyes with obvious shock.  Slowly she turned her gaze towards Seika as she processed the question that had been posed.  

"So...before I ask...would you care to explain what just happened. You're a Jinchūriki aren't you?"

The young Jounin grimaced as she looked down at the ground, evading the eyes of Seika.  She wasn‘t quite ready to talk about this, but there was no helping it now.  "So you did see me."  Her voice was very soft as she whispered the words out, but Seika would be able to hear what Kirima had said.  There was a slight pause as Kirima tried to calm down the fluttering nervousness deep within her stomach.  "Yes, I'm a Jinchūriki."  There.  The words were out.  She had just admitted to it, finally.  It felt like such a huge relief to be able to say the words out, yet at the same time it felt a bit dreadful as well.  She steeled herself to look back at the Chuunin, wondering if Seika‘s eyes would be filled with hatred, disgust or fear.  

An awkward and nervous smile fluttered across the red head's lips.  "It wouldn't take you much research to figure out the rest of my story, so I can tell you more now.  I'm the host for the Two Tailed Cat beast, the Nibi.  And.."  Kirima paused as her eyes darkened a bit with the suppressed feelings of sadness and despair.  This was where she should stop talking, but now as the truth had come out... she felt like she simply had to lay it all out.  Let Seika know every dirty detail there was.   "..I'm a former Kumogakure Shinobi whom was kidnapped by the order of the Mizukage and brought here to Kirigakure just a few weeks back."  She slowly glanced towards Seika, unsure just how she was going to be responding.

 "He struck a deal with me.  Gave me promises.  He said I'd be safe here, that I'd never be hunted down and I'd be able to live on and become stronger.  I... before I was kidnapped I had lost everything and everyone I loved.  My parents died when I was a child and my grandfather passed away shortly before I went on the mission where I got kidnapped.  And ... my best friend.. Kaze, he..." The female choked up on the words as her sapphire eyes filled with tears.  She would never forget that day when Kaze had killed himself before her eyes.  When he had told her he loved her, just before he had taken that away from her forever.  She would never forget the darkness, despair or fear she experienced inside of that cave.

Angrily the female swept her arm across her eyes and cleared her throat.  It annoyed her to have to show such a weak side to anyone, yet it had been so long since she had had anyone to really talk to.  She was truly so lonely, that sometimes she felt like she might just choke on the feelings that were buried up inside of her chest and mind.  "I'm sorry.  It's not your problem.  As you've heard now then you don't have to feel like you are bound to safe me.  I don't even know if I've been made an official Shinobi of Kirigakure yet.  I'm just a person who allowed herself to betray her own village because the nightmares and fear were haunting me.  I'm a betrayer, and.. I'm a monster.  A host for a power great enough to wipe out an entire village."  She paused, then looked hard at Seika.

"You are now the one person to know this.  Only the Mizukage and me know.  The Kumogakure officials probably think I'm dead, but with one word from you they will know the truth and send for me.  I wont ask you to keep my secret if that goes against your will.  And you don't have to fear me, I meant what I said about wanting to be your friend.  Even if you think I might be dangerous, then you can feel free to get up and walk away right now.  I wont follow you."

She was already forming the plan of escaping Kirigakure if Seika would tell on her.  Heck, she might just use this opportunity to leave before Seika could get to anyone.  However the Jounin did speak the truth, for she could never hurt that young Chuunin.  She had already promised herself to never kill anyone, and she was far from being cruel enough to hurt anyone as gentle as that Shinobi whom was healing her.

I'm sorry Matatabi, but I just can't.

Don't fret.  Let's wait and see what she says.  Watch her closely for signs of lying, and if you have any cause to believe we are in danger then we will leave.

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It pleased Seika that Kirima was willing to take the pills, the shot, and let her heal her injuries. Sometimes patients could be a pain in the rear and will argue about the fact they did not need a shot or healing when a huge chunk of wood was sticking right out of the arm. Heck, Seika had ran into a person who's bone was sticking out of their leg but they still refused treatment like a babbling baby as though they were half-drunk. Actually, come to think of it, the person was drunk so maybe that refusal did not exactly count. Still, it made Seika happy that she complied and as soon as she was given the okay she removed her medical kit from one of her various pockets and unrolled it on the ground.

"Oh don't worry about me. My wounds are just annoying if anything...." she said while trying to keep her attention away from the blood droplets pouring from her skin. Truthfully every wound hurt like hell but she did not want to even dare show pain in front of Kirima. Her wounds, after all, were much greater than hers. Plus Seika had too much pride for her own good and refused to show weakness despite the look in her facial expressions.

After unrolling the kit and speaking, Seika picked up two bottles and removed one pill from each, nutrition and blood, before handing them to Kirima.

"The pills are safe to chew but the nutrition pill kind of tastes bad, just a heads up. You can dry swallow too. Sorry I don't have water," she said shortly after Kirima had spoke before grabbing the vile of antibiotic and a sanitized, or unused, needle. A moment of silence fell between them as she started to remove the liquid while making sure she did not get any bubbles into the needle and syringe. The liquid slowly poured out with a ferocity of bubbles but they faded as the plastic syringe filled up. Not wanting the silence to continue on for too long, Seika then proceeded to ask Kirima about her Jinchūriki. Her eyes were focused on the vile but she could see from her peripheral vision that Kirima let her eyes fall to the ground as though she were ashamed. This made Seika's heart drop slightly. She hoped she did not say anything bad.

'Oh what was I thinking, asking her straight out like that. I'm sure the Jinchūriki try to keep their identity a secret because of all the books and what not I read, each one said they were terrible people. I guess I thought that since she was different she did not carry that burden but..I guess maybe I was wrong...'

A worried look crawled across Seika's face with every passing second of silence between the two ninja. Her nerves were slow building and she was ready to say sorry and change the subject before Kirima started to talk. Since she was actually finished filling the vile, she removed the needle from it and set it back down before holding the syringe in front of her.

"So you did see me," Kirima whispered softly as Seika flicked the needle while a few droplets of antibiotic escaped. This was necessary to remove excess bubbles.

"Yes, I truly did" Seika said with a sort of confidence but overall unemotional response. She wasn't sure of what to truly say to Kirima at this point. Instead she prepared the needle for insertion by informing Kirima she needed to have access to her hip and to brace herself for the pain.

"Yes, I'm a Jinchūriki."

Seika's eyes widened with a bit of shock and yet a large hint of confusion as she looked at the woman. Once again she was not sure of what to feel. Was she supposed to be scared? Because she wasn't. Was she supposed to be angry or rude now that she knew Kirima was a, quote, "monster"? Because she wasn't at all. In fact, it didn't even phase her in that negativity department for her curiosity and interest was way to strong. Honestly she wanted to ask a variety of questions like "what's it like?" or "which one do you have?" and what not. Of course she contained herself for the sake of not evading Kirima's well being, since she seemed to have a hard time even telling Seika in the first place, and decided to change the subject for a moment. Kirima may have looked at the wide eyed, shocked girl for a split second before she flicked the needle again and changed her expression to confidence.

"I need to stab this needle into you but don't kill me for the pain," she said before pausing. 'Was that the right thing to say?' Seika awkwardly cleared her throat, "I also need your hip to inject this. No need to pull your pants down like a crazy. It's better there then well... the butt cheek. That's a bit to personal I think," Seika said awkwardly.

She would give Kirima time to move, complain, or whatever else but would remain insistent if she did not accept the shot. Once she was able to actually inject the antibiotics, and gave herself time to think, she would cap the needle and put a band-aid over the puncture wound.

"So, keep going about the Bijuu. You can tell me anything or nothing, I am just very curious and interested about the subject. I have, well, never spoken to a host before. So forgive me if I come off as confused or if I possibly say anything rude on accident. It's just, wow. Very interesting."

Once Seika slipped that comment in she would sit with opened ears as she put her medical kit away and began to utilize her Mystical Hand Technique. Blue green chakra would surround her hands like a casing while she moved them over Kirima's wounds. There were a few times where she would have to pull out a piece of wood or two but for the most part the wound looked cleaned. The antibiotics would destroy any foreign objects while the blood pills and nutrition pill would guarantee she did not loose both blood and important vitamins necessary to give her body energy and help heal itself. The extra dose of nutrients could help her immune system with the antibiotics in her tissue. The nutrients worked a little faster then the antibiotics so both were helpful overall. With her jutsu, Seika was able to remove any tiny particles of wood and debris while the wounds healed. Thankfully Kirima was talking because it helped pass the time and gave Seika a chance to focus while she worked. She would hate to leave a chunk of wood in her skin for it would make her look like a terrible medic and hurt Kirima in the long run. Medical jutsu helped but it was more important to not only be a medic but to use the skill properly when healing. Thankfully Seika had a good amount of experience from her family members.

Despite the need to focus on Kirima's wounds, Seika could not help but look up at Kirima with complete shock when she mentioned the fact she was a Kumogakure ninja who was kidnapped. As soon as she looked up she then turned her attention back to the wound while Kirima continued to speak. Her heart felt heavy for Kirima. She could not imagine being kidnapped by another village.

'Why would the Mizukage do such a thing? He seemed like such a nice guy....then again she is a Jin so I guess it makes sense that he would want her. Such greed and inconsideration for her feelings. I wonder if she left behind any family members....'

Seika stopped her thoughts before they continued plowing forward. Instead she silenced herself and let her ears continue to stay open as she listened to Kirima, while focusing on her wounds of course. They were healed up pretty dark well by now but of course she was no where near finished yet.

"He struck a deal with me.  Gave me promises.  He said I'd be safe here, that I'd never be hunted down and I'd be able to live on and become stronger.  I... before I was kidnapped I had lost everything and everyone I loved.  My parents died when I was a child and my grandfather passed away shortly before I went on the mission where I got kidnapped.  And ... my best friend.. Kaze, he..."

Seika glanced up slightly at Kirima as she heard her become chocked up. Small tears formed in her eyes and the girl then dropped her eyes from the woman. Haru's image suddenly flashed before her mind and her heart felt very heavy. It did not take much for Seika to figure out that her best friend had died for Seika acted the same way when Haru was brought up. After all, he too was her best friend. She was not sure if their degree of friendship was stronger or weaker than her own but it did not matter. The two shared the same blow in the hearts when it came to best friends; at least that is what Seika assumed. Seika tried to imagine being stolen from her own village and leaving everyone behind as well. The thought was too overwhelming and she had to stop herself once again before she too started to cry. She could not fathom the thought of actually being taken and what not as Kirima was describing. It was too much to think about at once. Seika's attention was once again broken but a swift movement from Kirima caused her to bring her attention back full circle. Thankfully she did not accidentally let a wood chip slip by her for her chakra healing slowed down slightly for a brief moment. She wondered if Kirima noticed this.

"I'm sorry.  It's not your problem.  As you've heard now then you don't have to feel like you are bound to safe me.  I don't even know if I've been made an official Shinobi of Kirigakure yet.  I'm just a person who allowed herself to betray her own village because the nightmares and fear were haunting me.  I'm a betrayer, and.. I'm a monster.  A host for a power great enough to wipe out an entire village."

Seika very slightly shook her head as though it were instinct. She almost did not feel herself do this but stopped her head when she noticed while wondering if Kirima noticed.

"You are now the one person to know this.  Only the Mizukage and me know.  The Kumogakure officials probably think I'm dead, but with one word from you they will know the truth and send for me.  I wont ask you to keep my secret if that goes against your will.  And you don't have to fear me, I meant what I said about wanting to be your friend.  Even if you think I might be dangerous, then you can feel free to get up and walk away right now.  I wont follow you."

There was a long drawn out pause as Seika' eyes remained on Kirima's wounds. She could feel the woman's eyes on her skin, giving her slight goosebumps even, but still she remained quiet while trying to gather the words to say and soaking in everything. A look of sorrow had been cast across her face for majority of her story but towards the end her expression was rather listless. She did not want to seem happy because that's kind of rude nor angry because she figured Kirima would assume she were mad at her rather than the fact that it was the Mizukage who made her mad.

'Is everything she said even true? Would the Mizukage do such a thing? What if she is here to infiltrate information or possibly steal a ninja back home with her despite agreeing to come here on the Mizu's terns. Can I trust my own kage? I don't even know the man nor his name! Heck, he seems more caught up in his own desires anyway and especially his self-appearance. This was obvious when he threw that ball. Kirima, however, has always been nice and well, based on her emotions, she is being truthful. But she's a high class ninja. What if she's trained to falsify emotions? Oh man, I cannot let this silence go on. In fact, I think my heart and feelings know the true way I feel about this situation so....why not listen?'

"Well," Seika began as she continued to move her hands about, "one thing I want to say is that I am sorry for your loss."

'Really? That's the best you can come up with. "Sorry about your loss". That's stupid.'

"I cannot fathom the thought of being taken away from Kirigakure so it's hard for me to truly think of what to say but I do know that I would feel just as distraught, if not worse. I know many being get annoyed when others try to sympathize but if it helps, I too actually lost a best friend of mine not to long ago. He had asked me out on a date and the night before the day we were supposed to go out, he went to a bar with his friends and was murdered by a drunken man. To think, he was only trying to make sure his older friends were okay as they drank. Innocent bystander who did not start anything.....but anyway, this is not about me. Sorry."

She shook her head at herself while moving her hands still and maintaining focus. Hopefully Kirima would understand why her brain was so scattered. Healing wounds took focus so it was hard to collect her thoughts. She also did not wish to hurt Kirima by saying something rude on accident. Her best intentions were frequently misinterpreted in these types of situations.

"I honestly don't see why I should be afraid of you. I mean...I don't think you're a monster. I don't see why you should call yourself that either. After all, you look pretty human to man."

Seika smiled innocently with that comment. She was trying to help lighten Kirima's mood and possibly get her mind off of her best friend. This is what she would want someone to do for her whenever she thought of Haru long enough.

"I don't see why I should not help you either. Whether you are from Kumo, Konoha, Kiri, or from some village full of crazy one-eyed ninja... I don't think it matters. I would still heal you. Not because we are on a mission together or they say it's my "duty" to heal people but because you have been nice to me. You treated me as a comrade...and as a friend....so why should I treat you like dirt? It would be different if you murdered my family members or attempted to kill me but heck, you did not do either of these and on top of that you looked out for me and saved my life! If anyone were a monster, it would be me if I were rude to you. Especially after you saved me and just because you have an overgrown kitty cat sealed inside you. The later is such a silly reason!" she exclaimed. Seika then paused for a brief moment. She had to remove a little fragment of wood from Kirima's wound but once she had she continued.

"Oh and fearful, ha! Why would I be?" she said with a true smile while continuing to heal the wounds, "It's just an over grown cat! I could just use a water jutsu to dump a load of water on it."

She winked as she said this, wondering if perhaps the cat could actually hear her. She read that Bijuu understood other people and could hear through their host but she wasn't sure if this meant when the Bijuu's chakra was being tapped or in general. If anything, she hoped the cat could take jokes even though it was safe to assume it had heard that statement plenty of times. Bijuu are old creatures after all. That much she did know for sure.

"Even when you had a tail sprouting out of you I was not scared, so why should I be now? I admit, I was somewhat worried about the man but at the same time I truly wasn't worried at all. I swear I am not trying to come off cocky. I say all this because you seem to have a lot of control and in some weird way I knew deep down that I could trust you. If I was scared or if I thought you were a threat to my well being, I would have high tailed it as soon as I saw you running about like a cheetah on steroids but nah...didn't feel the need so I am still here."

She resisted a chuckle as a wide smile crossed her face. A strong sense of happiness swelled up in her heart and soul at this point. She was not scared at all because she actually felt like she could trust Kirima like she said. The fact that Kirima told Seika what seemed to be her deepest and darkest secrets made her feel even more wonderful. Finally she could confide in someone else beyond Haru! She wanted to thank Kirima for this but based on her emotions and expressions, she figured Kirima had figured her out enough by now to know that it was not necessary. Maybe she would thank her at the end just in case.

"Do not fear Kirima, I will not exploit your secrets even if I was forced to do so. After all, friends just don't tell other people secrets without permission to do so anyway. That would be inconsiderate."

Due to the amount of time the two had spent, Seika was mostly finished healing Kirima's wound. She could probably stop any time now for everything was in order and no blood was coming out of her wounds anymore. Her wounds looked like tiny scratches and would easily heal on their own by now so she dropped her hands and looked at Kirima in the eyes with a bright smile.

"You should be good to go. If you want me to finish just say so but I think now may be a good time to remove all these senbon and heal myself like you said. The blood hasn't exactly stopped yet and I too may need a blood pill."

With that said, she removed her medical kit and took out the blood pill bottle and removed one. Even if Kirima wanted to be healed more she could still take a pill to help her body out. After plopping it into her mouth and biting down, she swallowed the contents and slightly sighed to relax before starting to work away at the senbon. Seika wanted to ask Kirima more questions but felt it was not a good time to do so. Maybe she would ask on the boat or perhaps would wait until an opportunity arise later, when the two saw each other again. Hopefully Kirima would want to see Seika again because she truly considered Kirima a friend and wanted to meet up with her. It would be a shame if the woman took off and never spoke to her again; even upsetting.

"Ow" Seika whispered to herself while removing a deep senbon. Blood poured out so she used her mystical hand technique on her own self to heal not only this wound but also the other holes from tools already removed. She probably looked like she had a disease due to the polka dots through out her unprotected arms.

"You know, I feel like a cactus" Seika said a bit louder, unsure if Kirima would hear. She was still trying to lighten the mood, if it wasn't brigher already, while she proceeded to remove a few senbon stuck in her flak jacket before continuing to heal her arms and legs. Soon enough the two could leave but only after Seika knew Kirima was 100% okay physically...and emotionally.

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FLYING BLIND: There was no problem with Kirima complying to Seika's gentle orders as the medic had to do what she was trained to do. A little shot here and there had never killed Kirima before, and as she had pointed out earlier then a little jab of a needle was hardly going to overcome her endurance training. So she would obediently do as asked, while waiting for the reaction from Seika. A reaction that was not long in the coming.

"I cannot fathom the thought of being taken away from Kirigakure so it's hard for me to truly think of what to say but I do know that I would feel just as distraught, if not worse. I know many being get annoyed when others try to sympathize but if it helps, I too actually lost a best friend of mine not to long ago. He had asked me out on a date and the night before the day we were supposed to go out, he went to a bar with his friends and was murdered by a drunken man. To think, he was only trying to make sure his older friends were okay as they drank. Innocent bystander who did not start anything.....but anyway, this is not about me. Sorry."

Kirima stared at Seika.  This was not really going where she had been expecting it to go.  Honestly she had expected ... well.. that Seika would storm off.  Or try to take her head off.  Even yell or curse the Jounin out.  But no, it seemed like the young girl was really sympathizing with Kirima and actually letting the Jounin know that she was not alone with her sorrow.  Seika had also lost a dear friend.  And it seemed like he had also recently confessed his feelings to her. I can't believe she'd be this nice to me.  I can't believe she's actually opening up to me as well. Maybe ... maybe I can talk to her some day about Kaze and everything that happened. Maybe I will feel better if I can have someone like her to lean towards. Atsu is also here for me, but I honestly feel rather confused towards him so often.  Her gratitude couldn't be very well explained within simple words at this point.  Yet her warm smile probably said it all. Again her eyes glistened a bit over, yet this time it was because of the happiness of being accepted by someone. Seika could probably not have found better words to comfort and calm the female down with.

"I honestly don't see why I should be afraid of you. I mean...I don't think you're a monster. I don't see why you should call yourself that either. After all, you look pretty human to man."

Kirima couldn't help but smile a bit at that.  True, she didn't exactly have six heads and eight eyes.  She didn't have claws or wings.  A 'monster' might be a bit of a dramatic exaggeration.  After all, she did only sprout a tail or two from time to time. As Seika continued to talk, so did the smile on Kirima's face grow bigger.  This was turning out to be way more wonderful than she had ever dared to hope for.   "It's just an over grown cat! I could just use a water jutsu to dump a load of water on it."  And that was the point where the Jounin burst out laughing, just as she heard the sniffle of rage from the Nibi within her head.  Obviously the tailed beast was not exactly fond of being talked about like that, but Kirima figured that Matatabi would give them a break for now.  As she tried to calm her laughter, in order to not test the beast too much, Kirima sent a few gentle words towards Matatabi. Calm down, too big of a pride can be too much to swallow. And I'm sure she doesn't mean anything but respect towards you, she only means to make the situation easier and lighter.  There was no response, but at least Kirima hadn't felt any murderous intentions.  That could only indicate that even if the cat had gotten a bit offended, then it did still possess a small amount of humor.  Or maybe She was just waiting for a better opportunity to rip the head off of Seika.  

"Do not fear Kirima, I will not exploit your secrets even if I was forced to do so. After all, friends just don't tell other people secrets without permission to do so anyway. That would be inconsiderate."

"Thank you Seika.  I'm really happy that I met someone like you.  I was afraid when I first decided to join ranks with Kirigakure that I'd always be alone, and I was also afraid that I'd get hurt once again if I opened up, but... you are showing me that it is really worth it to open up again and gain new friends. I hope we can continue doing missions together, and meet also outside of the job. I bet there are tons of things we could chat about."

There was no sadness, anger or despair left inside of Kirima, and already she was feeling filled with energy again. Her good mood was reaching its peak, despite everything that had happened previously.  Most of her injuries had gotten healed up, and even when her clothing was a bit torn and her hair was ruffled up; then she felt like this was a very successful mission all in all.  They were at least both alive and well for the most part.  A good power nap was probably needed once she was home, but after that she'd be good for the next mission. The red head glanced towards Seika as she spoke again, before nodding with agreement to what she had to say.

"Yes I'm more than ready to go.  I feel much better, thank you a lot for the help.  Now try to focus a bit on yourself, because you do sort of look like a cactus." A small chuckle followed the words, even when Kirima grimaced a bit since she could just imagine the discomfort for Seika.  After all, it didn't seem like the other female had trained endurance at all, and the Senbon were very prickly and bitchy to get out.  After making sure that the Chuunin had her own injuries covered, Kirima started walking towards the destruction she had so successfully made.  Even if she felt a bit like an egoist, she couldn't help but smile broadly while viewing the devastation of the surroundings and the deep slash in the ground.  Truly her techniques were far more powerful than she had imagined.

How did I make that Chakra arm appear?  And I can't even remember asking for that fire ball to be formed.  It's really weird to be in the tailed state.  It's like the Chakra has a mind of its own. I can't wait to be able to experiment some more, even if it might be best that I do so without fighting people. Even if this guy was a jerk, I would have never been able to forgive myself if I had accidentally killed him.  As she neared the still knocked out man whom was laying on his back on the scorched ground, Kirima pulled out a rope from her kit and swiftly tied him up.  Even if he didn't exactly look like he would be up and running anytime soon then she didn't want to take any chances.  That old fart had been a tricky opponent.  

As she felt almost back to her normal self, the female hoisted the un-moving body onto her back like it was a bag of potatoes.  No matter how much she tried, she simply could not feel sorry for him as she adjusted the weight and heard a low groan coming from the bound up body.  She rather enjoyed knowing that she had taken him down, and she hoped that she had made sure he'd regret ever trying to kill the two females that stepped upon his island.  The burden on her back wasn't too heavy, but her steps were a bit slower than before as she made her way back towards Seika.  Upon observing the younger female, and noticing that she was looking much better without the Senbon sticking out from her flesh; Kirima would look towards the road where they had come from.

"I bet you are just as ready as I am to leave this damn island.  I must say though, I don't feel excited at all to step a foot on that boat again."  Just the mere thought caused Kirima to grimace and her left eyebrow to twitch furiously.  Her stomach seemed to agree with the dislike, as it churned and tossed causing her to feel a bit nauseous.  That darned boat was however the only transportation available, so the Jounin cut back any more grumbling and groaning as she waited for Seika to get ready before they started making their way back. The two would have some mindless, small chit chattering as they'd walk at a steady pace; until the boat would be in sight. At that point, Kirima would call for some help to carry the guy onto the boat and they would leave as soon as everybody were ready.

As the boat started sailing away from the dock, Kirima stood rooted to the deck and stared at the island. It was a beautiful place, and now it held new memories. Especially did it hold some value now to the young woman who had discovered yet a new side to her abilities.

[Exit - Mission complete.]

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"Thank you Seika.  I'm really happy that I met someone like you.  I was afraid when I first decided to join ranks with Kirigakure that I'd always be alone, and I was also afraid that I'd get hurt once again if I opened up, but... you are showing me that it is really worth it to open up again and gain new friends. I hope we can continue doing missions together, and meet also outside of the job. I bet there are tons of things we could chat about."

Seika could not help but smile as the heavy feeling that swelled up within her was finally put to ease. The uncomfortable wave of tension that had risen up between the two was shattered like a rock hitting a mirror; the glass falling to the floor to unveil simply nothing. More or less, everything was okay between the two. In fact it was better than okay in Seika's terms. It was unclear who was more relieved for both of them finally found a friend to confide in. Seeing as how Kirima's degree of secrets were much larger in comparison compared to Seika's, it could probably be said that Kirima was the most at ease between the two. Surely Seika had never told anyone about Haru, until now, but a Bijuu was something that was undeniably more "extravagant" when it came to skeletons in the closet. Just think, Seika had come across one out of nine people who could contain such a beast. The corner of her lip curled up to mark a sense of quiet happiness as Seika worked away at healing her arms and legs from today's senbon charade. She did not contain any sort of dark motives deep in her being, conscious and subconscious, so Kirima did not need to fear Seika's actions or intent in any degree. She was much too innocent to even begin to contemplate the thought that usually popped up in everyone's mind; such as "what power I could have" or "when can I steal it". No, not a single one of these thoughts came into picture. All levels of her mind were stuck on the thought that she had gained a friend. This was much more important to her than any degree of power.

"Yes I'm more than ready to go.  I feel much better, thank you a lot for the help.  Now try to focus a bit on yourself, because you do sort of look like a cactus," Kirima replied after Seika's cactus comment. The two shared a moment of short laughter while the girl pulled out a few more senbon and placed them at her side. At least her senbon inventory was increased. Truly she would take them back and give them to her family members or try to sell them for money instead. Perhaps she could buy materials that were necessary to fix her flack jacket on her own. At some point she would need to do everything herself like an independent adult so why not start early?

Once the last senbon was removed and Seika healed the final wounds in her extremities, she cleaned all the tools against the grass before pocketing them in her flack jacket. She would clean these tools later when she had more free time. For now the goal was to get home and claim their prize money for successfully returning the geezer. Kirima walked off as Seika casually pocketed the tools. She was going to ask if Kirima was interested in any of the senbon before doing so but the woman's attention appeared to be more caught up in other things. Shrugging it off, the tools were placed in her flack jacket pockets. Seika gave the pocket a soft pat or two and proceeded to push herself to her feet. It felt nice to finally stretch out the legs again after sitting for so long. The blood pill truly worked wonders and helped keep things moving; otherwise her legs would probably have the fuzzy feeling as though pin needles were poking around. That feeling everyone deplored from lack of circulation.

As Seika prepared to walk over and join Kirima at her side, out of curiosity of what she was looking at, the woman turned towards the old man instead. Seika looked at the direction she had once faced while Kirima walked over the geezer, her hazel hues taking in the damaged landscape as she had. Seika had truly noticed the destruction before and a feeling of awe came about and expressed itself through her face. It was normal to see a damaged landscape after any ninja fight but this truly took the cake. 'I read the jinn were powerful but just, wow' she thought to herself. The distraction lasts for a mere few seconds for the sound of a thud and the old man grunting made her turn her head back to Kirima. The woman had tied the man up and threw him over her back like it was nothing. If only Seika were not short and small, perhaps she too could carry the man.

"I bet you are just as ready as I am to leave this damn island.  I must say though, I don't feel excited at all to step a foot on that boat again," Kirima said to Seika while her eyes remained on the boat.

Seika let out a soft chuckle and smiled back at the woman, "I can understand why you hate boat rides now." She took a few steps and began to walk towards the road that would lead back to the boat.

"I am definitely ready to leave after this day. Need to get my head checked out for possible concussion, how embarrassing. If you want me to help you carry the old man I am willing to."

Whether the offer was accepted or not, Seika happily continued to walk with Kirima towards the boat with her head held high and the feeling of success. She not only completed her first A-rank but also gained a true friend in the process. That counted more than any reward that could possibly be given from the mission. She knew the two would cross paths again. Time would only tell when.

"Oh yeah" Seika blurted out after the two were finally on the ship and heading back to the village,"Do you ever catch yourself wanting to chase a ball of yarn, or is that a stereotype?"

[Exit-Mission Complete]
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Stubborn Old Bastard [Mission, P - Seika] Vide
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