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Guide: Wandering & Missing Ninja

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Guide: Wandering & Missing Ninja Vide
PostSubject: Guide: Wandering & Missing Ninja Guide: Wandering & Missing Ninja EmptyTue 17 Mar 2015, 2:19 am


Although the world of Naruto is settled by organised, military-like groups in the form of Shinobi Villages or (Criminal) Organisations, it is also populated by those who have no home to call their own or perhaps those who had a home once or simply have decided not to be tied down by a home. On Ultimate Shinobi, a character who is not part of a Village is considered either a Missing or a Wandering Ninja. The distinction between the two lies in the attitude, personality and morality of an individual.


Wandering Ninja are free-spirits, seeking their own path and place in life. They are not a part of any side and usually, have no wish to join one, although it's very common for Wandering Ninja to eventually succumb to the desire for security and purpose, that a village or an organization provides. Although villages and organizations tend to have a neutral agenda and attitude towards such individuals, it is often the case that Wandering Ninja will be seen as potential recruits, and evading or denying an offer to join a village or organization, would likely be seen with great negativity, if not, outright hostility. In the grand scheme of things, a Wandering Ninja is an unpredictable piece on the ever-changing chessboard that is the political situation on Ultimate Shinobi.

Becoming a Wanderer Nin, however, isn't quite so simple. In order to start as a Wanderer or become a Wanderer, you must have administrator permission, and approval will be strict (think along the lines of jinchuuriki). This is to prevent a large influx of characters becoming wanderers to avoid being classified as a criminal. For example, one cannot abandon their village and expect to become a Wanderer. Only under very special circumstances will a current character be permitted to make the transition, so it is recommended to ask for permission to start as one.

In order to stay classified as a Wanderer Nin, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You cannot have an official record of criminal activity (which means never get caught).
  • You cannot swear allegiance to a village or organization.

The rank equivalents of a Wandering Ninja are as follows:

Village RankWanderer Equivalent
Experienced GeninTsubuyaki
Special JouninKōdan
Master JouninSetsuwa


Missing Ninja on the other hand, are criminals. There are multiple varieties of Missing Ninja (otherwise known as Nukenin), but essentially, the two main 'kinds' boil down to Shinobi who have once been a part of a Village and have deserted or else committed a 'crime' which meant they had to run-away to save themselves, and the kind who have been born outside of a village (e.g. Wandering Ninja) and have committed a crime, thus earning themselves a place in the Global Bingo Book (a book and record of criminals and their respective bounties). Although it is possible for a Missing Ninja to (re)join a village, the stigma of allowing a criminal to join the ranks of such a 'noble' organization often discourages the respective Kage from allowing such to happen. As a result, Missing Ninja are the prime candidates and recruits of (Criminal) Organizations, that is if they don't form one themselves.

Where village shinobi have many locations and others of their kind to associate with, the career of a professional wanderer is lonely. Oftentimes, these criminals find themselves wandering the alternate! narutoverse independently, committing crimes and working towards their own, personal character development. Being a Nukenin takes commitment and self-motivation to stay active, even more so than a village shinobi, and due to this, Ultimate Shinobi has decided that the rank of Nukenin can only be attained via successfully leaving one’s own village through RP. If you truly are dedicated to a life of crime, then leaving one’s village is only a warm-up to your main act.

The rank equivalents of a Missing Ninja are as follows:

Village RankNukenin Equivalent
Experienced GeninFutan
Special JouninChōhatsu
Master JouninKigai

When leaving one’s own village, there are a few areas that one must cover first.

  1. A shinobi is instilled with a deep loyalty to their village at a young age, thus, if one has decided to leave, they most role-play out a growing desire for the departure so that it is realistic to their shinobi code, as well as their own personality. i.e. If one's character is known for their loyalty, it would not make sense for them to suddenly up and leave. Please create a realistic reason.
  2. Your leaving topic needs to be an OPEN THREAD that is tagged appropriately as [ESC] that will remain that way for 48 HOURS which allows other village shinobi the opportunity to attempt to stop you. After the 48 hours, if a member is not chasing after you, you are free to leave or conclude that topic.
  3. Characters are not limited to escaping the village through the main gates only. There are other alternatives, but we hope that you can think of them on your own.
  4. Aside from the potential arrival of village shinobi, your character will undergo a battle with a varying amount of NPC Village Guards. You do not necessarily have to combat them, however, they must be included in your escape and if the staff feels that there is an opening for conflict, they will step in and seize the opportunity. NPC GUARDS CANNOT BE METAGAMED.
  5. Like any other spar or battle, one cannot leave prematurely if it is not realistic.
  6. Replying to potential threats needs to be swift and timely. If one does not respond to their escape topic after the appearance or attack of a foe within three days, the topic becomes null and void. Special cases are exempt from this ruling. To see if you apply, please contact an Administrator.
  7. While attempting an escape, new roleplaying topics cannot be created until the initial escape topic has been concluded. This means you are forbidden from creating new social topics, mission topics or event based topics until your escape topic has come to a close. Topics that were created before the escape topic can still be roleplayed within however.
  8. It is not allowed for a player to simply create a character and immediately attempt an escape. This would defeat the entire purpose of requiring permission to start as a nuke nin. Therefore, characters must have participated in a minimum of five topics (not including SC training threads), before they may attempt to escape.
  10. It's not required to abandon the village via escape topic, but the transition to a nukenin must still be evaluated by staff.

NOTE: If any of the aforementioned rulings are breached in one’s attempt to abandon their village, the topic will be voided and archived immediately.

After all that hard work to gain that new, shiny rank, one does have the opportunity to travel the Naruto-world. A nukenin is capable of entering any Playable-Village at their own risk of capture or slaughter, and they also run the risk of being hunted down by shinobi. [These Hunter-nins will be members after the initial 48 hours].

However, if living life on the run and without rules is to your liking, then it can only be encouraged for you to take the leap and join their ranks.

Now, to 'sweeten the pot', so to speak, the US Staff has introduced four locations that are solely for Missing-Nin. They can be found below:

The Forbidden Oasis:
The Treehouse:
Cavernous Tranquility:
The Igloo:

Good Luck.

The Global Bingo Book contains all the information on every Nuke-nin on Ultimate Shinobi, including stats, specialties, elemental affinities, etc. It is available for every village shinobi's eyes, assisting them in learning their targets before proceeding to the hunt. The elimination of Missing ninja is essential to the survival of a village as it prevents the exploitation of village secrets and ensures the safety of the country as a whole. The Bingo Book allows members a quick glimpse of their targets before they go after them, providing them an upper hand when dealing with someone that is volatile and unpredictable. The Book is handled by staff and will be updated as the shinobi strengthens. It's best to catch them before they become too much of a threat.

Breaking Into a Village:

With the rules already thoroughly set out for breaking out of a village, nothing has been mentioned in regards to breaking into a village. This method is far more simple, in that you must post your attempted break in, however that method may be, and leave it as an open topic for anyone to freely enter. If members appear, whether PC or NPC, then you might be up for quite a fight. However, if no member appears within forty eight hours, then you are free to enter the village and post inside. Just be sure to contact the Kage or an Admin in order to join the Visitor Group so you can actually post within.

Created by Alex & Becky ©
Additional Contributers: Trey, Chris, Uros, Todd
Property of Ultimate Shinobi. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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