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Awakened III [p,training]

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Awakened III [p,training] Vide
PostSubject: Awakened III [p,training] Awakened III [p,training] EmptyMon 15 Sep 2014, 5:19 am


Day light pierced through the trees and vegetation of the water country, finally allowing some beams of warmth to grace the cheeks of Mokuzai. With his facial map being completely clear after the healing session, not even an ounce of poison remained in his system. How glorious was that? He could actually feel every single ray of sunshine, feel every amount of sweat dropping from his temples, and graze his skin with his fingertips without the wound being irritated to some degree. Let’s not forget the bandages! Those medical items really got his nerves when they got wet.

How was he supposed to concentrate with something in front of him when they’re slowly peeling off his skin from the lack of friction and grip? It was hard enough trying to keep focused on one thing without getting distracted; the time he wasted he could never get back. It was high noon with the sun reaching its peak during the day where every villager, trader, even child came outside to just get some fresh air and receive the warmth of the sun.

Mokuzai never understood how warmth and heat could be used as a good thing. Besides the use of a grill to cook food upon, he never really deemed it the go to element that would be useful out of that situation. “Hm.” He hummed lightly at first, trying to figure out if he had any plans for the day ahead. How could a nukenin not any plans whatsoever? It was actually quite common for him to not be able to focus on anything at once. He would have to plan it out step by step and eventually make it to his current plan somehow. He slowly leaned up on his elbows to look down at his boots for a few seconds. He patted them together, rocking his legs back and forth while perking out his lips. “I could eventually check out to see what the village is up to.” He shook his head after speaking about the thought.

“Nah. I better not.” He didn’t really want to go barging into a place where he was going to be hunted down like an animal. That’s just simply a quick exit from this world. The next place he’d be would be in a coffin going eight feet going down underneath the earth that he walked on constantly. Even the thought got him excited to a certain degree. He couldn’t really imagine himself being buried, but it did pass his mind a few times on how he would die. Would it be from a spar? Another nukenin? The village? Or would it be disease or old age? Various scenarios passed through this mind of his. Yet, he couldn’t really agree which one would be better.

He finally had the urge to stand up and actually regain balance on the sturdiness of his legs. The sleepiness leaving his nerves when he smelt an odd, but familiar scent attack his senses. “Fire?” Right when the last letter exited his lips, Mokuzai started to slowly shut down; his movements, thoughts, breathing. Everything just came to a complete halt for a few moments. The smoke in the distance settled in the air while a few bursts of wind blew the smell his direction. What a cruel thing that Mother Nature was to him. It’s like she was trying to get his attention to reach over in that direction. Which she clearly was capable of.

His hands started to tremble at the thought of having fire spread throughout this body. He wasn’t even really near the flames, but the smell. Lord the smell. It was just enough to trigger this response. His eyes rolled to the side to just catch a glimpse of a leaf bundle being lit up from fire jutsu of a child. Mokuzai kept behind the tree nearby so that the kid, or any other passerby, would be able to spot him. The flames spread rather quickly, slowly wiping away the leaves and making them turn into ash. All of his life, Mokuzai has been terrified of the flames because of what the scientists did to him when he was younger, but actually seeing the destructive force of the flames. He wanted it. He wanted that power. Since he was constantly injected with flames and tortured, the element would have to come naturally, or at least take time to form, right?

He pulled away from the tree and ran up the base of the bark. He didn’t need to be seen, at least not yet. When he wanted people to know where he was, Mokuzai would be sure to show them exactly where he was at. It just wasn’t the time yet.

He sat on the branch with his legs hanging loosely from the gravity of the earth pulling them down. How was he even going to gain the power to add fire to his arsenal? People just didn’t get out of bed shittin’ fire, unless they had something cooked in the wrong way, then they might as well be having flames coming out their ass. Mokuzai’s fingers went to his chin, stroking his jawline while he sat there in thought. “Everytime that I even thought about flames, a small pain in my neck came up. No matter where I was, it always happened. Could that have been a signal for something? Was that a sign that I would be here like this today?” The thought soon left his head when he leaped to another branch nearby.

He just didn’t have the time to sit there and actually think about his past and his actions that led up to that exact moment. He could have been spending this time practicing for any sort of conflict that could be coming up soon.

Dropping from the tree, Mokuzai placed the tip of his boots into the ground while he looked around the area. He couldn’t sense anyone within a hundred meters. It was the perfect training place. The best area that he could actually get involved in. He just needed to focus, and try not to freak out at the sight of the potential flame that hid within his body.

But, how was he going to go about this? Mokuzai has never had to do elemental training before. All of the elements that he had possessed until now were practically handed to him. Would he have to visualize it? Or actually try to conjure up a little flame? Thinking back the leaves, Mokuzai got a training idea. He wouldn’t know if it would work, but it was worth a shot, right? He had to search for a leaf that was rather alive, instead of it being wrinkled up and lifeless. It was the only way he could imagine it would work. “Alright, come on out. I ain’t about to hunt you for a while. I need to get this done and get up on out of ‘ere.” He was starting to get a bit aggravated at first, but he eventually found a red fleshy leaf. It would have to do for the moment, he didn’t have time to search for any more.

Mokuzai sat underneath the tree from where he got the leaf and crossed his legs. If it had to deal with a chakra nature, it should come from the inside, right? His placed the leaf in the palm of his right hand. A deep breath came from his structure for a few seconds, allowing his lungs to expand and actually relax his body for the training that is about to come forth.

He closed his eyes, visualizing the leaf just hovering the palm of his hand. It was going to be a simple concept, but he didn’t know if it would work. The way he viewed it, the more he visualized the leaf burning from the heat of his body, the better chances the pain will start to come in the base of his neck. It’s all he wanted, he knew that was where the flame release kept hidden. His eyes squinted with the leaf starting to burn in his mind. The breathing from his lungs started to heighten and speed up. Was he really over the fear that he had, or was he just trying to act tough to gain a new power underneath his belt? He honestly couldn’t tell, but after seconds of trying that method, he had to open his eyes to stop himself from having an anxiety attack by the tree.

He rested his head against the cool bard while looking down at the leaf.

He just had to get this! There was no way he could turn back away now. Not from how far he had come in his life. He was actually turning out to be a threat for once, and not just all talk! Not a lot of criminals make it to the place he was in. Mokuzai needed to focus one more time. Try to visualize the fire embracing the leaf. He placed his opposite hand ontop of the leaf and returned to his mindset from earlier. At first, there was a spark of warmth between his palms for a few moments, only dissipating after the pain in his neck came forth. He was becoming distracted, and he just didn’t have time for that either. “There you are.” He muttered to himself while keeping the thought of the burning sensation in his neck and moving it down his arms to the palms of his hands.

He once again felt the warmth that sparked a few moments before, full visualizing that the leaf in his grasp was aflame. Could it be true? Did he finally overcome his fear? The scent of smoke was strong near him, practically enveloping him in the scent. Mokuzai licked his lips, opening his eyes to see the fog coming from between his palms.

The leaf was completely scortched, yet he remained calm.


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Awakened III [p,training] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Awakened III [p,training] Awakened III [p,training] EmptySun 21 Sep 2014, 2:09 am


Mokuzai crushed the leaf in his hand while moving up to take stand against the tree behind him. Just how far has he came from being scared of flames, to actually learning to tame them? With the new found element, Mokuzai was sure that he was capable of much more. It was time to unlock his next level of potential. There was no way for him to ignore everything going on around him. His mind had changes, his instincts were threatening him to take charge of his body or they will officially take the power of it. He didn’t want to risk losing his control over the vessel that he called his own for the longest. The thirst of his power lust came forth once again. Mokuzai already had one idea down, he just needed to initiate the rest of his plans to grow even stronger. His mind shifted back towards the talk he had with Mr.Salt when he traveled into Konohagakure. It wasn’t the best time to get distracted, but he couldn’t help but repeat the words: “You’ll never get strong unless you have people to protect.”

He didn’t really have people to protect anymore. Yoi was dead, Seika wasn’t even an attachment. It was purely based on physical touch and wanting to get a feel for her body; yet she treated him like no other has before. She actually caused him to get a bit flustered at one point! Believe that. Mokuzai, getting flustered? Right!?

His eyes focused towards to his right just behind his shoulder so that he could get a decent look of the chakra he was sensing. It showed a larger male, hulking with his legs crossed and hands laying softly on his thigh. His eyes were completely shut and he seemed to be in a trance. Yet, the chakra that he emitted was gaining in girth as he gazed towards him.

Sure, it made sense for such a large man to hold that much chakra inside him, but how was he holding ‘that’ much exactly? Was it coming from his stomach? Mokuzai didn’t really want to confront the male for his massive structure, but he did come up with something that he, himself, needed to work on to gain even more strength. He noticed his body becoming exhausted through the use of jutsu and other various motives that required chakra to form. He shouldn’t become exhausted so quickly! At least not at this rank juts yet. His gaze flickered from the man and back to his legs. Why did he stand up if he was just going to sit down back again? He sometimes confused himself of his own movements.

Pressing his spine column against the bark of the tree, his body slid down the length of the plant, allowing his legs to outstretch and relax against the ground. The last time that he wanted to train his chakra, water almost consumed him and cause his body to drown. He was going to allow it to be a bit safer when it came to this training. At least he had hoped. His body was already pumping with adrenaline from the katon training he had just done to give himself access to another element. So he would have to work off of that and eventually try to reach his limits on his chakra training in a different way.

“Alright, alright.” He spoke to himself to try to ease the thought of actually having to meditate and keep his chill without launching stuff towards people. The last thing he would want at the moment was unnecessary attention. His hands moved from his thighs towards each other, lacing their fingers for a few seconds while Moku drew a breath inwards. How was he going to keep his focus on something so important while having other people within the area? This would truly change how he reacts to certain details. If he even breaks one second of concentration, this could mean some truly awful things could happen to his body. The sound of the world around him slowly started to become mute with his focus.

His eyes were closed so that he wouldn’t have to worry about any sort of manifestation of his thoughts before him. “Let’s get on with it, Mokuzai.” Again, the talking to himself allowed it to be a bit easier with the whole training thing.

He could actually feel each and every meter of the chakra rotating inside his chakra just to escape. It felt like water reaching the brim of a glass and being pushed down from the top to try and reduce the size. The only thing bothering Mokuzai was how exactly he goes about ‘expanding the top of the glasses and allow the chakra to swirl at a better pace? His body took in another quick breath, allowing his lungs to expand a bit more when he released the breath slowly from his nostrils. The chakra inside him started to become squeezed and tighten in his stomach. He finally found the spot where he was trying to focus on! With that feeling in mind, Mokuzai clenched his hands together with his jaw-muscles twitching for a few seconds at the concentration.

Chakra actually started to manifest over his arms and from his body in tendril like beings. He wasn’t sure if he was the only one to be able to feel them, he didn’t really sense any sort of sensory ninja in the area, so he was pretty positive he was the only one actually paying attention. Mokuzai still focused on the task at hand, slowly raising the level of chakra swirling inside of him so that he could ease the airflow from his chest. The smaller his chest got from releasing the air, the more tension that the chakra felt.

It was practically at it’s limit, almost bursting out of his body yet again. He just couldn’t let it happen! Not like this, and definitely not in the area that he was in. Mokuzai drew in breath once again, allowing his chest to expand out in the same manner as it did before. The chakra struggled and shook around him, almost whipping through the tree and forcing Mokuzai up on his feet. He just couldn’t give up yet, not with it being so close under his control. “Come on, damn it!” He mused to himself while making his hands shake from the grip he had placed on himself. How could he let his self-slip like this yet again? If once wasn’t already enough, this time had to actually be the worst of it all. He could actually place all these people around him, children, workers, mothers, in danger! He was cruel, but he wasn’t that cruel.

Mokuzai was actually trying to find a better place in life, fixing his decisions and allowing himself to focus on the things that stand in his future. “Do it now, damn it!” His chest shrunk in size when his palms pressed up against each other from the force of his grip. With his focus now, the chakra around him slowly started to come back inside his body. It took a few seconds for him to actually gain the movement of his body back, but he was sure that he was complete once again.

Letting his grip die down from his hands, a relaxed sigh braced from his throat while cocking his neck.

“That’s just gettin’ sketchy.”

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Awakened III [p,training] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Awakened III [p,training] Awakened III [p,training] EmptySun 21 Sep 2014, 3:21 am

“Why are you trying to do this?”

“You’ll fail, boy.”

The voices inside his mind still tried to bring his physical stature down. If they wanted his body so badly, why did they constantly taunt him when he was trying to strengthen it? Was that their true goal, or was it something else that they had in mind? Mokuzai tried his best to ignore the voices in his head, but nothing came from ignoring them. They only got louder, and louder as time progressed. They knew when they were being drowned out, they knew that they were being ignored so that he could better himself. Was he becoming schizophrenic? Were these voices just a figment of his imagination manifesting in his mind to give him the push that he needs? Probably so. Whatever the reasoning for the voices to appear, it allowed him to reach limits he never thought he would even be capable of touching. To think he had come from a little information broker for the last Mizukage to actually being a part of something that required his full strength to make it work. He never saw himself actually being needed for the most part, even if he never heard the exact words being told him. He honestly believed that he was needed in some parts of the world, at least it was something positive to think about it from time to time.

Walking away from the tree where most of his training had taken place, Mokuzai needed to move somewhere a bit more secluded than the riverside. The forest lining was near, and knowing his training methods, it could get a bit—fiery now. “Alright, where to, where to.” His sensing perimeter was at its full coverage so that he could pick up the most secluded area in the perimeter of the forest. He didn’t want some other rogue shinobi or black ops members to sneak in and take advantage of him. At least he would make sure that the child was not at harm, and the villages farms were taken care of and out of the way of harm. He didn’t really recognize the thought process that he was carrying at the moment. When did he get so caring?

The trees that lined around him in a circle were dampened to some sorts from the constant rain falling from the sky. He knew that he would have to work around the training grounds and eventually get used to the placement of the water and random puddles around him, but this was a bit uncalled for. “Well.” He pressed the tip of his boot in the water, only to be surrounded in seconds while the dampened earth took place around the leather. “It’s not the best, but it’ll have to do for the time bein’.” He clapped his hands together, hearing the mixture of the leather and water bouncing into his eardrum.

Where would he begin? Where should he even start? “How about the beginning, we start with what I’m strongest.” He nodded softly, forming quick hand seals in his hands so that he could start out with the basics.

“Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu” The ebony spikes protruded from his palms, allowing him to get a full grip on the hilt of the wooden blade. There was something a bit off about the way the wood had felt in his gloves. Mokuzai was quite used to feeling the smooth wood in his grip, but these were quite different. At closer inspection, the wood had actually gained a serrated edge close to a blade. “When the frick frack did that form?” Mokuzai was quite interested in the way his wooden release was actually changing as he was growing. From it turning black, to now gaining edges? What more could it do? Cause burning marks to appear on people like they’re on fire?

Lord he hoped not. “’ight, ‘ght, I guess I can threaten people with rows of splinters or somethin’.” He shrugged his shoulders when he threw the spikes towards the trees in front of them, watching them easily pierce into the bark ahead of him. Was he honestly getting that stronger that his own releases were starting to show it? It honestly excited him like no other to be able to force himself to do this sort of thing. He had almost lost all source of power and deal to live anymore, but after seeing that change in Mokuton, it allowed Mokuzai to bring a bright smile to his face that he hadn’t plastered on his face for the longest of times. At least from what he could remember.

“Wonder if anything else shows that..” He rubbed his chin in thought on what to try and see would work. He knew that one of his more powerful jutsu was just for stabbing, and it would be practically usesless since they are already sharp, but one instantly came to mind when he knocked out some options in his head. He started to spread his legs shoulder length apart with another tree in his vision. At least he was able to practice on these instead of actually taking people away from a village just so that he would be able to adjust his jutsu on them. It would honestly get tiring the moment that he had to keep going back and forth to get a new subject.

He rolled his shoulders for a few seconds and did another shorter string of hand seals in front of his chest. With both of his arms held outwards, Mokuzai’s skin started to slowly change ebony in color in patches. The actual cells of his skin branched off into larger wooden planks that shot all around him into multiple trees. He didn’t quite care on where they went since he was already starting up a plan on how to get rid of them when the time comes, but this allowed him to actually go up and check up on the details of the wood when he needed to. With the jutsu ending, Mokuzai broke off his arms from the blackened wood, going up and personal to each and every edge that he could spot.

“Well I’ll be damned.” Every source of wood gained that signature serrated edge! He was quite excited to figure out that he had yet another strength added to his arsenal. He might have already have wood release, but this brought it to more of an offensive level instead of it being totally defensive.

“Alright. I mean. I guess this is pretty neat.” He nodded while placing his hand on the wooden structures around him. He had no idea where this had come from, but did it look like he felt like complaining? The serrated edges would give him the advantage in some battles, allowing him to apply cutting damage instead of just having blunt damage on most of his techniques. “Sometimes you just need to cut a dude to get your point through.” Mokuzai rubbed at the nape of his neck for a few seconds when a yawn wanted to make its presence known in the area. He planted his bum against one of the wooden pillars in the area and sat to gaze at the work that he had just completed.

“Whoever gets this first, I’mma feel sorry for ‘em. Black wood plus serrated edges? That’s just a bad combination at night. I would hate, HATE to be at the end of that. I’m not just sayin’ that because I’m awesome or whatever, but I’m totally that kind of guy to say that.” He started to laugh for a few seconds before turning his expression a bit more serious for a while. He would have to eventually get rid of the pillars from the trees so that people don’t recognize that he has been in that area. Mokuzai had no idea if they had records on when to tell and how to tell that he specifically was in the area. It was like trying to figure out some information without anyone actually having anything to say about it.

“Well, damn. I mean, I have a few ideas, but wouldn’t that spread a bit?” Mokuzai tapped the side of the wood, completely forgetting the serrated edges that have formed, and started to draw blood from a small cut that went through the leather of his gloves and pierced through his palm. Wincing at the pain, he shot his hand up to his mouth so that he could start pressing his tongue against the sliced skin. Somehow, this soothed him, allowing him to actually forget about the cut and focus on what he needed to be on at the moment.

He dropped from the pillar of wood and placed his feet firmly on the ground underneath him. The whole area was covered in the planks! If that didn’t mark his territory, he didn’t really know what would be.

“Man..I’ve gone over board..” He paused for a for second, snickering at his own remark while realizing what he had said. ‘God damn it, Mokuzai. You can’t be doin’ this right now. The puns are totally not needed for this situation.” He tried to speak in between laughing, but he just didn’t have the breath to help him through the situation. Of course it would be joking and laughing that would make him forget the plan that he had in the beginning. At least this time, he would be able to be training with a smile plastered on his face. That was a rare thing to witness in person, and Mokuzai was going to be using that as strength for the next phase of training.

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Awakened III [p,training] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Awakened III [p,training] Awakened III [p,training] EmptySun 21 Sep 2014, 5:09 am


“The mess! How am I goin’ to fix this all up!” Mokuzai laid flat on the ground while swaying his body from side to side, literally going on his ribs when he had the chance. He got what he wanted, but the clean-up would take a bit longer than he was ready to admit. He doesn’t really think this far ahead of things. He’s more of the ‘just lemme do it and I’ll see what happens’ type of man when it comes to plans. “At least people won’t be getting’ down here anytime soon.” That was an added benefit of the sorts. Least he wouldn’t have to deal with people coming in where they weren’t supposed to be. Even though his sensing perimeter was at his max, and he couldn’t really sense anyone nearby, he kind of didn’t want to take down the barrier of planks that he just placed. It wasn’t that he was paranoid, but it was just for the safety of actually having someplace to lay down and relax. When was the last time that he could even remember not having to worry about someone jumping down his throat and ripping him from the inside out? Never. He’s always been on the run, always moving from one place to another. He thought that the water country was his home, but since finding out about Inoshi’s life being taken, Mokuzai didn’t even have a place to call a safe haven. How much more biased must the world get to the nukenin?

“I guess it could be worse.” He nodded while looking up at the sky that peeked through the puzzling pieces of the leaves. He could imagine multiple hunter-nin hanging on the edge of the boards that pressed up against a tree. It was a wakeup call to actually show him what he has to deal with if he keeps up this life style. Mokuzai was honestly getting sick of actually having to watch his back constantly. He actually wanted to get up, walk around, and not worry about having a kunai in his back just because of the symbol and mark that etched through it that graced his body. How can people be so judgmental over that? The symbol doesn’t make the person. Everyone has a reason for their actions; at least that is what he would like to imagine.

A low grunt came from his throat while he started to lean up on his elbows, being trapped underneath the mud of the earth required him to actually try and give himself a pretty decent footing in the ground. At least he would be able to work on his stamina a bit more at the same time of the clean up plan. Hopefully the wood wasn’t too damp for the action to happen, but this would have been the first time that Mokuzai actually tries to use some katon based jutsu. He was honestly nervous. What if he felt the flames forming in his body and actually freak out from the sensation going through out his body. Maybe he should have actually started a bit slower in the plan instead of thinking that he should ‘go big or go home’.

His hands were shaking at the thought of the flames consuming his body by accident. He’s already been through this once, so why should he have to experience it again? There was nothing actually saying that he should clean up the ebony wood in the area besides his own thoughts and consciousness. Mokuzai didn’t know what they had in the bingo book, or if he was even in the book to begin with. He couldn’t start thinking some negatively once he got done with that training.

The last thing he would want at the moment was for everything to literally blow up in his face. His gaze remained on the wood while his body continued to tremble.

“Get a hold of yourself, dimwit.”
“Don’t make us take control.”

“Stop the fuckin’ threats already, will ya?” Mokuzai rubbed his forehead slowly with the palm of his hand. He just couldn’t deal with the nonsense at the moment. They were becoming annoying rather than threatening, and it was about time that they stayed that way.

“Just shut the fuck up and let me focus, huh?” Mokuzai brought his now steady hands in front of his chest and focused his chakra at that point. “Here goes nothin’.” He’s seen some jutsu of katon being shown in front of him at one point in his life, but now that he can actually use the element, he was going to try to reciprocate it. “Here I stand. About to light some mother fuckers on fire, and I can’t remember where all of the planks go.” He shrugged, feeling the heat build up in his chest where his chakra resided. He needed to get rid of the chakra and fast.

“ Goukakyuu no Jutsu!” The flames erupted past his lips in a uncontrolled flame; how was he supposed to control it? His eyes widened when he hands got near his mouth and could actually control the stream of fire throughout the area. He made sure each and every plank was covered in some sort of flame before continuing on with the downpour of suiton so that the fire doesn’t spread any further than it’s supposed to. Even the smoke had to be controlled for him to be fully relaxed about the whole situation.

The trees around him, as well as the planks, were ablazed with the orange element. A part of him wanted to run and leave it like this, but it was his mess, and he had to take responsibility for it! “Alright, no time to freak out at all! We can’t be havin’ this spread any further and give away my position.” That was the only thing that he was worrying about the whole time he was doing yet another chain of hand seals in front of his chest.

Instead of the burning sensation on the inside, Mokuzai felt the cooling sensation of water come around him. The puddles started to form a large constant water fall above him, right before he commanded the name of the jutsu from his lips. “ Goukakyuu no Jutsu” The water started to douse the flames around the area, keeping them under control, but he smoke started to rise in the sky. Mokuzai personally couldn’t control smoke, or have any sort of fuuton jutsu to help support the smoke to go around the area.

The flames were drowned, but the smoke still arose. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He was panicking, there was no way that he could stay in the area much longer. The thing he noticed, however. His body wasn’t drained from the use of the jutsu’s that he has used so far. At least that’s what he’s trying to think. Usually he feels more of a pull from his body, but that wasn’t the case right now. “Well..alright.” He looked at the ground, tapping his boot against the softened earth and kneeled on both of his knees. He needed to get far, and quickly.

“Dochuu Senkou!” the words escaped his lips while he sunk into the earth slowly. At least he was able to use doton and keep on the move with his training. He was going to see how long he would be able to last while keeping underground. This was one of the very few jutsu’s that he had that caused him to be constantly drained of chakra for the moments that he was using it. At least it would be able to see how well, and how long he would be under the ground. There was no way for him to time it, however. He was more worried about getting away and actually finding a new location to train in.

“The forest is littered with traps, the dock is littered with people, and the ground is littered with mud. How much litterin’ can you do? Come on, Kirigakure. I know you can do better than this, man.” He shook his head underneath the ground while the rock and earth moved from his body. It was practically being repelled the more he moved throughout the ground.

It practically wiped against his cheek when he came to a complete stop. He didn’t want to go too far away from his initial placement, but he needed to get enough distance between him for his next round of training. He hasn’t had time to perfect his training in flames, or their destruction. For all he knew, they were just as dangerous as him, and he did have his wild streaks from time to time. The ground above him started to ripple from his body deciding it would it be time for him to surface.

His eyes peeked from the ground to find himself in another cavern like the one he had been placed in the other night with the other three shinobi. At least he was sure he wasn’t followed, and that his body wasn’t as drained from the sufficient chakra that he had to use up to get there. His fingers laced together while he pushed himself out of the ground and into the cavern around him. Why should he have to worry about people finding him here? It was pretty closed off and allowed him to focus on the training at hand. He just had one more thing to do, and actually make it look pretty decent. The flames would be controlled and other various things would come into factor with the training he was about to commit to.


element training:

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Awakened III [p,training] Vide
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