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Homeward bound. [Travel]

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Homeward bound. [Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Homeward bound. [Travel] Homeward bound. [Travel] EmptySun 10 Aug 2014, 12:07 am

The lab destruction and the loss of Yoi did a lot the male nukenin. He clearly didn't think fully when trekking into the underground lair. First finding out that he was not the real Mokuzai, and then indirectly murdering the only friend he even considered family; it would tear any other person apart as well. "He'll want me to return home for a bit. I know he would." Mokuzai's head wasn't as clear as he wanted it to be. All he could see was the image of Yoi's expression upon him falling to the ground with his last breath. It was burned in his mind, and nothing he could do would help get the image out of his mind.

His bags laid scattered on the ground, with multiple objects peeking out from behind the zippers. Scrolls, kunai, clothes, food. It was enough for a two day trek through the fire country back to his place of work; The Water Country, specifically Kirigakure No Sato. It's been a while since he had checked up on Inoshi, but from what he heard through the database and his connections, he found out that Kiri was under new rule and command. Maybe he could strike a deal with the new Mizukage.

Throwing his bags over his shoulders, Mokuzai clenched his jaw while looking down the pathway in front of him. "Looks like I'm homeward bound."

[[Ooc: It's short, sweet, and to the point. Exit to Water Country.
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