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Damn Village [Travel]

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Damn Village [Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Damn Village [Travel] Damn Village [Travel] EmptyThu 04 Dec 2014, 3:24 am

Walking along the road with his hand resting on the hilt of his sword Junjo was wondering on where he should go next. Holding a map in his hand Junjo saw that the road he was on currently lead to a small village that lead towards fire country. Figuring he could just cut through and stick to the small countries Junjo made his way towards the village which proved to not be that far from where he was. Yet as he approached he saw that the village was under some sort of a lock down. A gate was now blocking his path into the village. Even as he took more steps closer to the gate he quickly stopped when a crossbow bolt smacked into the ground at his feet.

Looking up at the bolt that was now sticking into the ground Junjo couldn't help but think that it was very rude the way these villagers were acting. "That's right you bastard any closer and the next one will be between your eyes!" Someone yelled from on top of the gate. With a sigh Junjo turned around and started to take a few steps away from the gate. Then with a quick turn around reached into his belt pulling a fan from his belt. Now open Junjo swung wide creating a blast of air that smacked into the gate sending it flying and into many pieces killing not only the people on top of the gate but anyone close enough to get hit by the shards.

Walking forward and slipping his fan back into his belt Junjo surveyed the area as women ran into houses while men came running at him with swords drawn. Reaching for the sword on his right he began to move into the middle of the village. Not yet drawing his sword Junjo counted how many men began to move towards him. Counting a total of fifteen men that stood around him many of them not even knowing how to hold a sword. With a grin Junjo reached back into one of his weapon pouches and grabbed a fist full of senbon in his hand. "Boys! You done goofed." Junjo yelled. With that Junjo threw four senbon one in different directions though not aimed at the men that stood around him, they instead flew straight at the four buildings that the women had ran into. Then with a simple move of his hand all buildings exploded from the tags that were tied to the senbon that Junjo had thrown. Screams could be heard from the buildings as they began to burn down. With a grin on his face Junjo performed a single hand sign once again this time creating four clones.

Not even looking at each other the clones dashed into the swordsman that stood around them. The real Junjo reached for the blade at his hip and drew it with blinding speed and creating a giant gash on one of the men's chest. While clone B reached for the sword on his back and with a single smooth slash took the head off of a young man. Clone C dashed towards one of the houses Junjo had blown up and began to slash at any of the women running out of the building with the sword from his back. Clone D ran towards some of the other swordsmen using only his fans to redirect the swords that was being slashed at him into the very owners of the swords. Finally clone D had dashed towards a small group of archers that were forming on the east side of the village. Using both his sword and one of his fans he began to make short work of the archers.

As Junjo was finishing on the last two swordsman with well aimed slashes to their torsos and neck He spun around just as clone B was taken out by the last swordsman that stood in his way. Dashing over Junjo quickly removed that swordsman that took out clone B. As clone C was finishing up with the last of the women of the village, he threw a kunai just in time to save clone D from the last archer of his group. As they surveyed the area all of the people in the village now lay dead buildings were burning down. Reaching into his pocket Junjo pulled out the map that he had, "Okay now if I follow this road it will lead me to Hi no Kuni. Then if I still stay on the road even through there I will eventually reach Kusa no Kuni." Folding up the map Junjo nodded as his clones disappeared. It was now only a few days before he would reach Kusa no Kuni his final destination.
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