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A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher]

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A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] Vide
PostSubject: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptySat 16 Aug 2014, 11:15 am

"I just don't get it."

Kyousuu sat on the roof of his apartment building, turning the parchment over repeatedly between his dainty fingers. It was a letter that had been sent to him much like any regular piece of mail, but this one held far more importance. Not only did the words send up red flags, the lack of a proper sender made him even more uneasy about the circumstances surrounding this - as he would come to call it - summons. Aside from the bit of money that was sent along with it in the form of bills, it was clear that whoever sent this had some ulterior motive. They weren't just out to make Kyou's life easier.

There was a very high chance that it was all a trap, that it was somebody that either had a reason to hold a grudge against him, or somebody that wanted to use him as leverage against Konohagakure. Either way, he was sure that going along with what was asked of him in the letter would be a horrible, horrible idea. He knew it was a bad idea down to his very core, but at the same time... he was curious. Nobody had ever paid much attention to him, and any attention that he got after becoming a jinchuuriki was just enough to emphasize that he was being ignored, shunned, discriminated against for no reason other than he was a bijuu host, and to a beast whose lava could destroy an entire village with little trouble, no less. There were other reasons why most people in the village opted to keep their distance, but there were very few people that would happily announce they were friends with him in a public place.

Though he'd read the letter several times since it arrived, he unfolded it once again and looked over the contents. They seemed innocent on the outside, and the wording was... interesting, but there was no denying that it was probably a trap. It didn't help that he was due to leave for Tea Country soon anyway.

"Hey, Monkey-face.

Bet you five bucks you won't be able to get through a 1 hour game of follow the leader without messing it up. Find me behind the fruit-seller's stall, you know, the one you always buy your bananas from. I can't wait to see your face when you get beat by a little girl."

To most, this would seem like a prank letter, or the words of somebody attempting to act like a bully toward a peer, but this was the first time Kyousuu ever received mail that wasn't something official or something from his parents (who were banned from visiting his apartment - not that they'd ever really want to). He had every reason to believe that this would be something dangerous, possibly even life-threatening, once he actually met up with whoever this was.

Standing up, the chuunin stretched before leaping from rooftop to rooftop on his way to the market. It was a short trip given his speed and how close he lived to the shopping district, so it didn't take long for him to find the building he was looking for. Dropping down, he gave the shopkeeper a wave and purchased a bunch of perfectly ripe bananas, partially to lessen the chance of anybody growing suspicious and partially because he couldn't resist those curved, yellow, exotic fruits. Pulling one off of the bunch, he skillfully peeled it and took a bite before putting the rest in a bag strapped across his shoulders.

After bidding the woman farewell, he walked around to the rear of the building. There was a dumpster there, which was usually where he stopped after buying some bananas since he couldn't fight the craving and always ate at least one before going to whatever his next destination for the day was. Behind the dumpster was a dark, albeit small, silhouette, and the brunet guessed that this was who he had to meet. As he approached, a young girl stepped out with her hands crossed over her chest and her chin pushed out. After spouting out a string of rules for this "game" she broke into a sprint, prompting for Kyousuu to follow.

The most he gathered was that this game involved sticking behind the person in front of you and mimicking their every move, and words if necessary, and whoever messed up was considered to have lost the game. Or... something like that, at least.

Though he was skeptical, the jinchuuriki complied and followed the girl to the best of his ability. They made their way through quite a bit of the village before they reached the gate. Though he was nervous, the guards seemed to have acknowledged their presence, once of them saying something along the lines of "looks like she found another victim". That was a bit of a relief, and to that end, Kyousuu had no reason to break the rules of the game and force himself to lose, so he followed her through the gates.

It felt like they had traveled quite far from the village before the girl finally stopped and turned around.

"We're here!"

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptySat 16 Aug 2014, 12:03 pm

Idiot. But could he actually blame him? Kyu was the real idiot here. Who else would have such a retarded idea? I really need to get home, he thought. I really need to get away from Kyu and his nonsense. Shinjin couldn't believe how Kyu managed to take stupid and make it work. Ladies and gentlemen, Kyu, the High Council member of the Hidden Village of the Mist! The most stupid smart person you'll ever meet. The Fire Country would be the final stop for Shinjin, a final meet up with another contact and the chance to go back home. He just kept thinking to himself, it'll all be over soon. I'll never have to worry about Kyu's shenanigans ever again.

But from his spot hidden in the trees he'd seen it work first hand. Shinjin's itch to battle was growing now, ticking away at his mind every second. This new person -was this a dangerous person?- he would meet. Could he or she fight? Did he or she possess some type of specific trait that Kyu was looking for? Kyu didn't say shit about him. Only that he wanted to meet him, leaving him in the darkness. And that was where Shinjin bid his time. He managed to find a lofty spot 120m off perching in  tree. The Fire Country's geography was exceptionally great for this, but the humidity mixed with heat felt like living under a damp gym towel. Kyu paid some random little girl to do some work for him, but besides that being a tad extra eccentric than normal, she'd managed to do good work.

Who was this person Kyu was so interested in? Shinjin could see his (or hers?) clothing was different. More skin, long hair and a normal build. He, (apparently by Kyu's wording) was wearing all sorts of confusing clothing. Painted nails, something that looked like a skirt, some sort of accessory neck-band thingy with the forehead protector worn over the thigh. Shinjin took all of this information in carefully, trying to decipher what he could of it. Usually, you can spot a persons battle style by their appearance and mannerisms. Walking and talking all played a role in understanding the opponent. But whoever this was wasn't supposed to be an opponent. Kyu explicitly told him 'to lay off that fuck shit. I know what you're thinkin' and stay calm'. Some how Kyu -Shinjin guessed it was due to blood- had sensed the itch for a battle.

But fuck Kyu. Shinjin wanted to know goddammit. He kept looking and looking, spying and feeling weirder by the second. Then he realized he was simply jealous. He'd spent all of his time training with Kyu and now Kyu had someone else to worry about. There was no more special fun time, or let me ask you a million questions only for you to blow me off, or can you help me learn how to kick ass time anymore. Shinjin came, saw and conquered his original goal, which was to simply grow. But even the husband of two women and leader of a clan could not help but feel jealous. He asked himself. Am I really jealous because Kyu has other things to do? Would I stoop so low as to sit and wait and spy on a stranger? I'm sitting here in the trees looking from afar, just wondering who this person is because a childish emotion has gripped me to the point that I'd even consider this. I should just meet him right now. Say hi.

The answer was yes. I am jealous. So what? Shinjin's clone parted from the crowd, falling away towards this new person. His steps were obvious and slightly tired, he needed his opponent to know he was there. The shaolin monk robes he wore shuffled with each step. The little girl having won her prize took off towards some odd location in the forest that only a rabbit might know about, gone from view. Shinjin looked around for Kyu. He wasn't here yet. Of course.

“Look. Kyu's stupid. Before you say anything just know he's dumb. Like, retarded. How he got to Jounin is beyond me, but I can't believe you fell for this.” Fake Shinjin laughed.

“I'm sorry about that,” he scarfed his laugh down, but smiled hard. “My names Shinjin and I'm traveling with someone that wants to speak to you. Anyways just pretend we bumped into each other. I promise I'm harmless, but Kyu. I don't know man. He might fly out and tackle me or shoot fire at my back like he did last time. You're in for some stupid fun, so be on your toes.” Shinjin motioned for them to continue walking down the path away from the village.

Where the hell was Kyu? And why is he always so fucking late?!

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A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] Vide
PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptySun 17 Aug 2014, 4:59 am

Moments before.

"What did the letter say?" Kyuseishu asked.

Samu'al reached deep in his robe pulling something out of a hidden pocket and pulled out the letter "We made two copies of the letter. Your brother said it we needed to express it in a manner that would capture 'you'." bring the essence of your personality.

Kyuseishu unfolded the letter. He read the letter once. He made a face that was mixed with confusion, then understanding, then back to confusion. " Hey, Monkey-face.

Bet you five bucks you won't be able to get through a 1 hour game of follow the leader without messing it up. Find me behind the fruit-seller's stall, you know, the one you always buy your bananas from. I can't wait to see your face when you get beat by a little girl."

"You wrote this?" he folded the paper and gave it back to Samu'al

"Well, I wasn't the one who wrote it. One of people did all the sayings you would, well, say that makes you...umm," Samu'al shrugged, "eccentric is the word I'm looking for."

"Oh..." was that a good thing that they added his eccentricity?  Perhaps. He thought about how this would impact the jinchuuriki's impression of Kyuseishu. Then he remembered: He didn't give two shits about the first impression. Good or bad, it would cause an impact on Kyousuu After all, wasn't there a saying that there was no such thing as a bad publicity? That's probably not the saying I'm look for he thought to himself. Ah, whatever.

He was serious when he said he was going to take his time going into Konoha. Would he care for the backlash from his protégé after his debacle of a robbery? He knew his reacton would simply be a shrug when they met face to face. Would he care when Shinjin accused him of leaving out important information despite his rank among the Oinin Butai? He already had a vision for that particular question. He would look up at the sky and say "Do you see the vastness of the sky. See how there is not a single cloud in the sky. Oh wait! Wait! Look at that. I think I see...my fucks? Is that my fucks?" He'll squint, trying to zoom in by putting a hand over his forehead before saying "oh wait! No! No there isn't. Damn, they don't even exist!"

No, he wouldn't do that. He's an asshole, but he wasn't a asshole. He had withhold on that little bit of info. The only thing he told Kyuseishu was the individual's appearance, his mannerism and his personality. He remember explicitly telling Shinjin to not engage this individual in battle. He wasn't going to have a bloodbath because one Shikyo wanted to get his hands bloody. Shinjin kept his cool for the last week or so, but after getting in touch with the primal need of sex the next thing he wanted was battle. He saw the look in his eye that was hungry for carnage. He would get that but not with this particular individual.

Despite being family, a cousin nonetheless, he was still a green lad. He was far from being trusted among the rank of The Creed and very far from reaching the higher ranking among the Council of Twelve and The Hidden Four. His time will come, however. Shinjin was an entry-level in the Creed, still thinking this organization was just another run of the mill business while Kyuseishu was President and C.E.O. Eventually, his young protege will find the hidden secrets of his clan and the inner workings of The Creed.

"What will you do once you meet the Jinchuuriki?" Samu'al asked

"Well I ain't gonna kill him if that's what you're thinking." Kyu said

"No. You wanted us to keep a close eye so I imagine you wanted to use him for war or something along those lines."

Hardly. Kyousuu isn't exactly a battle-loving man "All I intend to do is travel with the young man is all. I'll simply ask him if he wishes to travel with me, that's all."

Something in those emerald eyes said that Kyuseishu was choosing his words carefully , and he was. No sense of telling his contact everything. Again, it was simply the matter of secrecy. He wasn't going to reveal all of his plans to Samu'al, despite him being closer to being his cousin than Shinjin. "I understand," he said, "I won't push the issue. Forgive me for being a little too curious."

"Don't be, young Samu'al. It's good to be curious but remember how important this is to me. My brother didn't mention the organization I run so it is best that I leave you in some shroud of mystery."

"Of course."

Present moment.

Kyuseishu was alone walking to the spot the letter indicated to meet. He found his way in one of Fire Country busier cities where the crowd was morphing into one entity. He was standing above the majority of the crowd with his massive figure and appearance made him all intimidating. They couldn't help but to move due to this man's intimidating aura and his hand moving past them; there agitated looks immediately changed to a face of docility as they looked up and saw this large dreadlock man walking by them. Before long, people were moving out of his way giving Kyuseishu some room to walk.

An entranced befitting a king
he thought to himself as he turned a corner. He saw his protege and his target 'friend' looking eye to eye. Shinjin had created a shadow clone for the reason, he assumed, for spying. Kyuseishu rolled his eyes and walked slowly to the two of them. When he got close, he set both his hands on the shadow clone. He turned to the clone and he turned to the real Shinjin.

"My bad for scaring the hell out of you with my money." He said with legit concern "That was horrible of me." The way he said was borderline sarcastic and geniune which made it all the worst "I'll make it up to you...somehow."

"But first," he opened his hands up to Kyousuu, "I must see this glorious individual that stands in front of me." He walked up to Kyousuu, his hands open as if he was about to hug him when he stopped suddenly and looked at him. No, not look, inspect. He had a hand in his fully grown out beard and stroked in slowly. "Wow...you really do look like a chick..."

"Shit bruh..." he turned to Shinjin "I hope you weren't gonna try to kick his ass. You still have that look of trying to kick someone's ass."

He turned back to Kyou. "I hope my protégé didn't do anything to insult you. He has a tendency of doing random things and then projecting it on to me." He leans in Kyousuu's ear  "A clear case of mental illness. The medicine they treat him makes me sometimes loopy."

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptySun 17 Aug 2014, 5:58 am

Almost immediately after dropping Kyousuu off in the middle of nowhere, the girl took off running in some odd direction. Although he considered chasing after her, the chuunin figured there was a reason that she announced this as being "here" - whatever that meant - so he opted to stay rather than take off running after her. Luckily, it didn't take long for somebody to appear in front of him. Although... perhaps "luckily" wasn't the right word for it, because now he was even more convinced that he was walking into a trap.

Why did I even bother going along with this? he asked himself mentally as the new arrival approached him.

"Look. Kyu's stupid. Before you say anything just know he's dumb. Like, retarded. How he got to Jounin is beyond me, but I can't believe you fell for this."


After the realization that "I can't believe you fell for this" might imply it was really a trap and he'd gotten himself into something ridiculous, Kyousuu tensed up and clenched his fists at his sides, ready to move at a moment's notice. Laugh or no, if there was going to be a fight, he wanted to be ready for it. His green eyes narrowed as he focused on the figure in front of him.

But then came the apology. For what? Why was this guy apologizing?

Somebody wanted to meet him? Who would possibly want to meet him? Was this Yuuto's doing, perhaps? No. They were scheduled to meet in Tea Country after Kyousuu completed the mission he had to take care of while there. He didn't get that kind of feeling from this guy.

"You're in for some stupid fun, so be on your toes."

There were some more words that made the brunet worry for his safety. If something happened to him out here, who would notice? Would they have enough time to intervene before he was killed or his unconscious body dragged away? Or worse, his conscious body dragged away?

"Calm down, kid, you're driving me crazy with all of this back and forth."

"I don't know how you expect me to stay calm with all of this going on. I don't know if somebody's waiting to ambush me, how strong this guy is, or what's going to happen,
ki. And you're asking me to stay calm, Son Goku? Really?"

Attempting to quell the multitude of thoughts circling in his mind, Kyousuu examined the guy that he'd been talking to - well, listening to - and found that this was a guy with an interesting complexion. He hadn't really seen anybody with skin like that, but he didn't consider it a bad thing. He was actually quite curious now, especially since, though he'd seen people with tanned skin that made them appear more brown-ish in tone, this was something far different. But... it wouldn't appropriate to comment on the matter, so instead he nodded, remaining rather silent and appearing calm, hiding the storm of emotions that hid under that cool exterior.

It was then that another, larger man approached them. In all his concern for what might be going on, Kyousuu hadn't bothered attempting to sense the presence of others. He felt rather silly for not bothering, really, but now wasn't the time to be overly concerned with that. It was too late now, two of them had already shown themselves... but perhaps he'd be able to pick up on other chakra signatures close enough to be considered a threat. Consequently, Kyousuu focused on trying to pick up on others, but there were none. They were just out of reach of the village gates, as far as his ability to sense went, so those weren't clouding his senses.

Ignoring most of the exchange between the two other men, Kyousuu's attention was mostly drawn to when the conversation was directed back at him.

"Wow...you really do look like a chick..."

Kyousuu's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. Though he'd heard that he looked rather feminine from some of the creeps that wanted nothing other than to get in his pants, he didn't really expect that to be the first thing said to him in a conversation with a guy he didn't even know.

"I... what? Excuse me?"

All of this was awfully confusing and he was getting mixed signals. Was this a trap? Would he be killed? Kidnapped? Tortured? What? Kyousuu rubbed his temples, mentally exhausted and frustrated by the whole situation. This guy was definitely either trying to get on Kyou's nerves, or he was trying to make the jinchuuriki drop his guard. Or... something.

Just like Shinjin, he was of a darker complexion, but... his beard...

"...Beard," the chuunin whispered as he found his eyes drawn to that particular part of the man's face. He'd rarely seen beards anyway, but that was a beard that trumped all other beards. A magnificent beard. A fantastic beard.

"A glorious beard..."

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptySun 17 Aug 2014, 7:09 am

Effortlessly, he conjured up the strength and flexibility to move through the trees into a new position. Kyu knew exactly where he was, pointing his head in that direction away from the decoy he'd left for them. A tree branch gave him purchase and he pressed his back against the trunk. Shinjin pulled out everything in his pockets that didn't belong to him and gave them to the wind. Fuuinjutsu was tricky and it had slipped past his thoughts to assume that Kyu could follow him in such a way. He plopped down on the high branch and started cutting at his blackened pants. Fuck. Shinjin gazed at the burnt hole and embarrassment took him and then shame right after. Of course. Here I am worrying about Kyu's eccentric personality and I'm carrying explosive money. Kyu, the best.........worst teacher in the world.

Shinjin's twin stood before the stranger. A tightness began to curl in his back and formed a coiled spring of tension at the base of his neck. Busted. Kyu knew, but it was too late to disappear. There was no command yet from the original, so he would have to continue feeling stupid doing this. Then, once this was over he would feel stupid again, because all of that information and the emotions would go running back to the original. At least he hadn't made it obvious to the stranger, but it felt horrible to stand there stupidly. Shinjin could only look back. Ok. I've learned my lesson. Sorry cousin.

He'd hoped that the sincere look of apology on his face would pass Kyu's mind. Maybe it would curb his tongue around any unnecessary verbiage. But of course not. Of course -fucking- not. Kyu went on about things that were obvious lies and exaggerated truth with hyperbole. Yes, Shinjin had the desire to fight, but not at such extent. And no, he did not take medicine. The bunshin could only rub his forehead with his fingers, breathing to calm himself down.  Just go ahead and tell a stranger shit that's not even the truth Kyu. I mean, it's not like I should expect you to be honest.

Man, family can be such a damn pain in the ass. Then again, who was he to talk?

This person, whoever she was (he, Shinjin had to remember to think and say he) only added to Shinjin's problems. Enough was enough. Shinjin started to think about other things, like fairies and candy and make-believe worlds. They were all infinitely better than the plane he was on. Shinjin was a practical, level-headed fifteen year old with a lot of responsibility. He'd done well in his Academy schooling, did well in genin training and overall was extremely talented. Some might even say that Shinjin was a genius of hard work and maybe even just a plain old genius. He had his flaws and he'd made some mistakes (like stealing from his rich cousin), but over all he was a good person.


He wanted to shout it to the sky, the trees, the by standers and the Creator himself. Shinjin felt like he had to ask. Why? Why have thou forsaken me? Did I not witness to the poor man and the rich man? Did I not spread your Holy Word on my journey? Did I not wash my feet before stepping on to Holy Ground? Why Lord? Why do you punish me? If this is for stealing Kyu's money, then I'm sorry. But I come before you now and pray for sane people. Just one friend or family member that isn't insane. That doesn't say completely random things. That lives on this Earth, O Lord, this Earth you have created.

Shinjin's sin was too deep. The Creator had not responded nor looked favorably at him from on High. He merely left his power in the hands of Kyu, placing his very wrath with him. Shinjin remembered part of a scripture.

Vengeance is mine saith the LORD, I SHALL REPAY.

And as he stood there pretending that he was not surrounded by the weirdest two individuals on Earth, he was paying with his sanity. And it was a heavy price. Shinjin wanted to be back home, and decided that it would be time for him to do so. Apparently Kyu had his own thing going with this kid, something that Shinjin would not play apart of, or rather didn't have a part in. These two were perfect for each other, eccentric and weird, and they had the uncanny ability to ignore normal life and normal people things. Shinjin needed to be away from this, far enough where he could relax his mind and his thoughts and concentrate on ranking up. And with that, he left.


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A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] Vide
PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptyTue 19 Aug 2014, 12:34 am

He found himself enjoying the expression on Kyousuu's face. The emotions he was showing, from the surprise, the worry, the confusion, all of it was like smelling a good meal his mother made. He was drinking it all up, and he would take in more if it wasn't for the young man's surprising first word to Kyuseishu.

"...Beard." did he just say beard? The young man was fascinated by the facial hair surrounding Kyuseishu’s cheeks and chin. “A glorious beard…” his awestruck face could’ve been painted onto a landscape, the glistening of those eyes could’ve made the artist weep for joy. His expression was that good, and it was only going to get better.

He stroked his beard once more just to get a feel of it. He would normally not even notice the length and fullness of the beard, but it had been awhile since he actually felt and looked it. Weeks had gone by since he last trim his beard to a manageable level-his last trim was his first encounter with the two-tailed jinchuuriki, Kirima, and that was a night that left him with a dry mouth and a shit ton of whiskey-so with frequent traveling and his mind on the business his beard grew a good length. He hadn’t really felt the weight of the beard until Kyousuu looked at it with the same gleam a young man has when he sees a good set of breast.

“It is a pretty cool beard.” He said, stroking his beard slowly and nodding to himself “ One pretty. Cool. Beard.”

He wouldn’t reveal his loyalties, if he could call it that. He learned firsthand that Kirigakure isn’t exactly well-received by the world. Kyousuu wouldn’t need any reason to leave out of his site from his eccentric entrance he just pulled. Hell, even he would consider walking away from the conversation. What excuse could he use that wouldn’t be too alarming. He bowed his head “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kuro, Kyuseishu. Billionaire Philanthropist.” It wasn’t untrue. Just only half of it “This is my cousin. I usually like to pretend he is a mentally deranged individual who escaped from a insane asylum and I am here to escort him back” He swiveled his head to Shinjin “I tease him too much. He’s my student in the affairs of business who I’ve taken under my wing in order for the new generation to prosper.”

Kyuseishu found his eyes inspecting Kyousuu. Besides the feminine features and the lanky appearance, he wouldn’t expect him to be Son Goku’s host. He couldn’t say he didn’t expect Kyousuu to act and look the way he did. The report he read on him early gave a clear definition of Kyousuu down to his temperament and how strong he is currently. Still, he was surprised he was able to encounter him in the open like that, and he was even more surprised the note actually got him out in the open.

“I like to -“ he started, then his eyes were drawn behind Kyousuu Samu’Al he said in a different language.

The obsidian skin man walked out from the crowd.  He removed the traditional robe garb he took for his travelling to a more traditional outfit similar to the monk outfit of the Shikyo clan. He got down the old royalty look with the vibrant purples and calm crimson sash around his waist. Lord Alyasha. I hope I’m not intruding.

Not at all.He placed a hand on Samu’Al “This is my cousin as well, Samu’Al of House Kuro. He has made arrangements for us to stay while we are in Fire Country.”

“How do you do?” He said in a soothing voice. He points at Shinjin “Is this…?”

“Ah,” Kyu said, “This is our cousin."

Samu'al look of Shinjin was neutral at first, then curiosity blanket over those piercing green eyes. He was  deciding whether he would actually liked him. He showed a bit of teeth when he smiled. He did a small bow "It is good to finally meet our cousin clan. I am Samu'Al, son of Nach. It is an honor."

Kyuseishu looked over to Kyousuu "It's quite a long story really with this but I believe I can explain all of this when we arrive at your estate." The last part was to Samu'Al.

"Yes, yes." he said "I must go on ahead, however. My family was not prepared for your arrival and they'll need me to attend for your accomadations…" He paused. He was readying himself to say Kyu's full name, but the last second reminder from Kyuseishu held his tongue. Samu'Al chose his word carefully "Kyuseishu-sama. If you excuse me." He bowed to Shinjin then he bowed to Kyousuu. Just as quick as he arrived, he was gone in an instant.

"Seems a lot of people are just disappearing nowadays." Kyuseishu said. "Ah, what can ya do?" he shrugged "That, my dear student, is the ninth house of the Kuro clan. They are distinguished by their very dark skin, green eyes and are famed in our house for their rich culture. They are the reserved part of the family that usually stays away from the affairs of war and politics to focus on things such as the arts, calligraphy, writing, music-" He waves his hand "The list is quite large."

Back to Kyousuu, Kyu smiled "Tell me, would you join us for dinner? I'm sure my family wouldn't mind setting an extra plate for you."
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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] A Dangerous Game [P, Izayah, Watcher] EmptyWed 03 Sep 2014, 12:46 am

Realizing only too late that he'd made those comments out loud... well, the ones about the beard, at least, Kyousuu felt the temperature of his cheeks rise ever so slightly. Though the color in his face wouldn't change much, to the trained eye it would be noticeable enough for them to recognize that the jinchuuriki was rather embarrassed about the display. After all, while any man would likely be able to appreciate a beard of that caliber, Kyou took a liking to it for different reasons. This was a man on a whole different level from the ones that he'd met - particularly the ones that bothered to talk to him.

Luckily the man introduced himself, but even with a name to put to that face of his, the chuunin couldn't really be sure what motives that Kyu might have for approaching him. The short autobiography would have been sufficient had this been a meeting that they both agreed upon prior, or if this was some gathering of sorts between equal parties. But this wasn't such a meeting, and the brunet was sure that whatever motives the man had for meeting him here, they were far from innocent. Businessman or no, he doubted that money was this guy's only motivator, especially since he probably didn't need more of it. There was some other power at work here. Probably.

Shinjin remained silent, and it was a bit off-putting. Perhaps he was the hired muscle?

Just then, it hit him. The reason he hadn't noticed any others around was purely because Shinjin's chakra signature was already being processed, and as such he didn't put too much importance on the location. But... either this or the location of his chakra further away was a clone, and he couldn't be sure which was the real Shinjin. Perhaps the clone was here so he would have an escape, or the clone was positioned further away to act as a lookout. Either way, it was fairly shady and made Kyousuu reconsider sticking around. Although, there was a very high chance that attempting to run off would result in a fight breaking out, and he didn't feel safe enough around the two of them to attempt something so reckless.

The appearance of Kyu's acquaintance gave him a bit more time to analyze the situation and think. Maybe Son Goku would have something valuable to say? After all, even though they weren't really friends, he knew that the bijuu would much prefer to have control over the situation than be dragged along. But... he couldn't rely on the beast to make decisions for him, either. Holding in a sigh, he decided to wait it out just a little bit longer to see what would happen. He was ready to start running if anything happened, but there was a chance they'd be able to catch him as they likely expected some sort of reluctance.

Reaching into his bag, he pulled out the bananas he had purchased earlier and pulled one off before putting the rest back. Peeling it ever so skillfully, from the tip rather than the stem, he slowly began to bite off and chew chunks of the fruit. The pace was intentional, and almost made it seem as though the event was meant to be more sensual than the simple consumption of food.

The moment the conversation turned back to him, the chuunin's green eyes flickered with a hint of defiance. He had to get some sort of information out of this guy if he was going to consider taking him up on his offer for dinner. After all, it was clear that Kyuseishu knew who Kyousuu was, but the reverse was far from true.

Shinjin's presence vanished as the dark-skinned male left - the reasons for which were unknown to Kyousuu, but he was more focused on the knowledge that Kyu possessed.

"Kuro-san," he stated rather bluntly, his voice heavy with demand, "I hope you don't expect me to just accept a dinner invitation like that without even taking the time to try and understand the situation, ki. It's clear from your language and the way you're behaving that you already know a lot about me, probably more than I could imagine, but until a few moments ago I didn't so much as know your name."

Crossing his arms across his chest, Kyousuu tilted his chin up and shifted his weight to his right hip. The two of them were rather close in height, but the older male was still slightly taller. Of the three, Shinjin was the shortest - not that it really mattered. After a brief pause, the jinchuuriki's eyes narrowed and his mouth curled up into a smirk.

"You want something from me, don't you? And you want to butter me up first to increase your chances of getting what you want without having to cause a scene, am I right? I may not have been out of the village very much, but I'm plenty self-aware, ki. I know what I could be worth to people, and what could happen if I were to fall into the wrong hands."

This was his chance to find out if Kyu knew something about his status as a jinchuuriki, and if he was right about him having an ulterior motive. Kyousuu was no expert at lie detecting, but Kyu's response would determining whether the brunet accepted or refused his dinner invitation.

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He was sure Shinjin would leave after Kyu’s antics. His peripheral saw his protégé was gone. Whether he went to the ninth house for dinner or somewhere else to clear his mind Kyu had no idea. Shinjin was tired of everything, despite going through what little training Kyu gave him. He wanted to get stronger, Kyu saw that. Kyu’s ‘training tactics’ and his ‘ongoing lectures’ were the equivalent t of having to grind aluminum foil in the ear. Kyu’s annoying attitude, his strange behavior, his crazy got damn antics, all of it was too much to handle. He wanted out, at least for now.  Kyu was surprised at how long Shinjin lasted. He was crossing a thin line He had no idea that what he was dealing with was training in itself. What it was for Shinjin hadn’t figure out yet, nor should he because he had no knowledge of the organization that took so much interest in him. Kyu had a surprise for him once he returned to Kirigakure no sato. It was something he should have received after his promotion to chuunin. That was something the three hands of The Creed wanted. Kyu belayed that order, wanting to test to see what skill he possessed. A Shikyo he may be, but a Shikyo is simply am ordinary person if that person lacks the skill. He knew Hiroshi would agree with the methodology, albeit he wouldn’t have done what he did.

Because Shinjin wasn’t on the inside on what Kyu was precisely doing at the time, his antics would go as something as normal “Kyu” behavior: Eccentric, off the wall, playing games and tricks again. Again, this was done on purpose. He would rather have Shinjin stay to watch the encounter unfold. It was unfortunate really. He wanted to see if he would notice the boy was a Jinchuuriki.

The Jinchuuriki wasn’t dumb. Goofy would be the appropriate term for him, quirky at best, but far from stupid Perhaps if he played this trick on a young toddler, someone who was extremely naïve, or someone who was extremely hungry he would’ve said “Sure thing.”

His green eyes did a close inspection of Kyu now, trying to see whether or not he was truly an enemy. Something else was looking at him as well; something deep within the man that was analyzing the situation, pondering as to whether to interfere or to just sit back. Kyu had no intentions of attacking a jinchuuriki. Despite having well kept information on the man, he would rather not get close to a person who had the ability to manipulate lava. If anything, he would rather keep it civil and remain pleasant. He believed he could pull that off.

Kyou pulled out a banana out of his bag and bit down like a monkey would do. He did the proper thing and responded like any proper suspicious man would do.  The only thing that made Kyu look quizzically was the fact that every time he ended a sentenced he would say ki. He wasn't entirely sure whether that was tick of the bijuu or a tick he just had normally, but that was one thing that put him off for just a moment.

"It is true," Kyu admitted. "That I do know who you are and what you are worth to the world. In the wrong hands, you would be used as a weapon. The worst thing that could happen would be for you to die for the sake of unsealing the bijuu inside you." He wouldn't go so far to say that he knew the bijuu name, at least not yet. He had to feign some type of ignorance over the matter. He kept it cool.

He points a finger at Kyou's chest "All of your life, you were invisible to the people of your village, bullied by some, feared and hated by others. You stayed invisible for it was easier to stay hidden and away from them. They aided you for a time but in doing so," he moved in his hand up and down giving him perspective. "It made you aimless and you wonder what potential lies within you. Who would teach the Jinchuuriki? Who would make him strong?" He shook his head. "They would watch as you grow, keeping an eye on you so they know how you were growing. But they would never interfere. Never did the people who watch you, give you the knowledge to grow strong."

His voice was deep, vibrant as if he was preaching to a fellowship of people. Yet, there was something personal about it. "I don't fear you. I don't hate you. Hell, I admire you man. Because of that, I am simply here to give you an opportunity that I usually don't give often." He paused. "I usually don't do this. I don't like taking people under my wing because in my nature, I am a man of power. That's something I don't admit often but that is what I am. I am someone who would take something of greatness and utilize it for my benefit only." He sighed "However, I am a man of honor. The reason I know you is because there was a time I kept in contact with someone you may know."

"Guide him." Kyu said "That was what your brother said when he told me about you. Not protect you, but guide you. It was as if Daitarou knew I would meet you one day." He made a noise with his tongue to show his mild annoyance "I think he just planted the idea of meeting you inside my head cause he got me all curious. Now, I think I got an understanding of what he meant by 'guide'."
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Though Kyu's expression shifted, indicating that Kyousuu's response held something that made him think, it was clear he was still confident he could get what he wanted. What that was, the brunet couldn't be sure of, but there was still some satisfaction to be gained simply from making a man like that look even the slightest bit quizzical. That sense of triumph didn't last long, however - the moment Kyu began to speak, he felt a mix of emotions that almost made him want to go on the defensive.

The words "you could be used as a weapon" left him with a bitter taste in his mouth, as they usually did, but he did his best to mask his distaste for the idea by biting off another piece of the banana. Kyousuu recalled the last time he'd spoken to somebody on the matter of his "place", and it left him with a lot of questions and much less trust in the ninjas of the Leaf. Robin was the man's name - Uzumaki, Robin - and at one point he'd been the Hokage. It was during that period that the chuunin learned first hand that the bijuu housed inside of him was what people wanted the most, not the boy on the outside. While there were those that viewed him as a normal human being when they didn't know, such as some of his peers, he felt that most who knew the truth either hated him or simply viewed him as a shell for Son Goku, just like Robin. Simply thinking about that encounter brought back emotions he'd rather forget, so after taking the last bite of the banana and tossing the peel aside, he focused on Kyu once more.

This man... he knew so much about Kyou's life that it was frightening. How could he possibly know the internal struggles that he faced, being stuck between so many different attitudes and positions regarding the tailed beasts and what it meant to have one of them within the village walls? The most terrifying part of it was that everything the man said was true. Everything from how he felt about it to the way people looked at him. Nobody was truly around to teach him what he wanted and needed to know. While Only those in the village could give him some of the answers he wanted, there was a chance he'd be able to find what he wanted and needed elsewhere. But... was Kyu really the person to lead him to those answers?

He didn't really want to believe that. After all, he'd just met this man - and Kyu knew so much about Kyousuu that it was clear he'd have some ulterior motives. Chances were he wanted to, at the very least, secure some type of alliance so that there would be less chance of danger once Kyousuu began to try and control some of the beast's powers. At most, he figured that he would try to secure the jinchuuriki's powers for whatever team he played for, and that was the most likely explanation. Then again, even if he didn't want to believe that Kyu might be able to help him, something inside of him pointed towards it being true, that this stranger could help. It was the first time he'd ever run into somebody with a motive like that, but that wasn't too surprising given that he'd rarely met anybody from outside Fire Country. The most pressing matter then would be what he would do about it. Would he play into the man's hands and go along with him, or would he put up a fight? Would he opt to stay holed up in Konoha for the rest of life?

He knew the answer, but he wanted to pretend that he didn't. His heart knew what it wanted, and it was only a matter of time until his mind followed suit. But... there was still some hesitation left in him, something was keeping him from leaping at this opportunity he'd been presented. It wasn't a sense of patriotism, nor did he really care about his parents, and he didn't feel like he had enough friends to warrant staying. His best friend would understand - she knew as much about him as he was willing to tell, and he trusted her enough to open up about even the most sensitive subjects. Consequently, she would likely encourage him to leave and find the answers that he was looking for. So what exactly kept him from leaving? Was it fear?

During most of Kyu's speech, Kyousuu looked as though he wanted to turn and walk away. It was his way of communicating that reluctance without making it seem as though he was only attached to the village by a thin thread. After all, it would be dangerous to show his true feelings at this point. Kyu was still not somebody to be trusted, not for a second, but Kyousuu really wanted to be able to trust him. It was the first time anybody had come to him like that. Perhaps it was all a result of the man's silver tongue, but that didn't really matter anymore. Even if he had been a lot more crude with the way he spoke, the message was still the same: "I know what you want, and what you need, and I can give it to you. Just come with me." Even after admitting that he was a man that took great pleasure in exploiting others for his own benefit, it was the principle of the matter that drew the jinchuuriki in. Kyousuu could feel his urge to rebel rising, like boiling water in a kettle. It would continue to build up until the water evaporated or the kettle blew open, the pressure causing it to explode.

"Guide him. That was what your brother said when he told me about you."

His brother.

The rest of Kyu's words were drowned out by the realization that there was yet another man who had spoken with his brother. Perhaps there was some truth to Yuuto's claims after all. For a split second, Kyousuu's eyes widened and a pained look crossed his face. If it was true and Daitarou cared enough to ask for outside help, why didn't he try to come see for himself? Was it because he would be considered a rogue and would have to sneak in to avoid being captured or killed? Was that it? There was really only one way to find out - he was going to talk to him, one way or another. He knew Yuuto wanted to lead him there, but perhaps Kyu could get him where he needed to go as well.

"So you've met my brother then," Kyousuu responded, his voice wavering as he became overwhelmed with longing. "You've met him. You've met him and talked to him, ki, and if you're telling me the truth, he wants you to guide me? To help me?" Taking a small step backwards to avoid losing his balance, he let out a shaky sigh. With only a few words, Kyu managed to get to him. He knew he would be able to, and waited until the very end to pull out his trump card.

"I can't believe I'm even considering this right now, but... if I go with you, to dinner, could we talk about Daitarou? Maybe? And it'll give me some time to think about things, ki."

It wasn't quite a solid acceptance of Kyu's dinner invitation, but there was a very slim chance he'd actually say no in the end. If they talked within the village walls, he didn't feel as though he really had to worry about being attacked. But he didn't know what this man was capable of, so he wouldn't really be able to let his guard down, even over a meal. Nervous, the brunet ran his fingers through his hair, shaking the strands loose when he reached the back of his head.

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Ah, and so he hit the mark. Kyu had the one dart land directly at the board. If Kyu was a chess motif kind of guy, he would've immediately thought checkmate. However, that was a Hiroshi kind of thought anyway and he rather stray far away from anything remotely Hiroshi. Kyu could see the longing in the young man's eye, the need to find out more about his lost brother. He knew that it was the only card he could pull without resorting to violence. Again, it was the last thing he wanted to do. This tactic, however, was just as cruel for the pain deep within Kyou's heart would eat at him until he can find the answer.  How long had Kyou dream the day he could see his brother? His only surviving brother. Why would he ask him, a complete stranger, to guide him? Was there more to it?

"Is the favor too much for you?" Daitarou said, his fingers fiddling with a pen.

"Too much? No, you're asking me to make my way towards a village where I have little influence in and you want me to la de da my way into the gotdamn village and perhaps try to convince some kid to come with big ole black guy. No, the favor is simple bruh. Easy peasy." was what Kyu wanted to say.

He grinned instead "Well, hell Dai. You're asking a lot outta me. You're asking me to take a jinchuuriki out of a village. If I do that, and I take him to Kiri, then what? You know the organization I work for will get on my ass once they find out. "

"I know." Daitarou's focus was elsewhere and something told Kyu he didn't say that in reponse to Kyu's concerns. He ran a hand through his hair "I know, I know..."

If you know then why are you asking me to do something like this?

"And let's not start there. Konoha has no idea who I am. Sure, I don't truly work for Kirigakure. But all they'll see is a Kirigakure shinobi taking a prized weapon. That alone will cause strife in the international community."

Daitarou raised his thumb to his lip, as if he was ready to bite down on it out of frustration. He caught himself doing it and pulled his hand away. "Kyuseishu-san. What is it that you do in your organization? Really? You're young, yet the way you talk, your demeanor, your attitude. You appear as though you're higher up in the food chain than you appear."

Was he trying to get off topic. Kyu was impressed that he caught on so well. He thought he hid that well, hopefully none suspecting his intentions. Yet, Daitarou was observant enough to see there was more to him than what appears to the naked eye.

"Your silence is answer enough, Kyu-san. I don't know what it is you do but I have an idea that you can do much more than what you can say."

"There is a reason why I don't just take jinchuuriki out of their respective village. It's about the balance-"

"I don't give a damn about that!" the shout was so sudden that it took Kyu aback. Daitarou composed himself. "What the village did to my family...what happened to them after they sealed the Yonbi within Kyousuu..." he clenched his hand into a fist. "It's unforgivable." he said softly.

Good grief...The last thing he wanted was to upset this guy. Daitarou was probably the kindest individual he had met, more so than their leader Yuuto. To see the pain in this man's face, it made Kyu realize that there was only one emotion that could spring such hatred.

"I know you have the capabilities for this favor." He said after a brief moment of silence. "I know I can't do it now...I simply, I just can't."  

He has his secrets too. That was something Kyu wasn't going to push. "He is family." Kyu said. "The only family you have left. Nothing, not my organization, not the village, nobody can stop your love for your brother." He understood love. He was a brother, the eldest of the three. He didn't understand the love of this man. Daitarou would do anything to help his brother, even if it meant asking the help of a stranger.

Kyu let out a sigh, looking up at Daitarou with resolve in his eyes. "Daitarou...I'll do it, under one condition..."

Kyousuu was considering the option now. Disbelief aside, he couldn't hold in the fact that he wanted to know about his brother. He has looked at the forbidden fruit, and Kyu , the devil, is making it ever so alluring. When Kyousuu said he would come on the condition of Kyu relaying information about his brother, how could Kyuseishu not smirk?

"Oh?" Kyu said. He pondered on the prospect. "I imagine I can dust up the stories I had with the ole' Hanketsu gang. In honesty, I haven't really told anyone of my adventures with the group anyway, so you'll be the first. And I love telling stories." He snaps a finger at him "You got yourself a deal."

He points to the direction south of where they were standing "The Ninth House compound is pretty far out there. I imagine it would take an hour or so to get there. It'll look like one of those old castles, you know the ones you see in books and fairytales? Yeah, those. If you see that with the insignia of Needle, that's the house."

He looked up towards the sky. He could judge from the sun's height that it was still early in the afternoon. "It'll probably be late evening before dinner start so come at least by seven. The Ninth House of the Kuro clan are famed for their hospitality, but they do take their time in making food."

He placed a hand on Kyousuu's shoulder. "Give yourself some time, my banana eating friend. You don't have to come to the dinner if you don't want to. If you do come, well," He shrugged his shoulders. "I hope you're into spicy foods. If you ain't, then I suggest you eat a lot of bananas on the way here cause it'll tear the hell out of your intestines. Trust me on that."

He left then. He wanted to give Kyousuu some time to think on the matter. He had to think on some matters as well. Even now, his mind was still looking at the implications of this action. To take the Jinchuuriki-to take Kyousuu out of the village and ultimately shift the balance in the world meant a coming of war. Did Daitarou understand that? Kyu believed he did. The love he had for his brother threw that thought out the window. Guide him. Those words held more weight than it should.

He was getting clear twenty-twenty hindsight vision now. It was too late to say "Nah, never mind. Don't come with me. I ain't finna make a war with no mutha fuckin fire country." The action is done. It was time to act now. He combed his beard with his hand feeling all the curls and naps. The one thing he did get out of this encounter was the fact that the guy liked his beard.

That made him smile.

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"I imagine I can dust up the stories I had with the ole' Hanketsu gang. In honesty, I haven't really told anyone of my adventures with the group anyway, so you'll be the first. And I love telling stories."

He was starting to connect the dots.

If Kyu knew Hanketsu as a group rather than just Daitarou, perhaps he knew Yuuto as well, and the two younger shinobi that Kyou initially attempted to capture. That changed things - a lot, in fact. Being connected with Hanketsu meant that Kyu likely had access to quite the information network, both within the villages and outside of them. That was likely how he was able to get so much information about Kyousuu, because while his brother could have mentioned things like his being a jinchuuriki and his family structure, the man had left so soon that he wouldn't have known that the boy's life was like as he grew up. It made things more interesting, but also more complicated, and the brunet realized he was likely getting involved with some dangerous people. Even so, he felt that he would rather risk it now than wait until those that might want to get their hands on him had a chance to prepare. Besides, he was simply invited to dinner, nothing more. Afterwards, he'd be able to to head to Tea Country and take care of his mission there, meet up with Yuuto, and figure out where to go from there.

Assuming he accepted the dinner invitation, that is.

He had some time to think about it as the day was still young, and dinner wouldn't be until around seven. That gave him a few hours to really think about whether or not he'd show up, and what he'd say or ask. There was a lot to think about and a lot to cover if he opted to accept, and he wanted to be sure he didn't leave anything out. Anything important, at least, as some things could likely wait. One thing was certain, though - he'd have to have a nice chat with Son Goku and be sure that his next steps were the right ones. They weren't friends, but they'd been together for 7 years, and that had a way of dispelling tension. Especially since they'd had plenty of time to just... talk, about even the smallest of things, and even if the tailed beast didn't trust or like Kyou, the chuunin had come to appreciate the company. At the very least, they didn't argue much anymore or yell at each other like they did at the beginning of the relationship.

It took all of the jinchuuriki's willpower to avoid flinching when Kyu placed a hand on his shoulder. He was rather finicky about physical contact in any circumstance, but this was an encounter that presented a heightened possibility of danger. Despite how well it went up to that point, there was always a chance that the second after Kyu removed his hand, he'd throw a punch or otherwise begin his assault. Even if it didn't seem like that was likely, he had to be open to the possibility to avoid being caught off guard. The other male was fairly bulky, and if that wasn't an indication of taijutsu prowess, then he didn't know what was. Simply standing this close to the man put him on edge. Luckily, Kyu left the scene shortly after those last words had been uttered, leaving the brunet to make a final decision.

As he headed back to his apartment, he could feel his thoughts fighting for dominance, the options equally appealing. He could just forget all of that ever happened and stick with his previous plan, or he could go to dinner and perhaps find a better way to go about things. Yuuto or Kyu - whoever he chose to follow, he would be putting himself at risk. With Yuuto, he'd be outnumbered for sure and there was no telling how many others he might drag along with him. If he wanted to kill Kyou, he had all the resources and skill needed to get the job done. As for Kyu, though it was clear he had manpower, the chuunin didn't even know where the man came from. He guessed that he was dealing with a ninja, but even that was mostly speculation based on the guy's chakra signature and the company he kept. Of the two, Kyu was shrouded in the most mystery, but somehow he was the one that Kyousuu was leaning toward. Yuuto would still be there, right?

Maybe he needed to consult with the ape after all.


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