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A storm moves towards Lightning [Travel]

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A storm moves towards Lightning [Travel] Vide
PostSubject: A storm moves towards Lightning [Travel] A storm moves towards Lightning [Travel] EmptyFri 27 Mar 2015, 10:39 pm

The creak from each step Alayasha took on the metal stairwell echoed through the large warehouse. It gave the place some life, if not for just a few seconds before his feet hit hard concrete and his walking was muffled only slightly by his boots. The warehouse was spacious to hold maybe 500 or 600 people comfortably with forty feet of height that could allow some comfortable jumping without the risk of hitting anything. Perhaps if they were reckless to hit the platforms and walkways that was being held by the metal wires that would be the fault of the jumper and not Alayasha.

When Alayasha bought the warehouse, the dealer was a little too ecstatic for him to buy the property. The man was a short and stout, probably in his mid-forties from the little specks of grey and white in his beard, but that was the only handsome feature on the man. His face was a gnarled, grosteque slab of flesh who was hunched over making his possible 5'9 frame to a 5'6. The right eye was covered for what it appeared to be a tumor or just overlapped flesh. It bulged outwards that pulsated ever so often. Alayasha was glad when the bangs came over his face so he didn't have to see it. When he did see it, the inner person would be in utter horror and disgust. His outside face was a unreadable statue of granite.

It didn't take a lot of convincing on the man's part to sell to Alayasha. He's been trying to sell this piece of real-estate for a decade. It was given to him by a company who have since left Ame no Kuni for bigger and better things. It was far too late to get in contact with the company once the gnarled man realized that the real estate here was complete and utter shit.

Alayasha pulled out a large amount of cash out of his pocket, which was something the gnarled man wasn't expecting at first. He had small seals that carried a large amount of cash if he ever need drop a payment on the spot. He didn't hand the man the money at first. He pulled it away from the man's glare and back into his pocket.

"You'll have to sign some papers so that it can be registered..."

Alayasha looked at him. He looked deep into the man's eyes. He hadn't realized how scared the man was. Good, Alayasha thought. That was good. "Tell me, how many more potential buyers do you have?"

"I-uh, well..." the man stuttered, turning away. A part of his hair shifted and Alayasha got another glimpse of the deformed flesh over the man's eye.

"I'm going to assume you don't have many people lining up to buy property. It's nowhere near the main city, it's off far in the jungle and it looks like hasn't been touch for nearly two decades which you lied to me."

"I didn't lie!" the man said.

"Bullshit, you didn't." He said, walking towards the building. He touched the surface of the warehouse, and pinched the rust color paint. He made a clicking noise with his teeth. "You really need a better way to sell this."

"It's not exactly market material, Mr..." The man was searching for his name. Alayasha didn't give his name at first. Most people didn't when dealing in the black market.

"Hanzo." Alayasha lied. "And I know it's not. But lying to a buyer is the last thing you want to do. Especially to one who has amassed a good amount of wealth and is willing to buy. Remember that next time."

The man nodded. The fear was still in the man's eye.. That was good. He knew it wouldn't be hard to take control of the situation. Meeting the gnarled man for the first time, he could tell he was self-conscious on his looks. He had some sort of power because he too had money. It was change compared to the wealth Alayasha had amassed. So twenty minutes later, and a few papers signed, he had the deed in his hand and the keys to his new "estate". He even did a bit of convincing to never reveal the alias Hanzo to anyone and if he did, Alayasha would certainly be taking both the man's wealth and life. The man gave a nervous laugh, but was rather persuaded by the notion.

He never did see the gnarled man again . The money that Alayasha gave him was well enough for him to move out of the Ame no kuni and follow the path his predecessor took. Another sign of good favor. He was certainly going to kill him one of these days, but not at this very moment. Not when things were going the way he wanted.

The Parabrahma were on the move. After weeks of looking for the hidden details, looking to see if they had any hideouts and spies among the community of the black market, they decided to make a move that caught the eye of both Konohagakure and Kumogakure. Each Daimyo wanted their existence to cease for the greater good of the shinobi world.

Alayasha, one who was a entrepreneur at heart, could care less about the fate of the shinobi. If the Parabrahma had the desire to destroy the shinobi or control it, it would not of mattered to him in the short term. In the long term, that would mean that much of his hidden empire would be at a standstill. He wouldn't be gaining any more wealth because his investments relied on the shinobi being fully operational. Their strife, their wars, their peace, all of it would be frozen if this organization were to have full control.

No, Alayasha didn't want them to have that control. If anything, he wanted to have it. To control the events of the world, to control the wars, the fictional peace, the turmoil, the revolutions, the uprisings, all of this he wanted. He saw a golden opportunity to rid of any competition.

They thought small. Alayasha thought big. He saw the big picture and he wanted to take a nice chunk of it for himself.

He would have to travel however. Of course he would. They were striking in one of the largest countries in the shinobi world. He was going back "home" to Lightning Country. Back to the place where he had hidden in the shadow of the Third Raikage, and made sure his reign would solidify into a new era. It has been a few years since he last took notice of the Fourth Raikage. He wondered how he was doing and what he was doing with his village. How time passes when work takes over.

He closed the warehouse door and locked it behind him. The rain was a light at the moment. He was close to the edge of Ame no Kuni, and he would make his way north towards the Lightning Country. He was going to travel slow. No need to rush, no need to cause any sort attention from the borders. He would certainly keep a low profile and move when he needed to. It was 12:40 when he left. It would be a few hours before he reached Lightning Country.

He was excited. He was happy. Oh, how he was happy. The time of the shinobi was coming to its climax. Whether it would end or not, it would ride on Alayasha's choice.

Maybe, he thought. Maybe.
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