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It's hard to find a good meal [SC Training]

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It's hard to find a good meal [SC Training] Vide
PostSubject: It's hard to find a good meal [SC Training] It's hard to find a good meal [SC Training] EmptySat 28 Feb 2015, 7:24 pm

SC Training:

For such a little guy, Aoi's stomach could sure give off a rather loud roar. Then again, that was likely the case for anyone who had not eaten in two days. Normally Aoi would survive off of wild berries or fruit trees he'd find, but the only berries around here were poisonous. Sure they wouldn't kill you, but they'd leave you with a terrible case of the runs for days. Of course, that could kill a person from dehydration. That left only one option: Meat. Aoi had never been a fan of killing, even when it was drilled into him over and over again, yet if the need was there, he was more than capable. And today, there was a need.

Floating along, something caught his eye. A patch of dirt had a single paw print nested in it. From the size, Aoi assumed it must have been a rabbit. Rabbits were fairly easy prey if they could be found. Thanks to this paw print, he could attempt to trail it. He had never been a good tracker, it was not a skill he was taught. A weapon had no need to track, it just needed to be pointed at whatever its owner wanted dead. That said, there was no place like the present to learn. Lowering himself so he hovered only a few centimeters above the ground. From the direction the print faced, Aoi's gaze was lead to a small brush. This close to the ground he was able to see a small tunnel had formed underneath it. Branches snapped and pushed out of the way for use by small animals. Whats more, there was a small amount of fur caught on one of the branches. The fur was as white as snow and extremely soft as Aoi rubbed it between his fingers.

Hovering over the brush, Aoi continued to float in the direction the tunnel pointed. He planned to move forward about fifty meters before doubling back if he found no new clues. He did not need to do that this time however, as about twenty meters ahead he found another damaged brush. This one had the leaves nibbled on and a couple had fallen off, pointing eastward. Following this new lead, Aoi soon stumbled upon a large tree, the roots growing up nearly a meter from the ground. This had to be the den. One of the largest roots had the ground dug up around the base. Closer inspection revealed a small hole going in under the tree. He had found his prey's home, now he just needed to wait for it to leave.

One useful trick that his Fairy Wing's jutsu gave him was unintentional stealth. You can't exactly make a sound when floating, well not foot steps at least. Concealing himself behind a nearby shrub, Aoi waited in silence. Two hours passed before his prey made its way out of the den. A white rabbit with large brown spots on its back. The thing was unbelievably cute, but Aoi had already frozen his heart for the gruesome task ahead. The rabbit sniffed around cautiously, perhaps wary of his presence. Catching his breath, Aoi waited another minute for the prey to feel safe. Once it had moved a few meters from its den, he knew it was time to strike. Reaching into his kit, one of the few things he had taken with him when escaping Kirigakure, and drew out a single kunai. One throw was all he needed.

A swipe of his hand and it was over. The kunai flew straight into the rabbit's neck and it went down in an instant. A twitch of the leg was all it could muster before its lifeblood spilled out and its heart stopped. He skinned and cooked the rabbit on the spot. Only after his stomach was full did he feel remorse over his actions.

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Word Count: 648/600

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