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Guide: Traveling

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Guide: Traveling  Vide
PostSubject: Guide: Traveling Guide: Traveling  EmptyWed 15 Oct 2014, 3:04 am

Ultimate Shinobi Travel System

[Click the image for a larger map.]

In order to better one’s character, it is important to educate them by looking beyond the village doors. People need to travel – to explore – so that they can become more self-sufficient in this world. By travelling to new, unexplored territories, characters are capable of gaining new education, as well as new allies, if they make their trip worthwhile.

The Travel System has been created to monitor these excursions into unknown territory.

In order for one to travel from one country to the next, they must create a topic or include a 600 word excerpt in their currently running post to timeline their experience while traveling. It is important to note that the thread method is an opportunity for easy EXP – but only if you give your evaluator something interesting to read. Following the new Evaluation Guide, you must post either the minimum three posts, or the one post equivalent in order to qualify for a grade out of twenty. Refer to the aforementioned guide for more details. Remember, even if you meet the minimum, you can still be scored poorly if the topic is not interesting or does not meet the evaluation criteria, so ensure the quality of your threads before submitting them for evaluation.

Suggestions for when one is writing a Travel Thread:
  • Discuss your destination
  • Why you are going or leaving your village
  • Any trepidation you have
  • The landscape
  • The travel itself

It does not cost you anything to travel but when you’re traversing large areas of land, to get from Location A to Location B, there are still a few rules to follow.

Please refer to the map posted above for assistance.

  1. One cannot create any additional threads in their prior country but they can continue to complete threads that are still on-going. A user can only post in two locations at a time and cannot travel to a third location until all threads in one area are completed.
  2. When departing from their current country, one must mark the topic with [TRAVEL TO XXX]. When arriving at their new location, one must mark the topic with [ARRIVAL From XXX] in their topic title. This is to ensure that the traveling did, in fact, occur. This is to prevent the Evaluator from deducting points or voiding the topic.
  3. Users may opt to post a travel topic or can simply post 600 words at the end of a currently running topic. During the standalone topic, or excerpt at end of post, must include all the times mentioned under the "Suggestions for when one is writing a Travel Thread" (see above).

It's possible to opt to use a shadow clone to travel and gather information, but there is a set of rules that must be followed:

  • The initial creation of the shadow clone and then the original and clone going separate ways must be done IC. This means you can't just claim that somebody encountered a shadow clone without actually completing a thread in which the separation took place. Note that you can only do this with a single shadow clone.
  • The clone will still follow the normal travel rules. This means you must create a travel thread with the clone in order for it to actually go anywhere.
  • While the clone is active, the original will never fully regain their chakra. Even when new topics are created, they will only have half of the amount of chakra that remained after initially casting the kage bunshin technique. For example, a jounin with base chakra will only have 67 CP available for each thread.
  • The clone will not have its chakra restored after the conclusion of a thread, so it is advised that the clone use its chakra sparingly.
  • If the clone runs out of chakra or is damage too heavily, it will disperse.
  • Since it's a shadow clone, any information obtained by the clone will be carried back to the original
  • You are still bound by the thread number limitations.

Created by Amy & Darius ©
Additional Contributors: Becky, Trey, Alex, Yosh, and Kelcie. ©
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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