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Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country]

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Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country] Vide
PostSubject: Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country] Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country] EmptyMon 05 Jan 2015, 10:15 pm

B-but… Mana-sama… Are you sure you’re okay? I mean… After THAT?” a young and geeky looking administration lady yelled out making more noise than Mana expected attracting a lot of attention. “You’ve just had that huge fight three days ago, are you sure you’re alright, I mean you were carried back from it…” the lady kept throwing out words. Back in Mana’s days administrators used to just throw missions at her blindly, at times she barely had breaks between missions. “I mean seriously, you don’t have to do this, it’s alright, we’ve assigned Meiko-san on it, surely you know you’re teammate is skilled enough to handle it, you don’t owe anyone anything…

Mana tsked angrily and raised her voice a little, “Could you remind me, how Sennin are assigned their missions?” the administration lady fixed her glasses and spilled the peas onto the floor. “Technically they aren’t, they’re allowed to pick missions on their discretion, you’re free to pick any missions you want and assist other ninja on theirs…” Mana smiled victoriously, “Well then, my discretion tells me that I want to save this genin guy, sure Meiko can handle it, I have no doubts with that. I just want to do something, get away from the village and all.” The administration lady still looked awfully worried of Mana’s condition, the magician had to make those cute and lovely eyes until she gave up.

Fine, Mana-sama, I’ll sign you up near Meiko-san, just… Be careful, you’re not in your best shape, let your friend do the heavy work.” the lady still sounded way too worried about too many things. Mana nodded and thanked the administrator for an opportunity. She needed this, she needed this mission to escape the village! Not in the common sense, she didn’t want to become a nukenin or anything, it was just that after Mana’s super epic battle to save the village with the Parabrahma puppet master everyone was way too hyped over it. People kept coming to her home bringing her gifts, they kept barging in her hospital ward and giving her flowers. At some point it was almost impossible to breathe in without someone’s face bumping into hers. The mission also sounded relatively alright – Mana was always in the mood to do a good deed and save a young one.

Of course there were hidden reasons for it too. After failing to save that Uchiha girl Mana wanted to know, she HAD to know if she was still a hero. If she could still save everyone. Sure she saved the whole village just three days ago and everyone saw it and all but that was a different case entirely – that was away from the village, the threat wasn’t as direct and as close. The magician wanted to know once and for all if she could save someone in time, this was just the same situation. It was almost as if Mana was granted a do-over and this time she wanted to do it all right, she had to!

Fueled by these thoughts the Sennin made her way to the village gate to wait for Meiko. Had the armored comrade of hers already left the village the administration lady wouldn’t have let her join. The factor of Mana’s recovery was almost too much not to give her this mission but that and the main team having left already would’ve definitely been too much. Once Meiko finally would’ve shown up Mana would’ve waved for her friend and laughed out, “Gee, they don’t put together administrators like they used to, a gal can’t get a job two days out of the hospital anymore…

Hopefully Meiko wouldn’t have had problems with Mana traveling with her, the young magician was fresh out of the hospital after a situation which basically qualified as a siege on the village. She wasn’t in her best shape, Mana knew it inside of her and didn’t want to admit but she was still strong, she could still help. Even if Meiko can do it alone, Mana’s presence there won’t get in the way right? Meiko couldn’t have become so amazing that Mana would get in her way. It didn’t really matter if Meiko wanted Mana to come along or not, it was official, Mana needed this she needed to know that if given this chance she could do it again.

If asked if she was alright Mana would’ve just given Meiko a brief “Sure.” And she wouldn’t have allowed her friend to get too much into talks about her health. Mana was standing and moving as usual, she was out of the hospital and it meant she was good enough for duty. Time for talk would’ve been some time when the magician wasn’t so invested in saving the life of this genin. This was way too personal, way too similar to how it was with the Uchiha girl. “Satsuki, Uchiha… Your death wasn’t in vain, no one else will die like you. I’ll save anyone like you, no more deaths!” Mana thought.

She may not have been on the most cheerful of the moods but at the very least Mana was still able to enjoy the sights. The outer village forest that was completely desolated by the puppet and its nuke beam was now completely grown back by the amazing Senju clansmen. It looked like it may not have even been taken down in the first place, almost like no Parabrahma were even sieging the village gate. The gate was also now fixed, the places where it was patched were visible but soon the new pain will settle down and look just the same as the old. Things will return to normal.

It was just a several hour trip until the port, Mana had traversed the Fire Country many times during her early days of ninja career, she went the path to Shukuba and back almost every week for many months. Shukuba reformation was a big part of her early ninja career, since that time Mana had significant knowledge of the Fire Country forests just due to frequent trips through it. She knew the trees, the flora and fauna of the forest. Most bird sounds were familiar to her and invited nostalgic thoughts. Mana could almost see that half-grown teen magician roaming these forests in confusion, thinking if she’s not passing this circle of trees again for the fifth time and wondering which side is Shukuba in. Nostalgia was always a bitch to get rid of…

The long trip may have been exhausting to someone who wasn’t used to it, Mana on the other hand had her fair share of traveling. Whether it was to Shukuba town or the one time she went to Kirigakure or the many times she roamed the Fire Country forests to find some specific point. Still, she had to admit that she was getting winded a bit easier, it wasn’t that she was running out of breath but her healed up stab wound started hurting again, the magician barely even noticed how her hand slipped on it and started rubbing and massaging the spot to relieve the pain. If asked by Meiko if she was alright Mana would’ve just said that she was fine and wouldn’t have agreed to take a break.

I need this, I must be strong, I must be fast, I can’t let anyone die like Uchiha Satsuki. I must make it in time!” she would’ve thought to fight with the temptation to slow down and take a break. A Konohagakure Sennin was supposed to be able to make the trip from Konoha gate to Fire Country port in five hours easily, the famous Konoha’s Sorceress should’ve done it even faster. She was no pushover, she could do it but then why didn’t she make it in time then? Why did Uchiha Satsuki die? Why didn’t she make it in time? There may have been no use to focus on the old mistakes and focus on the dead. There was a living young genin who needed help. He couldn’t suffer or be killed, no information will be extracted from him. They won’t allow it.

Finally after several hours of traveling, perhaps even faster than planned five hours, if Meiko wasn’t too persistent on taking a break, the party of ninja would’ve arrived at the port and made it onto the small vessel headed to Moon Country every couple of hours. If Meiko wanted to know why Mana was so closed in and weird, if she asked several times or wanted to talk while on ship Mana would’ve eventually let her know about one of the reasons she took this mission even if originally she wasn’t assigned to it.

It’s just like that time… That time with Uchiha Satsuki… No one cares that I failed to save her, that I was too late. All they care about is that I caught Rukasu-niisan… All they care about is that I recovered some stupid pair of Satsuki-san’s eyes! This time I can’t be late, we can’t let this genin get hurt or die. I just have a feeling that if Satsuki was alive, she’d want that no one died the way she did, that I wouldn’t be late anymore, that we could make it in time… Also, I guess I just want to be away from the village for a while, after that huge fight with that puppet giant and that hydra thing I just got a bit tired of people worrying over me…” with that being said Mana would just go to her room in the vessel and stay there after hearing if Meiko had anything to say in return.

Mana would’ve then fell down on the small resting bed that every room of the vessel had and massaged her side again. “Why do you still hurt? The wound was healed… I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I’d never know, I’ve never been stabbed before.” Mana used to think that she was perfectly fine, evidently there were still some signs of injury, she wasn’t completely fresh, she was still injured. That couldn’t get in the way, if it did the magician would only blame herself more, if it did Meiko would be angry at her. “No, my whole life I’ve made my friends be angry at me because I was reckless and stupid, this time, this time only, I’ll make them proud. I’ll help Meiko and be a good friend. I won’t mess up. I’ll help Meiko and honor your memory, Satsuki-san, this genin won’t die like you, we’ll be in time, you’ll see Satsuki-san…” Mana would’ve said silently to herself as if it was a prayer.

After several hours of sailing the ship would’ve arrived in the Moon Country and a weird man with a huge moustache would’ve knocked on Mana’s room and informed her that the ship had arrived. “Alright, it’s time to show that silly administrator I’m alright, it’s time to show Satsuki-san that I’ve become stronger and faster and time to help that genin. I’m ready!” Mana would’ve chanted to herself and left the room looking forward into the view of the Moon Country island.


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Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country] Hang in there, Genin Guy! [Travel to Moon Country] EmptyTue 06 Jan 2015, 1:36 am

"You know, for once it would be nice to receive a mission in the normal manner" Were Meiko's thoughts as she was lead towards the administration building. Not five minutes ago she was out walking her dog Shade when a courier nin stopped her in the streets, demanding she accompany him back to the administration building. It had taken a good minute of arguing before the courier nin had allowed her to take the dog back home first. Whatever the mission was, it was certainly urgent but there was no way in hell Meiko was leaving her dog to just wander the streets alone. Once she reached her house, Shade was lead inside and the door slammed behind the pup, Meiko had not even bothered to remove the leash, there really was that little time to spare. Now free of responsibility, Meiko took off running as fast as she could towards the building.

Inside, the place was rather quiet, almost like a library. The people working were busy burying their noses in papers while civilians waited in line to be serviced. Meiko caught sight of the courier nin who then lead her to the main desk, pushing past several other people who just gave her the stink eye and muttered insults under their breath. Honestly it was such a surprise how differently she was treated without her armour on. It had become such a trademark that most people did not recognize her as a Shinobi without it. Sure she still wore her headband, but most just assumed she was a Genin due to her relaxed attire. Right now Meiko was wearing a simple red t-shirt and jeans, if not for the headband she would appear to be just any other civilian getting special privileges because she knew a ninja.

The woman behind the desk certainly filled the nerdy stereotype. Her hair was a mess but it was the glasses that really stuck out. Gigantic and surprisingly thick, Meiko imagined the girl would be all but blink without them. Their presence pulled the girl from her work and the light flashed off her glasses as she spoke. "Ah you must be Wakizashi, Meiko correct? What took you so long, this is an urgent mission. Anyway, here it is. We have received a report that a Genin has been kidnapped by the village. The kidnappers were described as three cloaked figures, two tall ones and one short large one who appeared to be the leader. Their skills are on par with that of a jonin shinobi so be extremely cautious when engaging them. Take them out and return the Genin if possible. It's likely he has received some injuries so be very careful when extracting him. They were last seen taking a boat to the Moon Country, it is likely they have a hideout there. Hurry, before they can extract any information from the kid." With that, the girl began shooing Meiko away so she could attend to other matters, the girl couldn't even ask any further questions about the mission.

Leaving the building, Meiko charged towards the gate. She did not need to get anything prepared thanks to her new seal on her chest so it was off to the Moon Country. As she was running down the streets however, there was no way to fight the butterflies in her stomach. Three Jonin with a hostage and they were only sending her? In a way it could be seen as a compliment as they trusted her to complete it alone, but that also put a lot of pressure on the woman. Hell that would put a lot of pressure on anyone. If it was just her life that would be one thing, but there was also the life of the Genin in question here.

Approaching the gate, Meiko spotted Mana standing around as though she were waiting for something. The magican noticed her presence too and began to wave. Meiko was prepared to just dart on by, rude as it was she had no time to socialize but Mana was moving to intercept her. When she spoke however, Meiko could feel her fears flee from her stomach. With Mana around, a job like this would become much simpler to manage. Yes it would still be extremely difficult, but now she had someone to help, someone to rely on and back her up. Something she sorely needed for a job like this. "Hey, I'm just glad you're coming along. Truth be told I had no idea how I was going to do this alone."

The two left the village, moving at a very brisk pace. The port was a good five hours at least by cart, perhaps a day on foot if one did not have anything special to do. But they had an urgent mission and for that, the girls were moving as quickly as possible. Meiko however, did notice something wrong with Mana, she was babying her sternum ever so slightly. The girl was good at hiding it yes, but it still did not stop Meiko from asking if she was alright. Mana replied with a simple remark and continued on. If this were any other day, Meiko would call for them to slow down or rest, but today she could not. "Right, keep up then. We can rest on the boat since there's no way to make those go faster." It make her feel cruel and uncaring but this job called for steel hearts. To slow down would bring the boy closer to death.

Thankfully, it appeared that whatever was troubling Mana was not so severe as to keep her from enjoying the scenery. "That's experience for you. She's been through so much this must be just another job to her. She knows how to keep her cool and can still take in the small things." Meiko sighed and focused on the road ahead, she was not experienced enough yet to let her mind wander.

The port they came to was a small one and in need of some repairs for sure. Definitely a place where criminals could get a ferry over to Moon. Thankfully the village had sent word, and money, ahead so a boat was already prepared. It was not anything grand, a small trading vessel. It would have a room or two below deck with the rest devoted to storage, but it would be fast due to its light weight. The captain, a man with the strangest beard either of them had ever seen approached them "You them girls from Konoha?" He asked with a voice as salty as the sea itself. The girls were admitted on board and shortly after, they were off.

The voyage would be an overnight affair but the seas were calm and the wind on their side. They would make landfall by morning if the Captain's prediction was correct. Once their homeland sank into the horizon, Mana came to Meiko and poured her heart out. About how she had failed the Uchiha girl in the forest, about how no one remembers her. Meiko took in a deep breath and patted Mana on the shoulder. "You won't be. Neither of us will. We're going to save him and that's that. Now rest up. We have a big day tomorrow." Afterwards, Mana went below deck to find herself a bed. Meiko chose to stay above deck for now. She needed to calm her self and hoped the sea air would help with that. Meiko remained there until the sun sank into the ocean, where she made her way down into the cabins and found a place to lay down. Mana had commandeered one of the few available beds early, a move that Meiko was now regretting. Still she was able to get a decent night sleep.

As the Captain predicted, they made landfall shortly after the crack of dawn. He came down personally to wake the girls, although the entire ship was up now because of it. Thanking the man, his parting words were that he would remain here for a few days before heading back to the Fire Country. Should they return before he left they would be welcome aboard again. Stepping off the boat, Meiko looked to Mana and nodded. The mission had begun and a young Genin's life lay in their hands.


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