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Blurred Hand Movement [SC Training]

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Blurred Hand Movement [SC Training] Vide
PostSubject: Blurred Hand Movement [SC Training] Blurred Hand Movement [SC Training] EmptyTue 30 Sep 2014, 2:25 am

There were times when shinobi had to play a role that most kids ever dreamed of playing. And while they do played the traditional ninja games there were some that just weren't cut to be one in reality. Tatsuo was a person that loved to help these young kids achieve their dreams, and even if they couldn't do it at first he was the only person to always push them to be better at what they truly believe they should be. He too spent countless days, weeks and even years before he actually fulfilled his dream of being a ninja of the Mist. Look at him now, he was actually a Chuunin. Not the highest of ranks, but skilled enough to not be at the bottom.

His years in the academy had not been the best, but he would make sure that the new generation of kids or those who wanted to enter the school got their proper training, or at least the enthusiasm to keep moving forward and strive for what they desire most. Today was no different than the rest of the days he had actually spent before. He was here to actually be role model for these kids. Helping them on their goals and at least live the life of a real ninja. The young Chuunin would actually wear his signature Kirigakure flap jacket consisting of a gray jacket, a black undershirt with some gray pants while his headband hanged loosely around his belt. He wasn't used to wearing this typical style of clothing but it surely attracted the attention of the kids that lived in the small village just outside of Kirigakure. Besides the kids loved it when he came in like this every once in a while. Most were actually aware of Tatsuo's hand condition but it just made the whole process of talking and getting comfortable with him much faster. They saw Tatsuo with one hand, and just this would push them to get stronger, to train daily for what they want for their life.

Tatsuo smiled at he watched the group of kids gather as he entered the small colony of civilians. Hoping they would all one day see him as a legend or of someone that only does good the Chuunin simply waved, and acted humble towards their eyes. It was safe to say everyone loved the Chuunin young adult. And being close to the village it was safe to say that Tatsu saw them as part of the village and loved them as well as just anyone within the village's gates. He knew good from bad, and these people were not bad. The young man lined up the group of kids into a single line all in which spread all the way across his side roughly being of about 10 young kids.

"Are you ready?" Tatsuo said with an enthusiastic tone to his voice as he peeked over to his right side where all the kids stood. All of them agreed, giving a small nod of acceptance while a large grin remained on their faces. It was set, the game was who can actually perform the hand signs faster without messing up. This would not only train these group of ninja but also test their will and how far they can fight for greatness. Tatsuo nodded to the kids as his vision was then focused to his front where a small river current washed down exactly through the middle of the colony. The young man would quickly began to perform hand signs with his only hand, while the rest of the kids followed the same. While the young Chuunin only had one hand he allowed for the kids to see his hand signs so they can also develop a knack for observation, as well as practicing their hand sign techniques.

The young man smiled as he watched the kids easily replicating his hand speed and movements of the finger. For Tatsuo as the speed was increased it became just a little more difficult given that he only had one hand. But over time this has slowly faded as he grew stronger and able to perform jutsu as the same speed as anyone of his own rank. After finishing the forming of the hand signs Tatsuo would watch just how everyone would react, some of them might hd finished one after the other but all remained with a relieved face that they had just made it past round one of the game. Next up Tatsuo increased the number of hand signs though not specifically to perform any jutsu. This time unlike before he performed five fast acting hand signs with his one hand, slightly speeding the process and putting up a speed that a Genin would only be able to handle giving the kids a little harder time to complete it.

After completing it seemed everyone stood there watching him with a quick look of doubt on their face but surely again they would turn it into laugh and begin their own tries. Some would do it just perfect, but with a slight adjustment to their speed as they weren't real shinobi. It was understandable for their speed to actually be way slower than Tatsuo's even if he only had one hand. Some of them's spirit actually was brought down as they couldn't finish it before the other. But just like Tatsuo, he just needed to train harder. Surprisingly enough these kids were mentally grown, at least by a few years than their actual. This is the reason as to why they were humble kind and was actually one of the troubles as why they couldn't establish themselves within the Kirigakure academy. Kirigakure was a harsh place, a place in which most wouldn't resist to live in and end up running away for their own sake or future. Again, it was understandable but Tatsuo trained these kids daily and when he did not popped by they would train on their own. It was like his little army of hard working kids that could possibly be the future of the village. After talking to them one by one telling them what they should fix the game had to go on.

It was a lot more difficult now even for Tatsuo, but the point of doing this frequently and with the help of these kids was to increase his speed of his own hand movements. Tatsuo would surely gather back into his stance, while his hand remained seated right to his chest. The intensity between himself and his hands were incredibly strong as for some reason the kids took to one side and just stared at the young man remain in pure concentration. His hand quickly began to move through 7 seals much faster to a point where they became a blurr to those around him. Not only did he noticed the difference as he felt like he increased the speed of his seals drastically but the kids around him seen it as well shouting with excitement and asking questions. Not only he had successfully teached these ids a bit of what a shinobi felt like, but he also managed to successfully get better himself.

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