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Masked men on the road to Hi no Kuni [Travel]

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Masked men on the road to Hi no Kuni [Travel] Vide
PostSubject: Masked men on the road to Hi no Kuni [Travel] Masked men on the road to Hi no Kuni [Travel] EmptyWed 10 Dec 2014, 11:27 pm

As Junjo walked along he couldn't help but shaking his head, yet behind him Saito was chuckling as he counted the money from their recent bank robbery. It could have gone better in Junjo's opinion yet they had gotten away with no problems, that is what Saito said anyways yet killing twenty people both civilian and guards alike was not Junjo's version of no problem. Yet they had gotten away from the bank and the village before more shinobi had shown up. Resting his hand on the pommel of his sword Junjo began wondering where his "Master" was going to take him.

Junjo had taken many lives so far as he could remember and not all of them had been hostile. Yet here he was with a true blue psychopath. "So Master where shall we be going this time?" Junjo asked the word master rolling off his tongue with a bit of sarcasm. Looking at his apprentice with a bit of annoyance and a sigh  the Master replied, "We are going to Hi no Kuni. I figure that it is time you take on some work beyond the usual criminal crap." While it was true that most of the jobs that he did as a normal criminal had little pay he needed to pull a big job if he was going to make living easier.

Even though the two of them had only just recently met Junjo was already getting tired of his "Master". Yet he couldn't simply kill him right now. Even though he had been very drunk Junjo knew that Saito had skill that surpassed Junjo's. Yet Junjo knew that the man was very intelligent he had planned the bank robbery and the escape. In a moment like this the best thing that an apprentice can do is bide his time and learn from his master, until his master became his opponent and has the chance to take him out.

"So Master how did you learn about the bank?" Junjo asked, it was an understandable question. "Well my apprentice I have a very well placed spy network for every bit of information that I can find. Helps when you also have a whole bunch of cash to buy any information that I need." Saito replied as he tossed a roll of money to Junjo. "There is your cut, now when we get to Hi no Kuni I have a few things to take care of. Go start up your business and we will meet up and continue on our marry way." Saito said with a smile on his face. However the smile faded from his face, Junjo slowly turned his head to see what had made his masters smile disappear. Standing a fair distance from the duo was a team of four masked individuals. Only one word escaped Junjo's master's mouth, "Shit."
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