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Guide: NPCs

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Guide: NPCs Vide
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**Note that for all intents and purposes, "written consent" refers to a person writing an OOC note in their post detailing their consent for x y and z.**

Repeatedly breaking the NPC use rules can result in point deductions or, in worst case scenarios, voided topics.

NPCs or "Non-Player Characters" are characters that you can create solely for your own enjoyment. They can range from a mission partner to aid you in challenges your character may not be equipped for or even your actual enemy that can be controlled by a another RPer. You're only required to make an application for NPCs that will be used in any type of combat situation or if they are from outside of your respective village (especially if they may give you reason to go out of your village/country). All others don't need to be approved for use.

General / Creation Rules

NPCs that you create should all be for personal plot use, or for use in plot with you and other members involved in any applicable topics. However, NPCs for use as site-wide plot devices can only be created by an admin or a member that has been given permission to do so for an event they've been approved to organize.

They will be allowed to have custom SCs, techniques, kits, weapons, etc like any other character, but only site-wide plot NPCs may have animal summons. Those with a profession that allows summons would be able to utilize them, such as the Protection Service summon. However, keeping in mind the duties and hierarchy surrounding some of the professions, you cannot create and use an NPC that has a profession that you would not otherwise have access to (control-wise). For example, you cannot create or use a Black Ops NPC unless you are either a Kage or of a higher rank and of the same profession as said NPC.

NPCs CAN be killed and captured, just like any other character, so if they play an important part in your character's story and you want to keep them around for later topics, please be aware of this fact. However, you MUST ask for permission from the original creator to play as an NPC not created by you as well as to include the NPC in a topic in general. If you capture an NPC and wish to have a topic with them, their creator has the right to participate as their NPC in order to portray them more accurately.

Do keep in mind that using an NPC to transfer anything between your main and second characters, including information via letters or messages, is in violation of the second character rules, and as such should not be attempted. On that note, avoid using your NPC with both of your characters as much as possible, as it could be fairly easy to break the rules, even if it wasn't your intention.

As far as the approval process goes, they're going to be critiqued much like a normal character. This means that they will be held to the same standards as far as what's acceptable and what's not in terms of jutsu, SCs, and the like.

Much like the dynamics between player characters within a clan, if you create an NPC from a clan, any player character or NPC of that clan and same affiliation (village nin only) will have access to a name and potentially the face of the NPC/character - but other details will remain unknown. For example, if Player A has a jounin Uchiha, and Player B creates a B-rank Uchiha NPC, Player A's character is likely to have seen/heard the name of the NPC at some point, and maybe know their face, but no other details without permission from the NPC's creator.

Combat Rules

While NPCs might seem like a great way to help you win fights against other players, NPCs cannot be used in this way. Only under specific circumstances should you be including NPCs in your character's fights against other players, as they can present an extremely unfair advantage compared to summons as they don't cost chakra to use and aren't simply phased out of the battlefield if they've taken significant damage. There are, however, times when including an NPC in a combat situation will be permitted, and the same rules generally apply to NPCs you use as mission partners:

  • Both parties agree to and understand the involvement of the NPC in the fight (written consent required);
  • If the topic is left open and at least two consecutive, uninterrupted posts have been made by the topic creator and an NPC is already present, entering the topic and starting a fight will count as consent for the NPC's involvement;
  • The fighting is primarily done by your character, leaving the NPC to do a very minimal amount;
  • The NPC's actions cannot be the strongest influence in the fight;
  • The higher the NPC's rank in comparison to your character's opponent, the less combat the NPC will participate in;
  • You cannot use the NPC to bail you out of a situation you would not otherwise be able to escape;
  • NPCs cannot be used to kill or capture a player's character unless it is a plot NPC or the victim has given written consent for the NPC to have the ability to kill and/or capture them, i.e. "If I lose the fight against this NPC you have every right to kill or capture me", or something along those lines (planning death by NPC would be subject to the suicide rules);

However, this does not mean that you can't fight as your NPC should you decide to control them exclusively in a topic. Alternatively, if your main character is present, but not participating in the fight, you may exclusively fight as your NPC. Keep in mind though that as per the rules, only playing as an NPC in a thread means your score only applies to available funds and not for ranking EXP or MP. These rules apply to ALL NPCs, including ones that you do not create a profile for - for example, you cannot simply write in Black Ops NPCs to capture, defeat, or otherwise secure a victory for your side.

Village NPCs

Village NPCs can only be created by the Kage of a village. Their only purpose is to serve the village, usually only by order of the Kage (but a stand-in could use them if needed). An example would be the village's gate guards, or a village Black Ops NPC. A village is only allowed 2 B-ranked Gate Guards, and a single A-rank Black Ops NPC. Others, such as hospital personnel, may only be up to B-rank.

Unlike normal NPCs, if there is an infiltration attempt via the village gate, the gate guards are fully combat enabled under the condition that a player-character participates. This means that, in order to intercept a nukenin infiltrating the village, you must approach them in-character in the same post as the gate guards, and you must participate in the fight.

The village Black Ops NPC can only be used within their village and exclusively to come to the defense of others. This means that you must still follow the rule that you can't just toss the NPC in to capture somebody. You still have to do that with your own power. This serves to enforce the idea that the village is your "safe zone". All other restrictions still apply.

Plot NPCs

These NPCs are created exclusively for event purposes, and are only to be created by staff or by the creator of an event (after being granted permission). Plot NPCs are special because they can act on their own in any topics involved in the event plot (usually played by a staff member). All other restrictions still apply.

Advanced NPCs

Advanced NPCs are the most unique type. These occur when a player decides that they are done with their character, but don't wish to archive them. All of these NPCs will be moved into a special section within the village and are available for use by all. No permission is required to include them in social topics - other uses will typically require approval. Advanced NPCs can typically accompany others of similar rank on missions, and in rare cases (with permission) serve as squad leaders. However, they can only be used for combat against other player characters if the village as a whole is put in danger, such as during times of war.

To have your character turned into an advanced NPC, simply make a request in the NPC section of the registry.

Template / Guide

Name: Last Name and First Name. Please try and stick to Japanese names. Avoid using names of Canon characters from the manga or series or any regular English names.

Letter Rank: C, B, A, or S Rank, depending on village post or criminal’s reputation.

Clan: If your NPC is part of a clan, be sure to specify here with a link to the clan's page. Note that they cannot possess the abilities from a clan that requires admin permission, such as Uchiha, but may be part of the clan by name. They cannot, however, be from a member created clan without explicit permission from the creator of said clan.

Affiliation: The NPC's affiliation (Konohagakure, Kirigakure, etc. N/A if missing-nin)

Profession: Self-explanatory. Do keep in mind that village-affiliated Black Ops NPCs and protection service ninja are fine for personal plot, but cannot be used to capture or intercept other player characters if they are not designated village NPCs.

Specialty: Normally two specialties  between the basic shinobi specialties: Ninjutsu (Ninja Art), Taijutsu (Body or Physical Art) and Weaponry (Art of the Weapons); and the advanced shinobi specialties: Genjutsu (Illusions Art), Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Art), Eijutsu (Medical Ninjutsu) and Puppetry (Art of the Puppets). A third one can also be acquired as a Sub-Specialty. An NPC's specialties, much like a character's, cannot be changed after creation.

Elemental Affinities: Normally two elements between the five basic elements of the shinobi world: Katon (Fire Release), Fuuton (Wind Release), Raiton (Lightning Release), Doton (Earth Release) and Suiton(Water Release), or between the clan specific advanced elemental affinities. A third one can be acquired through the Elementalist Special Characteristic.

Combat Style: The way your NPC prefers to act in battle situations. Describe their thoughts and tactics, strategies and priorities when finding themselves in the middle of a fight. Does your NPC prefer clear and obvious ways while respecting the opponent, or do they prefer to behave in a dirty and unfair way? Are they confident and can easily be part of a fight or are they mostly supportive trying to avoid getting in trouble? What are their aims and goals when they fight, what keeps them from running away? What are their combat strengths and weaknesses? This is OPTIONAL for single-use mission NPCs.

Special Characteristics: Special Characteristics that your character possesses. They are allowed - but not required to have - the maximum number of SCs for their rank.

Description: Although an image will suffice, if you decide to write a description for your NPC, we ask that it be 150 words.

Jutsu: List all the Jutsu that your NPC has in his arsenal. They are allowed the same number of jutsu as the starting limit for a character of their rank. They can have less, but never earn any more. Additionally, arsenal edits to an NPC will only be allowed under rare circumstances (a jutsu is changed or removed).

Weapons & Equipment: Please list your NPC's weapons and equipment here, including kits and scrolls (if applicable). They are subject to all normal character rules regarding weaponry and equipment.

[b]Letter Rank:[/b]


[b]Elemental Affinities:[/b]

[b]Combat Style:[/b]

[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]



[b]Weapons & Equipment:[/b]

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