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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION]

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Konoha Nin

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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 EmptyTue 26 May 2015, 5:48 am


“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” Hitei shouted as the puppets rapid turn and jump sent him flying. “This is bullshit!” he screamed as he soared through the air. Every inch of him shook with anger, once again his attack had been denied, was this the fourth time? He hadn't been able to do anything in this fight, merely throw himself at his opponent and get thrown back as his opponent was hammered again and again by artillery which he did nothing about. Was his opponent that stupid that he used a puppet with an explicit weakness to fire before taking out the member of his team that was consistently launching S rank explosions?

It finally dawned on Hitei, this was no challenge, his opponent was too foolish to be worthy of a proper fight. All that was needed to kill him was a single half competent S rank ninja. This entire conflict could have been solved just as easily without Hitei. These truths both comforted and angered him.

Hitei's attention turned back to the situation at hand. First and foremost, he would be severely injured if he allowed his motion through the air to complete itself naturally. He had been launched upwards and sideways, soaring almost to the height of the puppets midsection, his path tracing an awkward parabola away from the puppet. The obvious solution was the substitution jutsu, but Hitei could not locate a suitable object.

However as Hitei approached the apex of his path, as his vertical motion disappeared and his horizontal motion approached its low point due to air resistance, he saw the approaching mass of compressed wind and fire. Earlier he had planned on hiding behind the bulk of the puppets mass as protection from this explosion, but now he was exposed. It was painfully obvious that he was going to die.

Fuck that.

Hitei remembered a suitable object, a boulder he had used to escape the swordsmen puppets. Catching sight of it roughly to the rear of the puppet, Hitei made a hand seal.

A moment later, after a brief lapse of awareness, Hitei found himself skidding across the ground with his arms brought up reflexively to protect his face.

As his arms shot the the ground, bringing his horizontal momentum to a rest, he heard them snap.

Broken, both of them.

And then the shockwave hit, sending him tumbling again at an awkward angle, this time he spun around and his stomach briefly impacted the ground.

There goes my ribs.

He finally came to a stop.

God fucking dammit.

He almost passed out, but as his body erupted with pain he found himself clinging to survival instinct.

If I pass out here, there’s no guarantee they'll find me.

The notion that there was no way he could possibly keep operating with all these injuries passed through his head. And he denied it.

He shakily got back to his feet, certain that his legs were still working, and held on to that pain to keep himself aware as he walked back towards the battlefield.

Again and again he became certain that he could not contribute to the battle, that approaching the opponent again was suicide, that he would merely drag down the rest of his team.

And of course, his mind did the only thing it could, it denied those certainties.

He didn't even care if he died, this was something he simply had to do.

And so, almost mindlessly, Hitei slowly trudged back towards the battlefield.

Jutsu used:

CP: 42/50
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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 EmptyFri 29 May 2015, 10:18 pm

No one could have expected the ensuing explosion. Even with his clever eyes, the boy only had an inkling of what was to come seconds before it happened, and though he tried to burst into a run, it was probably already too late. The ensuing firestorm would have likely killed him if not for his heritage and yet...

And yet he entertained only a single thought as he spun and spun and spun around, blue chakra expunging from every inch of him, spewing out desperately to coat him defensively in what was supposed to be a perfect sphere, but what instead looked more like a dented, beat-down moon. "Don't die". It was simple, and yet as the fire and sheer force of the blast turned into a humongous, flaming shock wave, it rushed past him and almost through him, assaulting his meekly protection from all fronts. His Byakugan alerted him to the very possibility that it was all rather futile, but one didn't need those eyes to think that death was approaching.  

Yet he spun, for there was no other alternative now. The fire ate at his barrier, poked numerous holes, toyed with him and tested his defences, but he closed any openings quickly with the mass of chakra he was throwing out of his body. But not quickly enough. He felt the singeing sting on his body; it demanded of him to stop and tend to his injury at once, to douse the damaged limb with water or touch-it up with ice. But neither were available amidst the fire-storm he was in. All he could do was scream in agony and he did.

It might have been seconds, but it felt like aeons to him. Even after it all stopped, he kept spinning and spinning until finally, he couldn't hold onto the motion any more, and he let go, collapsing to the floor. He breathed heavily, struggling to attain oxygen; his throat fell hoarse from the screaming, but was further marred by the taste of smoke and his palate felt like an arid, coarse desert - his tongue as dry and as rough as sand - and not at all like the drool-lubricated flesh.

His eyes quickly identified the injury he had believed himself to have sustained - a minor burn at best or so he hoped, though the blackened skin covering his right leg did not look minor at all. He could soon smell a wafting hint of barbecue meat, or of bacon or of steak - and he licked his cracked lips instinctively. But soon took all his willpower to hold himself back from vomiting, when he realised it was his leg that stank like so.

He got up slowly, his eyes scouring the area to identify what was left of... well, of everything. The Byakugan was faulty, he could tell; the stresses and demands of a prolonged Hakkeshō Kaiten had taxed his body. He noticed sourly that his puppets were wiped from existence, likely only to be found as ash, scattered far off in the wind. He didn't know what happened to their leader or his sister. He made a slow, painful effort to bring himself closer to one of the Konoha genin - the only survivor he could momentarily identify. The youth lay unscathed but the reason for this escaped the puppeteer. "You're lucky to be alive" the boy muttered, though he could see his team-mate could not hear him. Could the others in the radio? He wasn't sure if it had been damaged or if it continued to work. And even if it did, had the radios of the others' remained undamaged as well?

His vision settled on the titan next. It was still fucking alive. Unbelievable... the boy began to move before his mind settled on the course. Why did he move? He was not loyal to the village, nor did he believe in a sense of duty. He cared not if the daiymo perished; didn't particularly care if his team was wiped out either... and yet. And yet he ran. He couldn't explain it to himself - couldn't justify why his body was in full sprint. His burned leg was momentarily forgotten. The only discernible thought that ran through his head was irrational and yet it gave him strength "I don't lose. I don't fail. I'm not about to start now.".

"I'm fucking invincible, you prick" the boy tried to roar, but his voice came out as a hoarse whisper. Close enough, he thought bitterly. All that fire had to have lodged some smoke in his lungs. No time to worry about that now. He was coming up on the enemy as fast as he could and thoughts of his lungs or his leg were neither here or there. His Byakugan allowed him to witness their leader re-entering the fray. Thank fuck, he thought.

I don't think I could have stopped it myself...

Combat Log:
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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 EmptySun 07 Jun 2015, 3:20 pm

I know I quit which technically makes me not a mod, ergo, incapable of doing a mod post but seeing how none of the actual mods are taking over I'll finish the topic with a Mod Post because I've quit and I have no desire to make an actual post because I'm lazy like that:

*) The jutsu block was successful, the fireball was absorbed by the seal and Daimyo's safehouse is safe.

*) Seeing how the ET was taken over and the final technique blocked, the necromancer who was using the technique received intel on the failure of the other parties and decided to withdraw, cancelling the technique in the process.

*) The puppet is still standing however in a static state, you can attack and break it but upon getting inside of it one would only find a large pile of small sheets of paper.

*) I suppose that makes it Mission Complete, everyone may now make their Exit posts.
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Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.
Reggie Bell-Bottom Jr.

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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 EmptyTue 09 Jun 2015, 12:32 am

When the chakra was sealed into the bubble, the puppet suddenly became inactive. The puppeteer's body became still, the light in his eyes visibly went dim. He let out a visible sigh of relief. "I swear nobody can say I didn't do a damn thing for this country." He said irritably.

Alayasha gave a look at the puppeteer one more time giving him a full observation. Legally, this would be his sister's job to see what type of seal it possessed. This was under the jurisdiction of Kaminari no Kuni which technically made Kumogakure in charge. He would ultimately leave all of this to Kumo. They would probably send a investigation team to take a look at the puppets and the puppeteer. He doubt they would gather any valuable information on them. No organization would be stupid to leave one of their member's memories still intact. Still, he would have some time before they would arrive at the scene. What's the harm of examining the seal?

He took the corpse's head and slowly pulled it forward. There were a few places he would check to see where the seal was. His first guess was the black of the neck where the spine and brain connected. There was one small seal just above the C1 vertebrae.

The coding wasn't Edo Tensei, but it was a good seal for resurrection. He caught of a whiff of the corpse catching just the slight odor of formalhyde. The body didn't use a living host like Edo Tensei. It used the original body and simply gave it life. So that proved that he wasn't a walking science experiment like the one he faced in Kirigakure. He heard someone land a few feet behind him. He turned to find Lo-Ruhamah walking to him. She had cuts on both her arms. She was holding her left arm with her right hand. He didn't need to be a medic to see that it was broken.  "Are you ok?" he asked regardless of the visible wounds he saw.

She looked at her left arm then back at him. "I'll worry about recovery once I'm done here." She was holding back the pain, he knew. She wasn't going to show any ounce of weakness, not even if Alayasha was the only person in the closest vicinity. He helplessly smiled at her stubborness. "It's probably not a good idea for you to examine it."

"I'm the only person right now to give you information regarding seals of this nature. It'll be faster for me to tell you what I found rather than wait for certain amount of time for a specialist from Kumo to arrive to give you a similar reading." She didn't say anything. All of what he was saying was true and there was no way of denying it. "Do you want my report or do you want to wait? Up to you now that the threat has been eliminated."

"Oh, so now I'm in charge?"

"You were technically in charge the moment you came onto this assignment. Since my duty of stopping the puppet has been completed, by all technicality, you're the person in charge because you ultimately work for the Daimyo. I'm just a mercenary."

"Tch, that's such bullshit, but whatever. what did you find?"

"The seal itself was meant to resurrect an individual without the use of a living host. I won't bore you with the entire details, but the coding is complex in that it connects just a portion of life from the afterlife."

"I thought that sort of sealing was impossible. The schools on the sealing arts states that in order for one of the dead to live, one must die."

Alayasha made a dismissive gesture. "I'll say that the shinobi are both right and wrong on the subject. It is true that there are seals that the shinobi possess needs a living host. Because the dead lack chakra, it would naturally be correct to give the dead body a living one. However, this seal suggests that the person was able to attach a small part of the former living into the corpse with additional perks such as regeneration."

"Wouldn't that make it better than Edo?"

Alayasha shook his head. "Not necessarily. Although the seal puts a piece of the "soul" as they say into the body, it also means that the body has limitations. In this case, he was also limited by the amount of life energy he possessed. I'm guessing the fuuin user could've taken the time to give him that attribute, but that would've further delayed this sort of attack and it would've meant the seal would've been riskier because there could've been a higher chance of instability."

From the gleam in Lo-Ruhamah's eye, he could tell she was getting at least a portion of what he was saying to her despite the pain. It was the best she could for the moment. He walked past her towards the edge of the puppet. "Whoever looks at that, tell them to look up old Phoenician seals. That's the base of it from what my eye could tell. It should get them started."

"Where are you off to?" the moment she said, she knew he wasn't going to get an answer. He was a criminal in the eyes of the world and for a moment she had forgotten his status.

"I'm going to find a little more information on who will probably go after next. Tell the kids that I'm sorry I left in such a hurry." with that, he disappeared leaving only wind behind his wake.

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Crono Guardia
Konoha Nin
Crono Guardia

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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 EmptyMon 15 Jun 2015, 8:40 am

ooc: been waiting on denial.... but meh....

Battered and exhausted, Crono's eyes open once more letting the hazy light fill their circular void. His mind was blank, he could not even yet feel his own body. There he lay in a stupor daze, the blurred image of the puppet slowly coming into focus from the distance. His memories, Feelings, and awareness were not far behind. "Uragh!" he slowly groaned. The pain of his battered body wrecking through him.

He slowly tried to move. Once again he felt his body writhe in pain. his right arm was broken, just how badly, he wasn't sure. Rolling over on his back, he could feel it. His left arm seemed fine, but he could also be in shock. His eyes stared up at the sun, and tried to move his legs. he could move. but wasn't sure if he should. His left leg felt like fire, his right he couldn't feel, however he could hear the gravel moving under his leg. He was still trying to think of what had happened. The past few minutes began returning to him. The attack, the power coursing through his veins, all of it... the power.... the power... That was the most powerful memory of all.

Using his good arm he slowly got to his feet. surveying the landscape he spied his blade, as well as the puppet in the distance, getting it's head ripped open. Slowly trudging forward he grabbed the blade from the ground and re-sheathed it. Whether the battle was over or not, he was now a liability. His chakra was almost gone, his body was battered.... He needed to fall back.. Slowly he walked back as the pain wracked through his body, limping on his right leg for fear of doing more damage to it. Reaching a tree he stopped and leaned against it, slowly slumping down. From here he should be safely out of the way. He couldn't go any further. And here he would wait until he would regain his strength through rest or the medic ninja would find him.

[Exit unless intervened by the others]
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Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] Attack on Puppet [EVENT MISSION] - Page 2 Empty

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