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Late Late Late[arrival from konoha]

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Crono Guardia
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Crono Guardia

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Late Late Late[arrival from konoha] Vide
PostSubject: Late Late Late[arrival from konoha] Late Late Late[arrival from konoha] EmptyTue 07 Apr 2015, 2:50 am

It had been a few days sense Crono had left his home country on the tail of his team. However, those few hours had proved to be quite a barrier to overcome. He had come to the conclusion early on that he could travel by night to overcome the difference, but instead he decided to heed Kokuo's advice and play it safe.

The young samurai had made a few yeti beds as he traveled. A small survival technique Onimaru had taught him during one of their travels to the land of iron. By taking some sticks to create a frame and filling it with leaves one could lay in it and insulate themselves from the cold at night. The brisk night air was as much a comfort as it was a hindrance. His ears were attuned to the nightly sounds even though he was in foreign territory. He could feel a small beetle crawling across a leaf before taking off across the sky. The soft coos of a mother bird coddling her hatchlings high up in a tree. Slowly his eyes would close, allowing him to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

This was the first time Crono was on his own out in the world. On his own, but not alone. Kokuo was his constant companion. It was not long after the sun had arisen that Crono had already continued on his way. Gradually the dense forests of the land of Fire were replaced with the Great flatlands of the Land of the Hot Springs.  This Land was much smaller then that of the Land of fire, most of the area was rugged, with small patches of steam rising every so often. However with such a small land, only a handful of villages were scattered among the path. Crono would periodically consult his map, just to make sure he was heading in the right direction. It would not be long before he would pass into the land of frost. It's icy tundra resting high atop a crag covered in permafrost. The country itself was relatively barren, a land in perpetual winter. The frost would prove little hinderance to Crono, as even though he was only lightly clothed, His body temperature would remain constant. A small trail of steam would be emited from his body as he traveled. This lightly formed cloud was just enough to insulate his body and keep it warm from the inside out.  Knowing the dangers of the snow, thanks to his previous incursions to the land of iron, Crono would keep his feet covered in chakra to bind himself to the surface of the snow and prevent him from sinking down into the unknown depths. Even the sun seemed to be chilled while in this land, turning into a pale white instead of the familar warm yellow he was used to.

"We're close" The voice from within alerted, as Crono had neared the end of the permafrost. from the height of the land of frost, the elevation dropped and became rocky. "Yeah, I think we are entering the land of lightning."  He knew from here on he would have to be careful. He was alone in a foreign land, no back up, no support. Any action or inaction could be used against not only him, but his country. Once again, he pulled out his map. " We should be around here. The mountian we are heading toward should be...." he turned and pointed in a direction. "that way. " staring at a mountian range far off into the distance. "They should already be there.... best not keep them waiting much longer.. " he said as he rushed forward and headed to Inari Mountian.

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