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Welcome to the Jungle [Swallow What, Now? Search Thread]

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Welcome to the Jungle [Swallow What, Now? Search Thread] Vide
PostSubject: Welcome to the Jungle [Swallow What, Now? Search Thread] Welcome to the Jungle [Swallow What, Now? Search Thread] EmptyTue 20 Jan 2015, 6:16 am

After arriving in the small village in Fire Country, Kyou's first priority was to locate a central point from which to begin his search. Although he didn't think it would be particularly difficult to track this Eiji guy down simply due to the circumstances, he wanted to do so quickly - the more time he spent asking around or looking for clues, the more likely the target would catch wind of this and either ambush Kyou or find a way to keep himself from being found. Neither of the latter outcomes was beneficial to the jinchuuriki, so using the fastest and most efficient way of getting information would be in his best interest.

Prior to sending the carriage away, Kyou had gotten some information back from the shadow clone that had been dispatched to Konoha while the original was still lingering around Tea Country. Apparently Kanako had talked him out of confronting his parents, and with nothing else to do as its other task couldn't be carried out, the clone simply dispersed. Though disappointing, it was something he'd have to worry about later - assuming he came out of this alive.

After dealing with those thugs in Tea Country, he'd learned that using shadow clones to gather information could be rather helpful, and though they wouldn't be able to carry back any material items if they dispersed, the knowledge they gained would be transferred back to him. So at the very least, he'd be able to cover a wide range and gather information from various sources all at once, which would save him time in the long run.

"It's a good thing I've got plenty of chakra," he mused as he formed the hand seal for his technique. The difficult part was deciding on how many to create - too many and his chakra would be spread too thin if he happened to encounter Eiji, but too few and the search would still take some time. As long as he had enough chakra to pump out a couple of ninjutsu, he would at least be able to buy time in the event that something happened.

Four copies of Kyousuu appeared around the original1, and after running through the plans again, all five bodies sped off in different directions. It was time to investigate.

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