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Better late then never![Traveling to Land of Lightning]

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Better late then never![Traveling to Land of Lightning] Vide
PostSubject: Better late then never![Traveling to Land of Lightning] Better late then never![Traveling to Land of Lightning] EmptyMon 06 Apr 2015, 12:37 pm

"Crono!" a voice rang out through the house, awaking the young samurai from a deep slumber. The afternoon sun hazily gleamed into his eyes, blurring his vision. "wa?" he replied before suddenly cutting himself short. The sun was out, the humidity was wrong, it wasn't morning. He'd overslept... "CRONO!" the voice called out to him again. Crap Crap Crap, out of all the days... It just had to be the day he had finally received a mission. His eyes instinctively moved to the crumpled scroll laying on his desk. He was to meet his team almost four hours ago so they could travel together to the Land of Lightning. Crap Crap Crap! "Crono!" the voice shouted once more.

"I know, Mom! I'm up!" he shouted back down to her as he rapidly scrambled around his room, changing his clothes and gathering his supplies. "Calm down, Crono-kun" a voice called to him from within. "You will forget something. Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast" he was right. Even Crono's brain could realize this. Stopping for a moment he took a few deep breaths to center himself. His hands stopped shaking and became still.

"Okay... lets go through the list." he patted himself, "clothes, check" reached for his equipment pouch on his left side. "Supplies, check" He reached to his door and grabbed his two katana's and secured them to his right side. "Katana, check" Finally looking into the mirror he tied his headband tight across his forehead before looking down at the Saya of his blades he eyed the metal etching of the leaf village symbol. "Okay, I think i'm ready... " Quickly he dashed down the stairs to the main room. "Thanks mom, love you, bye" he said in quick succession as he pulled on his boots at the door and dashed out, heading out of his clan's district and to the checkpoint at the gates.

"Crono-san?" the guard questioned as he looked up from his post.. "Where have you been!" Out of breath the young samurai had to catch his breath for a moment before speaking. "I know......overslept.... team..... where?" the guard pulled out a small scroll and passed it to crono. "Here, it's a map... you've been good with direction. they left about 3 1/2 hours ago. They said they were taking this route" he paused and traced his finger down a trail leading from the village in the leaves, across the land of fire before finally ending in the land of lightning at Inari mountian. He quickly closed up the scroll and pushed it into Crono's hands. "Now go! hurry... " he ordered. The young samurai nodded and grabbed the map, before dashing out of the gates toward the land of lightning.

As the dust shot up from each footfall Crono began going over the mission in his head. "So what we know so far is that there is a organization that is plotting to assassinate the feudal lord of the Land of Lightning. The lord has been relocated to Mount Inari for safe keeping. And it is my job to provide backline support. " knowing that, He began to stratigise and prepare himself for the upcoming mission. A mountain range would make a open siege difficult. At most, any assaults would most likely be aimed at one of a very few access points. As he was a close range fighter, his position on the backline would be to protect the long range fighters and intercept anyone that gets passed the front line.

"So what's the deal with these... Parama? Was it?" a voice deep within Crono rumbled. "Not Parama, Parabrahma." He replied the beast. After spending the previous night studying up, and inadvertently leaving him so sleep deprived that he would oversleep, he had learned quite a bit about them. "If those archives were to be believed, the Parabrahma were a group of misfits, rogue nin, and other outcasts. They normally were a rather unassuming shadow organization, with the amount of infulence as a small nation." , "Just without the borders" the gobi interupted. "Yeah. Exactly. They would take on small missions or clean up the aftermath of wars. The archives were very vague, but it appears that quite a few orphans were recruited into their ranks. ", "If they have been so quiet for so long, why are they suddenly plotting such a big coup?" Crono shook his head. "I don't know. The intel was vague. We are lucky to know what we do... Seems like all members and former members have a curse mark that prevent them from speaking of the organisation. I'm honestly surprised we have this much information. " the Gobi nodded in thought. "Just be careful Crono, you don't want to turn yourself into a target. Don't trust anyone who isn't from the village. " The young samurai nodded as he continued along the path, hoping to catch up to his team.
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