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The Chuunin Exams!

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Konoha Nin

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The Chuunin Exams!  Vide
PostSubject: The Chuunin Exams! The Chuunin Exams!  EmptySun 26 Oct 2014, 2:03 am

Make no mistake: some of you will not survive the next round,

So began the second round of the Kirigakure Chuunin Exams. The pool of eligible Genin had already been cut in half because of the first round – a written test on very advanced subject material. Some of the students had passed by covertly cheating while others had been caught and sent home; some had merely cracked under the pressure and quit in the first hour. Some, like Koga, had actually been able to deduce the correct answers all on their own. – and the proctors, all Chuunin and Jounin from the Hidden Mist, enjoyed taunting those remaining with the constant threat of failure. Kirigakure’s Exams, unlike the friendlier counterpart held in Hidden Leaf, discouraged teamwork. In fact, students that had arrived in three man teams had been pressured to turn on and cut their feeble allies as early as possible in an effort to save their lives. Some of the more arrogant Cloud nin had taken part in that endeavor and had already sent home four of their own who couldn’t pass the written portion without assistance. The Leaf teams by contrast had stuck together. Fortunately for Koga, who had entered the exams alone, from this point on there was no longer any advantage to having teammates.

You have each been given a scroll. Some of you have been given an Earth scroll; others have received a Heaven scroll. You are currently located here, on the southern most island. You will proceed north to this island, and in order to continue, you must have both an Earth and a Heaven scroll in your possession. You will have 24 hours,

The man speaking was a gruff, middle-aged Special Jounin. He had blue hair, a beard, and wore an eye-patch along with worn out combat fatigues. He was Aimei Sokugan, the second round’s proctor. A bear of a man, Sokugan was referencing a large map held in place by two demonic-looking pillars. The map showed the students the chain of islands that the second round would be taking place in. A small compilation of floating rocks, the archipelago functioned similarly to Konohagakure’s Forest of Death, though its name – the Lost Isles – left something to be desired. Unlike the Leaf’s uniform forest, the Lost Isles differed greatly in composition. A few of the islands were barren and mountainous, while one was home to a large forest, and several others were flat sandbars. All told, the chain consisted of twelve individual landmasses, each slightly different and holding different advantages and disadvantages. The Genin had assembled outside on the southern most island, a small speck in the middle of the ocean ripe with green grass and constant mist.

As Sokugan spoke, he showed the students that they would have to cross the twelve islands en route to the northern most isle. During their journey, they would encounter not only each other, but also the treacherous creatures that dwelled within the Lost Isles. Some were exaggerated version of regular flora and fauna – large birds, unusually aggressive bugs, etc – while others were mysterious sea creatures that would attempt to swallow the students whole as they crossed the sea. Sokugan ominously recommended exam participants spend as little time in the ocean as possible; the waves here had been known to swallow Genin whole and wash them out into the vast nothingness of the sea. Every year Kirigakure held the Chuunin exams, a few Genin simply went missing and were never heard from again. Some of the worse swimmers in the group gulped a little.

There were 39 Genin that had made it this far. This year, Iwagakure and Sunagakure had not sent any representatives. Kononagakure had sent three teams, but one team had failed to make it past the written exam and was disqualified. The two remaining teams stuck together, and even though they would soon be pitted against each other, they were each taking notes and discussing strategy with each other. The Will of Fire burned strongly in each of them, and it was clear they wouldn’t be fighting against one another. Kumogakure nin, by contrast, were more independent.

The Kumogakure shinobi were the oldest participants present. All of them were at least 15 or 16 and therefore had much more experience than most of the other ninja that had arrived. They all generally fit the same mold: they were tall, athletic, and for some reason they all had a penchant for carrying multiple swords. Hidden Cloud had sent four teams and they had relished the opportunity to devour each other; of the original twelve, seven remained. Unlike the Leaf kids, the Cloud nin had had no difficulty trimming the fat and refusing to provide aid to their weaker members. They were cutthroat, but still formed cliques and were whispering ideas as Sokugan talked.

Kirigakure provided the strangest crew any major village had sent. The Hidden Mist had sent ten Genin to the Exams and eight remained. Unlike the Leaf or the Cloud however, not a single one of the Mist shinobi knew each other. Furthermore, none of the Kiri kids were working together. While the Leaf and Cloud Genin stood next to each other in segregated groups, the Mist shinobi had spliced themselves in amongst the crowd. Years of murderous training had taught each of them to be suspicious of one another in competitions such as this and none of them were eager to divulge secrets to their countrymen. They each varied widely in attire, build, and attitude. The only common thread between them was their shifty eyes constantly scanning the crowd, sizing up opponents and selecting targets.

The remaining 18 Genin hailed from lesser villages: Takigakure, Kusagakure, and Amegakure respectively. Each of the five Rain kids wore mouth breathers and heavy coats like they were expecting a torrential flood. The Grass boys all enjoyed their tank tops and baggy pants, and with the exception of one, had all sat together in a semi-circle. The Waterfall group had a thing for hats. All seven of them wore headgear of varying size and style, and took dutiful notes on everything Sokugan said. Koga saw them all as dorks.

For his part, Koga had done his best not to stand out. He’d traded in his usual attire for a new spin on his old set up. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a high collar, arm warmers, and shorts. He wore bandages on both legs that covered his shins. His usual black and white color scheme was well represented, but instead of its usual left-and-right split, it had taken a vertical divide. The top half of his shirt was black, with the bottom half white. His left arm warmer was white with his right one black, and his shorts mirrored each other in a checkered pattern: left leg was top part black bottom part white, right leg was top part white bottom part black. His sandals, standard navy color, were the only part of him that had any color.

He’d forgone the trademark scarf for what appeared to be a bulbous backpack. Round and jet-black, the pack had the Hidden Mist symbol engraved in bright red. The straps were round and segmented. On very close inspection, it seemed as if his entire pack was made of wood. He wore his headband proudly across his forehead and had a sense of contempt for those that attempted to wear it anywhere else. He stood in the middle of the crowd between the Leaf and the Cloud nin and his average height helped him blend in. Like the other Kiri kids, his heterochromatic eyes were bouncing around, eyeballing all of his competitors. Occasionally, he locked eyes with another Kirigakure shinobi and stared them down until they looked away. Intimidation was everything here.

Now, let me reiterate: there are no rules governing your interactions, Sokugan spoke stone-faced and cold. He was done referencing the map and he was now scanning the young faces in the crowd for any sign of weakness. Do whatever it takes to acquire both a Heaven Scroll and an Earth Scroll. Do not look at either scroll until ordered to do so by myself or another one of the proctors at the northern isle. Are there any questions? No? Good. Line up over there; we start in ten minutes,

The tension amongst the group was as thick as the fog surrounding them. With a collective sigh they each moved to the starting line on the beach. The Cloud kids hurriedly lined up first with the Leaf nin right behind them. The minor villages mixed in between them, but the Kiri kids each slyly approached from the rear. Koga himself was the last shinobi to meander over. He didn’t appear to be particularly nervous. Staring out into the crashing waves, the very next island was visible, within throwing distance.

Good luck to all of you. Sokugan raised his right hand into the air, taking stock of the crowd, knowing he would be condemning some of them to their doom. With a solemn nod to his fellow proctors, he threw his hand down. BEGIN!

The crowd exploded in a burst of blurs and acrobatic leaps and bounds. All of the ninja took off en route to the next island, all of them except one. Koga remained stoic, motionless on the first island. Once the others had all departed, he took a knee and reached back into his pouch. Sokugan eyed him suspiciously.

What? We have a quitter already?

Koga flashed him a grin and shook his head as he retrieved a folded tan cloak from his pouch. Unraveling it, the garment was generously proportioned, and could easily cover both himself and another if it had to.

No, just not in a hurry, that’s all.

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Konoha Nin

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The Chuunin Exams!  Vide
PostSubject: Re: The Chuunin Exams! The Chuunin Exams!  EmptySun 26 Oct 2014, 2:04 am

Somewhere on the fourth island, a decidedly one-sided battle took place. The fourth island was mountainous, covered extensively with jagged rock formations. With the exception of the occasional tree, it was a barren place without any threatening flora or fauna, which made it an attractive locale for weaker shinobi to hole up. Unlike other islands, the mountains along the coast kept the clouds and mist out – once you made it over them, Fourth Island was refreshingly clear and dry.

The battle in question was between a kunoichi from Hidden Leaf and one of the sword-wielding shinobi from Hidden Cloud. The kunoichi was a pretty young thing with violet hair and sparkling blue eyes, she wore an orange qipao dress and green tights underneath, with a peach sash around her waist. The Cloud nin was dark skinned with silver hair and had muscles on top of his muscles. Unfortunately for the kunoichi in this particular situation, she was a fledgling medical ninja and had little in the way of direct combat prowess. The Cloud shinobi was a taijutsu fighter. He was faster, stronger, and more experienced than her; he was simply overwhelming her with every single attack.

The girl had a kunai drawn, while the man from Hidden Cloud was fighting with his bare hands. They leapt from rock to rock, clashing mid air before touching back down and starting all over again. Despite her best efforts, the swordsman was parrying her slashes and stabs by catching her wrist and striking at her arm and shoulder. Repeated punches were already bruising her light flesh, and she had switched kunai hands because of the strain he was putting on her arm. In her sash the kunoichi had her Earth Scroll, the treasure the Hidden Cloud guy had come to claim.

After a few more leaps, the swordsman went on the offensive. As they met mid air, he ducked her kunai and grabbed onto her sash. Throwing her into the ground, the kunoichi’s body bounced hideously off of a rock. Fortunately, she was a tough girl and picked herself back up almost instantly, rebounding in a crouched position low to the ground. The Hidden Cloud nin landed a few feet away shortly after her rebound and had drawn six shuriken, three in each hand clenched between his digits, and let them fly. Worn out and hurt from the crash, the girl was unable to effectively outmaneuver the shuriken. As they flew forward, the man from Hidden Cloud pulled back both hands, revealing wire attached to each metal disc. The shuriken wrapped around her and pinned her lithe frame, tying her up against a tree. Arms trapped to her sides, the kunoichi was bleeding from the forehead and covered in bruises, while the Hidden Cloud shinobi barely seemed to have broken a sweat.

Smiling calmly, he walked up to her and removed the scroll sticking out of her sash.

My compliments, you are an able and worthy opponent,

The Cloud kid offered a nod and then took off, leaving her stranded against the tree. Once he had gone the kunoichi breathed a sigh of relief and began trying to undo her binds. An unseen voice paused her.

Good job, he didn’t notice it was a fake,

The girl’s eyes began darting around in every direction trying to find the boy’s voice that was calling out to her. Suddenly, she felt extremely vulnerable.

Where are you!?

Koga emerged from around the tree, coming up from behind her. Eying him up and down, the kunoichi didn’t remember him from either the written exam or the preliminary briefing. She had no idea what he was planning, or what he was capable of her. Koga walked around the tree with his backpack still fastened to both shoulders, and the aforementioned cloak in his left hand. The girl recognized the cloak immediately: it was a basic concealment cloth, a rough fabric made of interweaving laces. The cloak was useful for concealing objects because with a little effort one could adorn it with surrounding leaves, dirt, or mud to make it blend to the environment. Rarely, it was used to conceal people, but it was a very rudimentary technique, something every ninja learned in the academy and then promptly forgot about.

Koga, however, had spent the last month training this technique. His training with Hachiko had primarily concerned his speed, stamina, and stealth capabilities – Hachiko had identified this particular phase as the one that would give Koga the most trouble; Koga couldn’t think his way out of island-hopping, and if the dangers encountered on his journey wore him out then he’d never survive the subsequent rounds. As a result, his body was a good deal sturdier than it had been just one month ago. They hadn’t had time to train any specific hiding ninjutsu, but Koga’s keen eye and bold intellect had resorted to using the hiding technique with a basic concealment cloth. Anyone with half a brain could spot him if they were paying attention, but with his newfound speed, Koga could deftly dart from rock to rock and then immediately freeze underneath the cloth. With a little ninja magic at play, he looked just like a rock himself given a few dozen meters of distance and an untrained eye. The girl couldn’t believe someone was actually using that kindergarten-level technique out here.

A concealment cloth!? she spoke with derision, she wanted to make her contempt known. Who uses that? How come he didn’t you spot you?

The same reason he didn’t notice that scroll you gave him was a fake: he’s a Cloud ninja. They’re all brawn and blades, they don’t know how to think. They’re too busy getting swole and giving each other brojobs,

Koga knelt down beside her and inspected her bindings. The wire would hold her well enough for now, if she wanted to make an escape attempt she wouldn’t be able to conceal it while he was right here. Dusting himself off a bit, he stood back up.

You I had to be careful of. I’ve been following you two ever since you first started scrapping. Lucky for me I was able to stay behind you the whole time and you kind of suck at fighting. The big guy took up all of your attention, so you didn’t notice the roaming rock in the distance.

The kunoichi set her teeth. She had not only been done in by a rank amateur, but he’d somehow seen through her efforts at producing a fake Earth Scroll.

And the scroll?

Hm? Koga said as he removed the kunai from her hand; he preferred his victims to be disarmed and helpless before he went off monologuing. Oh, the wood. The wood wasn’t dark enough. You carved it out of a tree you found back on the second island, right? It was a pretty passable knock off, actually. Fooled him, but then again, you’re kind of setting the bar low if you can only sneak by Kumogakure punks,

Koga’s elitist tendencies were coming through. He twirled the girl’s kunai in his free hand and inspected her up and down. She didn’t like the way he was looking at her. Eyes settling on his headband, she smirked.

So, what now? You gonna kill me?

Koga quirked a brow and promptly stopped twirling the kunai, leaning forward, their faces were inches away from each other.

You know, not everyone from Kirigakure is a cold-blooded killer. He paused for a second. I mean, I am, but not everyone is, and you shouldn’t stereotype.

Rolling her eyes, she couldn’t believe her misfortune. First the muscle head from Hidden Cloud, and now she had the patronizing hypocrite from the Bloody Mist.
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Konoha Nin

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The Chuunin Exams!  Vide
PostSubject: Re: The Chuunin Exams! The Chuunin Exams!  EmptySun 26 Oct 2014, 2:04 am

So this is your thing? You stalk weak people until you can take advantage of them at their most vulnerable?

Her attempts to appeal to Koga’s sense of fairness and honor failed horribly – she’d misread her audience if she thought she was going to goad him into untying her and engaging her in a fair fight.

Yeeaah, Koga said, scratching his chin with the tip of her blade, I admit it’s not the most entertaining way to go about these things, but I’m really not suited for a string of epic confrontations as we move northerly. Hence the cloak,

Koga held his garment up, rock dust coming off of it. He’d done a very good job blending it into this mountainous land. That was the plan him and Hachiko had devised during his training sessions: stay on the move, cross the islands quickly, and capitalize on the first person you can ambush. As much as he was enjoying the sound of his own voice – seriously, huddling underneath a security blanket for hours at a time breathing in the same recycled air over and over again was not his idea of a good time – their conversation was taking too long. Koga had to stay on the move, lest that Kumogakure guy actually take a look at the scroll he had taken off of her and came back for the real one.

Holstering the blade he’d removed, he set his cloak down gently beside him and once again leaned in close.  

Anyhoo, here’s the thing: I have a Heaven Scroll. You have an Earth Scroll. While I sincerely apologize for the downfall of your career, I’m going to need to be taking that scroll off of you. And, if you hand it over, I’m off on my merry way! No killing or stabbing or anything that involves you getting anymore bruises on that pretty face of yours,

Go to hell,

Koga sighed and stood back up. Shutting his eyes, he dramatically shook his head and waved his left hand in the air.

What is it about women that you all think it’s so damn cool to be spunky . . .

At the waving of his hand, Koga’s backpack sprang to life1. The segmented straps along his shoulders unrolled themselves, and the bulbous satchel slithered gingerly down his body and onto the ground. The hidden compartments opened up with metallic clicks: the pack revealed a head and several more appendages, until finally it had transformed from what had originally looked like some kind of small gourd into a hideous mechanical spider, complete with chomping mandibles and fangs.

Developing the strength and stamina to carry Tsuchigumo had taken a lot of sweat and effort, two things Koga loathed. Ultimately, however, it had been worth it: he couldn’t very well keep chakra strings running for 24 consecutive hours, and this way he had his puppet available at a moment’s notice without having to resort to clunky summoning scrolls. The puppet had responded to a wave of his hand, but the girl had not noticed any of the tell tale strings puppeteers were so famous for. Koga’s best security in this place was speed and stealth, and he couldn’t risk some nosy sensory-type picking up on his ethereal threads. For that reason, he’d suppressed the chakra to the point of invisibility. Chakra strings were hard to detect under normal circumstances, but when the amount of energy used was suppressed to this point, they became nearly impossible to locate. The trade off, of course, was that Koga had less finite control over his creations. Tsuchigumo moved much slower, and in a combat situation he could literally be ripped from Koga’s control if he wasn’t careful. Given the girl’s condition, however, Koga trusted he wouldn’t have to react to anything too sudden.

Pointing a finger forward, Tsuchigumo crawled toward her. Legs found the tree and also her body, and the gigantic spider crawled up the girl’s person, resting gently on her torso. The spider’s jaws were gently pressing against the tender flesh on her neck. As soon as Tsuchigumo had touched her, the kunoichi had shuddered. Now that the sinister arachnid rested in a position where it could end her life with a gluttonous chomp, she was visibly shaking.

Okay, okay, you can have the scroll. It’s in the holster on my thigh.

Wouldn’t happen to be booby trapped, would it? Tsuchigumo’s mandibles pressed against her throat forcefully. I don’t think I have to explain why it’s in neither of our interests for an explosion to occur right now,

She struggled against the spider’s press and shook her head.

No, there’s no trap! Just take the scroll and get the hell out of here!

Koga was slightly hurt by her words.

Fine, fine! No need to be rude about it, gosh.

With a wave of his hand Tsuchigumo pulled its jaws back from the girl’s throat, giving her a much-needed sense of relief. One of its hind legs reached down and out sprang a blade that cut the holster loose from her leg. Reaching down, Koga opened the holster and retrieved the earth scroll. Tossing the holster at her feet, he inspected the scroll thoroughly, checking for authenticity. It seemed to match what he could recollect of the examples they had been given. Placing the scroll in the pouch along his waist, he knelt down and retrieved his cloak and offered the girl a small nod.

Welp, see ya.

Turning, Koga began to walk off.

W-wait! Aren’t you forgetting something!?

Looking back over his shoulder, Koga eyed the puppet that was still clinging to the girl’s helpless body.

Oh, Koga let out a small chuckle. that’s right,

Throwing a hand forward, Tsuchigumo’s jaws opened, and a shuriken fired2 right into the girl’s neck.

Koga’s control over his puppet was really very impressive, particularly considering the suppressed strings. As soon as the launcher had fired the shuriken, Tsuchigumo’s mandibles had clenched shut, catching the metal disc before it killed the poor Leaf girl. Tsuchigumo’s mandibles had caught the star just in time: a single blade’s tip had pierced her jugular vein just slightly, and a small stream of crimson blood ran down her pale neck. She had clenched her eyes shut when the launcher’s terrifying click had occurred; she had thought herself a goner. Opening her eyes now, however, she saw that she barely had a flesh wound.

The spider’s mandibles clicked and clashed, reloading the shuriken back into its launcher. Climbing off of her, Koga threw his arm about and the spider crawled back up its master’s body and once against assumed the appearance of an innocent gourd.

What the hell was that? she asked, indignant that he had frightened her so.

[color=indianred] Well, I know how smart you are, and I can’t trust that you’re not going to find a way out of those binds. And when you do, you might get it in your head that I’ve wronged you in some way, and you might even think it’d be a good idea to come chase after me to get ahold of my scrolls, Koga ran a hand through his ebony and ivory locks. You know that I’m hiding with this cloak and you know I use puppets, so you’re in a pretty good position to ambush me. I really can’t allow that. That shuriken I pricked you with is poisoned3.

A terrified expression swept over the girl’s visage.

No, no, don’t worry. Koga actually sounded caring in his way. It’s nothing life threatening or permanent. You’re gonna hurt for a while, then your hearing’s gonna go, then your sense of smell, and then your sight. You might be able to take me in a fight given what you know if you got the jump on me, but in a few minutes you’re gonna be blind and deaf, and I don’t think you can take on anyone like that.

News that she wasn’t going to die reassured her, but the prospect of being out in this place without fully functioning senses? She’d be a sitting duck, easy pickings for any one of the more bloodthirsty Genin that found her and was frustrated by her complete lack of scrolls. Koga had little sympathy for her. Turning, he threw the cloak over his body and crouched down, ready to take off.

If I were you I’d hurry up and get out of those binds, then find a really good place to hide. About three hundred meters south of here there’s a small alcove. Hold up in there for the next few hours until the poison wears off and you might make it through this. Good luck.

Then, with a simple hop, Koga vanished in a blur.




Chakra Pool:

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Konoha Nin

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The Chuunin Exams!  Vide
PostSubject: Re: The Chuunin Exams! The Chuunin Exams!  EmptySun 26 Oct 2014, 2:05 am

Koga avoided the trope of being the last one to arrive. When he finally made it to the northern most island he still had a little over an hour to spare. He was, however, exhausted, shaken up, and his cloak had been torn to tatters. Arriving where the other Genin had formed up, he approached one of the proctors and threw down a Heaven and Earth scroll. The Heaven scroll had ink on it, and the Earth scroll looked like it had been chewed up. The proctor eyed the scrolls and raised an eyebrow in Koga’s direction.

Giant squid, Koga said, still panting. Back between eight and nine, He bent over, putting his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. Standing back up, he gasped his explanation to the grader. Big tentacles, He began waving his arms back and forth, demonstrating what he meant. Lots of suckers. Lots of suckers.

The proctor shook his head but determined that the scrolls were in a passable condition and cleared Koga to carry on. Taking a seat on a small rock off over in the corner by himself, he finally caught his breath. A part from his run-in with the girl and his brief seafaring adventure with the squid, Koga’s phase two had been very boring. He’d dutifully hidden as best he could whenever he suspected there were other shinobi around. He had always taken the most difficult route through the islands as possible in order to limit his exposure or his chances of being found, and he generally wasn’t – one kid from Amegakure had seen through his little cloak disguise, but Koga was far enough away that when he went to give chase Koga was able to book it out of there and escape. A part from that, he’d mostly avoided running into anyone else masterfully.

His method had its disadvantages, though. Koga had climbed damn near every mountain out there and had, on multiple occasions, been tangled up in a web of vines and roots when he was trying to get through dense vegetation. He’d been eaten alive by ticks and mosquitos and was quite tuckered from lugging Tsuchigumo around the whole time. Still, he had made it, and he had at least an hour to recuperate before the next event. No one except the girl had identified him as a puppeteer yet, and she wasn’t here – Koga suspected she wouldn’t be arriving on time. Looking around, he eyed up the competition and paid close attention to those that funneled in after him.

All in all, twelve Genin made it through phase two. Only Koga and one other girl were left from Hidden Mist, and Kusagakure had been wiped out entirely. Three from Kumogakure had made it – technically four had made it out of the forest on time, but the fourth had been the large boy that had tied up Koga’s kunoichi; he arrived proudly, claiming to have defeated six opponents during his journey. Sadly, he had never lifted any scrolls from those opponents and had never looked at his own. After a brief shouting match with one of the proctors, he was sent over to a holding area by himself to sulk, having failed. – and Hidden Leaf had a strong showing with four. Only one boy had made it from Takigakure, while Amegakure had two, one of whom was the boy that had seen through Koga’s cloak disguise. When he’d arrived, he eyed Koga’s cloak with a flash of recognition and looked at him angrily, but said nothing.

After another hour of sitting around while the proctors tried to round up the dead and the missing, they were all escorted into a large building. They were expecting food and water, the wounded were hoping for medical attention, and Koga was longing for sleep. They received nothing. Grouped around a large open platform, Sokugan took center stage.

I am pleased to see so many of you made it. You should all be very proud of yourselves; in my day, when I took the Chuunin exams here, we only had three make it through the Lost Isles. To have twelve standing before me now is truly outstanding,

Koga was busy picking ticks off of himself and flicking them at the Cloud nin while Sokugan spoke.

However, twelve is simply too many. For that reason, we will be holding a preliminary round of one-on-one fights. The winners will advance to the third round of the Chuunin exams, while the losers will be sent home.

Koga’s form shrank a little. He was exhausted. The prospect of a fair fight was unappetizing even in ideal conditions, but given his current state, he wanted to actively avoid it. Looking around, he could tell he wasn’t alone: some of the other boys and girls had obvious wounds that would be exploited by whatever opponent they drew. Others, however, had made it through the forest unscathed and looked wide-awake. Much to Koga’s chagrin, the Cloud ninjas began stretching almost immediately, warming up for their next round. Koga just wanted a cigarette.

Your incentive for winning should go beyond simply wanting to advance your career: should you succeed here, you will be afforded rest, medical attention, and a one month sojourn to train for your final bout.

That sounded appealing. Koga wanted to skip straight to that.

The matches today have been chosen at random. The first match is Zakuro Koga of Kirigakure against Yuhi Matsumoto of Konohagakure. Please take your positions on the platform, and the match will be underway!

Koga facepalmed, then dragged himself up onto the platform. So much for that cigarette.
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Konoha Nin

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The Chuunin Exams!  Vide
PostSubject: Re: The Chuunin Exams! The Chuunin Exams!  EmptySun 26 Oct 2014, 2:42 am

This thread is continued here.
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The Chuunin Exams!  Vide
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