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Sparring [Dae v/ Ace]

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Sparring [Dae v/ Ace] Vide
PostSubject: Sparring [Dae v/ Ace] Sparring [Dae v/ Ace] EmptySun 22 Jun 2014, 11:18 pm

Sunset was ready to take place, and the only thing left in this place was a 6 foot 7 inch man standing in the middle of a 50 foot giant stone pillar as water crashed against the other remaining pillars that circled around him adding up to a total of five pillars of the same size in the area. Four of them around him, all placed so that a square was around the center pillar and each separated by a good hundred feet from each other. The middle one of them where the young genin was standing. His eyes dozing off slowly as he remained still. Blood dripping from the tips of his fingers as he cleaned his face with his own shirt. The young man gasped for air as he stood in the almighty stone pillar, watching below how everyone killed each other without hesitation. The screams though was the only thing keeping this young man from falling unconscious. Not due to any injuries because of lack of rest that only seemed to go away when confronted with a blood pumping battle till the death situation. There was nothing that could express his situation at the very moment. His hands were basically trained to do everything on his own, and it was as if his whole life revolved around killing others. He needed peace, mentally and physically.

As always his Ninjato was on his right side, while his short bow hanged loosely around his left shoulder and lastly, his quiver of arrows hanging from his other side of his belt.  As usual the young man was wearing an all black attire, following his usual black long sleeve shirt, long black pants and his usual metal mask that covered the bottom half of his face with the Kirigakure symbol on its left side. His skills in Kirigakure had been known quite well, and thought it was time for him to take his skills elsewhere. His body was basically built to embrace killing, and make a life out of this profession. His dream to become part of the Black Ops was surely going to happen now, that is if he manages to come out alive out of this nightmare of war. Not only but bloodshed

"I wonder when this is all going to end? said Tatsuo as his body tilted forward a little bit as he fell right on his right knee. "So far it has only been two days, and it feels like an eternity." Tatsuo said to himself as he tried to focus back on task and got up.

The place was only filled with horror by the distance, and this was the perfect view of what nightmare this war had turned into. The young man only managed to get up here to take a look at where his squad was located as he had separated from them since day one. The young man took a shuriken out of his pouch and began to flip it around his index finger as his body made a quick 360 degree turn releasing the shuriken at a speed that could barely be matched towards the air as a bright loud explosion happened behind it causing Tatsuo to cover his face for cover. The war was just beginning to intensify, only a couple had survived till now and were trying to end this as soon as possible. Mountains were now flattened, and the small river that surrounded the giant pillars was almost flooding the entire area where the others once fought.
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