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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission

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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:26 am

You can stop staring at me now,

The girl’s words snapped Koga back to reality and forcibly removed his eyes from her backside.

Er, I wasn’t, uh. Hm.

The girl’s name was Fei and it was Koga’s charge to protect her. After meeting Shinjin, the kind Oinin had pulled a few strings and got Koga assigned another actual mission instead of just running around Kirigakure doing grunt work with Hachiko, Hana, and the-boy-that-can’t-be-named-because-he-didn’t-pass-the-NPC-application. It wasn’t glamorous work, but it got Koga out of the village for a time and the mission itself involved the possibility of some actual danger. Plus, it involved escorting an incredibly hot girl.

Fei was the daughter of one of the Land of Water’s lesser daimyos. For political reasons, the daimyo was relocating to the Land of Lightning. He had already gone on ahead and moved to the Land of Lightning to get a jumpstart on his business arrangements, leaving Fei to finish out her last term of schooling before he sent for her. The mission itself was simple enough – Koga was to escort Fei to the northern oceans where a ship full of the daimyo’s personal security would take her the rest of the way – and wouldn’t even demand the attention of a ninja at all except that some of the fishing villages along the northern coast had been raided by bandits. Intelligence suggested that the bandits were just local thugs without any advanced chakra training – easy pickings, even for a ninja of Koga’s meager rank.

Therefore, Koga hadn’t seen fit to really be on guard, and Fei proved a delightful distraction. She was a few years older than Koga was and puberty had done her well. She was taller than him and he liked that. Despite her complaints regarding Koga’s stares, he had already discerned that she liked attention, particularly from men. She was always flirty, except when she took the opportunity to chastise others for flirting back. She took a great deal of pride in her looks and even further pride in showing them off; her kimono had been tailored into a practical mini skirt, and she had it cinched extremely tight in order to best show off her large breasts. She was a tease in every sense of the word.

Koga had first met her just outside Kirigakure and she’d initially rebuked his flirtatious (read: arrogant) charms. Then, without warning, she’d laugh at something he said regardless of if it was funny or not and always find an excuse to touch his hand, forearm, or bicep. The one time along the mission he’d actually had to ignore her momentarily – they were passing through a checkpoint and Koga had to talk to some of the guards – she had conveniently dropped a hair stick and spent an inordinate amount of time picking it up. Since then, Koga had found it very difficult to focus on anything else other than her.

Hehe, boys are so strange,

No, Koga thought, girls are the strange ones. You know exactly what you’re doing and every time I go to make a move you suddenly play the innocent card.

Koga thought her sociopathic, a rich judgment coming from someone who hailed from The Bloody Mist. He tried not to focus on her and instead gave their surroundings a good once over. They were about a day’s out from Kirigakure by now and had moved away from the constant haze that plagued Koga’s native village. Moving further north meant moving into some of the more tropical parts of the island, and currently, they were traveling along a woodland path ripe with dense vegetation along either side. Despite her pampered upbringing, the young girl was a fast and able walker and never slowed Koga down. Just as that thought occurred to him, his eyes returned to her legs, and suddenly he was lost in adolescent fantasies again.

Which was, in hindsight, a pity. Had he been paying attention, he might have noticed the two bandits further up the road.
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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:30 am

Such as it was, Fei noticed them first, and promptly stopped dead in her tracks. Koga kept walking, his eyes locked onto her gorgeous long legs, her long auburn hair, the way her kimono clung to her vivacious—

HEY! Do your job! For such a lovely thing, Fei had the voice of a cattle wrangler when she wanted to.

His delightful day dreams shattered, Koga looked ahead to see two rather rough looking fellows standing ten feet away. The first was older than both Fei and Koga, probably approaching his mid-twenties. Despite his advanced age he was probably only an inch or two taller than Koga was now, and he appeared a good deal skinnier. He had hollow cheeks, a pierced eyebrow, and a shaved head. The thug wore a bright red vest with a high collar and seemed to forgo sleeves in favor of crude tattoos all along either arm. In one hand he held an axe.

The other was younger; maybe eighteen or nineteen, and a good deal bigger than his compatriot. He had a round gut, but very muscular arms and a head full of bushy blue hair. He had wild eyes and stubble of facial hair. Despite the two large machetes he carried in either hand, however, he looked very nervous. As if he’d never done this before.

Hello, kids, the bald one growled, with a perverted grin. how we doin’ today?

Cueball took a step forward and Fei shrieked. Running back, she hid behind Koga – which was impressive, considering Koga’s comparatively diminutive form – and began screaming into his ear.


Fei pulled on Koga’s jacket so hard he nearly lost balance, but her screams gave the bandits pause; a good thing, too, since they practically deafened Koga. Nevertheless, Koga saw his opportunity and he took it. Reaching back onto his belt, Koga snatched both of his summoning scrolls off of his belt and held them on either side of himself, arms outstretched.

Fear not . . . Did he really just say that?

Throwing the scrolls into the air, the unraveled parchment created an ornate streamer effect that dazzled Koga’s distressing damsel. With a single handseal, a burst of smoke1 announced the arrival of Koga’s puppets, Tsuchigumo and Goku. Blue chakra lines sprang forth from Koga’s fingertips2 and he assumed control over his mechanical monstrosities, positioning them fearsomely between the bandits, himself and Fei. Goku the Ape pounded his mighty chest while Tsuchigum the Spider’s mandibles clashed hungrily against each other. The puppets cracked horrifically and noticeably intimidated the bandits. Koga’s cool guy act was in full swing.

. . . I’m more than capable of handling multiple opponents!

Just then, the earth beneath Fei’s feet cracked. Erupting from underneath the ground, a third bandit appeared, one that evidently had some skill. Knocking Fei aside, the bandit took her place behind him, holding a tanto against Koga’s neck. Suddenly, the monochrome ninja’s cool guy act was foiled. Severing his chakra strings, Koga raised up both hands in defeat.

Heh, then again, I’m also very well-equipped for diplomatic negotiations, and I for one feel that talking is a lost art between adversaries, an art that I would very much like to reviv—

Suddenly, Koga’s head hurt. And then? Darkness.


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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:33 am

Hey . . .

Fei’s voice sounded far away, and still, all Koga could see was darkness.

Hey . . .

Her voice was closer now, and slowly Koga’s vision began to blur back into existence.


That one did it. Koga snapped to and looked around, what he saw unsettled him. Koga and Fei were laying in a large pool of water on their sides in a mock fetal position. Both of them had been tied up with wire, hands behind their back and their legs tied together at both the knees and ankles. Picking his head up from the cool, murky puddle he found himself in, Koga’s eyes had a hard time adjusting to the light – or, more appropriately, the lack thereof.

The pair had been shoved into the back of a very large cave. A truly expansive rock formation, the cavern might have been an impressive find under other circumstances: it was rich with boulders and stalagmite formations; it even had a small lake. Koga and Fei were situated at a basin at the top of the lake where the water was only a few inches deep. Just three or four feet further down, the cave’s floor dropped out, and the dark water could easily swallow either of them whole.

Fei had been shouting at Koga to wake up for good reason: about 20 meters away at the other end of the lake was a gigantic waterfall, and the cascading waves crashing against the rocks outside created a thunderous cacophony within the cave. Fei had to raise her voice just to be audible. As Koga came to his senses, he began reaching back for some of his tools to no avail – the bandits had searched him and removed all form of weaponry from his person. Soggy and still discombobulated from being knocked out, Koga rested his head back into the water, allowing the cool basin to soothe his throbbing temple as he shut his eyes.

Hey! What are you doing just laying there! We need to get out of here!

Koga opened one eye and looked over at his indignant client. Fei was very obviously frightened, her pale cheeks were red and her voice was hoarse, no doubt from screaming at Koga repeatedly to wake up. After checking to see she wasn’t wounded, he closed his eye again.

Mhm, I’m working on it. How long was I out for?

About thirty minutes. They tied us up and dragged us back here after they knocked you out. Are you scared? You don’t look scared. That’s good. It wouldn’t be good if you were scared.

Koga yawned slightly, then started rolling around trying to test the limits of his bindings.

Oh, no, I’m terrified. But honestly, I’m mostly just surprised they didn’t kill me,

They said if my father didn’t meet their ransom demands they could cut you up into tiny little pieces to show him they’re serious,

Ah. Well. At least they’re forward thinking bandits. No shame in being captured by those, I suppose.

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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:36 am

As Koga struggled back and forth against the wire tying him together, Fei was taken aback by how nonchalant he sounded. It was if he really was just more surprised not to be dead than anything else. Shaking her head, the young girl started rambling in a futile effort to calm herself.

Right, well uhm, you’re a ninja. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about ninjas. I’ve heard ninjas can escape from any trap, that they can run across an entire room in the blink of an eye, that they can breathe fire!

Koga wasn’t having any luck with his bindings. Struggling, he nodded along to the girl’s list.

Yeah, Koga croaked as he failed to overpower the knots. some ninjas can do that,

Fei nodded her head repeatedly before suddenly she replayed what Koga had just said.

Some ninjas can do that? You can do that kind of stuff, can’t you?

No, not really. I’m pretty much worthless without my puppets or my weapons. Speaking of, you didn’t happen to see what they did with my puppets, did you – the big monkey and the spider thing?

Fei’s jaw dropped and she let out a small squeak. Biting her teeth together, she clenched her eyes shut and fought back tears.

They, uhm, they took them back with us. I don’t know what they did from there.

Koga was laying on his face now, with his butt stuck up in the air, trying to squeeze his wrists free from the wire. Looking back, he saw a small opening just off to the side of the lake, it looked like a passageway.

Is that where they come in from?

Yeah, Fei sighed, the bald one came in to check on us a few minutes ago, but you were still unconscious so he didn’t say anything,

Koga nodded before rolling a little too far and almost dropping off into the lake. He looked as if he had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

Well, good, maybe he won’t be back for a while. That could be the first bit of good luck we’ve had all day.

Fei’s eyes narrowed as she watched Koga’s rather unimpressive display of escape artistry. Gritting her teeth, she growled at him, her words dripping with rage.

You can at least get out of these binds, right!?

You know, Koga grinned, as if he actually respected their captors. I don’t think I can. They really did a number on these things. It’s like they tied them together with glue or something. Between this and the one that came up out of the ground, they definitely have some shinobi training. Chalk another one up for Kirigakure’s illustrious intelligence apparatus,

That was it, the final straw that broke Fei’s fragile mask of sanity. Tears suddenly began pouring down her face. They were going to die here. At least, he was. She was probably going to be tortured and kept in a dank old cave for a few days while her father paid off the ransom. She wouldn’t be able to wash her hair for weeks, and who knows what those hooligans would do to her. Koga watched her trembling lips and tear-ridden eyes without even the slightest bit of mercy; evidently, her charms had worn off on him now that he was seriously staring dismemberment in the face.
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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:38 am

You don’t have anything on you that could help us get out of this, do you?

Suddenly, Fei stopped crying. He’d reminded her of something.

Uhm, well, actually—

Holy crap, you do!? Koga excitedly exclaimed, inch-worming closer to her. I was just looking for an excuse to cop a feel before I die,

Fei’s sadness transitioned to rage.

Ugh, get away from me! You’re nothing like I thought you’d be, you know! Kumogakure nin escorted my father, and they were a damn sight better than you!

Yeah? So why didn’t your old man send some of those same guys back to get you?

Uhm, well, Fei blushed slightly at the thought. they were older boys with really big muscles and daddy didn’t like the way I was looking at them . . .

Koga laughed and scooted closer. Fei was suddenly very aware of his presence, and his rather unattractive pubescent physicality.

Really, though, do you have something they didn’t find?

Well, there’s my hair sticks. They’re very sharp, I’ve cut myself on them before.

That might work, Koga said, belly-flopping his way up to Fei’s head. though personally I was hoping for a knife up your dress I could reach for,

I’d rather die! YUCK! What’re you—ow! What are you doing!?

Koga’s butt was in her face now, and to make matters worse, he was fumbling around her scalp trying to get her hair sticks out and tearing some of her hair out along with them.

You know, my hands are behind my back. This isn’t exactly easy,

Finally, Koga managed to get her hair sticks out. Fei was right, they were both very sharp, and they were made of a very sturdy wood. After some fidgeting, Koga managed to cut the wire and free his hands. A moment later, he’d cut the bindings off of his knees and feet, too.

Quick, cut me free and let’s go! Fei was trying to whisper now, but with the waterfall in the background, it came out as more of an exasperated croak.

Sorry, can’t do that, Koga said, performing a few basic handseals.

What do you mean you can’t!? Cut me free and we’ll make a break for it!!!

And do what? Once we’re gone they’ll come looking for us, and I’m really not going to have any luck against three guys without my kit. The one thing we’ve got going for us right now is that they think we’re both tied up, and the one thing that I am very, very good at is ambushes – this is my wheelhouse . . . you know, sort of.

Koga was, admittedly, making it up as he went along. Still, he’d come up with a pretty decent plan that he thought might work if she would just stop interrupting him. He started a handseal again before she stopped him with her incessant shouting.

NO! I’m the client, my daddy’s paying you, I’m in charge!!! Cut me loose, let’s go. By the time they find us your reinforcements or whatever will have found us and we’ll be saved!

Koga laughed.
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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:43 am

What reinforcements? No one even knows we’ve been taken yet, and when they do come looking, they won’t find us. They dragged us through water to get here, which means they didn’t leave any scent, and you see that waterfall? You can scream as much as you’d like, no one on the outside is going to hear you. We can run, but then we’d probably just die tired. Trust me, this is what I do for a living. Surprising them gives us a much better chance of escape,

His confidence actually inspired her – for a second.

You do this for a living and yet we were both captured and tied up?

. . . I didn’t say I was good at it.

Koga finally finished his handseals, and upon doing so, a basic bunshin3 appeared. Laying down, the bunshin assumed the same grounded position Koga had been in when he was tied up. An astute observer would notice that the bunshin wasn’t disturbing the surface of the water and wasn’t actually tied up, but the cave’s lighting made it difficult to discern these details from far away. Koga hoped his opponents weren’t especially adroit. It was a gambit, but not a particularly foolhardy one.

Turning, Koga walked down the basin and onto the surface of the lake. Chakra buoyed his feet4, allowing him to rest gently upon the lake’s surface without breaking it. Fei, somewhat unfamiliar with the extent of a shinobi’s basic abilities, was taken aback by his feats. Moving across the cave to the water’s edge, Koga approached the passageway where Fei had said Cueball had walked in from. Examining the archway, Koga found a nearby boulder suitable for his purposes. Holding out his left hand, a single chakra string5 sprang forth from the tip of his finger and affixed itself to the boulder. Narrowing his eyes, Koga suppressed the chakra flowing through the ethereal thread until it was invisible to the naked eye. Regardless, it was very much still there – held taut along the path Cueball would have to walk when he came back in to check on the captured pair.

Koga cast a glance back to Fei who had been unusually quiet during his actions, offering a cocky grin.

Now, I’m gonna need you to— . . . hey, why is your chest doing that?

Looking down, Fei immediately saw what he was talking about and turned a deep scarlet. Fei’s breasts were disheveled, uneven, and had fallen to the way side inside her kimono. It looked as if they’d come detached from her body.

I, uhm, people, uhm. Sometimes girls . . . You know . . . Enhance that area . . .

Koga furrowed his brow. What the hell was she talking about? Did she—and then his mind caught up, and he realized the horror. His entire form sank a little, both figuratively and literally; he momentarily lost focus and dipped about two inches into the water.

What!? Why would girls do that!? You mean, those weren’t even . . . You’re not even . . . Girls do that!?

Koga had never heard of a woman stuffing her shirt before and the realization that it was a thing people actually did hurt him deeply. It was like finding out there was no Santa Claus. Fei drew a breath to speak, no doubt to chastise him, but Koga silenced her with a raised hand. Koga needed a moment. Certain death was one thing, but the idea that he was going to die for a girl that lied on such a fundamental and – in Koga’s mind – important level? That was uncalled for. It took him a moment to regain his composure.


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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 3:50 am

Alright, well, that sucks. But look, I’m gonna need you to make a lot of noise, okay? Get him to come in here.

Make a lot of noise? Suddenly, Koga began sinking into the water. HEY! WAIT! I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! WHAT’S THE PLAN!?

Koga gave her a thumbs up.

Yeah, like that. Keep screaming like that.

Koga offered a wink before he sank below the water’s surface, concealed by the cave’s darkened depths.


Fei was livid, which played right into Koga’s plan. Her constant shouting had the intended effect, and within a couple of minutes, Cueball appeared in the pathway.

What the hell are you going on about!?

Fei was suddenly stunned silent. She looked over to the bunshin Koga had produced. At such a close range, she admired the clone’s perfect replication, but it was very obvious to her there was no wire tying its hands and feet together; it was obvious it was sitting on top of the water. Fortunately, Cueball found himself a bit distracted.

You made me interrupt my lunch you bit— . . . hey, what’s going on with your chest?

Stepping forward, the bald thug walked across the path en route to Fei. Passing the boulder, his ankle suddenly collided with Koga’s invisible string6, and he tripped forward falling into the lake.

At least, he would have fallen into the lake.

As soon as Cueball’s ankle had pulled on the string originating from Koga’s finger he had begun his rise from the shadowy depths of the cave’s pool. Bursting out of the water like a bloodthirsty shark, Koga shoved Fei’s hairpins deep into Cueball’s jugulars. Catching his falling body, Koga stood upon the water’s surface7 as the calamitous waves from his death stroke settled. Cueball’s stunned eyes found Koga’s as he gurgled blood, trying in vain to breathe through a punctured trachea.

Terribly sorry about your lunch. Guess it’s just not your day,

Cueball checked out, and when he did, Koga gently set his body into the lake. Examining the corpse thoroughly, Fei was just about to ask what he was doing when his bunshin spontaneously combusted into a plume of smoke. Momentarily startled, her eyes found Koga just in time to witness another string of handseals.

Henge no Jutsu!8

A cloud of smoke later – why was there always smoke? What was it about ninja powers that summoned up a ghostly, gaseous cloud? There’s no way this was good for the environment. – Koga had shape shifted into a near-perfect replica of Cueball. Turning around, Fei quickly discovered he even sounded like the deceased bald bandit.

Alright, let’s go.

Moving over, he cut the wire from her knees and feet and helped her up. Fei chafed against the wires still cutting into her wrists.

Little help?

No chance. It has to look like I’m moving you as a prisoner. We need to find my puppets,

What are your stupid puppets going to—ouch! Don’t shove me.

Koga rolled his transformed eyes and guided her through the passageway the original Cueball had entered from.

Look, do me a favor and just pretend like I’m going to do something bad to you so you look scared,

Something bad? Something bad like what?

Koga then regaled the poor girl with an unnecessarily graphic description of some of the baser instincts he possessed as a teenage boy. A few sentences later, Fei was stunned silent, and Koga was admittedly a little proud of himself. Eventually, they found a light at the end of the passageway, and Koga led her into the room.


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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 4:02 am

They encountered the third bandit sitting at a table set out with food sharpening his tanto. He didn’t even cast the pair a glance.

What’s she doing here?

As the only bandit that Koga didn’t recognize, combined with Fei’s previous description, Koga discerned that this was the bandit that possessed ninja training and had knocked him out. He was a thin man, probably 25 or 26, and about half a foot taller than Koga’s normal body. He wore a black ninja mask, form-fitting navy tank top, and dark green pants. He meticulously ran a whetstone across his blade with a tender appreciation, and he leaned back in his chair with his left foot propped up on top of the table.

Koga didn’t see the third bandit, which worried him, but he did see his two puppets. The room they had entered into was just as large as the section of the cave they had been imprisoned in, but without the constant noise of a waterfall and disgusting cave water. By the looks of things, it was where the bandits lived: there were three sleeping rolls in the corner, a makeshift kitchen, and a few training dummies scattered about. Koga’s puppets were resting on shelves approximately seven meters away. Goku was behind the masked bandit, while Tsuchigum was on a lower shelf to the bandit’s right. Koga positioned himself accordingly and stepped slightly right as he marched Fei forward. Confronted with the man that had previously bested her champion and captured her, the poor girl was truly frightened.

Thought we could have a little fun with her! Hey, where’d our friend go?

He tried to play off his question as nonchalantly as he could. He needed to know where the third bandit had run off to, the nervous looking one with the machetes, and if he was going to be coming back at an inopportune moment.

He’s off checking the perimeter, he’ll be back in ten minutes or so. What made you think we could—

Mid-sentence, the bandit had looked toward Koga and immediately froze. His disconcerting pause worried Koga, but he was confident in his transformation technique; he looked exactly like Cueball.

Henge. Smart.

Or, at least, Koga thought he looked exactly like Cueball. The masked bandit stood up brandishing his blade and Koga immediately stepped forward, moving Fei behind him. Still in Cueball’s form, he smirked.

What gave me away?

That particular friend of mine had a tattoo on his neck, hard to see over his red collar. I’m not surprised you missed it.

Ah, Koga burst into another plume of smoke, adopting his natural form. that’s the problem with slitting someone’s throat. You miss the little things on their necks like tattoos.

Koga’s attempt to intimidate the man failed. Pushing the table aside, the bandit took a step forward, approximately three meters away from Koga’s person.

I know what these are, he said, gesturing to the puppets behind him. and I know that they take years of practice to use. Without them, I’m betting you’re useless.

Right you are! However, did you know I can take control of them from far away?

Chakra threads burst forth from Koga’s fingertips9 and effortlessly flew into his puppets. The masked bandit was caught off guard by the sudden burst of light and chakra; what little he knew of ninjutsu and its specialties, he had not expected a ninja of Koga’s rank to be capable of generating pure chakra so rapidly. The bandit lunged forward, but then immediately realized the error of his ways. With a flick of his wrist, Koga activated the shuriken launcher in Tsuchigumo’s mouth and sent six shuriken his way.10



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Konoha Nin

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 4:07 am

Spinning around, the masked bandit dexterously parried the incoming shuriken with his tanto. Pulling hard with his other hand, Koga sent Goku into action. Flying forward, the white monkey sent a powerful punch right toward the kidnapper’s torso. Side-stepping the incoming blow, the agile bandit leapt up and latched onto Goku’s arm. Placing his legs across Goku’s neck and chest, he trapped the puppet in a modified armbar.

Watch as I break your puppets,

Koga quirked a brow and stifled a snort. Whatever modest skills this bandit had managed to surprise Koga with earlier, it was obvious now he was no real ninja. Real ninjas knew better than to try grappling with a puppet. A flick of his wrist activated the plethora of trap doors hidden within Goku’s arm.  

Senju Soubu!11

The trap doors had revealed summoning seals and before the speedy bandit could escape their blast, Goku’s arm exploded in vicious torrent of summonings, bringing forth five additional arms. Grasping onto the bandit’s neck, both arms, and both legs, the arms extended violently and shoved him into a nearby wall. Much to Koga’s surprise, he had inadvertently slammed the tanto-wielding mask-aficionado into a stalagmite, which stabbed through the bandit’s spinal cord and heart. He died instantly.

Hm, Koga mused, that was anti-climactic, wouldn’t you say?

Uh . . . Fei whimpered, her voice register rising; Koga recognized the sound.

Spinning around, Koga turned to discover the third bandit. He had taken Fei hostage while Koga had been distracted with his boss, and now held her in front of him with a machete to her neck.

Aw, man. You were supposed to be gone longer! You skimped on checking the security along the perimeter, didn’t you!?

S-stop! Just, put the puppets down, man! Put the puppets down or the girl dies!

Koga furrowed his brow, and suddenly remembered this one. He had been the one standing next to Cueball on the road, the one who had looked nervous. Now, he looked positively petrified. Their leader, the dead masked guy, had possessed some knowledge of Koga’s abilities, but only in a very broad sense. He identified an academy jutsu and understood Koga’s puppets in theory, but in application he was capable of little more than advanced Taijutsu and the most basic of Doton techniques. This guy, on the other hand, had displayed no such talents, but had been scared of Koga before he’d even drawn his puppets. Now that he had control of them, he could barely speak without stammering.

This guy didn’t know what he was up against.

Playing a hunch, Koga raised both of his hands, once again severing his chakra strings.

Okay, you win. Just don’t hurt her.

The bandit looked back to Koga’s puppets, which were behind their puppeteer, and saw that they had collapsed helplessly to the ground. He really had relinquished control of them. Throwing Fei to the side, the machete-wielding bandit let out a loud battle cry and charged forward. Thrusting his machete forward, he felt contact; he had successfully stabbed Koga in the chest.

. . . or at least, that was what he thought he saw. As soon as the blade neared Koga’s form, the boy’s raised hands had come together in a rapid handseal and he had (once again) exploded in a cloud of smoke12. When the smoke cleared, the bandit saw that he had indeed stabbed something in the chest: Goku, Koga’s puppet.

Eyes wide with fear, the bandit looked over his shoulder to Koga standing behind him. Koga had performed the body replacement technique so flawlessly and quickly he had had time to catch Fei before she fell to the ground. He stood defiantly, Fei in one arm, his other hand shining bright with blue chakra threads pouring forward from each digit. He glared at the bandit with murderous intent.

You know, I have a policy: I tend to kill people that try to kill me.

The bandit tried to pull his blade free, but found that he couldn’t. Having stabbed Goku in his large body, the thug’s machete had lodged itself deep into the monkey’s wooden exterior, which had trapped the blade like an axe swung too hard into a tree. Struggling to pull his weapon free, Goku’s tail suddenly emerged from behind its body and wrapped itself around the bandit’s neck. Lifting him up by his throat, the thug choked and kicked, pulling at the tail in a last-ditch effort to save his own life.

But when people try to kill me and hurt my stuff? I have another policy: I make sure their last seconds on this earth are extremely painful.

The bandit frothed at the mouth as he struggled to catch his breath. Fei buried her face into Koga’s chest so she wouldn’t have to watch anymore. Toward the end, toward the very end, Koga maliciously twisted his own arm, which caused a violent jerk in Goku’s tail, snapping the poor man’s neck. Looking down, Koga squeezed Fei close.

Hey, it’s okay. It’s over now.


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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
PostSubject: Re: Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission EmptyThu 16 Oct 2014, 4:13 am

The rest of the trip had been, comparatively, uneventful. After some much needed calming down, Fei and Koga had made it back to the trail and continued on their way. Thanks to Fei’s speedy walking, the pair actually managed to make up for their lost time they’d spent in the cave, and arrived at the docks just on time. Fei’s ship was waiting for her, and she waved to some of the personal security guards she had known all her life. She signaled to them that she needed a minute more with Koga, the ninja that had saved her life.

Sooo . . . This was . . . eventful.

Fei awkwardly smiled and bit her lip. Her hair was down now since she’d lost her hair sticks, and she looked a little shaken up, but other than that she was fine. Truth-be-told, she had enjoyed the excitement. Well, the parts when her life wasn’t in immediate jeopardy. Koga grinned and nodded.

Yeah, it was. For example, I learned you stuff your shirt!13

Fei blushed at Koga’s teasing and shook her head. She raised a hand up to her face and cradled her cheek.

Oh my god, please tell me you won’t tell anyone about that!

How about you don’t mention to anyone that we were temporarily kidnapped, I don’t mention in my report that we were temporarily kidnapped, and then no one ever has to know that your chest isn’t 100% natural?

Fei’s smile grew and she nodded emphatically.


She kept nodding, and as she did so, tears began to stream down her face.

Oh, Koga!

Bursting into tears, she leaned over and hugged him. Caught off guard by her sudden display of sincerity, Koga smiled and hugged her back.

You could have died! You could have died, don’t you realize that!? He had a knife to my throat, and you put down your weapons so he wouldn’t hurt me, and you could have died!!!

She was sobbing into his shoulder now, and Koga did what he could to comfort her.

It’s . . . it’s okay. No one got hurt. We’re safe, we’re here, you’re safe . . . That’s what matters, Fei, that you’re safe.

Fei nodded against him and composed herself slightly, sniffling a bit. Pulling back, she stayed very close to Koga and looked deep into his eyes. Staring back at her, Koga’s eyes washed over her face. She really was very beautiful. His gaze finally settled on her lips, and lingered there momentarily. This was the woman he’d saved, and doing so had created a deep and everlasting bond between the two of them. Looking back into her eyes, Koga tilted his head to the side slightly and leaned in for a kiss.



Clutching his throbbing red face, Koga stared at Fei in complete bewilderment. She had slapped him hard enough to knock his head clean off his shoulders, and then jumped back at least three feet. Shaking her head, she turned on her heel and began storming off to the ship that was waiting to take her to her new home.

GOSH! Boys are so weird!!!

Standing there, aroused and confused, Koga watched her walk away and still couldn’t understand what had just happened. The men on the ship did, though, and they were hooting and hollering jeers in Koga’s direction, cheering for the princess they served. As many of them made lewd comments about a shinobi of the Bloody Mist getting beaten up by a girl, Koga’s head fell and he stared at the ground, turning around. He began the arduous journey back to Kirigakure, alone.

What an embarrassing14 ending to such an unusual day.

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Ninjas and Divas: Well Excuse Me, Princess! Mission Vide
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