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Returning back - Travel to Lightning Country

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Returning back - Travel to Lightning Country Vide
PostSubject: Returning back - Travel to Lightning Country Returning back - Travel to Lightning Country EmptyWed 04 Feb 2015, 11:13 pm

CONCLUSION: The young woman stood as still as a statue made of stone upon the deck of the ship - her expression unreadable as she fought with herself and her emotions. She was alone by her own choice, even if it scared her a bit. It scared her even more than the deep, moving ocean beneath her feet. This was a journey she had to make alone. The journey to retrieve her memories. She was going to go to Lightning Country, and she was going to find some answers there even if it meant placing herself in the hands of danger. After Atsu had told her the truth, the truth about what had happened to Kirigakure and the truth about her own origin, she hadn't been able to feel at ease. She had been told she was basically a monster, a ninja trained to kill others or die herself. Plus she really literally did have a monster inside of her. She had originally been from a village called Kumogakure in the Lightning Country - and she had been kidnapped from there and to Kirigakure where she had met this Atsu guy whom was claiming to be her close friend.

It was difficult to wrap her mind around all these facts, but somehow she felt deep down that he was telling the truth. She still hadn't managed to speak with this Nibi creature, something seemed to be blocking the communication, but in a way Kirima was fine with that. To speak with the monster which was living inside of her ..... that was just a way too scary thought. I can't be a chicken shit about this though. If everything that Atsu told me is true... then that means there are a lot of people wanting to kill me or bring me back to Kumogakure. Yet the knowledge of that wasn't enough to keep her from going there. She had opted to not tell Atsu when she left, she only left him a short letter explaining that she needed to return there in order to find what she had been missing. She didn't exactly blame him for lying at first, but she still felt a bit uneasy around him. Friends or not, she still didn't remember him or how they met. She still didn't feel anything for him other than suspicion and a mild friendship.

Perhaps if she'd manage to remember everything again, then they could go back to whatever was normal to them .... Perhaps everything would make sense and she'd be able to be happy once her memories would return. Or maybe... just maybe the memories would be making everything worse.

Bah this sucks. I can't believe how weird everything has turned out to be.

She could only hope that Atsu wouldn't start searching for her. It'd be best if he would stay with Kia and the others. Especially since she had been informed that apparently he wasn't as strong as she was. If that was the case, she just wanted him to be safe. Even if she couldn't really remember anything about him, he still seemed like a very decent guy.

"Miss? We are going to be leaving now. Perhaps you'd like to go inside?"

The man's voice was a bit shaken. He didn't know who this passenger was. All he had seen was a dark clad person which was hiding her face for the most part and never really looked anyone square in the face. She had told him in a few very cut words where she wanted to go before paying the fare. All he knew, she could be super dangerous. It wouldn't be anything new in his line of work. But at least she had paid beforehand ... most of the time the suspicious people tried to skip the payment. It was clear, even when she was covered in clothing, that his passenger was a young woman. Maybe she was dangerous, maybe she was just hiding from someone. Perhaps there was an angry husband chasing after her, it really wasn't anything that he should concern himself with. There was no denying it though, despite the seriousness of the situation... that those cat ears which were upon the hood of her coat looked super adorable.

Kirima glanced in the captain's direction before shaking her head. She wanted to stand outside so that she could breathe the fresh air. If she'd be cooped up inside, there'd be a very high chance she would freak out - the uneasiness about sailing was already almost choking her as it was. Plus she had no desire whatsoever to get sea sick. It'd be beneath her pride to have to vomit in front of any person. The man retreated back, leaving her alone once more. She felt grateful that she had managed to find a captain whom actually just minded his own business.

Her eyes, which held the same colour as the very ocean, looked out towards the horizon.

"Lightning Country... ready or not... I'm returning to you. And I really hope you have answers for me."

There was uneasiness along with excitement bubbling inside of her. This trip was going to be quite the adventure. Would she return here, or would she stay there? Would she perhaps be captured or killed? There was no knowing the future at this point.


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