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Temporary break [Iron Country Departure]

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Temporary break [Iron Country Departure] Vide
PostSubject: Temporary break [Iron Country Departure] Temporary break [Iron Country Departure] EmptyMon 09 Feb 2015, 12:14 am

With the majority of his training behind him, Hiruzen believed that he had earned himself a bit of time off to wander some more. Since it had been over a year since he had last set foot in the land of lightning, it was a place he wanted to wander around in for a while. Though there was not exactly anyone he had to go see, he had a couple of things that he needed to pick up from his quarters in the Temple of Raijin. The problem with being a wanderer such as himself was the fact that he did not have one convenient place where he could store up all of his equipment. Taking only the things he really needs with him, he leaves pieces of his work in the temples he visits so he will be able to continue with it as soon as he returns. The good bit about being a shinobi that is no longer affiliated with a village is the great amount of freedom and the ability to chase ones own leads, the obvious downside being the fact that the village he hailed from does not exactly like him and would most likely make an attempt at locking him up as soon as they'd see him. Luckily for him, he had trained enough to beat whatever kind of opponent might be thrown at him. Besides, he had no reason to go to the Hidden Cloud and would for that same reason move around him while heading towards the temple of Raijin.

Setting foot on the ship that was going to take him and a bunch of other people back to the mainland, he figured that it would be a while before he would get back to the land of lightning. Believing that it might be a good idea to set up places of his own that would allow him to safely store up all of his belongings in a way that would not force him to move between the temples. When he started roaming, he had been using the earth release to create temporary shelters out of the surrounding rock to create a resting station. With that in mind, he figured that he would be able to create more than just the ordinary shelter if he put in enough time to make it worth while. Taking a seat in the interior of the ship, he put his feet up and started thinking about how he would have to go about this kind of thing. Building an underground shelter would be the best thing to do, seeing as he would be able to hide them from the people and could even rig them with booby-traps in case people were to enter and stumble upon what was rightfully his. Though he did not have a whole lot of stuff that was worth stealing in terms of actual wealth, there was a lot of paperwork down there that might be worth something to the right people. The stuff in his possession ranged from old scrolls, relics, books and journals written in the past as well as some more recent work.

The more recent stuff that was there was mostly written down in journals by people such as himself, his grandfather and Hideo, the late head of the temple of Raijin. To an outsider, most of the things written down in there would not mean anything. However, Hiruzen knew what the symbols written in the journals meant because he had been the one that spent many months deciphering them and figuring out what it all meant in person. That said, there were some journals describing how the symbols could be deciphered, though Hiruzen was not stupid enough to write it down for just about anyone to figure it out as even his own writing had been encrypted. In order for someone else to figure out anything about the meaning of the journals and the symbols, someone had to be at least as smart as he was and be willing to spend a good amount of time figuring it all out. It was for that reason that Hiruzen had not been the least bit troubled to leave his stuff in the temple of Raijin, knowing that the place was filled with good people that would not attempt to snoop around in his room. With that thought in mind, he closed his eyes and took a little nap while the boat was rocking back and forth on the waves. Hopefully, the captain knew the quickest route to the land of Lightning.

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