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Guide: Poisons

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Guide: Poisons Vide
PostSubject: Guide: Poisons Guide: Poisons EmptyMon 25 Aug 2014, 3:33 am

The Ultimate Shinobi 'Poison' Guide:
Here on Ultimate Shinobi a character with the specialization of Eijutsu (Medical) or Kugutsu Techniques (Puppetry) is capable of utilizing various substances that can be harmful to the body. The usage and creation of these substances is limited to only the above mentioned specialties, the only exception being in regards so specifically inclined Animal Summons as further explained in the [url=Link]Summons Guide[/url].

The damage and/or harm inflicted by these substances varies depending upon two specific factors; the Delivery Method and the Rank, with each of these being further elaborated later in the guide. For a further form of general clarification these substances are divided into two separate groups based around the specific origins of each substance. The categories are as follows.

Plant-Based Toxins: Plant-Based Toxins are certainly the more common of the two groups, however one could argue they are the more difficult to weaponize. This type of toxin can create a wide variety of effects, certainly much more variable than those of animal based toxin. Some common toxic plants includes Wolfs-bane and Poison Ivy.

Animal-Based Toxins: Arguably the easiest to utilize in the form of a weapon (presuming one is careful), Animal-Based Toxins are substances that are extracted from the teeth, body, blood or any other system of an animal. This includes all Venom from any source. This group includes the various Biotoxins created by animals like by Snakes, Spiders and Jellyfish, which can be limited down into subcategories such as Neurotoxins (Toxins that induce Necrosis), Hemotoxins (Toxins that affect the Blood), and Neurotoxins (Toxins that affect the Nervous System).

*Please note that in the context of general discussion on this site and within the Manga the word 'Poison' is used in a colloquial sense to describe any substance that causes harm to the body, when absorbed, ingested , inhaled or injected into a character; however, the above descriptions should allow you to clarify further.

With the above categories in mind, no substance should be created that does not originate from the above sources. However, their effects can vary from the more naturalistic tendencies to affect things that only occur within this setting, a key example of this would be a poison that hinders the chakra system of an opponent. With that being said, with this in mind no description of a custom poison should deviate into the realm of an acid or any other more synthesized compound. Even in the manga (with only one notable exceptions) the usage of poisons in generally derived from the same sources as listed above. Further, the two possible points of origin listed above, it should be obvious that Diseases, Viruses and/or Bacteria cannot be weaponized in any fashion on US and as such cannot be employed in any fashion within the confines of this system.

Having noted the above, we do not expect your poisons to mimic the exact capabilities of real world counterparts and as such poisons are free to the creative process (within the boundaries of reason and balance) so long as their origins and chemical functions do not differ from what is noted above.

Further, as one might imagine, the number of poisons one can obtain is limited by the rank of the Shinobi, obviously a character cannot obtain a poison higher than his or her rank. The limitations are as follows.

Maximum Poison Per Rank:
Shinobi Rank:D - Rank Poisons:C - Rank Poisons:B - Rank Poisons:A - Rank Poisons:S - Rank Poisons:Total:
C - Rank:TwoTwo---Four
B - Rank:FourThreeOne--Eight
A - Rank:SixFourTwoOne-Thirteen
S - Rank:EightFiveThreeTwoOneNinteen

Combat Usage of Poisons:
As was previously mentioned, although the effects of a poison may vary greatly, its damage is contingent upon two defining factors, the Rank and the state of the poison. The first of these two factors is the rank of the poison. As with all other things on this site, the rank is comparable to the capabilities and as such a higher damage poison is contingent upon having a higher rank.

General Poison Abilities by Rank:
D - Rank:Minimal amounts pain but nothing long lasting but irritating. May cause prolonged rashes, drowsiness, fever.
C - Rank:Prolonged pains such as external and internal aching. May cause burns, disrupted sensory skills, prolonged aches.
B - Rank:Some internal damage such as temporary numbing or blindness, intense burns, nerve disruption.
A - Rank:Some serious injury and things like localized paralysis.
S - Rank:Coma Inducing. Strong chance of death if not immediately treated.

Further, the capabilities of a poison is also defined by the state in which it exists. They are as follows:

Poison Capabilities as per the Delivery Method:
Delivery Method:Capabilities:
Gaseous:Poisons of this type generally affect the external factors of the body, including inducing rashes or pains. They can also generally induce sensory inhibitions such as numbness and or various other sensory alterations. An opponent must be immersed the poison for a longer time to induce more serious effects. It should be noted that gaseous poisons cannot be colorless or otherwise invisible.
Liquid Based:A middle ground between a gaseous poison and a solid poison, liquid poisons are generally injected, absorbed through the skin and/or inflicted upon an opponent by means of contamination. As a result these poisons generally effect more systemic regions of the body. They have a high rate of lethality and do so very quickly if inflicted upon the user.
Solid Based:The most potent of all poisons is also the hardest to inflict upon an opponent. These poisons are very fast active and exceptionally lethal assuming the rank is appropriate. They can affect any system of the body without discrimination.

With the further intention of maintaining a fair system of balance for poison, a dosage system has also been implemented to explain how many times a poison can be used in each of the primary ways. For the most part, you are always limited to one dose per poison, however you may gain additional doses of a poison at the cost of one poison slot. Meaning if you can possess two C - Rank poisons, you may sacrifice an additional poison to possess two doses of one poison of equal rank.

Doses Per Use:
Usage:Amount of Dose Used:
In a technique:One Dose
Coating Basic Weapons*:Half a Dose
Coating Other Weapons**:One Dose
Gas Based Usage:One Dose
Injecting:One Dose
Ingesting:One Dose

    *Basic weaponry applies to Kunai, Shuriken and Senbon. Further when applied to Senbon the poison can be applied to a maximum of five (5) Senbon per usage any more than five consumes a whole dose, with ten (10) being the maximum for a whole dose.
    **Given the variance in size in your general weaponry, the one dose usage to coat your weaponry may not always apply. For example, covering a whole broadsword or to coat the whole length of wire-based weapon would take an exuberant amount of poison. When in doubt always seek moderator guidance.

Poison Creation:
The template for creating a poison is entirely different from your standard item template(s). There are additional fields of description necessary as to describe how the Poison functions and the effects it has on an opponent. The following template must be used for all poisons, and should be followed accordingly.

[b]Poison Name:[/b]
[b]Poison State:[/b]
[b]Poison Description:[/b]
[b]Poison Effect(s):[/b]
[ Post 0 | Turn of Infection/Injection]
[ Post X | Effect]
[ Post X | Effect]
[ Post X | Effect etc]

Poison Name: The name of your poison. All in all this section is pretty self explanatory. If applicable list your name in both English and Japanese and make sure the name is seemingly appropriate to something about the poison.
Rank: D - Rank through S - Rank depending on the capabilities of your poison. For more information see the table listed above.
Doses: All poison by default have one dose. However, as is explained above you can gain additional doses of a poison by sacrificing a poison slot of equal rank.
Type: Plant or Animal Based Toxin.
Poison State: A poison should only have one state in which it exists. These refer to the three primary states of matter, being Solid, Liquid or Gas. This state refers to the state of matter the poison is in at room temperature and regular atmospheric pressure. Poison may be changed into other states of matter through various means such as jutsu, melting, boiling, or less commonly freezing/condensing."
Poison Description: Describe the effects of your poison, how it activates, how long the effects take to activate, how long the effects last, damage/injury/state caused, etc.
Poison Effect(s):(s): Describe the effects of the poison during and after injection. Example: Post 0 | Injection, Post 1 | Tingling, Post 2 | Immense Pain in area of injection, Post 3 | Use of arm terminated.
[ Post 0 | Turn of Infection/Injection]
[ Post X | Effect]
[ Post X | Effect]
[ Post X | Effect etc]

Created by Trey ©
Additional Contributors: Uros & Chris ©
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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