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Learning from the Past [SC Training]

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Gin Tamashii
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Learning from the Past [SC Training] Vide
PostSubject: Learning from the Past [SC Training] Learning from the Past [SC Training] EmptyMon 14 Jul 2014, 8:27 am

Gin rode his pony beside his father who rode a full grown horse. But of course, Gin is but a child. His father pointed here and there and even to the sky, speaking of the clues and hints of the land that mark itself. He taught him this so Gin would know how to find his way back home from the villages after making trades by himself one day. The young boy nodded as he did his best to view the area as they traveled along.

Gin Stopped at a branch. The memory of a few years ago dawned on him as he viewed his current area. He began to realize the differences of the forest surrounding Konoha and the forest surrounding his old home, there distinct hints, but it was difficult to find these things. Trees here and there, tall and clustered; they weren't so tall or clustered back home and they even had a slighter shade, however even though Gin managed to figure this out, he still hasn't found his way back to Konoha.

The young genin decided to lay on the thick branch and look up at the sky through the only clearing of branches he could find. The clouds were moving by and the afternoon sun as moved. Here he had chosen to take a break and just enjoy himself before continuing his search.

"Look to the sky, you'll find the right direction whether it is night or day" Gin's father told him as he walked towards the house with a bucket of fresh milk.

"But there's no stars in the sky" Gin complained. He then fell back onto the grass and observed the clouds passing by, at least he could tell where the wind was blowing. As time went by, he observed the clouds move and the sun shift over the hour.

The sun. Gin looked up at the sun and remembered learning from a book at the academy that the sun moves from east to west. He traced the path of the sun from morning to it's current spot, then he pointed north. He remembered heading south from the village, so heading north would help him. Gin immediately jumped off the branch and headed north.

He knew the direction, however it only helped but a bit, Gin had been lost and moving about for hours, he only hoped he would find the main trade road that connected to Konoha. It wasn't long before the sun began to touch the horizon and the clouds clustered and allowed rain to fall.

"Find a thick tree that has large branches, that is your shelter from a summer shower" His father said as he and Gin stood with their horses under a large oak tree as the rain fell, "Just wished there was an apple tree nearby"

Gin stopped at an apple tree, moved a few branches together before tying them together using a bit of wire to make a cover from the rain. He sat on a branch and ate from the apples the tree provided. His nerves began to settle, even though he was still more or less lost, his dad's old teachings and his own common sense allowed him to survive this far and this long.

Some time has passed when Gin awoke in the middle of the night. The rain had dwindled to a drizzle. The sun had already been setting and the night sky wasn't completely black yet, Gin deduced it must have been a hour at the least since he had fallen asleep. Either way, he decided to move on. Luckily he had marked a tree nearby to remind him which was was north.

Gin chose to move on the floor level, wanting to avoid slipping off a wet branch, but this also put him in danger of being attacked by wild animals, but he didn't want to risk staying in a tree over night.

It wasn't long before Gin found the main road. His heart lifted and his smile was bright as he followed the road to the village. Soon his new home brought him comfort and his new desire was to search up books for survival and navigation at the library the following morning.
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