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The return to the Valley [Arrival]

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The return to the Valley [Arrival] Vide
PostSubject: The return to the Valley [Arrival] The return to the Valley [Arrival] EmptyTue 16 Dec 2014, 1:17 am

Baha didn't exactly get out of the bed but rather jumped. His room and bed were design for his great height and size, and people were very surprise as to how light and nimble he is despite his size. Today was a good day. It was going to be one of the best days out of the year. His regular morning routine seem to be heighten today. He was humming as he was brushing his teeth, the warm shower he took just seem just a bit warmer. When he was putting on his uniform. His vambrace, his gloves, his armor, all was looking like gold in the morning light. He was looking at himself in the mirror.

"For the next two months, I won't be seeing this uniform in awhile. I'll be gone and out of the valley." he grinned. He was excited. He was probably a bit more than that. He was past the point of that Ecstatic? That was better. He was in a state of "0-100".

He could smell cooked beef patties and pancakes coming down the hall. His wife was already up and cooking them one hell of a breakfast. He was hoping she had the cooked pancakes with maple syrup, cooked potatoes that was fried in goat butter with onions, red and green peppers, and was seasoned with salt and pepper. He would be more than happy to give it just a little bit of ketchup and a tad bit of cayenne pepper. He was hearing a lot of frying in the kitchen so he was assuming that was the potatoes being cooked up. Oh his wife, that woman could cook up something fierce whenever she was in the right mood. Every feast day they had was exactly that: a feast. Ironically, she didn't even like to cook when they were first married. She was the type that didn't want to cook until they were two years in the marriage and she was getting just a tad bit sick of take out.

He was walking into the kitchen, adjusting the strings on his vambrace. "Love, you cooking up a stor-" he was about to say, and paused looking into the kitchen.

He saw his wife pouring into the pan another round of pancakes. He could see a stack of pancakes of maybe ten high and probably wouldn't be done until it was fifteen or twenty stacks. From the amount of batter she had in that bowl of hers, he had no doubt they would having more than just twenty with the guest sitting down.

The guest was looking at him, a mug in hand with island coffee that was specially traded to this particular part of the world. Baha could tell just by the flavorful smell. Despite the kitchen being filled with smells, that sweet aroma was the strongest of them all.

"L-Lord...Alayasha..." Baha spoke almost in a stutter. He bowed his head.

His wife turned her head. She probably didn't even hear him in come in. "Good morning, sweetie. I'm making a big breakfast for us today. I hope you don't mind." She said warmly.

"Tarah..." Baha said, now he was standing in the kitchen and not standing in-between the door. "When did Lord Alayasha..." he couldn't even finish. The words stopped dead in his throat and he swallowed the words down.

"Hmm?" she turned and looked at Alayasha who was drinking his coffee as if having one of the royal house members sitting down amongst them wasn't taboo. "Oh, he knocked on the door half an hour ago. I was going to wake you, but he insisted that you get that extra thirty minutes after I told him we were going on vacation."

Was Tarah not in shock as he was? She was rather complacent about him being here. In fact, she seem rather pleased for him to be here. He wondered what that was all about. He walked over to the table and pulled the chair out to sit. When he sat, Alayasha took another swig of the coffee. The coffee pot was placed on the table with a small heating pad underneath it to keep it warm. Baha took the pot and poured himself a serving for himself. He added a bit of cream and a bit of sugar.

Alayasha put his mug down. "It's good to see you again, Baha. It's been a year since I've last stopped by."

"It has been awhile." He took a small sip of the coffee. Thank the creator for such a drink because it immediately relaxed him. The tension died down a bit as the sugar/cream mixture with the coffee just danced in his mouth. "I should've heard the knock, my lord. It's rude of me for not greeting you properly."

Alayasha waved a hand. "No need, Baha. I did come here unannounced this time. I didn't want to go to the Royal Ninth House castle and make a scene there. I already know that I have to meet Samu'al's father and I have no intention of making this any harder than I already have to. I rather I keep this on the down low if you get what I'm saying."

He did, but he wanted to know why. Alayasha seem to read that thought out of his head. "I'm here because I want to do a full scout on Konohagakure no sato. If you don't know, Kirigakure was recently destroyed by Isobu."

"The three tails?" Baha said. He didn't know the creature had a name, but he wasn't surprised Alayasha knew the name of it.

Alayasha nodded. "I was hoping to scope out and see whether or not it would be wise for me to...well, do some further actions."

Further actions? He wished he knew what that even meant. Was he planning to attack Konoha? He didn't look like he was prepared for war. Hell, he looked like he was just came out of the jungle from a long hike. Was he going to get the Ninth House involved if he was going to war? No, that would be silly. He knew this house wasn't a house for fighting. If he wanted to fight, he would've went home and gathered men there. They were bred for it, trained for it. He was a guard, with ok fighting skills and a decent battle history. He was far from being a warrior like Lord Alayasha.

"I hope you don't mind me staying here for awhile. Again, i'm trying to keep this as secretive as possible. I have no problem paying you for your "

"Uhh y-yeah, that's fine." Baha bit into his inner cheek. "You don't have to pay-"

Alayasha stood up. It was so immediate that Baha was taken aback. He pulled out a wad of money and a few gold pieces. Whoa, Baha thought. "I insist." Alayasha said smiling. "I don't know how long I'm staying, but I rather not be a freeloader. I'm sure you can work with this, no?"

Baha could work with this. A sense of foreboding washed over him. He had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the relaxing vacation he was expecting it to be.

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