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From the land of rice to the land of snow [travel]

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From the land of rice to the land of snow [travel] Vide
PostSubject: From the land of rice to the land of snow [travel] From the land of rice to the land of snow [travel] EmptyWed 01 Apr 2015, 10:05 pm

Yoru was more than happy to leave Ta no Kuni, yet the fact that he was going somewhere else didn't change matters much. At this point this clone that had gone on a couple missions was growing tired and he knew that he was low on chakra. Yet he was going to need to do a few more missions before he would be able to return to his source. Assuming that nothing went wrong Yoru would complete each mission with out disappearing. Today he was going to make his way towards Yuki no Kuni. Through his entire life Yoru had never seen the snow so it was going to be a nice change for him.

As he walked along Yoru held the sheathe of his normal sword, feeling that even though he was a clone he felt that his sword being at his side would be a better idea. As he walked along Yoru came along a shop just on the side of the road. It was rather odd for Yoru seeing a shop yet he had to get some supplies for his trip into Yuki no Kuni. Yet upon entering the shop Yoru could tell that something was not entirely right in the shop. Starting with the shop keeper Yoru could tell from the sweat on his face that he was very nervous. Looking over at one of the customers Yoru could tell that trouble had already started.

Walking up to the shop keeper Yoru spoke calmly, "I am heading to Yuki no Kuni do you have any winter supplies?" With a stutter shop keeper replied, "Y-yes we have plenty of winter supplies. You can find them in that corner over there." Pointing in the direction of the other customer and a small nod. Walking towards the man stood he could tell that the man was hiding a weapon. Wasting no time Yoru flicked his right arm up sending a kunai straight into the man's throat. As the man quickly collapsed grasping at his throat the man dropped a wakizashi. Turning to the man Yoru then spoke, "So for dealing with this thug do I get my stuff for free?" With a nod from the shopkeeper Yoru quickly picked up all the supplies that he would need and made his way out of the shop.
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