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Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission]

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Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Vide
PostSubject: Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] EmptyWed 10 Sep 2014, 11:00 am


“O-oi! ‘nother round, eh? I don’t want me lads to get their throats too dry.”

Mokuzai avoided bars just for this reason alone. He did like his drinks, there was no doubt to that. But dealing with large, drunk men who didn’t know when to shut up would be another problem that he would have to worry about. He just didn’t feel like taking care of large four year olds. The bartender near the group of men started to slide down pitchers of beer and various bottles of sake towards the grips of the strangers. At least once they got their fix, they started to get a bit mellower in their voices. Mokuzai could finally start to enjoy his drink in private. It did, of course come with a price. He didn’t wear his headband in the bar at the time. It should have been common sense by now; even the Kirigakure band was in the pockets of his coat. He didn’t want to attract the wrong type of attention throughout the whole event.

“You could slaughter them all here and now, Mokuzai. You just gotta hit the right person at the right time.” The voice returned from earlier in the day. Ever since the last few moments in the lab, Mokuzai has been hearing more and more of this inner voice speaking his utmost desires to him. He has yet to actually respond to the volume bursting inside the walls of his mind. If the nukenin started to talk to himself in the middle of this bar he couldn’t imagine what would be outcome of it. Ridicule didn’t bother him at all, he was quite used to it, honestly.

It was the fact that the drunk men would take his responses to the voice as approaching them in the same manner. Mokuzai didn’t have the time to be playing games like this. He had plans to enact, and people to seek out. The fact that he was stopping for a quick nourishment session was rare in the event itself. He didn’t care for stopping in public and wasting time like this.

“Just turn around and throw your glass. There is no reason to fight the urge anymore, Moku. I know what you want.” How did the voice start to actually become louder with each session it brought attention to itself? Mokuzai was for sure no one was talking to him behind him. That’s how close the voice started to sound; not even a whisper anymore. He turned his head to look over to the group of men that were gathered behind him. He was just trying to see if any of the men spoke to him or looked towards his direction with a weird manner yet none of them even glared towards his seat. They were just ignoring him; which he was thankful for.

He tipped his head back with the glass gracing his lips to allow the luscious liquid break into the back of his throat. The bitter, yet sweet sake caused a euphoria of emotions and qualities to shift back into his mindset.

A low pleasure filled sigh escaped past his lips while he placed the porcelain object down on the wooden bar in front of him. Mokuzai turned on the bar stool, allowing his back to press up against the base of his spine. The men, who were loud at first, started to leave the bar. It was both a nice, and odd sight to take hold of after experiencing what they were capable of.

“We’ll see you at your place right, Zhou?!” One of the younger men yelled towards the inner sanctum of the bar while exiting. A younger, blonde haired male nodded his head while waving back towards the entrance of the bar. “Oh yeah! I’ll even that the goods there, so you won’t be able to walk back to your house completely balanced. Just be there around ten!” He was in a tight suit of pure white, not even a single dirt stain or rain droplet dared be dampening the fabric pressing on his structure.

“Go talk to him, Mokuzai. You know you want to see what this whole ordeal is about, don’t you? Just walk over, say hi, and ask to come to this little get together. Just do it with a smile on your face, and you should be dandy.” The voice was getting tons more aggressive and metallic in sound. Where did he even gain such a being to live and thrive off his thoughts? Each passing second, Mokuzai got the urge to introduce himself to the man in white, yet instead of approaching him, Mokuzai was going to have the younger gentleman approach him.

Tapping the front of the bar with his elbow, Mokuzai got the attention of the bartender so that he could order a drink for the man in the center of the room. “Give him the best you have.” He spoke towards the clerk while eyeing the man from across the room.

After a few minutes, the bartender gets a bottle of wine and points to Mokuzai at the bar once he hands it over towards the man. Tilting his head forward in a respectful manner, the blonde man glared over to Mokuzai and started to make his way towards him. This is exactly what Mokuzai wanted to happen.

Once the man got close enough to extend his hand to Mokuzai; the nukenin reciprocated the offer, gripping his digits with a firm grip.

“The name is Zhou. Nice to meet you, Mokuzai. I appreciate the wonderful gift that you offered me out of your own pocket.” He was formal, way too formal for Mokuzai’s taste. He almost busted out laughing from how upfront and easy to talk to this Zhou guy was.
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Age : 26
Posts : 1012

Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] EmptyWed 10 Sep 2014, 11:54 am

“Yeah, yeah. Nice to meet you too.” Mokuzai groaned at how he had to hold some sort of conversation with this guy. The fact that he already came over here did more than enough for his attention, now all Moku had to do was throw out the line and hope to God that he get some sort of bite from the man. “Heard you were throwin’ a party, huh? What kind is it?” Mokuzai was straight to the point, and he didn’t want to waste anymore of his own time as well as Zhou’s.

The blonde fellow raised a brow at the conversation starter that Mokuzai chose to pick. Out of all the things in the air, the party was the only thing that was in his mind? “It’s a bi-weekly get together that I throw at my mansion. Since we have the pre-party here, I have a bit more.. Heavier collection of booze that I distribute between my fellow men.”

Zhou smiled while bragging about what he had in store at his building. Mokuzai always bragged about what the freedom to make choices, but not once did he brag about what was in his inventory. It was truly a despicable trait that this Zhou fellow had within his personality. It was in poor taste and just ruined the whole ‘sophisticated’ type of persona that Zhou was trying to give off.

“Ah, I see, I see. So why do you do it at your place? Why not have it here in the bar where you can just bring the booze out of your home?” Mokuzai started to get a bit more curious in this little event that was about to unfold in front of him. Zhou simple smirked at the question like he has been asked that multiple times before hand. “Well you see, it’s honestly quite a simple answer.”

He leaned forward so that his head just became a hair apart from Mokuzai’s earlobe. “It’s illegal.” Mokuzai’s eyes narrowed when he was touched. There was nothing more that he hated than being touched without permission given to the opposite who became physical. He was becoming annoyed and aggravated with the apparent expression on his features. Zhou pulled away while dusting off his gloves that covered the extension from his suit. “And why you ask? Because of the way it’s brewed. The military cannot tax it, so they make it that way.”

“Speaking of which!” Zhou snapped his fingers together as a thought entered his head for a few seconds. “I’m starting to run a bit low on the bottles. Do you mind retrieving me some? I’ll pay you. I might even sneak a bottle into your position if you do it. Your choice. You look like the type of man that would take these sort of jobs.” Mokuzai didn’t know if he should have taken this as a compliment or insult, so his face remained expressionless while looking the man up and down. “So you want me to steal some booze for you just because you’re runnin’ a little low? You’ll pay me for it. Interestin’.” He had nothing against taking this job and making it worth his time. It had his two favorite things in the world involved in it: Booze and some sort of action, at least he would hope.

“Just take the damn Job, Mokuzai. Why are you trying to barter with Zhou. He clearly wants to pay you, you could even get a bit more money out of him for lookin’ like a little rich bitch.” For once, the voice started to make a bit more sense for the few moments it chose to speak up. Mokuzai cracked his neck while pushing his digits through his ebony locks to allow his eyes to fully get a few of Zhou. “Fine. Just point me where to get these booze at and I’ll bring them here.” “Or you could keep them.” Yet again, the voice was on point with its decision to make this ‘get together’ even better.

Zhou turned his back to Mokuzai, pulling up his right arm so that his hand remained beside his head to do a waving motion as a signal for Mokuzai to follow him outside; which is exactly what Moku did. The cold air started to brush against his cheek once the duo situated in an alleyway nearby the bar that they just left. Zhou sighed lightly while fixing his coat so that the wind wouldn’t be nearly as annoying as it was to Mokuzai.

“They’re actually in a nearby warehouse. Not really too far from here, the building has a sign with a single maple leaf. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot at all.” That was all the information that Mokuzai actually cared about to listen. Upon turning his back to get ready to head in the direction of the warehouse, Zhou spoke up again right when Mokuzai got to the end of the alleyway.

“There’s thugs inside that protect the booze all the time. So I don’t know if I should tell you to be careful or not, but do be bringin’ me back the drinks.” He smiled while holding up his hand once again in a waving motion to send Mokuzai off. To think that he was actually helping this rich idiot! How could he go and act like a dog sent to retrieve a duck after it’s been hunted?

When he exited the alleyway, Mokuzai’s eyes instantly went towards all the signs on the street above him. He kept his gaze locked with each new passing decal that hanged above him just so that he would be able to stay attentive and pick out the building that was now his contract.

Then there it was, after a few minutes passing of walking through the knife like autumn wind, Mokuzai found the maple leaf being lit up with red neon throughout the outline of the plant. It wasn’t anything too impressive about the guards and the outline of the building. In fact, there really wasn’t too much security on the outside as there was on the inside. Given, he would still have to work to just get in and out of the base unscathed, Mokuzai was sure that he would be able to do this contract with much ease.
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Age : 26
Posts : 1012

Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] EmptyWed 10 Sep 2014, 12:53 pm

It didn’t take much effort honestly to find the building that Zhou spoke so ‘highly’ of. It practically stood out in the whole area with its red arches and lights blaring from the inside constantly. How did anyone not noticed that illegally activity went on inside was a mystery to Moku, but that was not his job during this time.  He didn’t care what went on during the night, it wasn’t his place to judge someone for doing something awful after doing all the events and bouts that he chose to do after his seventeen years in this world. His hazel orbs narrowed while slipping his hands in the pockets of his coat. There was no need for him to rush this contract at all. He could still scope out the warehouse, or go in blazing all that he knew and hope to God that he gets out alive and ready to go. Seeing that he would love to fight another day, Mokuzai would take this advantage to see what sort of recon he could dig up about the warehouse. Not only did the darkness allow him to hide a bit better, but the chilly wind made sure that whoever was outside, had to wear earmuffs which also muffled the sound that went into their senses.

“I just sense two outside.” He spoke to himself to try to stay calm and focused on the task at hand. “Just kill the two at the same time while making your move to the building. You have summons. Use them, you ignorant bastard.” The inner echo was right once again for a change.

Usually it gives him the wrong advice on how to go about things and taunts him when he refuses to do so, but actually being able to work with it actually made Mokuzai calm down even more. It was like he was talking to another partner to get these missions done. The newer summoning that Mokuzai obtained would turn out to be the better choice for the placement and use of jutsu. This job was for two people, not one.
He slipped his thumb inside his mouth and pressed his canine down on his flesh with immense pressure, just enough to pierce the skin and allow the darkened liquid to trickle down his finger into his palm.  

He placed his hand on the ground underneath his weight, with the blood mixing with his chakra, a black seal appeared on the ground to signal the words for him to mutter from his lips. “Kuchiyose no Jutsu..” It was soft and silent, just enough for him to hear it and initiate the jutsu that he needed to use. A puff of smoke embraced his structure while the summoning went through. The majestic animal to come forth from the smoke wasn’t really what Mokuzai expected. In fact, he was thinking it would be a bit more ‘awesome’ looking for the first few seconds.

The emerald wolf yawned loudly while shaking her body from the cold wind piercing her fur. “Why are you summoning me now, sug? I need my beauty sleep.” She turned to have her golden orbs glance towards Mokuzai with small bits of ‘sleepy’ in the corner of her eyes. Moku raised his brows at the name that she used to consult him by, catching him off guard completely. “First off, I’m not ‘sug’, the name is Moku.” Might as well start off showing what his real name was before things got a little too out of control right? “Yeah, I know who you are Moku. I’m not an idiot, sug. How can I not know who my fioneee master is, hm?” She brushed her shoulder against his waist, smirking softly up at him. “This mutt..” Mokuzai didn’t even have to take notice of the voice appearing randomly; he just truly agreed this time once again. She was acting a bit strange with her being an animal.

“The name is Amor. Now what do we need to do?” Gah, final she was getting to the point once again. Mokuzai couldn’t believe how easily she changed the conversation back and forth. He kneeled up off the ground while looking over the building across from them. “We need to get in there. Seein’ how you can go underground, I was goin’ to cause a distraction out here, kill those two guards, and you take out the rest while I start to work on the way inside. You’re only use right now is to be a time killer until I get in there. Pretty simple and thought out, right?” He grinned while placing his hands on his hips. He felt proud of himself for a few moments, allowing his pride to take a step forward and actually guide the way for the mission to take action.

“You’ll go when I sna-“ He stood there with his fingers in place to snap, but the canine had already went underground and towards the building. It was his time to actually do this, and there was no better way than actually going on a full frontal attack of the warehouse. It was the event that he could think of to garner the attention of the guards on the outside of the building. While walking towards the opposite end of the street, Mokuzai dipped his hand in a puddle while crossing over and allowing the liquid to reside on the palm of his hand for a few seconds.

When he got to the gate, he could hear the earth churning from Amor going underneath him. Once she passed him underground, Mokuzai did an order of handseals, quickly at that, to form a blade in his hand made from the water that he dipped in seconds ago. Slashing at the lock, Moku slipped in between the metal and lowered his body so that he could get a good view of the perimeter that he was entering. Never go in blindly, but this time he didn’t have a choice.

“Make the ground crave more bloodshed from these idiots.” Mokuzai’s head twitched from the voice commanding him inside his head. His grip tightened around the hilt of the blade once a thug started to show himself around the corner. This was his chance to take out one of the buffoons swiftly. He pierced the man at his gut, quickly bringing up his hand to muffle and close off any screams that came from his direction. Mokuzai twisted the blade so that the sharper side could face the sky as he slowly pulled the water weapon up the middle cavity of the male. His blood and organs practically seeping through the cracks of the wound before letting the larger body fall upon the ground with a small thud.

“That’s one.” By the time the male hit the ground, commotion came from the inside when he heard things breaking, and falling from the sides.  “Are you fucki-“ Mokuzai saw the door open with one of the larger body males appearing in front of him. The lights behind him allowed the outline of his body to become more prominent as it fell to the ground with the wolf behind him; slowly stepping on top of the body while licking her lips. “Didn’t I say I need my sleep? The faster I get this done, the quicker I can sleep. There’s only two more inside.” At least she did her job even if she did complain. Mokuzai let the sword disperse within his grip while he stepped over the body where the wolf once stood.

Mokuzai was able to pinpoint the two men cowering in fear in the corner of the shop. He didn’t know why they were making effort to hide, but it was practically worthless at this point. The nukenin took in a deep breath, allowing the liquid to build up in his throat before spewing out the sticky substance in-front of the two men. Why kill anymore when they were allowing themselves to be trapped. “Step onto the gel and that will literally be the last move you make.” Mokuzai turned his attention back to the bottles on the conveyer belt in the middle of the ware house. It started to make sense to him that if he took the booze, he would probably never heard the end of it from Zhou if he stepped in this area again. He even seemed like the man to hire bounty hunters to hunt him down. Mokuzai didn’t want to take that chance, not just yet.

He wasn’t specific to say how many bottles he wanted, so with that, Moku just grabbed a single bottle. It seemed pretty funny to him that he went through all the trouble just for one bottle. He shot a cold gaze back towards the men behind him, making sure that they weren’t going to follow him out of the building. Just to make it a bit better and easier to travel, Mokuzai started to sink in the earth much in the same manner as Amor, whom followed him underneath the surface of the earth.

hey both exited the building and headed back to the chakra signature that Zhou was giving off in the alleyway. Mokuzai gripped the bottle while traveling in a faster manner than before; actually rising up out the ground with a bright smile. He tossed the bottle towards Zhou, who stumbled forward to catch it. With his attention on the bottle, Mokuzai pulled up his right sleeve, revealing a funnin tattoo where he held his left hand over. A small puff of smoke captured between his sleeves revealed a shimmer of silver shoot from his left hand towards the direction of Zhou. His body dropped just as quickly as he stumbled forward. The kunai pierced his chest, allowing Mokuzai to make up for the money that he lost getting the attention of this guy, and the long night that was about to come forth.

[Mission end]


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Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Oh no you didn't. Oh no..you didn't. [p, Solo, Mission] Empty

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