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A return home? [Travel]

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A return home? [Travel] Vide
PostSubject: A return home? [Travel] A return home? [Travel] EmptySat 27 Dec 2014, 12:59 am

The Return home.
Baha was enjoying the vacation time he was spending with Tarah. Despite the surprise he had on the first day with Lord Alayasha coming in unannounced scaring the living shit out of him, he was calmed after that. He hadn’t heard from him since that time. He didn’t want to hear from him. Despite him being a part of the legendary Fourth House, he was Yachazyal’s son, one of his many sons who were famed and feared for their ruthlessness and cunning. Alayasha, being the eldest and the scariest of the bunch, was one who brought the most dread out of the twelve. He was happy because his mind was far from the affairs of the infamous son of Yachazyal. His mind was on his wife, Tarah, who he loved more than most things. Tarah, who had been his loyal wife, his support, the backbone of this small family for the past twenty years, was the one he wanted to spend his time and days with for this vacation. He cut off most communication from work and he made sure his friends would only contact him during an emergency. At the moment, he was alone with his wife.

One the first day, he took his wife out on the town and they spend a good portion of their money to buy on food and new clothes. She had been begging Baha for some new clothes. There was a new store opening up in the town not a few kilometers from the valley. They stopped there and spent an entire few days there resting, shopping, and relaxing. She spent her days at the newly built spa, he was taking hikes around the surrounding area and enjoying the outdoors in general.  A good few weeks of not working

When they returned home a week later, they spent their times like they use to when they were teenagers. Watching television till late, eating unhealthy foods that Tarah would always complain about the weight going to her hips, talking in their bed for hours before they fell asleep. It was these little things that both Baha and Tarah were enjoying. It was these moments that could not be broken.


There was a knock on the door to Baha’s house. A simple rhythm of the five knocks. Baha could feel his eyes trace to the door. He thought it was It was not rushed or hurried knock.  Baha’s wife looked at Baha who was sitting there eating a piece of red velvet cake. Baha was indulging himself with a cold glass of wine.

“Is that Lord Alayasha?” his wife whispered.

“I-I’m not sure.” Baha got up from the chair and walked over the door. He moved his hand to the handle and paused. He should call to see who it is. “Who is it?”

The person who was standing there on the other side of the door didn’t respond at first. Baha listen for breathing, a shuffle of the feet, the movement of the hand (he was perceptive like that), and he heard not a single thing. “The Breaker.” The voice finally answered. It was recognizable, deep and authorative.  

Baha closed his eyes and counted to three. He opened the door and saw Alayasha standing there, looking up into Baha’s eyes. Baha had always been a tall man. Standing at seven feet tall, he towered over most people. Alayasha was maybe six inches shorter, yet when he looked into those eyes they seem to not exactly stare down at him. It was like looking into up into the night sky and seeing trillions upon trillions of stars. You have this sudden realization that you are the smallest thing in the universe, a speck that would certainly be dust in the eyes of this vast creation. Mighty ones of new and old could not compare to those eyes. They could bow to those eyes, acknowledging that this person had made a covenant and was equally as powerful as the creator of thing. Alayasha didn’t make him feel small, he made him feel as though he was simply a speck in the grand scheme of things.

“May I come in?” his voice asked softly. The images of stars, mighty ones faded again. He was simply “The Breaker” as they call him throughout the house.

“Y-yeah, sorry.” Baha moved to the side. Alayasha came in easily, moving slowly and steadily.

“I’m not here to stay long.” He said. Baha shut the door behind him. “I’m only here to thank you for your hospitality your family has given me for my stay.”

Baha looked at Alayasha bemused at first, then his face lighten to a smile. A nervous smile, but a smile nonetheless. “Ah, you don’t have to thank us. I mean, anyone would do it.”

Alayasha chuckled. “You don’t have to kid yourself. You ain’t fooling me. I know how some of the houses feel about my particular family. My father, my mother, myself, my brothers and sister have made a reputation for ourselves.”

“This particular house seems to like you for some reason.”

“Samu’al family?” Alayasha shrugged a shoulder “Well, his father and my father have a bit of history together. They have a bit in common.”

He saw Tarah sitting at the table. “Sister Tarah.” He bowed.
Tarah bowed her head. “It’s good to see you again, Lord Alayasha.”

“Looks like you made some good ass velvet cake. You trying to get Baha here a stomach?”

That tickled Tarah and she held a hand to mouth to hold back a laugh. “He’ll work it off, I’m sure. He knows I don’t like men with too much of a gut.”

“Did you…” Baha started, cutting the jest short. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

Alayasha was unreadable. “Yes, I did. A bit of a disappointment but…” He paused, shrugged, and turned to face the door "I think the information I got was well worth it."

Alayasha closed the door behind him. He said his goodbyes and hoped they enjoyed the rest of their vacation. He wasn't going to bother them any longer. He was already intrusive to Baha and his wife. He was planning on leaving without saying goodbye. He wanted to be as quiet as he came in. Well almost quiet. Yet, he was not going to disrespect them by not saying goodbye and thanking them for giving him shelter. Even though they showed their respect because of his royal status, he knew the look of dread when he saw it. They respected him, but they also showed fear.

He was going back to Water Country. There he would return back to the place where his mission was in ruins. Nothing much was left but the remnant of the family he had escaped with.

His family.

Shinjin. His brother. His family that was going to unite the clan was gone now. A person he cared for, possibly loved like his own flesh and blood was gone now. He felt the failure of it all pile on his back with a weight that didn't seem to lighten. How was he going to explain this to his wives? No, ex-wives. They were widowed now. The both of them that came out of Lightning Country together and had spent the few years they had in Kirigakure.

He was sad but would they be? When he had explained to them, before he left, that he was going to get Shinjin back, Onoki and Mari appeared unfazed by this motion. Mari especially. Alayasha was beginning to think, or rather he knew this already, that she had no interest in Shinjin returning home. She never talked about Shinjin in a negative light per se, but she said anything in a positive light either. He knew she still had hopes of him and her coming together. Perhaps now with Shinjin out the way, she wouldn't be hindered by guilt.

Onoki, the bearer of T'Challa would be the one that would be affected he believed. His relationship with her was-unknown to Alayasha. He was always able to hit it off with Mari because of their attraciton. Onoki has always been one who didn't necessarily show all of her cards. She was affectionate, more so than Mari. What was contradictory was that she had moments where she would display not a single ounce of emotion to Alayasha. She could stare at him coldly and not show whether she was angry, sad, happy, or even dead. She was a board to Alayasha.

 His brother, Mashah, always had the ability the read a person without actually looking at their face. He could read the signs just by their body expressions, or the way their aura, or even what they are eating. He's always been good at that. He had said to Alayasha when he was younger that some people simply display blank energies. They are neither sad or happy, elated or vengeful. They are simply colorless.

"When there is a positive energy surrounding them, they take upon the color. When there is a negative color, they take that one." His brother said. "Whenever they are by themselves, alone in a room without any other outside influence, they are colorless. They do not have the ability to shape their own emotions because something is affecting them." He heard his brother say this as if he was right in front of him. Maybe that was what

T'Challa, not a year old yet, would never know anything about his father. The world would know him as a criminal, a murderer of the allied shinobi, the framer of the magician. Alayasha would know doubt know the boy would grow up to learn everything about his father, from beginning to end. Nothing would be hidden from him.

The boy would have no guide. The only man in his life was Alayasha. And that sounded strange to him. He never imagined himself having a family, let alone a boy. Alayasha enjoyed his bachelor status. He enjoyed the freedom it came with it. To have a family that wasn't even his...

He was out of the valley and out into the forest. He began to pick up the pace now. He wasn't going to sprint to Water Country. He would take his time. He would need the time to think. To plan. To create.

Something was stirring in Alayasha's mind. This entire ordeal had churned an idea that he didn't think he was going to act upon until now. Such an idea would shift the world, such a plan would create discord.

A plan that was well worth it.
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