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Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission]

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Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission] Vide
PostSubject: Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission] Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission] EmptyWed 25 Mar 2015, 1:11 am

Quote :
Mission Title: Scouting Party
Mission Type: Custom
Mission Location: Land of Lightning
Shinobi Requirement: Genin+ [1 and up to two others]
Mission Rank:  C
Mission Objective: Reports of suspicious persons lurking in the surrounding areas of the village have been coming in as of late. Scout out a 1 mile radius and see what you can find. No matter what, do not engage if you spot anyone of note. Simple observe what they are up to and then report back to the village. (A scouting part of enemy shinobi without any village head bands will be discovered. They are scoping out the village borders and seem to be fixated upon Kumogakure.)

The village gates were bustling with activity. It was noon, as could be inferred from the position of the sun, which sat cheerfully in its sky-blue throne, with not a cloud in sight to mar the warm, beautiful day. The wind rustled past the people lazily, so weak and tame in its efforts, that most were left unrelieved, and could be seen sweating, despite the rolled up sleeves, the constant sips of water and the use of any objects at hand or indeed just their hands, as makeshift fans. For some, it was a great day; an opportunity to wear looser clothing, to show some skin and let it roast to a nice brown-tan. For others, like the short white-haired boy, today was a fucking nightmare.

The genin did not appreciate the crap the weather was pulling today, especially since he had no choice but to be outside. Having been given a mission, and having been assigned two more genin to accompany him, he would be stuck for god knows how long, tied down by who most likely would turn out to be some useless morons, fresh out of the academy, with no clue as to what they were doing. He had arrived at the gates earlier than they were asked to; partially by design, but also by chance - this was likely a bad omen, of things to come. In hindsight, it was likely a huge mistake not to show up at least a little late - his team-mate would probably do so. However it was perhaps a little sad, but frankly, he had nothing better to do than to be the early-bird, standing around, waiting for the A-Team to show up. Before they did, all he could do was to try to hide under what little shade he could find.

A large straw hat adorned his head. Since the boy was so tiny and thin, it cast a huge shadow over him and shielded him nicely from the tendrils of the demonic star. Of course, that didn't help the fact that he still felt warm and greatly uncomfortable. His loose white shirt and grey trousers offered some respite, but if he had to wait for too long, well, he would be toast; already the fabric felt like it was clinging to him. And was it just his imagination, or was his whole body beginning to sizzle away? He felt like a piece of meat under the scrutiny of an oven.

Seconds ticked away lazily. The boy was standing by the gate, close enough to the guards to hopefully attract his teammates, but far enough to avoid the mini-chaos that was the crowd of people lingering about, most with goods, some on business, others visiting or returning home. They stank of sweat and were loud, obnoxious, and generally detestable. But then again, that's how Norio felt about most people.
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Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission] Vide
PostSubject: Re: Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission] Party All Day, and Scout All Night [Mission] EmptyThu 09 Apr 2015, 11:54 pm

Making his way to the gates Hideyo combed his hair to cover his face as best he could. Lately Hideyo had been tormented by the members of the village due to who his father was. Yet no matter how hard he tried he had to put up with the memories of what his father did. Now with this job he could only hope that he could get away from the village long enough to not feel as much stress as he had the past couple days. Looking at his watch Hideyo saw that he was just on time as he approached the gates.

Quickly looking around Hideyo found a man standing on his own off to the side. Walking over to the man Hideyo gave a respectful bow to the man. "Noguchi Hideyo, medic and Genin." Hideyo said formally while still trying to hide his scars. While Hideyo hoped that the man could be professional he was not expecting to much of him. Yet even if he didn't Hideyo was going try and get the mission over as quickly as possible.

From what he was to understand they were going to be teamed up with one other person. Until that other person got there he was going to stand off to the side till he arrived. Yet at the same time he was going to go through his supplies just in case if he was going to need. While it was true that they were going on a scouting mission it was always a good idea to be prepared for combat. With all of his medical supplies now in order and his leather gloves in reach to grab if they entered combat. All that was left for Hideyo to do was to sit back and wait until the other shinobi arrived.

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