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Good God [training]

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Good God [training] Vide
PostSubject: Good God [training] Good God [training] EmptySun 07 Sep 2014, 4:02 am

Shinjin was spending an ungodly amount of time cooped up in a small training room purchased by his wife. For the past month he cut off everything his life, all entertainment, people and even mission activity within the Oinin Butai to focus on nothing but training. A few times Mari and Okoki grew worried about his condition, after coming in the training room to see that the young boy had not showered for a few days, terribly filthy and covered his own stench. When they tried to get words from him and to provoke some type of response, he merely shifted his position from them, giving no words and focusing back on his training. They were forced to leave him alone in solitude, stubble growing in among the infected hairs of puberty all over his face.

His training was simple, to master the next level of ninjutsu, to take himself to a higher plane. By being a shinobi, Shinjin needed to focus on the three arts of shinobi. Ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu. Though he wanted to explore his prowess as a weapons user, he calmed those ideas and thoughts and rerouted himself back to the core elements of a shinobi. His skill with taijutsu only needed to be expounded upon by more techniques, he would attempt to learn genjutsu from Hiroshi and his ninjutsu was in a league all of his own. Shinjin's level of focus put extreme restraints on his body, bcause what he was focusing on was not just ninjutsu. It would be the power that would allow him to change the world.

So with those things in mind, he began to focus on the basic principles of chakra and how chakra worked. Being a Shikyo clam member gave him an easier time doing this than he thought. His clan ability allowed him to live on no chakra at all, living purely on seaparate physical and spiritual energies. That ability which he had been honing for these weeks, not moving, sitting still and focusing on splitting them back into their purest forms was what he was working on. In this supreme state of existence, by living outside of what it meant to be alive, he could understand chakra on a different level.

Slowly, the boy began to combine the powers and manipulate the chakra within his body. His natural affinity for the wind and lightning elements blossomed within his soul, but Shinjin focused on the wind. The freedom of it. The power of it. The spirit of the element and its meaning. Wind element provided the strongest offensive capabilities for shinobi between mid and close ranges, being the sharpest tool a ninja could have available to them. By incorporating quick burst attacks in succession, Shinjin's use of the wind element would allow him to deflect weaponry, get in close, knock his opponent off balance and strike. Wind, essentially the most powerful element in terms of what it meant to be a ninja, allotted him also the ability to cut. Since wind was naturally invisible in most circumstances, it also afforded him a great deal of surprise. If an opponent could perceive wind by hearing, then it was already too late for it would be upon them. By keeping debris and things out of fights, Shinjin could also attack invisibly as well.

Knowing a lot about the element allowed him to understand exactly how it worked. So with this knowledge and the weeks to come, Shinjin focused on primarily creating wind chakra within his body and around him, sitting in a swirling pile of ever changing energy. To say that this was easy would be foolish. Between trying to keep his body fed and semi-clean in the confines of a small training room, made it hard to constantly refocus himself when nature called. In order to really achieve prowess over this element, Shinjin found the calls of the body growing trivial by the moment. When he stood up after days to wash the sting of sweat from his face, he cracked long toe nails across the floor, almost broke the unnaturally long ones on his fingers and felt pain when clenching his fists.

This training almost forced him to think about ways to step outside of his body. For if he could truly meditate and focus on what was at hand, he could master this wind element with no need to worry about something as simple as eating or defecating. Shinjin contacted his spiritual side after forcing himself to ignore his body, feeling freedom from earthly attachments as he focused on mind, not body. Though he would stink like nature's worst animal, it was worth it to be able to focus with ease. By a few days in of training after, he'd gotten to the point where he could manipulate the wind around without sitting in a meditative pose. In some ways he could feel the wind around him lift his body to a degree, though with his eyes closed Shinjin never really knew if he was floating or not. It still felt good to assume he could though.

By learning to manipulate the wind chakra around his body, or essentially push the natural air around his body with wind chakra, Shinjin learned more than just a subtle offense or defensive motion. Whenever one did ninjutsu, they had to bring the spiritual and physical energies together and combine them into chakra. Then, after creating chakra one had to pattern the chakra into a certain method using hand seals. Essentially the hand seals part help mold the chakra after certain elements or styles, making it easier to make the jutsu. Now, after training for so long, Shinjin was ready to go beyond those baby steps.

Shinjin had to focus on instant transmission, or rather he had to focus on the finished product, mold his chakra instantly into the pattern until the technique blossomed forth. Without the need for hand seals, Shinjin didn’t have to worry about prepping jutsu beforehand. This new level of combat would change the way he fought completely, especially by using shadow clones. Essentially, his combat style would be faster and aggressive, and since he was already naturally fast, Shinjin's speed with ninjutsu and speed in battle would push him to new levels.
The first technique he wanted to use was one of his own creation, a wind style technique that pushed everything around him outwards. This wind technique would be able push everything away from him while allowing him to bait his opponents into a false sense of security. It was originally designed to stop weapons users and approach opponents in close combat, but with the mastery of said jutsu without hand seals, he could transform his use. Shinjin studied himself for the next few days, forcing his chakra out of his body, imaging himself in battle. With this trick up his sleeve he could now bait his opponents into thinking that he would get hit by shuriken and kunai only to send them scattering back.

The next technique was one of his greatest creations, a wind palm technique that shot invisible winds out like a jet from his hand. By extending the hand forward in a rapid manner, the technique forced wind out from the palm to strike the opponent. In close range, this invisible technique had the ability to knock opponents off balance or even knock them back. The situation of this useful jutsu allowed him to essentially attack from close range as if he was on top of his opponent, but up to three meters away. Seeing as the human limbs did not reach that far, the wind element in this scenario would give him even greater control over close range opponents.

After a few weeks, Shinjin focused on larger scale techniques only relying on the reppushou he learned from a public textbook. Shinjin's plan was now to use wind as an element of control over weaponry and projectile objects. By using the wind push technique he could push things back, but with the Reppushou he could also send things back faster than they had come. By channeling his chakra day after day into the varying wind techniques, Shinjin's use of the wind element allowed him to control the battlefield on a scale up to ten meters away, keeping mid to close range contact with weapons and other weaker jutsu on his terms.

The nimbus technique would prove extremely versatile as well. With the ability to float in mid air at a five meter distance, Shinjin could move from ground to air to avoid ninjutsu elemental techniques, specifically those of the fire nature. Right now, Shinjin's biggest weakness was his inability to avoid widespread ninjutsu that happened quickly. Shinjin knew that focusing on these set techniques, these wind techniques that allowed him to control an opponents position or manipulate his own would be helpful. So for the next week he spent alone in training, he focused on manipulating these techniques without hand signs until he could master them. Each day and each night were spent floating in air, or summoning wind from his mouth or pushing it out from his body and hands. The work was grueling at first, but Shinjin slowly began to master it. Using these jutsu was not about learning how to do it quickly, but learning how to do it over time. Learning the feeling that the chakra required, the pattern of it and memorizing them in an instant. Shinjin would have to know the pattern of chakra in and, front and back to be able to do it. But luckily for such a prodigy as he was, with time, these techniques became extremely easy. Before long, he would be on his way to being a wind master.
The next phase of manipulation would prove harder than the last. Shinjin wanted to focus his elemental abilities, but with higher level ninjutsu he knew that learning how to make hands-free shadow clones was the best bet. The Kage Bunshin jutsu would be great without hand signs, simply because he could dictate the range and position of the shadow clone without having to worry about putting his hands together. In close range combat, he could summon a kage bunshin from his flank while keeping his opponent occupied in taijutsu. This would allow him to make better combination taijutsu attacks that could blindside an opponent with ease.

Shinjin needed this level of flexibility with the shadow clone jutsu, especially for sensors. Sensors were dangerous in that they always knew where the opponent was within a certain distance, but unless they were focusing specifically on higher range sensory, the moment he was outside of their immediate range, he could create shadow clones. He would be able to approach from the targets flank and attack with high speed. With his stealth, using taijutsu or a no seals techinque would not give room enough for the opponent to attack, or time to think about reacting.

The hardest part in focusing on this non-elemental technique was manipulating his chakra. It was very easy with the hand sign, but taking it to this level was difficult to say the least. With the elements one could simply picture their chakra grinding on each other for wind, flowing for water, burning for fire, discharging for lightning and staking for earth. Yet now, Shinjin's mind struggled to make a clear image of himself using the shadow clone jutsu. The next week he spent focused specifically on the technique, forcing himself to conjure up his likeness in a replication. Before long, Shinjin was able to get the hang of it, though he failed numerous times with several bad clone copies. Before long, he had managed to recreate a solid copy, though the process was difficult in that he could not split his chakra perfectly.

Instead of sitting down, Shinjin now had to move around his training room, day in day out. He had to force himself to come up with a clone while jumping, falling, flying or dashing in unpredictable ways. Being able to create a bunshin would allow him to attack with high speed. Essentially, if he was close to his opponent, Shinjin could form a kage bunshin in a position of attack, instead of having the clone summoned and then placed into an attacking form. By creating bunshins below or above, or to the sides of his opponent, Shinjin would need to create more taijutsu to utilize the combinations he could come up with. Once he'd gotten a grip on making a complete shadow clone of himself, moving and creating clones was easy, and almost frighteningly so. Since it was a unique jutsu that didn't expelle from the users mouth or require some sort of overabundant charge, creating them from thin air would make the jutsu one of his greatest tools.

Once he'd finished his shadow clone training after a few days, Shinjin moved on to the next jutsu, another wind technique. This mid level ranked technique summoned forth wind just like the great breakthrough technique except in reverse. This was one of his more potent jutsu, and after a few tries Shinjin was able to get it down pat. By simply manipulating the current of wind from behind his enemy, he could summon that wind in a blindside direction that was capable of knocking his opponent down from the rear. The purpose of the attack was to trick his opponent into thinking his jutsu only came from his source, by attacking from behind Shinjin could fool his opponent into a false sense of security, sending them rocking towards their death.
The last jutsu he practiced would take the entirety of a week, but it was well worth it. The blade of wind technique was an extremely powerful technique up close. Since the wind blade was invisible, Shinjin could attack an opponent from odd angles, and not having to force himself to use hand signs also granted him the ability of speed. Instead of focusing on weaponry, Shinjin would make due with this technique as his only blade, one that didn't require a sheath or even metal itself. The jutsu had the ability to leave deep cuts on the opponent, but the best part about it was the ability to cut instantly, as the blade instantly formed when called upon.

So by aiming for thinner areas in the body, the neck, the stomach, the sides, the areas of the body that didnt have muscle... Shinjin could pierce an opponent or slash them deeply to the point where he could have a strong hold. Plus, being a wind technique, it's natural ability to slice along with his expertise in taijutsu would make him a fearsome enemy. Shinjin almost grew excited while practicing the technique, day in and day out. The sword had great range, one that allowed him to cut things where there seemed to be no way they could be cut.

While expending the chakra out from a single finger tip, or palm, Shinjin could hide the technique and make it harder to read. He was lucky that he himself had the ability to perceive at a great level, because he could not imagine a world where he'd be able to defend against this technique without it. Even then, if he could keep his opponents eyes above ground on his face or some other object, he could attack with ease. He hated that he would have to rely on this jutsu as a trump card but it was well worth it.

After a week of training all of his jutsu with no seals, Shinjin moved back into the house away from his dingy den of a training room. He cleansed himself and took himself to the training fields among the dummies and trees and wilderness. For the next day he practiced from sun up to sun down, only stopping when his chakra was next to exhausted. He would have his wives bring him food and drink to recover his energy and then continue to train almost non stop until there was no more dummies to be cut or trees to slash into.

He did several field tests on rocks, steel itself, his own shadow clones and the very ground underneath his feet. Everything gave him the same answer. As long as he could get within his opponents range or dictate the pace of the battle, Shinjin would be a threat for anyone, no matter their rank. He could see himself battling Kirima, or Kyu or even the Mizukage himself and not struggling to deal with their experience. Shinjin would gain a new title with these abilities and become a legend, even though he was already on its way. He would be named the Blade of the Mist, a powerful ninjutsu user from the Water Country.

All of the training though impossibly hard and long made it worth it. Shinjin had been looking for a reason to test someone, to fight and show himself that he was worthy, and now he had every reason to do so. His mind began to wonder over the next few days, wondering where he should take himself to test out his new abilities. With Mana being a target for Kirigakure, he knew that he would set his sights on Konoha and maybe even Kumo to continue the effort of his international war. Waiting on word from Hiroshi would take too long, and Hiroshi by now would know him capable enough to deal with anything and any problem. But what Shinjin wanted most besides to test himself was the power. Shinjin had a grow desire each day of training.

That training, each day began to tell him something that spoke straight through to his subconsciousness. Shinjin needed more than power, he needed respect. Shinjin wanted to be the leader of a village, Shinjin had a desire to become a Kage. With his political standing slowly growing within the Oinin Butai and the members of his faith growing with each day, Shinjin could easily control an entire village and have unmatched power to boot. A part of his mind during his continued training thought about his own leader. He wondered if he was capable of taking Hiroshi out.

In a way, he wanted to march straight to his office, cut everything down and change Kirigakure's history. But he knew it would be foolish to try, especially with Kyu returning to Kirigakure soon with the boy. Shinjin focused his mind on training and kept the thoughts of death out of them. He was now ninja incarnate, the essence of wind itself. His muscles still yearned to be tried in battle, but he knew that the more patient he was the better he would be. Someone legendary would come across his path and Shinjin would show just how much his training had paid off. Everyday for the next two weeks, Shinjin continued to practice even though he had mastered everything. Mastering it wasn't enough. He had to be able to do the techniques without thinking and performed them flawlessly. Mari was tired of combat, sick and tired of losing against him for fourteen days, but she knew in the back of her head that Shinjin had an aching desire growing. One that she could not fulfill with her feminine ways.

That desire he had was simple, but yet complex. Shinjin saw it as power and control, but from a females perspective it was easy to see. Shinjin wanted to become a man. He was building himself up like all young bucks do, preparing to clash horns with the alpha male. But deep down in her heart, she hoped that this desire for combat would rule him, only make him into the King he was supposed to be, not a killer.


C-Wind Style Wind Push
C-Wind Palm
C-Reppushou - Gale Wind
C-Nimbus Cloud (C rank)

B-Kage Bunshin
B-Gykau Daitoppa

A-Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind)
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