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Faster than a cheeetah! [B rank Speed Training]

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Faster than a cheeetah! [B rank Speed Training] Vide
PostSubject: Faster than a cheeetah! [B rank Speed Training] Faster than a cheeetah! [B rank Speed Training] EmptyMon 29 Sep 2014, 7:10 am

If there was something that was always upon the Chuunin’s mind was to get better. There was no better feeling than noticing your progress throughout your career. The feeling that Tatsuo would get upon getting stronger and more agile in the battle field was unremarkable. Today the young genin would be training on his speed. There was a point where his training required less effort to get better, but now achieving the rank of chuunin the young man’s work ethic had gotten better. This should not be a problem at all, as his motivation was built around his friends.

Every time he turned to the side to look, there would be someone getting ahead of him this could no longer happen. Shinjin was the first person to ever surpass the young genin in such a manner. One day they would be talking both as genin, while the next year he would be two ranks above him. It was time for the young chuunin to reach even closer to him, even though while he got closer to Shinjin the Jounin always got farther away from him. It was just something he had to deal with.

”If I want to become better, I need to train harder than before.” Tatsuo said as a tear of sweat dripped down his chin as he continued to run uphill on one of the mountains. His legs were mostly tightened, and almost ready to give out. For hours every day the young man would climb the mountain, not really slowing down on the process the young chuunin was ready to increase the strength of his legs to be able to run faster. Though shaking the young man would not stop, every day and every hour he would be giving his all and training until he could no longer move his legs until the next day. For some reason he was able to heal faster than most people, perhaps because he was considered an animal in a kind of sense.

”Just how far do I still need?” A last quick breath was taken as the young man’s legs slowly began to feel numb though did not trouble him to keep running and was actually in fact relieving, as the young man’s speed had been changing for the best in the past few days. And if he had to guess just how much progress he has made over these days of training to get faster he would say he has gotten at least twice faster than the normal person would be.
”My movements are getting lighter by the day. I can already tell I can move faster.” Tatsu said as he looked at a small timer he had set before starting. It allowed him to record his time every time and every day.

”My time has improved as well, 10 seconds faster than yesterday around this place.” Tatsuo said with a grin on his face as he quickly began to speed up his ace even more after seeing his own personal best record upon running these mountains. The terrain just made it even harder for him to run, so that would actually improve his movements a lot better than before.

Be the fastest in battle is the one thing that most shinobi should work on. If you got the speed than you got half the battle won. It makes sense to Tatsuo and if someone would listen to his voice when it comes to speed and a shinobi they would think about it the same way. If your opponent could not catch you, he could not hit you. And if your opponent cannot hit you, then he cannot hurt you. Of course speed would not win a fight, there is also smarts and the way people use their surroundings. Speed will always help but the smartest man will always win the fight.

This exactly how the young man thought. He wasn’t the most intelligent person of the group but he was always working hard to get better. He was always a committed person, one that used his motivation to perfect himself. To become the best among his rank and the soon to be his ranks was his willpower he used to get better. There wasn’t a single person that witnessed his method of training and the greatness and concentration he managed to acquire upon trying to get better.
Aside from running uphill for long periods of time to strengthen his legs he had also used the start of his run to improve his explosive starts. An explosive start was something that he also needed to improve as a first reaction of movement could save a person from an attack. And even someone from having a slight advantage. This explosiveness was soon acquired upon time, his start became faster and his legs began to move as if they moved on their own by time.

It was about time I reached the top.” Tatsuo said while his breath remained a little off point. His legs began to shake intensively after running for hours uphill a mountain. This training actually lasted a whole week. A week of long fast runs to improve his speed and leg movements. Now he was at the top of the mountain as his body dropped to the knees as the sweat cascaded around his face and whole body.”This is probably the most intense workout I have had throughout my whole life.” Tatsuo said with a giant smile on his face as he tried to catch his breath normally. If there was something that he was most proud off was the fact that he is a person that worked hard for what he desired the most. The young man got up from the floor as he looked at the timer in which he stopped as soon as he hit the peak of the mountain hoping to see a much improved time than the first day when he started.

”Eh, 15 seconds faster than before…I still got work to do. But for now this workout has paid off.” The chuunin said as he picked a bottle of water from a bucket that was previously put so when he reached the top the day before. This was something that he kept in case he needed it at the top and to refresh his body just a bit.’It is getting late. I should head home so I can rest.’ Tatsuo thought to himself as he dropped the bottle of water on the floor and began to walk down through a clean path back to the village.

Repetition and hard work was something that took part in this training. Hours passed before the young man would reach his house as he entered it and ran to his bed. The night was still young but his legs were already numbed and he could not feel them. He only needed to rest now and wait till the next day to continue on to training. Being a chuunin required to get stronger so that at some point the person could reach Jounin. The young man laid his eyes on to the ceiling thinking of the people he would impress. His dad, whom he has not seen for a whole year or more, and even Shinjin his best friend.

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