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Master my **** [Flashback SC]

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Master my **** [Flashback SC] Vide
PostSubject: Master my **** [Flashback SC] Master my **** [Flashback SC] EmptyWed 14 Jan 2015, 2:32 am

Taijutsu Master

He didn’t know when he woke up. For a short moment, and a short moment that escape just a second, he didn’t remember exactly as to how he got into the predicament. He felt pain, oh yes, he felt a heaping amount of pain that no man should really go through onto himself. Maybe with a partner, another person to at least watch over the stupid ideas he had but nonetheless a person to look over him. He knew well enough that he went high in the air and felt someone kick the living shit out of him. Suddenly the memories flowed in and he realized that it was his own clone that kicked the living hell out of him. He would have to congratulate his clone-well, he suppose he would have to congratulate his own self for making a clone that had kicked his ass nicely. He thought he was still asleep when his eyes open but then he realized that he was actually face down in the dirt. He lifted his face up off of the ground and saw that the mid-afternoon sun was now hugging the earth creating the sundown in the forest. He heard the pest of the forest create the beginning of their nightly noises which all but comforted the incredibly sore Alayasha.

He slowly, and Alayasha knew it was slowly, got up from the small impact crater his body had made for his lovely fall. He felt that everything was sore from head to toe as he found a way to stand up on two feet.

“I didn’t think you were alive” a voice broke in with all of the forest noises being created. Alayasha heard the voice come from the left of him. His head turned in an almost grinding fashion to face towards the speaker. The voice was heavy, burly even that gave the indication of a man who was large, the size of two people fit into one who had a strange country twang that spoke both the nature of the world and the wisdom of a sage. The man was older, late sixties or early seventies from the looks. He had kept himself in good shape, Alayasha concluded, even with his big tree trunk of a man. His body had supported maybe 280 to 290 pounds of a six foot seven man who have seen more stacks of meat and pancakes in his life than he’s seen women. He had a very hard face and Alayasha meant hard like a sculptor had shaped his jaw line and then an artist decided to brush the colors of brown and green on his face while a barber decided to glue hair around his chin and call it a beard “You looked pretty dead from the looks of it and believe me I’ve long enough to know when someone is dead.”

“I’ve seen corpses” Alayasha replied in a beaten, hoarse voice “Corpses usually don’t usually come back from the dead unless they are a zombie…but that is science fiction.”

“Ah” said the burly man “Science fiction has never been too far from reality. Don’t ya know? Once mankind thinks it, it becomes reality. And sometimes science fiction hides the true nature of what is real and what is not.”

“Right…” Alayasha said, understanding but not really giving a damn to care. “I would ask who the hell you are but I’ve found myself in a predicament of me training and in the process of resting. So….” He slowly began to move to the tree trunk and sat himself down on the dead log “If you’re here to create philosophical remarks on zombies, I kindly ask you to stop.”

The burly man turned his head “Oh my, you’re quite the serious one ain’t ya?” He crossed his arms “Can’t have much fun can you?”

“No sir, I can’t have this much fun. I’m trying to condition my body once again after getting out of prison not even a few weeks ago. You’re fucking asking me about the aspects of fiction and reality while I just woke up from maybe a three maybe four hour nap of unconsciousness. I’m sorry that I’m not a comedic act for the peanut gallery.” Of course he didn’t say any of this. His eyes traced the outline of the burly man’s body and then he looked back at the ground. “No, I’m just tired is all.” Alayasha said softly. “I don’t care if you do say anything just….” He waved a hand at him.

“Wow, you must be tired. Did you train yourself that hard?” Alayasha nodded his head. Alayasha had a deep, almost instinctive feeling about this ‘chance’ meeting. It just seem too much of a chance for someone to be here out in the forest, albeit dead nowhere in the forest where this part of the country had little to no civilization to speak of in a 100 kilometer radius and here is this grizzly bear of a man with a cheery smile on his face wondering if he was dead or not. Had this man been watching him this entire time? And if he has, why has he not of sensed him or given any clue of his whereabouts? Black ops perhaps, some sort of special forces. There was a slim chance that there would be black ops around the entire area trying to round out the last mercenario around the area but the likelihood of that happen was slim to almost non-existent at this point. No, this man-this man had something hidden. He was waiting for the line “Well that makes things easier for me.” Or his personal favorite “That must be some tough shit to experience when you’re about to die.” He didn’t know why people say that, it sounded utterly ridiculous to him and was probably one of the lamest one-liners besides “You must be an angel…” to pick up a woman.

He didn’t get that. No, not at all. What he instead got was his eyes met the boots of the giant man at his feet. Alayasha raised his head up immediately seeing a giant arm pulled back and ready to crush what would be his skull down into the dirt. “That’s new!” his mind shouted. His reaction made his body shift into overdrive. The soreness, the tear of his muscles were now numb and a third rush of adrenaline was pulsing throughout his body like rushing water running through a pipe. He dodged swiftly by rolling backwards on his back and he continued to roll till he was about eight feet away from the giant man. He didn’t see the giant man crush through the dead tree trunk but he heard his hand crush through it shattering the entire tree like plaster. He had ran his fist through it so hard that he actually went through the trunk and into the ground.

“Oh yeah, that’s definitely new” he said before getting on his feet and got up and made a dash into the forest. He did look back to see that the man had already recovered from his assassination attempt and began to chase after him. The man was fast, for a big man who looked as if he was overweight had the swiftness Alayasha had and maybe more. That was not fat underneath that big body but pure muscle that was built to chase people down like Alayasha.  Alayasha’s feet moved with ever swiftness dashing in-between the trees and brushes of the forest. He could feel his leg muscles wear and tear on him, his body was literally on fire as he was trying to run from this bear of man who was not only gaining on him but still had that ridiculous smile on his face. He didn’t know whether this was insanity or pure and ever delight. Alayasha turned around and saw what the man was smiling at. He was maybe six feet away from a large tree about eight feet long and probably seventy feet high. The quickest and instinctive thing he did was concentrate chakra to his feet. The moment it was presumed that Alayasha would hit the tree, he leapt up into the air and his feet ‘magnetize’ onto the bark of the tree before sprinting upwards. He caught a second wind as he sped up the

“Haha!” the wild, burly assassin cried “Clever and sleek my friend, clever and sleek.” The burly assassin stopped and reached into his back pouch drawing out ten shuriken. With precision and a bit of chakra, he threw them all at once yet the trajectory and the speed of each shuriken was different.

Alayasha was only seven feet from the top. That gut feeling occurred again for him to turn around occur and he listen to it. He saw the shuriken coming at him with almost pin-point accuracy and surprising speed. His eyes scanned the area looking to see if there was a way to avoid. He saw no way to leap without making it a blind one at that. He would have a better try if he could drop down a few feet and lose him in the branches.

He turned around hard, making the bark off the tree peel up and sprint towards the shuriken. He saw them each coming with spinning decision to hit their mark. Alayasha had openly decided to move slightly to avoid two of the shuriken. One shuriken had decidedly moved past his left shoulder almost grazing it while the other moved past his right cheek. Three more moved toward the center of mass which was his chest which wouldn’t be able to slightly move there. He would have to jump.

He saw the perfect opportunity to leap forward onto a branch and leapt through the window of opportunity. The three shuriken breezed past his feet as he made his leap of faith and he grabbed hold of the branch spinning around it until his feet was placed soundly on the top branch. He then didn’t listen to the gut instinct and look down and decided it would be best to sprint until he was covered in the darkness. He made leaps onto the branches sprinting and jumping with the intent of getting far past his assassin. When he felt as if he wasn’t being chased anymore, he jumped off a branch and rolled onto the ground where he proceeded to run even more. He had vaulted over dead tree trunks then precision jumped over a creek bed to get even further. He hadn’t imagined it when his clone almost seemed to appear in front of him when it kicked the crap out of him, he had gotten faster. Whether this was just the adrenaline or not, he wasn’t going to continue to ask, he was just going to continue running.

The forest was now covered in darkness. Alayasha’s eyes had adjusted earlier to see the starry sky light the night but the moon was not out today. Maybe it was a blessing that the moonlight didn’t reveal his path today. Maybe it was just waiting for the inevitable to happen. Either way, he did not think the man had followed him. Not entirely. Alayasha had moved through the forest with means of tricking his opponent. Even if he was tired, even with his body feeling like his muscles were replaced with rocks and his blood was now liquid concrete, he did not stop to think as to where he had to go. He just knew that he would have to trick him. Moving through the brush of the thick forest lush and creating paths that weren’t meant to be paths, he believed he had truly lost him-for now. His body was heavy, truly heavy of the weight that was burdening him from before had now become evident. He was exhausted, truly and almost utterly exhausted from this ordeal. He would have to find a place to rest he thought. Perhaps this tree would suffice him…
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