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A Long Way Home.[Travel]

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A Long Way Home.[Travel] Vide
PostSubject: A Long Way Home.[Travel] A Long Way Home.[Travel] EmptyTue 29 Jul 2014, 7:16 pm

After quickly leaving the village with all of his belongings, he was in a full sprint. It was obvious to him that he wasn't going to be able to complete the trip in one session and it would take several days. In his sprint he remained relaxed in a meditative state. It was easy for him because he had no worries, no fears, no negative emotions to bring him down. All happy thoughts were allowed in this state-of-mind. This is a practice that he has started and completely enjoys. Also, being a famous author, he didn't want his identity to become a problem and slow him down often. He wished that he could have the luxury of time and take a ship. The open sea is something that Shikari loves so much but it would have taken longer for him to travel by sea. A test of willpower become evident when he had to sprint past a tea house that he had never been to. It was tough for him since he would like to try everyone's tea but he couldn't even wait five minutes for something he loves. Why would be allow himself a reward when he is late? Why would he let himself relax while a village has expressed their need for him?

The idea of leaving almost made him cry but he knew that he would never be able to forgive himself if he went in there. It was a bittersweet moment but he knew he would be able to drink as much tea as he liked when he arrived at the village. He wondered who would be giving him lip when he arrived, there is no possible excuse for his long absence especially since Soge is one of the best messenger birds in the world due to her species. He has plenty of stories to tell to everyone. His life will certainly be much different than before. He has become a celebrity shinobi famous for many things, and celebrity shinobis are new to the world. He also has made plenty of enemies on the way, people who don't like what he is doing. Some say that he is digging his nose in places where it doesn't belong, but Shikari thinks of himself as a defender to the speechless.

A couple days had passed and he found himself in familiar territory, it wouldn't be much longer until he arrived into the village. He started to feel a little bit nervous but his confidence was overwhelming. He was very excited though, hoping that he will be able to train a genin and pass on his philosophy. He would be asking a lot for a genin to join his team but he knows that the reward is worth all the troubles that he will cause. The Nara had also thought of many new ideas to make himself much more superior as a shinobi but the lack of motivation has shown itself. Speaking is so much easier than fighting and it seemed like genjutsu would make his life so much easier. Now since he is learning of so many new ways to avoid fighting and having his cause noticed. Being a shinobi that likes to avoid causing harm has started to take its toll on him in many ways. The emotional stress of having to do something that he completely disagrees with for such a long time has been amazingly demoralizing. The lack of training has also made him question his strength and he knows that he isn't as a complete fighter as he used to be. His head was simply out of the game and he was having troubles trying to find a way back in. With his mind still pondering...he was at the foots of the famous gates of Kirigakure.
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