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Yoru's arrival in Mizu No Kuni

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Yoru's arrival in Mizu No Kuni Vide
PostSubject: Yoru's arrival in Mizu No Kuni Yoru's arrival in Mizu No Kuni EmptyMon 29 Sep 2014, 1:27 am

After a couple days of traveling Yoru had finally reached Mizu no Kuni, it was foggy just as his books had described it. "No wonder Kiri shinobi are known as mist assassins." Yoru thought taking his first steps off off the boat that he had taken to get to the country. It was all legal he did not get smuggled into the country he took a well known sailor who had been doing it for years. Yoru had chosen not to wear his headband at this moment for he knew that in this area Kiri Shinobi would most likely be looking for shinobi of different villages trying to get in. Yet that was not the purpose of his trip, the reason why he was now in this country was for research. Yoru had decided that he was going to write a book, though of what he had yet to find out. He had a few ideas but which one would drive him to write his book he did not know.

Walking down the dock Yoru finally placed his feet on solid ground, he had never been on a boat before so for half of the trip he had been sea sick. Yet now he was on the solid ground and his stomach was steady, he had already paid the sailor before he even bored the boat so he was free to go. Walking along the path Yoru looked around at the area before him, "So this is the capital of Mizu no Kuni. Such a small country and yet they push out such skilled shinobi." Yoru thought walking the path in the direction of the capital. Maybe he should do research on the Mizukage of the past and write a book about them, though if he does that he might be targeted for spreading lies or secret of the Mizukage. Yet there were ways to avoid that such as taking on an alias and using the transformation jutsu to hide what he looks like. "Ah the life of a shinobi slash writer is so difficult. I hope that no violence happens while I am in this country. Last I heard though Kirigakure was not in the best regards with Konoha, but they did not hate Konoha shinobi." Yoru thought as he was approaching the gates of the capital.

Approaching one of the guards at the gates Yoru spoke with him making sure to have a different way of talking, "Excuse me sir where would be the best place to get food here?" It was a simple question he hoped would be answered. "I would have to say the Ichiban Sakura. Just go down the street and take a left you can't miss it." Giving a bow to the guard Yoru thanked him while keeping up his accent, "Thank you again sir. I hope to see you there that I do." Walking away Yoru made his way to the restaurant. "I better take on an alias while I am in this country... Shinamuri Junjo is a good name I think." Yoru thought to himself as he entered the restaurant.

Now inside the restaurant Yoru quickly took a seat in the back where he could watch everyone coming and going. The restaurant was a small one but it still had a decent number of customers. Yoru himself was a cook so it was always fun to taste other peoples food. The restaurant was a sushi bar so Yoru was very excited since he rarely ate sushi and only ate sushi as a treat for himself. Still sitting in his chair a young woman came over to him to take his order. Looking her over she was definitely looking a little tired yet at the same time was able to keep a smile on her face. Giving her his order Yoru sat watching her walk away, "If this meal is good I think I will leave her a tip." Yoru thought as he reached into his bag and pulled out a book.

As Yoru was sitting in the restaurant waiting for his food he held a book that he had gotten back at home, depicting the history of Mizu no Kuni and more precisely the history of Kirigakure. Thankfully the cover did not say what it was about so he was not going to be looked at differently. From what he had learned from the book there had only been four different Mizukage that had been in charge of Kirigakure. Yet was a book about the Mizukage really what he wanted to write about was the question. Yet that might make him a lot of money on top of his shinobi work. Even if he doesn't write the book this one would work well to teach Yoru about the area that he was in. At that moment the young woman returned with his food and still smiling though she did still appear to be tired. "Thank you very much Miss." Yoru said as she bowed and walked away.

Wasting no time Yoru grabbed his chopsticks and mixed his wasabi and soy sauce in just the way he liked. Dipping his sushi into the mixture and popping it in his mouth. The perfect mixture of spicy and bitter was just what Yoru loved and the food was amazing. Not wasting time Yoru ate the food in rather quick succession, which though it is a bad habit of Yoru's it was a way of showing how good the food was. Reaching into his wallet Yoru placed the money for the food and a large tip for the young woman. Picking up his stuff he exited the restaurant taking in a deep breath Yoru made his way down the street. "Maybe this country will have many great things to show me." Yoru thought with a smile on his face and a good speed in his step.

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