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Itadori, Isogai (Done)

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Itadori, Isogai (Done) Vide
PostSubject: Itadori, Isogai (Done) Itadori, Isogai (Done) EmptyWed 01 Apr 2015, 10:21 am

Itadori, Isogai (Done) Tumblr_mpl2oi3F6Z1sxnvnuo7_500

Itadori, Isogai


Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Isogai is of average height, currently around five and two inches tall. He weighs about 98 lbs, growing regularly as he trains and eats. Puberty is just starting to hit strong. He has dull brown, pupil-less eyes that seem to grow darker in tint when his mood darkens while getting lighter and brighter when his mood also brightens. The boy’s dark black hair is a bit shaggy in length, though he usually keeps it clean by slicking it back.

His traditional Japanese wardrobe consists of a modified white kataginu with red trimming, a red bandage-like obi, red hand guards, and a gray hakama.  While Isogai is more commonly seen in a long black-and-white sleeveless jacket lined with the same red of his wafuku, red hand guards of a Western style to match, a white belt to hold his sword, and black trousers and boots.

His physical appearance is average, having only a fit body to peak his attractiveness, though he does not look too handsome nor too unappealing and has a rather forgetful face.  This feature is advantageous for disguising, allowing Isogai to not have to make such an effort to hide any identifying features from others.

Forehead Protector: Isogai wears his forehead protector on his forehead. Simply just keeps it wear it was first made to be.

Personality: Isogai, Itadori is one of the strictest, easy-going shinobi you will ever come across.  Meaning he is very easy-going, but on that scale, can be rather strict when it comes down to it.  He has a rough, playful disposition with his friends and can be stubborn in his ways.  He is always observant, being very knowledgeable and studious, always wanting to know everything there is about any subject.  Nothing and no one is free from his studious, ever-watching eyes.

Isogai isn't one to randomly start fights, only wishing to fight after thorough research on his opponent has been made.  Fighting an unknown enemy is the very worst position in his opinion.  So when he is sent on missions, he makes sure to have all the information needed to carry it out.  He likes things to be calculated.  Never taking a risk that isn't worth his while.

He also will show in battle that he has a bloodthirsty (in a literal sense) side, as he often licks his weapons clean of blood after a fight.  Beyond this, he can be slightly sadistic and is not the most sympathetic of people.  However, he does truly care about his friends and allies.  Isogai is a very strict and blunt person, always spitting out bad news feeling it best to acknowledge the bad immediately.  He also is highly self-confident of his own abilities, frequently opting to face a powerful opponent single-handedly or to continue a dangerous mission alone.  Yet he will never boast about his skill, outwardly, finding that it is better for people to underestimate him.

Likes: Isogai likes getting to know people very well, so well in fact that it borders on creepy.  This is a flaw and a strong point as he uses this information to always know the people around him.  He also enjoys running around on rooftops, trees, or to be somewhere in an elevated position.  The more he can see and the closer he is to the heavens, the happier he feels.

Isogai likes to study his opponents while in the process of battle. Along with the studying process, he likes to think a lot about situations and keep majority of them at hand. His intellect is such that even most high-rank ninja above him, in experience and age, harbor respect for.  His calm and collected nature allows him to easily deduce the basic idea of his opponent's skill in battle to figure out their strength and weaknesses, something that Isogai likes the most about himself.

Another trait that Isogai likes about himself is the ability and the power of the mind. He has shown himself to be a crafty and cunning man in his brief life. The most noticeable trait that he gets from his mother is his ability to deceive and manipulate others around them in multiple manners. He has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in his presence, allowing him to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking and better manipulate them. Thinking of the right words to say to get into someone's head and have them thinking otherwise is the one thing that Isogai likes to often do.

His favorite foods are sweet bean soup and dango.
Clan: Itadori
Nindō: “I will never be a pawn in someone’s plan. I will be the chess player, not the chess piece.”


Origin: Land of Rivers
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Rank: Genin
Specialities: Eijutsu || Genjutsu
Elemental Affinities: Suiton || Fuuton
Combat Style: When in a group setting, Isogai usually stays back and plays more as support, keeping his group healthy while helping them best coordinate their attacks. When not in a group setting, he utilizes hit and run tactics. Whenever he is in the fight Isogai normally seeks to incapacitate his opponents with distractions and illusions, and then finishing the quarrel. He is not fond of long fights as he isn’t an expert in combat, thus the longer the fight the more the fight is in favor of his opponent. Isogai usually doesn’t directly start fights, especially when he’s alone, but keeps up a perimeter defense to keep opponents at bay.
Special Characteristics:

High IQ:
Enhanced Speed:


History: Isogai was born to a family of chuunin who served the Kage of Tanigakure no Sato. His family was lax and carefree, much like he once was. However, during a war the hidden village was attacked by the Hidden Leaf. The attack was a bloody one, claiming the life of his father as they fought to protect themselves. In the end, hostages were taken by the Hidden Leaf’s forces and in order for a prisoner exchange to occur, Tanigakure had to give up some of their own. Isogai’s mother was given with others in part of the prisoner exchange. There was a plan in place for them to break out, or to be rescued if a breakout failed but Tanigakure underestimated the strength of the Leaf and were soon defeated entirely without ever being able to save those they had given away.

While in imprisonment, Isogai was born. The war only lasted another year after his birth, and when Tanigakure had fallen the remaining prisoners were either executed, left to rot, or sworn into Konoha’s ranks. It all depended on each person’s specialties, rank, and willingness to give up their loyalties to the now dead village of Tanigakure. Isogai’s mother swore herself to Konoha all so she wouldn’t have to raise a baby from prison or risk being executed and leaving her newborn without any parents at all. This all was kept secret from Isogai and he was raised to believe they were from Konoha for generations.

When Isogai grew older, his mother only had him trained seldomly for most of his life, which is the main reason.  While in the Academy, he was highly recommended and often talked of when the most promising students were discussed by the academy instructors.  However, after his graduation from the academy at twelve years old his promising attitude and skill took a dive.

Many of the village’s leaders who had heard of the boy were greatly disappointed and displeased by the sudden change.  None of them ever discovered what caused it, not even Isogai's parents.

Only known to himself, the reason for Isogai's dropping motivation after graduating from the academy was his finding of a young, dead genin outside of the village.  He had found the boy, not that much older than he was at the time, slain by kunai and burnt to a rotten pulp near a flowing side vent of a volcano.  The big deal about the encounter was that the horribly maimed genin was still alive, and that the boy repeatedly cried out in pain.

Having watched the boy die before him, Isogai returned to the village saddened and scarred, having seen death for his first time.  This sparked something inside of him and he searched for the identity of the boy he met.  After learning the boy’s identity, he grew more depressed as the boy had graduated in the top of his class, just as he had, and because of his talents was placed on a high rank mission, just like Isogai was to be placed by the village leaders, one that ultimately failed and caused his death. Finding this information, Isogai decided to train less and less until his elders no longer favored him and his skills. This lead to about two years of inactivity in the village, more as a leave of absence than anything else.

A quarrel with his mother erupted that changed Isogai’s perspective of the world and himself.  They argued about death and whether it should be feared or not.  Isogai believed that only a death without a purpose should be feared, knowing in his heart that the genin he saw die years ago died for a fruitless cause, pushed to an early grave simply because the village leaders thought the boy could handle it.  His mother argued that death, no matter the reason behind it, was to be feared.  The argument escalated so far that Isogai took his mother’s tanto and attempted seppuku right there.  The attempt failed as his mother managed to stop him in time before he could bring harm to himself.

The seppuku attempt changed Isogai’s view only somewhat, having come so close to dying that he realized the worth of living to the fullest.  He saw the error of wasting his days away instead of training and forever vowed to fight for his life.  This applies to how he still distrusts authority and doesn’t wish to boast about his skills, still fearing a pointless death put on by his superiors.  Even though the failed seppuku attempt could have nearly killed him, his view of death had changed and his motivation to become a strong ninja was revived.

Roleplay Sample: The sensei paced back and forth in front of the class, lecturing about the importance of balancing chakra on both feet when performing Supernatural Walking Practice.  He was pacing over a small pond just outside of the Ninja Academy while the class formed a huddled half-circle around him.  Isogai stared at the pond, watching the ripples created by the sensei’s feet and seeing the sensei’s reflection bend slightly from the small waves.  “Itadori, Isogai!” the sensei roared. “Since you obviously have decided this is beneath you, perhaps you’d like to show us your mastery of Supernatural Walking Practice!”

Isogai sighed as he casually made his way out of the huddled group of students.  He could hear the subtle snickering of some of his clansmen in the class.  Ignoring them, he went up to the edge of the pond, closed his eyes and focused on his chakra levels down at his feet.

Remembering his mother’s advice to constantly adjust his chakra levels in accordance to the water’s movement, Isogai bent his head down in concentration as he took his first step onto the water’s surface.  He could hear a couple people drawing in their breath, giving him a smile on his face as he brought his other foot to the surface of the water as well.  Confidently opening his eyes, he saw the sensei’s nod of approval. “Very good, Isogai,” he said. “But try to pay more attention when I’m teaching.”

Isogai started walking back to the group when someone yelled, “Stupid Isogai! Quit showing off!”

He didn’t see who had said it, but he assumed it was one of his classmates that usually made fun of him.  The remark didn’t really anger him that much, but he didn’t like being called stupid for no reason, so Isogai started to weave some hand signs while his back still faced where the source of the voice had come from. However, before he could finish molding his chakra into a gaseous attack for his opponent, the teacher smacked him on the back of the head to stop his impending attack. Reluctantly, Isogai returned to his spot near the edge of the group, a knowing grin spread wide across his face as the sensei resumed his lesson.


Academy Jutsu

E Ranks

D Ranks

C Ranks


Character Claim: Tim Drake (Robin)
Source: DC Comics
Image URL: https://40.media.tumblr.com/d22fece091f974ff9887b41df6ce0e18/tumblr_mpl2oi3F6Z1sxnvnuo7_500.png
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Itadori, Isogai (Done) Vide
PostSubject: Re: Itadori, Isogai (Done) Itadori, Isogai (Done) EmptySun 26 Apr 2015, 2:28 am

Bumping for check?

Do I need to do anything to help things be smoother/easier? I've been patient but I kinda do want to be approved and be able to write pretty soon...

Just hoping this thread was forgotten more than just ignored~
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Itadori, Isogai (Done) Vide
PostSubject: Re: Itadori, Isogai (Done) Itadori, Isogai (Done) EmptyWed 06 May 2015, 10:29 pm

Everything seems to be in order. Sorry everything took so long, i've only recently become a mod, and with most of our staff team being MIA for a while, no one really had the ability to fully approve you. But I gave your clan the 2/2 approval and since nothing seems to be wrong here, I am going to give this:

1/2 Approved.
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Itadori, Isogai (Done) Vide
PostSubject: Re: Itadori, Isogai (Done) Itadori, Isogai (Done) EmptyTue 19 May 2015, 8:30 am

Bumping for my other half, pretty please~
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Itadori, Isogai (Done) Vide
PostSubject: Re: Itadori, Isogai (Done) Itadori, Isogai (Done) EmptyTue 19 May 2015, 9:36 am

Since Staff is apparently dead I will go beyond my limits and help you out with this especially since a Creation mod already has given his approval.

Please add more words to your combat style, the site's standard is about 250 words. If you need some ideas what to write about write about how he reacts to various combat situations: how does he react if his friends are in danger, how does he react if things don't go his way, what are his favorite techniques, technique combinations and how he uses them etc.

I know I forever earned your hatred with this bitching but it's the site's standard and as not-even-creation mod at all I don't have the luxury to be lenient Very Happy
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Itadori, Isogai (Done) Vide
PostSubject: Re: Itadori, Isogai (Done) Itadori, Isogai (Done) Empty

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