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Awakened. [p, Training]

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Awakened. [p, Training] Vide
PostSubject: Awakened. [p, Training] Awakened. [p, Training] EmptySat 30 Aug 2014, 1:12 am

“It’s been far too long.” A voice shot out of the mist surrounding the island on the end of the water country. It was already fall, and the leaves from the trees, which there wasn’t many to begin with, already begun to fall to their descent to the ground. It was fitting to the mood that Mokuzai was feeling for the moment. In fact, it’s been weeks since the death of Yoi had happened. One would think that the grieving would be done and over with for a nukenin. It was the exact opposite for Mokuzai, who saw the child nothing more than a younger brother. The fact that he could still hear the voice inside his head that matched the tone and structure of Yoi’s; it killed him. He had already cried out loud from the agony building up inside of him. The think that someone of his nature having some soft of affection for a younger version of themselves. Most would rather go back and act like that age never happened; it was much, much more different for Mokuzai.

“Alright.” He calmly stated after placing his booth firmly in the ground underneath him. It’s been a bit too long since he last trained his abilities to stay up to par with the villages around him. It was a perk that he thought he had obtained the moment that he went rogue from his own village. He could learn the things that he wanted to without limits besides his own bodies. It was quite the trait to have in this sort of kill-or-be killed world. Seeing that his jutsu has been lacking here for a few months, it was time to actually sit down, get focused and train on an element that he was supposed to be flaunting whenever he got the chance to. “If I want to stand a chance to attack the villages, I need to make sure that my jutsu stand chance to any sort of barrier, or shinobi that it comes into contact with.” Being his sensei did have its own benefits, as well at its faults. There was no such thing as a perfect system to learn jutsu by oneself. It was all taught from a higher rank shinobi for a reason! No one of lower rank should be able to know a higher jutsu like some prodigy. Mokuzai has never heard of any sort of genin even existing.

The whole area was his training grounds, and by god if someone did so happen to come by, they would just be a moving target for the nukenin to use for a few seconds, or until they drop dead. Whatever happened first for them. Placing his bag of items near the side of the forest, Mokuzai trekked to the entrance of the woods, hoping the layout would be a little different than the map that was going through his head. Each branch underneath his feet crunched from the pressure coming from his body; it was a nice sound to hear once again besides the constant raining that poured from the sky.

It only added to the benefit of the training. Suiton was his element that he would usually use before his own Mokuton as an offensive sway of things. It was quite unnatural for Senju to use their abilities as anything but defensive from what he could gather from various information sources. He cracked his fingers together once he found a nice spot to start his training. It was going to be a normal session, but he was going to concentrate specifically on jutsu, no other training would be done.

The puddles on the ground was more than enough fuel for his jutsu and the way he wanted to go about things. Mokuzai smiled softly underneath the bandages that graced his features. The feeling of the cool liquid running to his finger tips caused goosebumps to run the course of his body. “It’s bliss.” He mused underneath his breath. With the ripples forming the puddles underneath him, Mokuzai kneeled on the ground, placing his hand in the water, quickly pulling it out, it was followed by a series of hand seals in front of his gut.“ Mizukiri no Yaiba !” The blade quickly formed in his grip; allowing the nukenin to feel the flowing water in between his finger tips add to the blade. As quickly as the blade had extended from his position, he let the water fall out from his hands back into the puddle. There was no reason for him to have this blade in his hand for this long. It only added to the chakra that the sensors could sense on him, but something did come to his mind that he didn’t understand how he missed.

“That..was odd.” He clenched his hands together, shaking them lightly after he let the grip lighten. The blade has been draining him quickly out of chakra each time that he had summoned it in battle before. With his curious mindset, Mokuzai took in a deep breath to try a much more powerful jutsu in his possession. The various thoughts of which one to use flashed in his mind as quickly as a shuriken; with one coming into thought almost instantly. “I should have caught on to this much earlier on. I could have spared some chakra to use to get away a bit quicker.” The shudder that went down his spine from the cold almost made him collapse. “Let’s try this one.” He coughed from the pain searing on his cheek. It was about time that he had that injury looked at, but the stalling that came from the nukenin was just as stubborn as any ass.

“Suiryuudan no Jutsu!!” His voice roared in the area; sending echoes throughout the forest around him. Although it wasn’t the smartest choice for him to yell like that, this jutsu asked for it. It would make it both look a bit more awesome, as well make him look a bit stronger than he appeared to be. The life of a bluffer, right? It was bluff or die in his lifestyle. The dragon that appeared from the water was out of control; at least for the time being. This was the first time that Mokuzai even attempted to use this jutsu, and it already proved to be a bit out of his element. No pun intended. The rain started to get heavier, and the nukenin could feel his chakra depleting at a rapid rate from how long he kept this jutsu active. It wasn’t just the sword after all! His whole collection and knowledge of jutsu were all draining him way too easily. Did this make him an amateur? In his eyes, yes, but in the shinobi world there was no better time to learn to control ones abilities than their free time.

With the loss of his chakra, Moku gritted his teeth together to get the chakra flow into his jutsu under control just a bit more. ‘To think- I’ve been over using chakra this whole time?” He sighed, letting the dragon drop from view and allowing the water to fall back to the earth. Learning his new found weakness, he could keep an eye on his chakra output, and learn when to use less unless needed.
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