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Sensory [SC Training]

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Sensory [SC Training] Vide
PostSubject: Sensory [SC Training] Sensory [SC Training] EmptyMon 29 Sep 2014, 10:36 pm

It was a difficult job but someone had to do it. It was the exact same thoughts that Tatsuo reminded himself about. As a person looking forward to be part of the Kirigakure's Protective Service group there was a specific skill he needed to learn. The skill to learn in words was rather easy, but when actually trying to learn it you would find out just how much difficulty a person can have if they don't have complete control of what they are trying to achieve. He needed to know how to stalk his prey without actually having to get too close to them. He also needed to know when someone was tracking or closing in on him. It was a skill that was recommended to be known among all shinobi. This way you will never be caught off guard by no one, as well as you can have the upper advantage against your opponent. The art of sensory and what you call a sensor type shinobi were both important and crucial within a village' protection. It would pin point the location of nearby enemies, as well as track them after familiarizing with their chakra. For days, weeks and even a month the young Chuunin had been studying books, techniques and even people that were specialized in such art within the village. Just for this day to actually test what he has learned.

His eyes scanned through the area, while his whole body completely disguised on some civilian clothes. The young man sat in a specific wooden bench in the middle of what seemed to be a market place where most come in to buy their food, and miscellaneous supplies. The place was completely crowded with people, going on with their usual lives. But what most people did not know was that Tatsuo was hired to capture this man on his acts. The place being so filled with people, made it quite easy for someone to just "bump" against others and pick pocketing while they do so in a well-respected manner. It was impressive to be honest, or so Tatsuo thought. He was the perfect thief, using crowded places to cover his existence after robbing the innocent pockets of the people from the small village just outside of Kirigakure.  His job? Well lately he has been following this particular man, who has the awful tendency of robbing people. Sadly the people would not notice they were robbed until they were ready to pay for their things.

The word has spread quickly, thus allowing for those respected villagers to round up some cash and hire a ninja to find the person. This is where Tatsuo came in, and wa already in the job. Because he has been getting familiar with the small village himself he has managed to learn just about how much his range would be after familiarizing with this person's chakra. Tatsuo managed to learn this person's chakra because, one the number of times he actually followed this person around the village and always managed to escape. And, two because he was already beginning to see his tricks, and way of using chakra to flee a scene. This time there won't be any way of him escaping. Unfortunate for the man,

Tatsuo became so familiar to his chakra that it was as if the person had become his best friend. And there he stood sitting, waiting and already sensing that the man was within the area. He was extremely careful pick pocketing the villagers, but one thing he did not change was his pattern of running through the village. First he would waltz through the crowded place, scanning the area for any guards if there was any. In his way back he robbed maybe one or two, depending on the way he moved and how crowded the place was. Tatsuo knew it all too well, and just right about this instance the man would actually start his day. It was amazing how none of the villagers noticed how this man repeated the same process every day. While for Tatsuo it became his life to watch this man, to track him and his path of travel without him noticing Tatsuo's existence.

Tatsuo adjusted his sitting, slowly placing his left arm resting against his knee as he bent forward to watch carefully. Anytime now the man had made his appearance, quickly standing about 5 meters from the crowd, making some suspicious movements before actually making a small signal to the top of a roof top. Tatsuo's eyes darted, after recognizing another familiar chakra that somehow managed to be wherever this thief was. Could it be coincidence that the two were always together?

'Hell no..' Tatsuo thought to himself as he got up from his seat and slowly began to walk towards the crowded people. The man on the roof pulled his arm up, and from the looks of it having a smoke bomb in hand as he tossed it on the middle of the crowded market street. The large cloud of smoke engulfed the area, causing people to panic and remain still not knowing what had hit them. The thief quickly ran inside, while the smoke bomb guy jumped down from the roof inside the thick cloud of smoke. It was when Tatsuo ran, lowering the hoodie that covered his identity and jumping inside the smoke cloud. Not even this cloud would take his sight from these two. Not the cloud, not even the people that were occasionally bumping against him. It was as if his focus could not be taken away from him. Sensing both of the guy's chakra and pulling close to the two before they could do any more robbing. There was only one thing the two would think after one received a flying kick to the side and the other got gripped heavily and slammed against the floor and that’s was WERE CAUGHT. A loud gasp and a thud was heard across the place as the smoke began to clear from the area, allowing people from all places to witness what was happening.

Some noticed that they had been robbed, while others simply remained in shock trying to figure out what was happening. Tatsuo simply reached his hands inside the man’s bag retrieving some of the stolen items and cash that had been taken from the people around the market in such a little time. After seeing that the rest of the civilians quickly acted on their own slightly taking charge even after knowing that Tatsuo had already handled the situation as they ran towards the other one that was still trying to get up from the floor and delivered a kick to the stomach causing him to create a loud groaning noise before taking all the items he also had in possession. There was only one thing left to be done and another thing for these two to learn after this experience. The first one meant that the two would end up in jail as Tatsuo dragged one, while the other remained tossed on top of his shoulder. The other would be that hopefully IF these two came out they would actually learn and not make the same mistake. Otherwise Tatsuo would be forced to successfully use his skills as a sensor user once again.

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